LittleBigPlanet Karting: Tips for Customizing Your Sack-Racer

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LittleBigPlanet Karting: Tips for Customizing Your Sack-Racer

Sack it to Me: LittleBigPlanet Karting

LittleBigPlanet Karting is packed to the brim with opportunities to customize the way you play, from dressing up your Sackperson in the latest Sack styles to decking out your Pod with all the trappings of home. With that in mind, we’ve collected this list of handy tips and tricks that you can use to get the most out of the huge breadth of customization options available to Karting fans. Fancy yourself the creative type? Leave your own tips and tricks in the comments!

Basic Customization

  • Stickers and Decorations can be positioned using Left Stick and rotated / resized using Right Stick. Using the two together allows you to place them pretty much wherever you’d like – with one exception…
  • While in the Pod, your Sackperson and Kart face forward by default – which means, normally, the back of both would just be out of reach. However, we included a feature that allows you to rotate them using R1 and L1 (Right Stick when the Popit is open), so you can customize those hard-to-reach locations just as easily!


  • Trying to customize your Sackperson but his Kart is in the way? Press Square (while in the Pod editing Stickers and Decorations) to prompt him to exit the Kart and stand on his own feet. He’ll even hold still for you while you decorate him!
  • Feeling uninspired? Try the “Random Character” feature in the Characters Popit menu – it’ll instantly choose a random selection of clothes, accessories, and other items for your Sackperson to wear.

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  • You can apply Stickers and Decorations to any location on your Kart’s body. Used in combination with the previous tips, this allows for a plethora of Kart customization possibilities: paint jobs, mufflers, even spoilers!
  • You can customize the sound of your Kart just as easily as you can its look. Simply head over to the Kart Sounds page in the My Karts section of your Popit to fine-tune the sound of both its engine and its horn.


  • Although the game camera doesn’t usually move in the Pod, while placing Stickers and Decorations it will automatically adjust to allow you to see what you’re working on. Use this to your advantage – it allows you to customize more of your Pod than you would be able to otherwise.
  • The openings on the left- and right-hand sides of your Pod are actually solid windows, which means you can easily apply both Stickers and Decorations to them. Keep this in mind – it allows for much more variety in your Creative efforts.


  • You can “Heart” any Popit item (Stickers, Decorations, etc) and they’ll automatically be added to a dedicated Favorites menu in your Popit. This saves a lot of time, especially if you find yourself using a certain Popit item regularly.
  • Popit items are already categorized for you, but you can also create custom categories and assign Popit items to them. Simply press Square on any item and choose the appropriate Categories option. With this feature, you can essentially customize the layout of the entire Popit.
  • The far-right page of the Popit is dedicated to the PlayStation Eye – if you have one, you can use it to take pictures, turn them into in-game Stickers, and then place them on your Sackperson, Kart, or any other Sticker-able surface you want. (This is also a great way to add custom colors, patterns, or other options to your Creative palette.)

LittleBigPlanet Karting: Customization Tips and Tricks - 3

Miscellaneous Tips / Tricks

  • If you’d like, you can actually customize the look of both your Earth and your Moon as well. While in your Pod, grab hold of the in-game Dualshock and head to Me > Decorate. From there, you can use Materials to alter their basic appearance and Stickers & Decorations to fine-tune their look further.
  • Almost everything that you can customize – your Sackperson, Kart, Pod, Earth, and Moon – can all be retained via their respective Save options, so don’t worry about losing your work if you want to try something new.
  • If you make a Sticker big enough, you can use it to apply certain colors to your Sackperson, Kart, and other customizable items. This allows you to use one or two colors from the sticker without showing the full design, making it a really useful tool for deep customization.
  • Want to get right to customizing? You can pick up the Timesaver’s Pack for $2.99 from the PlayStation Store to instantly unlock all Stickers, Decorations, and other in-game items!

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3 Author Replies

  • A crappy clone of Mario kart

  • this is no MK clone … this experience is far more diverse & inclusive – in MK you race the tracks provided you & choose between 16 characters – in this game you have the option to alter most anything, engage with your game play …. the 2 racers can’t really be compared as they have different things they do well ….

    think I’ll decorate my pod & earth / moon in the festive season … one of my fav. games. great tips page.

  • MK doesn’t allow you to build your own tracks. MK doesn’t give you the option of sharing your own tracks. MK does however have rubber banding AI.

  • This is so much more than just creating your own tracks, too .. creating _games_ with kart mechanics. Not all the built-in tracks are perfect, but come on .. this is not about built-in tracks.

    What we really need next is Little Big Planet Minigolf, complete with crazy LBP-esque physics/etc courses.

  • #2

    When was the last Mario Kart game you played on the PS3? Also, I’m nearly positive you couldn’t create tracks, play minigames, or race online with your friends in Mario Kart. Perhaps you played a much better Mario Kart than the one I played. Or perhaps you’re just a troll who probably has never played LBP Karting and just says blatant ignorant statements about everything.

    Oh that’s a Smash Brawl clone.. it sucks I bet..
    Oh that’s a Call of Duty game.. that sucks because everyone says it sucks..
    Oh that’s Medal of Honor.. IGN and all the other fake review sites say its It must be bad.

    You make me sick…

  • It is definately far from a MK clone. I’ve played every MK since the SNES and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed this game more due to all the customization options. Is the gameplay similar to MK? Yes but it provides options that MK hasn’t done ever since they first one

  • Heyyyyy, I’m-a go off on a limb here and say the DLC update for Karting is damm near done….just working out kinks and clipping issues? Anything like that? …..anything involving a banana suit?

    • We hear you, and we are definitely still working on it. We know you want to know more, but our hands our tied – we just can’t share more than that right now.

  • @5: Yes, yes yes. I’ve wanted a good minigolf game for a while (e.g. hit the ball through President Lincoln’s legs, through the windmill, into the cup kind of stuff), but a LBP MiniGolf with customizable courses would be an instant buy from me.

    Haven’t gotten Karting yet — the demo was good, but they didn’t let me play with the Track Editor and how that works would determine whether or not I wanted to spend the money.

  • Will we ever be able to use (as adverstised) costumes from the other LBP games?

    I bought this game at launch and so far I’ve barely touched it because I can’t access the costumes I was expecting to be able to, which was very annoying, which affected my ability to enjoy the game.

    I know that it is a silly reason to not enjoy the game, but if you never said the other LBP costumes would be compatable (or said something like “coming next year”), I’d be easily able to enjoy this game on it’s own for what it is — Great Fun!

    But because of all the cross costume use Hype, I find myself dissapointed when I pick up the game and think about playing.

    I keep seeing links/posts saying to go to for more info on the cross costume use, but so far I haven’t seen anything on that site that even relates to the issue.

    Instead of wasting time making the Vita into a controller (Wii U is a terrible idea, clunky controller with screens are bad for gaming, Vita is fun, but I can’t hold it long without cramps/I use stand/surface to play with it), please fnish what you started, LBP Karting as it stands is an imcomplete game, because of how you advertised it.

  • Have you guys considered creating a Vita version as well? It would be great to play on the go! (Obviously with shared levels between PS3/Vita and what not).

  • @6: You can play online since the DS release of Mario Kart.

    MK isn’t even the premiere Kart racer. Crash Team Racing and Diddy Kong Racing crap all over it, and MK has had many years to catch up to those two.

    Leaving the genre in lazy hands isn’t good. So I welcome all Kart racers.

  • Please ,please ,please….can you do something about all the hacking on MW2?I believe I´m speaking in behalf of thousands of pleople who still enjoy playing the game online the way it´s supposed to be , no hacks and no advantages other than the perks you choose!!!It could be our Christmas present ; ) P.S. If you want PS Network ids they can be provided they To whomsoever it may concern I thank you in advance for updating the software or whatever it needs to be done to end this huge inconvenience which it taking the fun out of the game Big Time!!!

  • looks awesome

  • @13 the LBP company also made MW2? Wow talk about incredibly different game types.

  • with the LBP2 Cross-Controller DLC coming out makes me think what can you do to LBP K that uses it be cool to see it as maybe a targeting system rear view night vision for tracks that go dark what do ya think

  • @ 2 SilentShadowX2 – And you sir are a crappy fail as a human being….you must be mentally handicapped if you think LBP Karting in any point is worse than the CRAPPY mario kart.

  • This guide makes me sad, since stickers apply so badly to Sackboy and his Karts. :( Are there any plans to make stickers apply like ModNation Racer’s amazing stickers, or at the very least like LittleBigPlanet’s?

    Also, are there any plans to allow players to customize the appearance of AI Racers/Karts? That would be awesome : )

    I do really love this game – it’s the best Kart Race editor around! Just wish the character customizing was as amazing as its parents (LBP & ModNation)

  • @5 wow, that’s sounds like a good idea

  • Bring back ModNation, I’ve been playing Most wanted instead because arcade racers need a boost bar, if there isn’t one the whole strategy of the genre disappears, and skilled payers can’t defend themselves.

  • @10 EXACTLY!! it feels incomplete, also I hope the next patch adresses the freezing when playing online, every time I play the game, it’s guaranteed to freeze at least one time and force me to turn the power off the console, also add more community levels for the “vote the next adventure”, das boot it’s really annoying now, finally the DLC costumes, I say this very sadly because I love the game, but these issues should’ve solved soon!!

  • Hi

    I can’t get 2 player to work in create mode?

    Works ok when 2 players play locally on normal track but does not seem to work on tracks I have created?

    Am I missing something or does it just not work?


  • I can’t get to customize sackbots in karting, not like lbp2. Is there a way to update so I can create characters for my track?

  • I had a problem while decorating my planet. I made a cool lava planet motif, saved it then published 3 lvls. Sometime later I decided I would try a new theme for my planet, changed my mind and reloaded the saved lava world but my 3 lvls were gone. I tested it again and again by publishing a lvl then loading my saved planet. The published lvl was erased every time! Has this happened to anyone else? It makes me think twice about decorating my planet?

  • @ the LBPgolf concept, why can’t someone make their own golf course in karting? Your lvls don’t have to be kart racers ya know…

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