Journey Transcends Gaming with Grammy Nomination, Other Accolades

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Journey Transcends Gaming with Grammy Nomination, Other Accolades

As 2012 prepares to come to a close, many of us have taken a step back to reflect on the amazing game experiences we’ve enjoyed throughout 2012. One game in particular stands out above the rest: Journey. Since it was announced in June two years ago, critics and fans alike have been praising Journey’s heartfelt narrative, incredibly memorable visuals and emotional score. Once it launched back in March, it quickly garnered the attention and admiration of many, ultimately resulting in three big wins at the recent 10th Annual Spike TV Video Game Awards, including Best PS3 Game, Best Independent Game and Best Original Score. In addition, Journey, still the fastest-selling PSN game of all time, has earned the first-ever Grammy nomination for a video game in the Recording Academy’s 55-year history, in the category of best score soundtrack for visual media, placing us in the ranks of legendary composers John Williams and Hans Zimmer.

Journey also recently received the following nods so far this year. And while it’s such an honor to just be nominated for such prestigious awards, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this list grow even more over the course of the upcoming months:

  • IGN Best of 2012 – Game of the Year, Best Overall Graphics, Best Overall Music, Best Overall Story, Best PS3 Graphics, Best PS3 Sound, Best PS3 Story, Best PlayStation Network Game, Best PS3 Game nominee
  • Machinima Inside Gaming Awards 2012 – Best Art Direction winner
  • X-Play Best of 2012 – Best Art Direction winner, Best Original Game winner

Today, on behalf of SCEA and the entire PlayStation Nation, I’d like to extend my congratulations to the extremely talented development team at thatgamecompany, including Journey composer Austin Wintory, whose brilliance and creativity has truly inspired us all. Thank you to the team at Santa Monica Studio and everyone else that has had a hand in bringing this transcendental and astonishing game to life. Journey, for many, remains one of the most amazing game experiences of our lives — one that we may never forget.

Please join me in congratulating the team by sharing your most memorable Journey moment.

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  • Journey – My personal game of the year.

    Congrats on all your awards and nominations. Well deserved.

  • congrats on a monumental achievement

  • I must be in the minority but i found this game to be an overpriced pretentious snooze-fest.

    • I think this is proof of exactly why it’s good to be a gamer in this age. There are dozens of different types of experiences one can enjoy in this culture. Journey is just one of those types of experiences. It’s totally okay to not be into this kind of game, just as it might be okay for some folks to not see the appeal of a Naughty Dog title or the multiplayer action of Black Ops 2.

      Still, to be recognized outside of your discipline for your efforts (gaming to recording industry) is quite impressive. You have to admit that.

  • Not a game for my tastes, but nonetheless glad an independent game can garner so much positive reviews and accolades. I bet my girlfriend may enjoy it, I’ll definitely look into buying it for her.

  • Congrats thatgamecompany!! I’ve heard nothing but good things about your game (except Ryumoau’s comment ) and you guys should be very proud of your numerous accomplishments. Personally I haven’t played it yet, but I plan on embarking on this wonderful “Journey” before the year’s over :)

    • I’d like to echo this sentiment. I’m jumping into these blog comments to share my perspective on this, and I’m not directly related to thatgamecompany, but every instance of interaction I’ve had with anyone from that studio has always been positive.

      Hats off to these folks, they have certainly earned their accolades.

  • Civilization IV definitely won a Grammy for “Baba Yetu”

  • Not to undermine this achievement or anything, cause it’s great! But to say this is the first time would be false. Either way, good job thatgamecompany!

    • To be fair I believe the Civ IV Grammy nod was for a single track, and this is for the entire soundtrack. If I’m not mistaken hose are two separate categories in these awards.

      Props still go to the Civ series for amazing sound and an impressive lineage of gameplay.

  • Whoa! Congrats! That’s awesome!

  • Civ 4’s Baba Yetu was the first to win a Grammy in the “Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)” category. While Journey will not be the first Grammy nomination for a video game, it will be the first game nominated for the “best score soundtrack for visual media” category, which traditionally only had music scores from movies.

  • @8: The first was just one song. This is the whole score. So it’s still true, just not specific.

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  • I dont get the obsession with this game. Played the demo and was bored out of my mind the wole time, didnt seem to be anything even remotely resembling a story, or gameplay for that matter. Its just jumping around in the sand.

  • Congratulations! This was my game of the year!

  • Congrats! This is my GOTY which The Unfinished Swan coming in 2nd

  • Congratulations! I love the game and it truly was an amazing experience.

  • I thought for a very long time that no game could be better than ridge racer soundtrack when came to gaming music soundtracks. i play some of ridge racers music in my office sometimes it’s just so lovley.. Im impressed with the journey soundtrack very well scored..

    if does win a grammy then its well deserved.Congrats

    vp psn legionairee group

  • Jouney your going far kid.

  • here we go againnn. most over rated game i got in 2012. relaxing deep soundtrack atleast. though thats not realy saying much. i can be a sensitive guy but man this right here hade me wondering where everybody got touch by this game. just did not feel it. the snow part was the only section i found a little bit interesting. smhhh

  • My 8 year old son and I enjoy this game so much. Journey is one of my favorite games of all-time. Congratulations to thatgamecompany for all their awards!

  • i am happy for them though for there accomplishment. congrats

  • Just watching this video makes me emotional again. I get that it’s not for everyone, but I have played through it a couple of times, headphones on, an unknown companion at my side. One of the most unique and moving games I’ve played.

  • I know this sounds trollish.

    I know this game was stewed with accolades but still, the only ‘fault’ I see in it, which stopped me from getting the game is the lack of platinum trophy.

    I swear, many of those PSN games have gone unnoticed by some and avoided by others because of the lack of Platinum. A few minutes would generate many, many more sales.

    But still, good job! I know you guys did a hard work. I’m not impugning! I’m just adding my two cents! :)

  • It would have been great to have a plat for my 100%, but Journey was an uplifting, spiritual experience nonetheless. There’s a reason why it’s gotten accolades from people who actually played it online. Some gamers will not be able to understand this, at least not until they’ve experienced more of life. One of my unknown companions sent me a lovely PSN message after we Journeyed together.

    The soundtrack was fantastic & enriched the game even more.

  • Congratulations, this is most definitely my 2012 GOTY.

  • Many congrats to a well-deserving company! Thank you, again, for the Journey experience.

  • Congrats. I hope it wins the Grammy.

  • Journey was amazing, and the soundtrack had a lot to do with that. Amazing, emotional game. Me and my wife loved it. We were in tears by the end of it.

    Congratulations on the nomination!

  • Regarding all the comments about the song from Civilization IV, “Baba Yetu”, while technically correct that the song first appeared in Civilization IV, the song was actually nominated (and won) as a track from the album “Calling All Dawns”. The Grammy did not recognize it as being from a video game, only as a track from an album. The video game was actually released 5 years prior to the nomination.

  • Well even more props to Journey and thatgame company :P I mean neither one is diminished in accomplishment. Espeically in different categories. Let’s hope that many more amazing soundtracks from video games follow suit.

  • This game? Journey(The Game)? From TGC?? Is a MASTER PIECE!!! *bows

  • Some games can’t just be experienced in a demo… this is one of them…

    You won’t understand the game from just playing it for 20 minutes… just like some of the greatest films ever made….. some pieces of art are more complex than a 20 minute demo….. the best things actually require your PATIENCE if you want to be MOVED by them… you can’t always expect an amazing movie or piece of art to reveal itself so easily… ever heard of a build up? Or foreshadowing? Or “telling a story” ? ;) It takes time. If a QUICK satisfaction is all you want.. go play an action game…… and miss out on the best game of the year.

    OR, you can give the 2-3 hours it takes to “beat” this game… and the game will give you much more in return when you’re done. THAT’s why it’s game of the year. You need some patience to experience the best game of the year. Same for the walking dead game actually… which also won so many game of the year awards this year and is at the top right next to Journey in my book…. you don’t start feeling a lot until the 2nd and 3rd episodes really…… give them a REAL chance and you’ll get to experience 2 of the best games EVER made.

  • I love this game. It’s the most unique experience I’ve got in this generation.
    Big thanks to thatgamecompany, Austin,Sony Santa Monica,and PlayStation.

    Jenova is back in China for holidays, and will come to Beijing.
    Maybe talk to him later, there will be a show in China talking about his games and some culture stuff.

    Wait and see,maybe fun.

  • LMAO @ a 2 hour walkin’ and floatin’ desert sim

  • I thought Journey was an awesome experience, i’m not sure how much of a game it really was (it was basically just jumping) but the emotion in the game had my eyes watering up in parts, its that strong!

    Definitely they deserve all the accolades they’ve been awarded or nominated for!

    I hope this group decides to do more games soon!

  • I played with someone who had a white coat. How did they do that? Anyway, I’ve played through this game 3 times. It is the most serene gaming experience I’ve ever had.

  • I just finish it yesterday, and what a blast it’s to experience the story that it untold. The game was vey touching .

  • Journey nearly broke me into tears. I hadn’t read the trophy list (I try to go in blind), so by the final stretch of the game, I had fallen behind, only to find, at the end of this celebration of LIVING, my partner was waiting for me.

    The multiplayer in a game brought me to emotional tears. The more I considered that, the closer I came to streaming.

    Bought it early from PS+, figured I’d boot it up, just to get it in my trophy list, but, sitting there in my full work getup (including long-johns), played through the whole think. Completely worth it. Major success!

  • about as fun as watching paint dry.

  • @36 You have to get all the symbols or runes in order to get the white cloak. In regards to the game though, man I don’t even know where to begin. I mean, it truly moved me due to the ascetics, the story, and the soundtrack. Like many of the people commenting here I felt myself near tears by the end. I think the best way to sum up this game was eloquently put by this article I read about the game which states that it pretty much focuses on the stages of the character’s life and the companions he or she meets along the way. God, it just blows me away that this game could win a Grammy. :’)

  • @ 4 Ryumoau

    You are in the minority alright. Of trolls that is. Every post of any PS Blog story, you are nothing, but negative with your comments! Get a grip already dude and grow up!

  • Certainly not a game in the typical sense, but then what Great Work of Art ever met the criteria for “typical”? We’ll need to see how time treats it, but it’s already earned a special place in my heart next to Shadow of the Colossus and Portal. Game of the Year, at MINIMUM.

  • @34 LMAO at a guy who comes to a blog about a game he doesn’t understand… just to talk trash about the game which just won so many game of the year awards and BEST PS3 game awards. Maybe when you’ve experienced more of life you’ll understand Journey a little more. Here’s a hint in the right direction though…… it’s a game about LIFE and the J O U R N E Y of LIFE…. not a game about “walking in a desert” … open your mind, heart and have at least a little imagination or you will never understand the best pieces of art.

  • It is truly a beautifully made game that deserves the recognition given to it. Well done.

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