Put Your Supernatural Skills to the Test in Dishonored’s Dunwall City Trials

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Put Your Supernatural Skills to the Test in Dishonored’s Dunwall City Trials

With Dishonored, the team at Arkane Studios let you decide what type of assassin you wanted to be – you could focus on stealth and remain in shadow, or simply leave a trail of blood across the game’s missions. However you played, by the game’s end, you had become Dunwall’s greatest assassin.

But how do you stack up about against the rest of the world?

In Dishonored’s new DLC, Dunwall City Trials, all your skills will be tested across 10 challenge maps. Providing a challenge to all levels of players, these maps will require you to creatively combine your supernatural abilities, weapons and gadgets with well-timed stealth and agility tactics.

Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials

Dishonored: Dunwall City TrialsDishonored: Dunwall City Trials

Read below for a quick overview of the Challenge Maps:

  • Assassin’s Run: A true test for accomplished crossbow users, you’ll need to quickly eliminate targets as you move through the level. Just be careful not to kill any civilians.
  • Mystery Foe: Collect the map’s four clues without being discovered to investigate which NPC is your assassination target. Complete the level by successfully completing the assassination.
  • Bend Time Massacre: Each round of this challenge map begins with your character peering through glass and learning your assassination goal. Once you break the glass, the “Bend Time” effect will begin and you’ll need to race against the clock to complete the objective. Attain higher scores by completing the Bonus Round at the end of each objective.
  • Burglars: Sneak into a mansion (easier said than done) to recover six Clockwork Eggs and as many valuables as you can. Make sure you’re not detected – three strikes and you’re out.
  • Bonfires: This one is for Blink experts. With the clock running, touch as many light beacons as you can.
  • Oil Drop: Be quick on the draw to destroy waves of oil tanks tossed from above. You’ll have to be handy with the steel if you know what I mean.
  • Train Runner: A true test of agility, you’ll need to be faster than a speeding bullet in this race to outrun a locomotive.
  • Back Alley Brawl: Put all your offensive abilities to the test as you battle hordes of enemies, round after round.
  • Kill Chain Massacre: Kill a high number of enemies in a continuous chain using the environment and/or your powers. Take your time before each round to map out a killing-combo strategy. Once you make your first kill, it’s a race against the clock.
  • Kill Cascade: Perform a series of drop assassinations as you try to reach the end of the run as fast as possible. Perfecting this challenge is no easy task, but it ends with a surprise twist.

Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials

As you complete challenges, you’ll receive a completion rating and score and be able to see how you stack up against the competition via leaderboards. Additionally, Dunwall City Trials unlocks 10 new trophies, including:

  • Mr. Pilsen’s Remorse: You found Emily’s doll hidden in each of the 10 challenges
  • Void Start: You completed all Normal and Expert challenges with a 3-Stars rating
  • By My Hand Alone: You made it to Wave 13 in Back Alley Brawl killing all combatants personally
  • Assassin vs. Machine: You completed Train Runner before the train arrives at the station
  • Rare Collector: You found all of the collectable figurines in Burglar on Expert
  • Long Way Down: You performed a drop assassination of at least 150 meters in the Kill Cascade challenge
  • Headhunter: You completed Assassin’s Run with 100% accuracy using only head shots
  • Daredevil: In Bonfires, you performed all the special combination jumps in 1 round
  • Natural Talent: You finished Mystery Foe without using any active supernatural powers
  • Time Management: You finished Chain Kill or Bend Time Massacre without failing any wave, including bonuses

Purchase Dunwall City Trials today on the PlayStation Store for $4.99.

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7 Author Replies

  • Cool I’ll def check this out. I actually hadn’t heard about this game until one of my friends mentioned it and I picked it up on a whim last week, it’s a great game! Kinda reminds me of Thief a little bit.

  • Was going to buy this game, then I saw Bethesda. Walked away. Never buy anything from Bethesda Software.

  • Suprised Bethesda could even be bothered to give us PS3 owners dlc for once.

    Anyway, this game was pretty fun for a gamefly rental but not buying it till it hits under $20.

    • We want our PS3 fans to enjoy the experience as much as anyone else.

      I know many of you are anxious for more Skyrim content on PS3, and we’ll be delivering DLC, beginning with Dragonborn, next year.

  • So much hate for Bethesda, even though they didn’t even develop this……..seriously, just lighten up, people, ya’ll bringin me down fast.

  • Matt, bring out Dishonored 2, like, yesterday. I love Dishonored so far, and I’m not even that far in! I’ll be picking this up for sure. The price is certainly right.

    • Haha. No announced plans for a sequel, but we do have new story-based DLC coming next year. As revealed last month, the first one will focus on the character Daud!

  • This is one of the most boring games i played this year, beautiful art style, but such a dull story and set of characters, So much potential wasted here.

  • I’m not the type to bother with ‘challenge’ mode in games so this dlc isn’t for me.

    I am enjoying Dishonored quite a lot though and I’m looking forward to story related DLC :)

    But you forgot the U in honour.

  • I like this i’ll have to get the gamen at some point & check it out.

  • Huh. I’m not seeing this on the PSN store yet. =\

  • at what time psn do the updates

  • cant wait 2 play san andreas.

  • the store updates at a random time each tues it’s pretty annoying, at least the microsoft people stick to a regular schedule/timeframe.

    Also why ask that question here?

  • For those of you avoiding this game because of Bethesda, you really are doing yourself a disservice. I think the Elder Scrolls games are extremely overrated and I find Bethesda’s inability to release a game without a million bugs almost laughable at this point… but I didn’t encounter a single bug during my playthrough of Dishonored. Everything ran smoothly and the game was extremely enjoyable. Pick up a copy. You’ll like it.

  • I have been eyeing this one since it started being talked about, I need to go ahead and get this, but if I hold off maybe PS plus might offer a sale.

  • yah i got my unlimted internet with aol but i come on this blog to find ownly 2 plus stuff no cool and to think i was going to renew my plus this friday wheres my vule worth

  • Folks boycotting this game just because Bethesda is involved need to give their head a shake. Welcome to 2012 where not every video game has the same developer and publisher. Bethesda has published almost as many games as they have developed themselves.

    To set the record straight, Dishonored was developed by Arkane Studios who did an absolutely wonderful job. I’ll echo #13 and say that I didn’t experience a single issue on my playthrough either, and just because Bethesda’s name is on the box doesn’t mean you’re going to get a bug ridden experience. Take a closer look next time because by passing on this game you’re missing out on one of the most satisfying games (imo) of the year.

    Now, with that said, Mr.Grandstaff: I’m looking forward to this and the future story focused DLC. Oh and of course, Dishonored 2 Please! :)

  • Refusing to give my hard earned money to Bethesda.

    Thank God for rentals.

  • Not really a big fan of trials dlc so I’ll get it if it eventually goes on sale.

  • Bought!

    Hopefully the trophies aren’t too hard to grab :D

  • hahahaha no thanks Bethesda. Your game was ok.. but seriously $15 for some challenge maps? Batman comes stock with those. I got Far Cry 3 to play anyway.
    Miss the days where PC games were given free dlc and expansion packs rather than these stupid overpriced dlc maps and such with the same recycled garbage.
    I mean cmon.. they couldn’t even get a real artist to make a quality song, this trailer’s song is so bad!

    That all being said, looks like it could be fun.. i’ll pick it up when steam sells it real cheap.

  • ugh @20 …. learn to read… all the way at the bottom…

    “Purchase Dunwall City Trials today on the PlayStation Store for $4.99”

    i don’t know where you got 15 from, its a 5 spot.

    And to the folks dissin the game because of the pub… don’t the game was made by Arkane… with develpoer harvey smith of original dues ex fame… its an amazing game full of divergent gameplay ..which arkane is a master of btw… will get this dlc!

  • Oh that looks awesome…I’ll gladly pay #5.00 for this,very cheap…this is the kind of DLC that its worth getting…more stuff to do and trophies to collect instead of crap Online maps for competitive MP.I’m very happy that Bethesda didn’t made a MP to Dishonored…thats why the game is so awesome way to go Bethesda…although the true 2012 GOTY is Darksiders 2…from nominees Dishonored should’ve won.

  • Longtime reader of the PSBlog. Thanks, Matt, for including the trophies and price in your post. It’s small courtesies like this that reminds me the whole team at Arkane really think about what gamers are looking for, not just with gaming but with gaming NEWS. The trophies for this thing look really compelling, and at $5 I don’t even have the excuse of waiting for all the DLC to release and buy the bundle. Must have! Do want! Keep up the good work.

  • Just finished DisHonored, One of my top games of the year. Beat it with low chaos with minimum killings unless there was no other way. I enjoyed immensely so i bought this DLC. Would love to see a sequel based on another region of that world. Thank you

    • You should give it a try with a high chaos playthrough. It’s a different experience, but a ton of fun. Ending is pretty great, too.

  • when is it going to be released in Australia? im not seeing it in the store

  • I feel sorry for the poor fools who refuse to experience this masterpiece yet. Of course some would say it’s a boring game, i can’t get mad at Call Of Duty fans, they are like kids, maybe this game is “too hard” for them, because you have to think! Just finished my second playtrough of the game, high chaos, and it’s just brilliant, completely different experience, but equally brilliant. Congrats to Arkane Studios and thanks to Bethesda for bringing the game to the PS3, getting this DLC as soon as posible, and of course waiting for Story-based DLC too!

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