Black Knight Sword Charges onto PSN Today

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Black Knight Sword Charges onto PSN Today
Black Knight Sword on PS3

Fighting with the strength of many men, The Black Knight must battle through a dark and unusual fairy tale world to rid it of an unexpected evil.

Black Knight Sword is an unusual game for unusual gamers. The idea is to send ourselves back to the 90’s, lock the door, forget the outer world and enjoy the pure gameplay. This traditional side-scrolling action game will provide us with uncountable trials, failures and the joy of beating the unbeatable. It is not hard to lay back on the couch and get lost in the world of the Black Knight. Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture did a lot with the look and feel of the game. If you still want more, turn up the speakers and be enchanted by Akira Yamaoka’s composing and sound design.

Not many contemporary titles have such a unique world like Black Knight Sword. We are sitting in a theatre and living the fairy tale of the Black Knight, fighting his battles, suffering from his wounds… and surely rejoicing in his victory. Wherever we are, whatever we face, we’ll repeatedly ask one question: “What the hell was that supposed to be?” We may find our own answers, but this audiovisual experience will be burned into our minds forever. Everything looks and sounds shocking and confusing, but if we climb up onto the top of this mountain built of the game’s uniquely crafted elements, we will see the entire horizon: a matchless world that gives us an inimitable experience.

Black Knight Sword on PS3

Black Knight Sword on PS3Black Knight Sword on PS3

Not only is the ‘look and feel’ twisted — the storyline blows it away. In the first scene we find ourselves (our beloved Black Knight) hanging on a rope. When we get back on the ground we become possessed by Black Hellebore, the Sword Spirit. The entire story is a messed up fairy tale from this point on. As any worthwhile knight would, we set off to find the Princess, but the purpose is elimination rather than rescue. I won’t start to analyze the story in depth or try to define the hook of the game. We will all find them out; the game speaks to each every one of us in our own language. We can’t resist, Suda51 will most certainly pick us up and drop us in the middle of the tale on the stage.

Prepare your tickets, take your seats and enjoy the show.

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  • @Sony

    Your screenshots are set to private.

  • Game looks interesting. Glad to see its priced nicely at $9.99 and has a demo. Only wish there was a Vita version as well.

  • This looks fun.

  • looks cool, will definitely check it out.

  • No Ps Vita Version ? Dam that type of game really SCREEMS for a PS Vita version, awesome Art and Style, game like that would really fit well on the Ps Vita, give us a update if there are definitely NO PLANS for a Vita version or maybe a yes ? Much Appreciated =D.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this. Glad it’s finally available.

  • I AM LOVING THIS GAME!!! So much fun!!! Suda51 is awesome…not to take anything away from the guys at Digital Reality, just not as familiar with them. Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying this so far….great job, guys!!!

  • Gergely, you guys did an excellent job of porting Sine Mora to the Vita. It is my favorite game to play on the train to work. Is there any chance of seeing this one ported as well?

  • I was thinking about this game or Sine More, then realized that both of them are from Grasshopper. I probably get both, once I complete P4G trophy….

  • Im hearing the trophy list doesint show up. Is this true?

  • @6; Nothing screems.

  • hello my name is derek and i would like to make a request
    Ever since the new store went into effect i have had a hard time find things. dlc for example i cannot look by title some how i haft to look for what type of dlc it is. it just doesnt make since. please allow us to look anything up by title. if i cant find i cant buy it.
    thank You

  • I just played the demo and it’s really fun. Reminds me of classic Castlevania but with better controls and more style.
    Would definitely love to see a Vita port, like others have said.

  • I would love to buy this game right now being a huge Suda 51 fan, but seeing as cross-buy isn’t on Sine Mora I’ll have to wait for the eventual Vita release. I hope we can get confirmation soon whether or not this game will be on the Vita because I really do want to play the game, but would much rather have it on my Vita like most people.

  • I just checked out the demo.

    This game is really great. It feels a lot like Act Raiser to me.

    I just purchased it.

    I also promote the $9.99 USD price point. $14.99 USD would have been a bit much.

    Also, Suda 51 is a great dev and deserves support. I’m glad I could support them here.

  • Since I do not own a PS3, but a Vita, any chance for us to see it? It looks awesome.

  • This game is FINALLY out.
    Ill check it out after Christmas. :D

  • Geez… I won’t buy this game for my PS3 because I have A LOT of games on my waiting list right now.

    BUT without a doubt I would pay even 15 bucks for a PS Vita version.

    The PS Vita is the perfect match for this kind of games.

    And I don’t care if you don’t add touch controls or things like that, by the way.

    Classic control, classic game… but in the PS Vita.

    If you do it, I’m in…

  • @19 I totally agree with you, Sony please release more of these games for PS Vita. I would gladly buy them. The PS Vita now needs hack-n-slash games, and Action-RPGs.

  • Should have been for ps plus.

  • Suda51 and Grasshopper are one of the most under rated devs out there. They make awesome games and they don’t get the recognition they deserve. I will continue my support to these guys. Keep up the good work.

  • Now that I’ve played more of this, this game clearly gets its art inspiration from the “puppet theater” levels of Shadows of the Damned.

    I really like it.

  • Another awesome game. I bought a vita recently and it’s funny how the media out there even dare’s to say “there is no games” yet since I’ve bought it my wallet is battered and bruised from the overwhelming amount of awesome games and content.

  • Please ,please ,please….can you do something about all the hacking on MW2?I believe I´m speaking in behalf of thousands of pleople who still enjoy playing the game online the way it´s supposed to be , no hacks and no advantages other than the perks you choose!!!It could be our Christmas present ; ) P.S. If you want PS Network ids they can be provided they To whomsoever it may concern I thank you in advance for updating the software or whatever it needs to be done to end this huge inconvenience which is taking the fun out of the game Big Time!!!

  • hell yes!!!!!

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