Sack it to Me: Meet the Playmakers

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Sack it to Me: Meet the Playmakers

Institute of Play: Playmakers

Playmakers looks into the latest innovations for creating and learning. Some time ago they paid a visit to Media Molecule to take a look into how LittleBigPlanet is leading the way in community development and community game design.

Take a look at this video from their visit and you’ll be able to hear some of the Molecule’s very own insights on just how LittleBigPlanet is a new and exciting learning tool that has helped develop a community full of game designers and reviewers.

To read more about Playmakers and their visit to Media Molecule, take a trip over to the Playmakers website.

LittleBigPlanet 2

LittleBigPlanet 2: Mm Picks

This week’s Mm Picks include an incredible arcade shooter that will see you taking on waves of enemies and facing challenging bosses, a rather retro ball-rolling maze that will see you trying to roll your way to the exit, and finally, we have a curling mini-game that’s fun to play with all your friends.

Craftworld Aleste

Craftworld Aleste クラフトワールドアレスタ By Stellakris

That A-Maze-Ing Way

That A-Maze-Ing Way (1P) (Updating) By D_1998_BR

Space Curling

Space Curling [jpn] By wakityan

LittleBigPlanet Karting

LittleBigPlanet Karting: Team Picks

We’ve got a fantastic array of LittleBigPlanet Karting: Team Picks for you this week, including a slick race through a temple dedicated to scorpions, a moonlight drive through a royal manor, and even a romp through a futuristic, geothermally-powered city (yes, that means magma!). It’s exciting stuff!

Scorpion Temple

Scorpion Temple By prob_alex

Seventh Heaven

Seventh Heaven By leklack

Moonlight Manor

Moonlight Manor By Breezy-The-Pro


SKATEPARK!! By gabyclank

Magma City Xtreme

Magma City Xtreme By patof-103

LittleBigPlanet Karting: Game Update 1.02 – “The Online Patch”

Sack it to Me

On December 4th, the latest update for LittleBigPlanet Karting went live. Important changes and improvements include:

  • Numerous online syncing improvements
  • Repaired crashes / locks related to playing online
  • General performance fixes (online and offline)
  • A number of Controlinator-related fixes (some related to online syncing)
  • General navigation improvements for the “Monster Trucks” Story Mode track (in The Progress Emporium)

Want to discuss this update and the recent fixes further? Then head over to GetSatisfaction and let us know what you think.

LittleBigPlanet Karting Fansite Kit

The LittleBigPlanet Karting Fansite Kit has arrived! Featuring a comprehensive set of in-game images, fonts, icons, renders, screenshots, and more, this is the ultimate collection of LittleBigPlanet Karting content. Interested? Download it here!

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  • Haven’t had a chance to play LBP Karting yet as most of my budget in the fall goes towards Christmas shopping (this year’s exceptions being ACIII and PS All-Stars), but hopefully I’m able to pick it up after the holidays and start playing…glad to see that some performance issues are being addressed too!

  • Yay updates! ……..I’m-a go out on a limb here and say Doctor Who costumes would be an epic idea.

  • Can’t wait for LBP Vita to sell like half a million so stages will be online faster and more good ones, stages come real slow now.

  • Still freezes everytime you click “Settings” in the pause menu… not sure how this was missed -_-

  • I believe this game should have also been put on the PS Vita too. It looks so fun and I would love to be able to have another funny racing game besides modnation racers to play.

    Don’t get me wrong NFS: Most Wanted and Asphalt Injection are fun but not funny or cartoonish

  • Hi just wanted to say something I noticed in recent LBP games…

    Im talking as a hardcore gamer who loves LBP and buy them day one! (still remember LBP1 being pushed back thanks to Islams… @#$$%*)

    anyways… Media Molecule…. I know ur games are for “Everyone” but damn LBP2 and even more LBP vita while both AWESOME games they were TOO EZ thanks to the infinite respawn in EVERY lvl!! that took away all sense of caution about the game… also LBP games lack Enemies… like lets take for example mario: everyone knows what a goomba or a koopa is right? well LBP have little danger with enemies and high danger with the stage itself… if u know what i mean…. what i mean is fill the worlds with more enemies and create enemies to be remembered for. thats all im saying as feedback from my experiences with these awesome games…


  • @ DarkOne_PR

    The game direction that’s been taken has only boosted LBP’s popularity.. I think what they’re doing is fine. If you want harder levels, build them yourself. They give you the tools :P I’ve found plenty of difficult and challenging levels in the community. The Story mode is just to give you ideas for your own creations, the core creation aspect of the game is what LBP is all about.

  • @nick930930

    The Core gamers are the ones boosting this game up. LBP its popular bc the core gamers are the ones building and creating stuff…. not casuals…. im not saying every level should be demons souls… but also they should not take the new gen mario games… which i can beat blindfolded….

    Also I dont create in LBP i buy them for the SP and beat the SP with friends and stuff… not build and all that jabba dabba with which i dont have the time to learn and do. when I play i go directly to story mode, i dont want to be seeking an actually good level in the hundred of crappy ones… and the story should not be to give u ideas the story should give u the maximun potential of what this game can do. Sorry but i dont seek hard levels to beat on the community i want hard levels within the story that makes me want to challenge myself in order to continue.

  • Hey Mm, wheres the cross-controller pack you guys promised to have out by this time of the year????

  • I love ‘LBP:Karting’ but 3 Trophies seem difficult to get :-( Mainly due to lack of online players really & when you do get a few players to play with it seems the choices of tracks(i.e after a race you have to pick a track) seem the same all the time so trying to get the –
    Online Champ (Place 1st in 25 different online levels with other human players) is a pain to get :-(
    + The Adventures Continue (Complete 100 community levels) I am sure i have, but no Trophy + there is no way to see how many levels i have done & have got left to do which is a pain :-(
    + Get Gathering (Host a playgroup with three other players in your pod) None of my PSN friends have the game, so that is a pain to :-( So…Sad Sack-boy face :D

  • @DarkOne_PR

    Then you are playing the wrong game. The game’s core gamers are the creators and people that contribute to the community. The storymode takes the “Core gamers” only a week to complete, I noticed no difference between the dificulty of the first one from the second one. The game is still just as hard to ace. The only difference is they added infinite checkpoints so that people who aren’t as good at the game can actually play through it without getting frustrated. The majority of people playing storymode levels aren’t yhe core gamers you claim they are.. they are the casual LBP gamers who just bought the game and want to play through it with friends.

    Searching for challenging levels is easy as can be. can be used to easily find levels with specific tags including “Challenging” while fansites like Littllebigplanetarium, LittleBigLand, and LBPCentral offer spotlights to feature fantastic levels every week or so.

    The difficulty for acing levels in LBP1 is just as difficult as it is in LBP2 and LBP Vita.

  • I fail to see how players who play challenging storymode levels are in any way “boosting” this game up. Whatever that means.. I mean the moto is “Play-Create-Share”

    You seem to only be playing 33% of the game XD

  • I seriously love this game, however when playing with other persons and voting for the next level, why are Das boot and wonder winterland the only community levels that pop up to vote, they are great levels, but they feel overused right now, can we expect to see some of this team picks pop up now? and the DLC costumes are still coming?

  • Where’s the 3DTV patch for LBP Karting?

  • @Draq-520 those levels were the first ones to be Team Picked. They are most popular because of that feature. As of now, there are more levels to choose from in Team Picked, the more plays they get, the more likely they are to get into the popular levels section and you’ll start seeing them more often. The game has just come out, it usually takes a while for there to be a big diversity of levels to play.

    @SmokeAdellic no clue, that’d be a cool feature. I’d like to know about the playstation move compatibility and the move steering wheel peripheral

  • No Mm picks for vita? :/

  • Any new info for cross controller?

  • prefiero el normal LBP

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