PlayStation Home Update: Xi: Continuum Materializes

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PlayStation Home Update: Xi: Continuum Materializes

This Wednesday, December 12th — Xi, the most popular Home game gets a follow-up, tons of holiday goodies are coming, Emo Ray expands, Avalon Keep gets King’s chambers, Home Tycoon releases some powerful updates and more!

Xi: Continuum


This week sees the release of Xi: Continuum. There have been many strange things going on in Home recently. It all seems to be coming to a head and this is the week when you need to come together to answer the question on everyone’s mind: What is the Continuum?

For those who get involved with Xi: Continuum from the start, the game will take place over 47 days with new content each day either in Home, on external websites or via community tasks. If you find yourself a bit behind or want to play it at your own pace you can do that as well. Xi: Continuum has been designed to appeal to everyone – those who love getting involved with others, but also for people who like to do things by themselves.

For those who missed out on experiencing Xi in 2009, now is your chance to see what all the fuss is about.

Heavy Water – New Mission Pack for Emo Ray + King’s Chambers for Avalon Keep

The epic story of Emo Ray Vs. The Intergalactic Teddy Bears has a new Mission Pack for you to play, “Mission Pack 1: Bearly in Love?” The story of Hammie and Porsche will be explored while Emo does what he does best: take out evil little (and big) teddy bears! Grab this Mission Pack today to add to your overall leaderboard score and have the ability to earn the full sized Hammy Companion!

Visit the Radd&Son Garage Rooftop to gain access to Emo Ray Vs. The Intergalactic Teddy Bears, or take the teleporter to the Garage Rooftop via Mr. Radd in the D2O District.


The renovations on your bedchamber have been completed! You now have a place to lay your kingly, or queenly, head at night. This update comes with exclusive owner only rewards: Crystal Staves. Purchasing this update will also allow you and your guests to earn the Stained Glass Wall Hangings for each of the four Noble Houses: Dumont, Raleigh, Thaon and Grimoult.

This update is also a free update to the Avalon Keep’s Crystal Hunter. Now you and your guests can earn large Crystal Clusters in Pink, Green, Blue and Red!

Now more than ever is a great time to purchase your own Avalon Keep and the King’s Chamber update! Check out our new Heavy Water Dev Blog to get even more information and insight to the space.


HellFire Games – Home Tycoon Rising Revenues Update


New from Hellfire Games: Home Tycoon gets its biggest update ever this week with Home Tycoon: Rising Revenues! This update includes several new features, including the ability to move buildings, new cash rewards for completing activities, special custom car paint jobs, fun new driving animations, improved building stats, and some special upgrades to the Home Tycoon Train Station! Owners of the VIP Pack will now also get a permanent 15 Worker bonus for a total of 45 Workers.

Visit your city to download the free Aggressive Promotions expansion pack available on Wednesday, loaded with free missions, new rewards, and epic GloboSyn buildings to unlock.


Bring the holidays Home with the new Winter Wonderland building pack in Home Tycoon: Rising Revenues, including four new buildings complete with falling snow, animated lights, and cheerful holiday sounds! Find it this week in the Building Packs category of your Build menu in Home Tycoon.

And for the Home Tycoon mayor who wants it all, construct the new Hometown Tower this week to boost your population levels to new heights! You can find this shiny new residential skyscraper under the Housing > High Rise category, available for $100,000 in-game dollars. Prepare to break new ground!

Atom Republic – Biker Jackets, Companions + Free Shirt

Get your hands on the RadPetz, a new generation of advance companions, complete with complex behaviour, sound and visual effects! The first batch of Radpetz are Skully and his friends, Skullbat, Skulette and Scalaca: those cute and spooky pets fly, snore loudly and spawn little trails of Zzz particles as they doze off. Buy all 4 companions and get a free grey t-shirt and, a special t-shirt with a nest on the shoulder, where you pet will land to incubate its eggs and take a nap.

Also discover the new biker jackets, they are the first item from our Neon Design collection. They come in 5 colors, both for male and female avatars.

GroupShot black_684x384

Celebrate the festive season in style with the Cowboy Dance moves! Available for both male and female avatars, these dance steps are not tied to a costume…Dress up the way you like, and get noticed horse-riding, side-skipping, lassoing and and doing the Wave!”

Codeglue – New TVs + Leggings

Codeglue’s popular LED TV’s with mood light are now available in a whopping 80″! They come in various aspect ratios, like landscape, portrait and even square ones! Besides new LED TV’s Codeglue has released two leggings bundles, each with 7 fasionable leggings!


Digital Leisure – Aquariums + Penthouse Furniture

The Pet Shop is the ultimate place to pick up the latest and greatest companions and aquatic items for you and your personal spaces. Just for coming by you’ll take home a free Goldfish Tank. This full interactive aquarium item allows you to feed your fish, clean your tank and rewards you for keeping them alive. Put it on display and customize it the way you want with more fish and decorations. There is a wide selection of aquatic life and ornaments to choose from. If that goldfish tank just isnít big enough, there are even more tank sizes available! All of these can be previewed, and purchased, at the Pet Shop.

The Pet Shop is not only home to our underwater friends, but there are cat and dog companions waiting for your attention and love. The shop also houses a Dancing Weasel companion that was created from The Casino’s custom home item contest.

Head to the Pet Shop starting Wednesday.

Digital Leisure’s Penthouse furniture line is being released to the public. This furniture bundle is for people who reach Tier 10 with 1.5 million in total earnings in The Casino. This Canadian crafted furniture is the perfect blend of quality, comfort, and class. The pack includes matching couch, loveseat, and chair, a bar stool, a dining table and matching chair, a coffee table, a rug, and some throw pillows. With great spaces comes great responsibility to decorate, so stop by The Casino and deal yourself in.


Granzella – Holiday Swimwear + Snow Pattern Yukata

Granzella introduces the Red and White Swimsuits Set. Made with red and white materials, it’s the perfect swimsuit for December! The Bikini Type set includes the Bikini Swimsuit, 3 Big Hats, and Short Boots. The One-piece Type set includes the One-piece Swimsuit, Long Boots, and 3 small hats. Both sets are made up of 5 pieces each.

It’s a snowy night in the city, go out in your red and white swimsuits!


Or spend an evening of snow flurries in a Yukata. The new Snow Pattern Yukata has arrived! Made from a light blue fabric reminiscent of the stillness of winter, this yukata is decorated with beautiful snowflakes. The gentle snowfall is perfect for a quiet snow scene. Available for both men and women, of course. It’s a snowy early winter night, why not spend it together in yukata?


JAM Games – Christmas Collection

As the winter season draws in and Christmas approaches we have our first of two Christmas collections for you to enjoy. In Part One, inspiration has been gathered from winter with some chilled out, cool and fun items!

Whether you chose to be sweet all the way through as Mr or Mrs Gingerbread, or match up in his and hers winter sweaters, you can always snuggle up for the night on our ultra-cool ice furniture! But whatever you do, don’t shake your heads at our snow globes! Oh, and we hope you like the little gift, your first of two from us to you!


For our final Christmas pieces you can decorate yourself! Wear just a quirky Santa head or go for the complete stunning Santa look for him and for her! Have an awesome snowing Christmas tree or wear one as a hat or raise a smile, and some Christmas cheer, in our matching sweaters!

Oh and there’s another gift for no other reason, than to say best wishes for the season! Merry Christmas from JAM Games Ltd!

Juggernaut Games – Winter Adventure Pack

Juggernaut Games wants to wish everyone on Home, “Happy Holidays!” and present their Winter Adventure Pack – the perfect compliment to your holiday decorating needs.

With 16 items, including 12 profiled actives, this Adventure Pack is sure to add some wintry fun to any space! Active items include the customizable Christmas tree and customizable snowman, the gingerbread house with roaming gingerbread citizens, and the Santa’s list (now you can discover whether your friends have been naughty or nice!). There are also sled and ice skating locomotion items, companions, and much

Konami – Gothic Collection Update

Black Leather is back in this latest release of Gothic Clothing by Konami. Try on the latest installment of gothic wear and sport the latest in leather and metal. Available at the Konami Store.


Lockwood Publishing – Jewel of the Skies + Uproar Collection 2: Winter Riot

The Jewel of the Skies

A faraway place, a magical world, The Jewel of the Skies is just waiting to be discovered! Enter the palace in the clouds and visit the Genie. If he deems you worthy, you’ll be given a magic carpet and gem hunting quests to follow. Those who follow the Genie’s commands will be granted wishes that will gradually restore their palace to its former glory.

To live in a palace as fine as The Jewel of the Skies, you’ll need some opulent attire. The Sultan and Ameerah outfits are fit for kings and queens. You’ll look extremely elegant in this regal clothing reclining on the pillows in the lounge room. But perhaps you’re not there for the parties and the entertaining? Maybe you’re a gem hunter at heart and want nothing more than to zip around on magic carpets with your friends, gathering jewels to unlock greater riches. In that case, perhaps the Jewel Thief clothing will be more practical for you. If you’re having difficulty choosing, not to worry, there is an enormous value pack available containing all the clothing and furniture, plus a couple of flying carpet locomotion objects and a tiger companion – look out for the three stars on the thumbnail in the store.

An apartment, a game, an experience, new from Lockwood. Find out more by watching the walkthrough video below.

Uproar Collection 2: Winter Riot

The latest Uproar collection is here! With new weapons, taunts, rewards and a level cap increase – there’s even a few quirky seasonal items to get you in the festive spirit. Visit the Uproar arena now to claim your FREE head tattoo rewards!


nDreams – Journey to the West,

Journey to the West

This week also sees the release of outfits inspired by the classic Chinese Novel Journey To The West. With four characters from the novel with different colour variants including a limited edition full body outfit for each one available for a short period of time there will be something for everyone.


New Locomotions

Three new Locomotion items this week from nDreams with the release of their BMX, Unibike and Electro Hands.



Blueprint: Home Update

A Big update for Blueprint: Home this week. There are two new style packs available; Asian Fusion and Nightclub. Two new Skies; Night Time and Chameleo. And also two new environments; Snow Capped Mountains and City of the Future.

As well as new items there have also been some updates to Blueprint for all who have purchased it. There has been an update to the lighting when inside the apartments making it better than ever. You can now select any floor or ceiling for use in any room and also an issue which aw furniture not fitting in some corners has been rectified.

Finally there is a range of furniture that is perfect for use in your Blueprint apartment. Create the garden of your dreams with the Great Outdoors Range including hedges to make amazing hedge mazes. Also available is a range of Patio furniture that will help complete your perfect Blueprint: Home.

O-TWO – Sneak Peek

Some of you might already know a little about the Peakvox Lounge, but here’s a sneak peek from O-TWO’s Peakvox Lounge.

PlayStation Home Mall Update

Magnus is back in his 70th volume of the Virtual Item Showcase. This week he showcases the new Lockwood Clothing Pack, the new Gothic clothing items from Konami, some new Wintery Yukatas and more. Check out the video below for all the details.

See you in PlayStation Home!

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  • Big update! Im guessing our Christmas event will come next week? And are we not getting anything for the 4th anniversary of Home like the past 3 years?

  • i really wish i could get into Home but cant really get into it..maybe for the ps4 u could make home into the interface kinda like xbox does with avatars

  • Awesome and big update CANT WAIT FOR THE LAB!!! Anywho how much for the codeglue leggings and granzella set? Also those lockwood have a price on their space yet?

    • This is one of the biggest updates in Home history, so I hope it can tide you all over for a bit. Yes, we’ll have one more publish this year (next week), but whew! Our Home Operations and QA teams are about worn out.

      The Granzella swimsuits are going for $2.99 and the Codeglue Leggings are $0.99 each with a couple bundles available for $2.99.


  • *fingers crossed* I want stapler back! :D

  • The Peakvox video isnt working. Also, whats the price for the Kings Chamber?

  • Xi 2, eh? Nice. And how much will the new Avalon expansion cost?

  • wow peakbox is coming really excited about that i really wanted their spaces in the USA Home and more granzella content woooo nice update thanks.

  • Awesome Update! But I was expecting our Christmas Event! I want the Winter Wonderland from 2009 & 10 to return!
    1. What is the price for the complete bundle for Juggernaut’s Winter Adventure Pack?
    2. Are we getting the PlayStation Home 4th Annivasary Quest and/or T-Shirt like Asia?
    3. Any plans for a New Years Event?
    4. What is the price for the Digital Leisure’s Aquariums?

    • 1. $12.99 for everything, with several items being sold individually and priced at $1.99.
      2. No comment. *grin*
      3. No comment. *wink*
      4. There are tons of bundles, individual upgrades, etc. to the Aquariums, but the prices range from $0.99 to $19.99, depending on the size and special items you might want.

  • Night party at the beach,Give us that ^.^

  • Awesome update! Can’t wait to check out the Pet Shop and Xi2!

  • How much will XI, the kings chambers and the Lockwood houses be ?

  • GREAT UPDATE Thankyou. I was Expecting a Christmas Space like we had in 2009 and 2010. are we going to be getting a WINTER WONDERLAND Space this Year ?. Christmas is Almost Here still no Christmas Space yet

  • really wish we can purchase the penthouse and furniture instead of earning it.

  • the peakvox ninja game looks interesting

  • How long will we have to buy the Christmas stuff and when does those BMX looking bikes come out.

    • You should at least be able to pick up the holiday-themed stuff until January. The BMX bikes will be out this Wednesday!

  • Since we’re getting the Peakvox places, does that mean we’ll be getting their awesome clothing line in the future too?

    • There is so much Peakvox stuff coming, I can’t even begin to say that, “Yes,” would be an understatement.

  • The Jewel of the Skies looks very fun.. Peakvov Ninja coming soon, OMY

  • Dang!

    that’s quite an update right there.

    • Let me tell you, this massive update is literally the reason the blog went up later than usual today—SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!

  • OK so it has been 5 weeks now and even tho we are getting alot from other regions and Atomic Republic has finally come to NA i still see no news on hoverbikes, from what i read on forums they were suppose to be this week. So can someone confirm for me pls this week or do i have to wait another week? Thank You.

  • hey are any bikes coming out but i mean the entire bycycles not the bmx i heard there was bikes in other servers hope they come soon is there any previews on x7 i hope its the bikes locomotions

  • Im not one to complaint but we are in dire need of more Furniture Slots, there are so many active items coming out, 100 slots is just not cutting it.

  • I was told Hoverbikes will come next year .

  • What a massive content update. I think this is the most I’ve ever seen announced in one week! That Peakvox Ninja lounge will be my new favorite place to hang out in Home (as I’m sure it will be for many others). For those interested in a review I wrote on the game, check this out:

  • AWESOME update ! between Xi2 and all the fun content being released i’ll be busy as heck ! thrilled to see Peakvox finally coming ! hope all goes well wednesday . will Home be back online at it’s usual time or will the size of this update require extra time ?

  • Great Update! I use to be on PlayStation Home all the time…and then imo, it became stale. Its clearly way to late to do this but the number one feature i was looking forward to was the 3D Trophy room that Phil Harrison previewed way back when. I think PlayStation home has a future in upcoming PlayStation Platforms, however it needs to become more integrated with everything else we’re doing on our PlayStations. PlayStation Home feels more like a standalone platform for the PC rather than a “social networking” hub for PlayStation users. Im sure you guys are making a ton off Home but as it has aged it feels more and more gimmicky, which imo is not a good thing. I look forward to future updates and seeing how Home progresses, but for now “my Home” will stay vacant.

  • Can we get the Envoy Dress with a pink sholder glow or red? Also I’d love to be able to get Marla’s outfit.

  • So much hard work guys, thank you so much, later but getting better and better.
    Congratz forthis amazing work! :)

  • I know this is no Home, but do you know when will Toro’s Friendly Network hits US PSN? the social network game (like Home) is some thing we lack on psvita that’s all

  • Reinstalled Home just for Xi2

  • How much for The Jewel of the Skies personal space and bundles?

  • This looks to be a promising update indeed. Also, I never got the chance to play Xi cause I wasn’t around in 2009 but now I can get that chance. :)

  • I must say very impressed with the wealth of content that keeps coming for PS home, I have to get back in there & check these things out.

  • @2 The xbox avatars mostly interact with Game Room. When I got my ps3, I got into PS Home a year ago. Almost a year later, I’ve done many things and own many PS Home avatar items, many of which are free.

  • The original Xi was really cool, as was Home in its first few years. I bought lots of spaces and items back then.

    Nowadays I find it incredibly difficult to meet cool/like-minded people on Home, as do all the buddies I made back then. Initially, all of the people who liked experimental/indie games were on Home; now it’s all macho guy avatars acting “tough” in front of female avatars.

    I really wish that Home sharding would happen based on users with similar trophies/play history/movie history, in addition to using Friends and Friends of Friends. (It would be even nicer if the PlayStation Store suggestions used the same data; it’s silly that it doesn’t.) I know that sharding is to balance load primarily and there’s no perfect way to do this, but anything would be better than what we have now.

    Until then, I’ll pop in every once in awhile, but I won’t be bothering to buy anything new or looking into new games too deeply.

    PS: Can we get SCribble Shooter on PS3/Vita already?

  • Home is not people friendly

  • so what is Xi: Continuum going to cost me?

  • Um, late in replaying due to not being home, but wow…just wow…bare minimum of 80 dollar week..this is literally the best to date in both quality AND quantity…I am most in shock about finally a REAL aquarium…I’ve wanted that in home since I started…

    Thank goodness the aquarium is a surprise this week an not a stupid teaser…

  • Oh and wow…someone won a custom home content and makes….a dancing weasel pet? What a waste of an opportunity…

    Oh yeah, and those Granzella swimsuits make me want to vomit, but yay for regional releases, and I will have to apparently have to by the swimsuit bundle anyways just for the santa hats which are..(take note other devs) IN THE HEADPHONE SLOT!

  • This should please the 20 or so people that use home.

  • So im guessing the codeblue stuff is coming next week?…

    • Correct. The Codeglue and some of the nDreams items are not here quite yet. They were mischeduled. Apologies for any inconvenience.

  • Im trying to buy some of the Chritsmas items but it says Content Cannot be purchase at this time, not once but many times , oh well .

  • Looking forward to Xi: Continuum. There should be perks given to the alumni of the first XI, like me.

  • *ahem* yeah i have a concerning question? why is Xi: Continuum not free except for the first part of the game?
    I was all excited to finally play it and when i did immediately came the dissapointment after the first part of the game. What the hell is going on with you people. It seems to be that all the new content you guys are dishing out now has to paid for nowadays i’m really starting to not like this aside from the fact that the content that is being relaeased is getting a huge wonderful response.

  • Really you have to pay for XI Continuum this should be free like the first one.. Oh I forgot where here to make money. like you don`t already make money i know i have already gave you guy allot of my money. i have been in ps3 home sence the closed beta. XI is like the grandfather of home. it should be kept free. so everyone in home can in-joy it. not that i cant pay for it . it just the principle of it.

  • I was able to participate in most of Xi in 2009 so I will go back to Home for the first time in a while to experience the continuation. This is like old school fun back during the early home and the end of the original layout. I am excited!!!!

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