Be a Part of Sportsfriends History Today

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Be a Part of Sportsfriends History Today

UPDATE: We want to thank all of you for all your enthusiasm and support. Special thanks to all our colleagues who gave us advice and contributed games, video testimonials, footage, photos, designs, music, help at events, and other support. We also want to thank the team at Sony’s Foster City office for championing the concept and making the PlayStation side of the project possible.

Hi PlayStation.Blog readers! Over the past few weeks, the Sportsfriends designers and I have been posting about the four indie multiplayer games that we’re hoping to bring to PS3 as one action-filled compendium.

We’ve exhibited all four games around the world at festivals and parties, and now we want to get them into your living room. But we need your support on Kickstarter to raise enough development funds. Today is the final day of our campaign!

So far, Noah Sasso has told you about BaraBariBall – a carefully balanced fighting game that plays like a stylized mix of Super Smash Brothers and volleyball.

Sportsfriends: Bari Bari Ball

Bennett Foddy, the creator of browser game classics like QWOP and GIRP, wrote about his head-to-head physics-based pole-vaulting game, Super Pole Riders.

Sportsfriends: Super Pole Riders

Ramiro Corbetta told you about his popular 2v2 minimalistic sports game Hokra.

Sportsfriends: Hokra

And I posted about Johann Sebastian Joust, a multi award-winning, no-graphics motion control game that uses PlayStation Move motion controllers and feels more like a 21st-century martial art than a videogame.

Sportsfriends on PSN: Johann Sebastian JoustJS-Joust

For us, Sportsfriends is a passion project. We believe that local multiplayer is a hugely rewarding way to play games, and we hope to demonstrate that it’s still viable for indies like us to develop these kinds of games. We love all sorts of videogames of course, but we feel like local multiplayer has been a bit overshadowed in the last decade with the rising popularity of online play.

Why local multiplayer? There’s nothing quite like playing games with your friends on the same couch or in the same physical space, yelling, laughing, trash-talking, and just plain old having a good time. There’s a certain magic playing in front of raucous crowd, or seeing the facial expressions of your opponents.

Think back to the console games you used to play in your friend’s basement, the playground games you improvised at school, or the games you played at the arcade. Those are the kinds of gaming experiences that have inspired Sportsfriends. We want to breathe new life into local multiplayer, taking it into the 21st century. We want to make deeply replayable games that will last the test of time. We want to call attention to what happens in front of the screen, between the human beings playing and spectating.

But today is the final day of our Kickstarter campaign, and we need your help to make it happen. Support us now and pre-order four extensively tested multiplayer games for PS3. Support local multiplayer!

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  • Looking forward to see this on PSN, hope I don’t need a move to play it.

  • It looks like you guys made it. Congratulations.

  • You made it :D!!
    Gongrats! Can’t wait to play these game with friends in house ;)


    You made it! :)

    Celebratory blogpost!

  • I wanted to pledge so bad! I am working all day with no computer access! I know I had plenty of time to pledge but I’m not a huge fan of putting my credit card info online! In the future I would like to see this kind of funding through PSN I would gladly by a PSN card and pledge/preorder these kind of games! Congratulations on making your goal I am excited to purchase this as it hits the PS Store! Question for you or Nick Suttner (hope I spelled that right!) why didn’t we see this as a pre-order on PSN to help funding?

  • You made it! Congratulations!!!! Wohoooooooooooooo!! XD

  • Wow, I can’t believe this actually got funded. People seem to support anything nowadays. This has to be the most boring and crappiest graphic collection of ‘games’ ever. And one of the ‘games’ consists of running around with move controllers? Also the graphics and actual game-play (something else these ‘games’ lack) in 1985 games looked better than this. I thought this whole thing was an April’s fool. WTH people seriously will buy anything. Where are the real and fun games that should be brought to PS3 instead of a pile of ridiculous junk like this. C’mon people what is wrong with you?

  • @7: I personally prefer more complex games with better graphics. But still, there are people who enjoy this kind of games and graphics; so I don’t think you should call it the “most boring and crappiest graphics collection of games ever” just because it does not matches what you like.

    If they like it, let them enjoy it, it is not like they are doing any harm to you or any other, while they have fun with the games.

  • I was able to see you guys demo Joust and it looks like tons of fun. It’s no wonder it’s an award winning game. Congrats on making the goal. I was a bit worried knowing how shallow the gaming community can be at times. Hope to see more from the whole collection leading up to the release!

    Oh, and @7, you’re an idiot. ‘Nuff said.

  • @9 Thanks and ditto! Obviously coming from you… I don’t know how to go on with my life. Now back to your basement.

  • Maybe if I was back in High School I would’ve dug this. As an married adult gamer, not too many local mulitplayer game sessions happen anymore.

    But back when I was in High School….didn’t have much extra cash money. Good Luck boys and girls!!!

  • @11

    No basements in Miami. ;)

  • totally agree with you atheist_goddess
    i cant beleive this crap got funded…

  • Nice to see Sportsfriends receiving support. It’s good to know that there are still people around who want to have fun with friends face to face.
    Kinda nostalgic, like when we gathered around the TV with everybody, waiting for our turn in line, heh.
    Congratulations Guys.

  • Joust looks like a ridiculous amount of fun!

  • Congratulations Guys!!

  • That Joust game with the move controllers looks like a great party game. I contributed my kick starter pledge. Great to see they made their funding goal. Looking forward to seeing these on PS3.

  • I can’t wait to give all the games a try and am proud to be a supporter of the KickStarter. Hopefully I will get the J. S. Joust build for Mac (PS3 version comes in the fall) in time for my next game night when I have friends over. I think the game will be a big hit.

  • Congrats!

    I didn’t back it, but I will be sure to buy it upon release. I watched a video of 2 people playing pole riders and it looked fun.

  • Just wanted to chime in and say – thanks for all the support and kind words everyone! We’re going to start working hard on these games, so get ready for some local multiplayer madness!

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