The Drop: Week of December 10th 2012 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of December 10th 2012 New Releases

Fast-paced twin-stick shooter Big Sky: Infinity delivers insanely intense and unique experiences designed to push you to the edge of your abilities and the edge of your seat on PS3 and PS Vita. And from the twisted and brilliant mind of Suda 51 comes Black Knight Sword, a platforming adventure with an unprecedented visual style. Then travel back in time to a medieval Chinese city in the adventure game Judge Dee: The City God Case.

Enjoy this week The Drop.

Big Sky: Infinity (PS3/PS Vita) — This twin-stick shooter features randomly generated, dynamic gameplay that adapts based on your performance — the better you play, the more extreme Big Sky Infinity becomes! With 12 energetic game modes to choose from, get ready to transform your ship into an unstoppable drilling machine, so powerful it can blast through entire planets!

Black Knight Sword — Black Knight Sword is a retro side-scrolling adventure featuring surreal, dream-like graphics with a look and feel unlike anything else. In this fresh, modern and interactive take on the classic fairy tale, The Black Knight treks through a dark and mysterious world filled with whimsical and memorable creatures to kill the dark princess and ending her reign of terror.Slash, platform and puzzle your way through this unique title with each level more bizarre and intriguing than the last.

Ben 10: Omniverse — In Ben 10: Omniverse, players can play as both Young and Teen Ben, switch forms between 13 playable alien heroes, including new aliens like Bloxx and Gravattack, and fight in an assortment of action-packed levels throughout the subterranean alien city of Undertown and other show-inspired locales. In Ben: 10 Omniverse, Rook will also star in the game come equipped with a Proto-Tool, a swiss army knife of the future, that can transform into a variety of weapons that will bring a whole new dimension to combat.

Judge Dee: The City of God Case — Judge Dee, the newly appointed magistrate of Yiwang prefect, travels to an isolated town in his new jurisdiction to find that the mayor’s son has fallen unconscious and became deathly ill. Suspecting foul play, Judge Dee starts investigating. Help him uncover the truth behind the town’s dark secret, its corrupt officials and the true cause of the mysterious illness in this beautiful Hidden Object Adventure game.

Mix Superstar — Think you can be the next big music star? Well now you’ve got all the tools right at your fingertips with Mix Superstar. Create, mix and record your own royalty-free musical masterpieces right on your PS3. There are over 1,000 Dance, Hip Hop and Techno loops included across multiple instruments like Drum, Bass, Synth, Guitar and even voice tracks.


  • Big Sky: Infinity
  • Black Knight Sword
  • Mix Superstar

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2 Classic) — The follow-up to Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This time around, developer Rockstar North and publisher Rockstar take players to the state of San Andreas.

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  • WOW! GTA San Andreas, come to me!

  • When will the PlayStation online store be available for the US?

  • @1 lol u do this every time. Go bug SQUARE ENIX instead will u. This sin’t SONY’s problem.

    @PlayStation I thought there was supposed to be some Last of Us info reveal today. The VGA LoU post says so at the bottom…

  • I want Silent Hill HD Collection and Silent Hill Downpour ,bring it on PSN.

  • I don’t have any money. Please give me GTA SA. I’ll pay you back. Technically I already have. I’ve converted my whole family and most of my friends. !!SONY!!

  • Still no word on Vita functionality of Portable Ops?

  • Crash & Spyro on Vita please. I can’t stress it enough (Europe is getting Spyro next week!)

  • Yes!

    I need San Andreas!

  • questions.
    When will be avalible the PS2 clasics on Vita?.
    its any chance to Journey or Flower arrival on Vita?.
    why and when will be avalible PSN Mobile in Mexico?
    and please more games on Vita.

  • Thanks mako for saying that. That annoys me every time he posts that crap. It is up to squareenix and Disney to post it up. So you can keep coming back saying it as much as you want and it won’t change a thing! Anyways! Back on topic I’m glad for black knight sword! :)

  • And once again little to nothing for the Vita. While I can see how it would be preferred to ignore the backlog of PSP games due to the system’s lack of presence in the US (though I do not agree with the idea), there are still the PSOne Classics, minis, and original titles to be made available.

    Heck, would it hurt to convert a few PSN titles over to the Vita? Mega Man 9 or 10, Street Fighter III, Nights into Dreams, Genesis Classics (ie Sonic, Comic Zone), Homestar Runner, etc would be great additions to the Vita lineup, and most shouldn’t present too many issues with converting. Heck, I’d love to play Sonic Adventure on the go.

  • @ Kindom Hearts: It seems that it is more up to Sony, SquareEnix, Disney, and whoever else is involved with the licensing that is responsible for the hold-up. Could be that SqaureEnix flat-out doesn’t want to deal with the platform, or that the developer is not in agreeance (they are part of the licensing, as they would get a part of the money).

    Heck, Nintendo recently pulled the SNES Donkey Kong Country trilogy off of Wii’s Virtual Console due to Rare, even though Nintendo technically owns the franchise. There are a lot of reasons, not all of them favorable to us gamers.

    That said, I would like to see the game available for PSN PSP/Vita, as well as Crisis Core, Star Ocean 1 + 2, Final Fantasy Type-0, etc.

    Also Mega Man Powered Up, but then, Capcom’s a whole ‘nother ball game.

  • Will Big Sky Infinity be apart of ps plus instant game collection this week? The end of the teaser trailer suggests the possibility :)

  • Wow had no idea that San Andreas was coming tho pumped for this

  • BTW, what ever happened to the PC Engine/TG-16 releases? I know that HudsonSoft was absorbed by Konami, but I never heard what their plans/designs were for future publishings. I know the games are still available (I think?) on PSN, and definately for Wii VC. Dracula X would be nice as well. Heck, the Wii got it. (PSP tecnically did, but that was a pain to unlock…)

  • @15: We shall know tomorrow with the Plus announcements. Hopefully good news.


    The GTA’s are my favorite PS2 games. So sorry to have to do this, but where’s Vice City?

  • Nice to see GTA: SA, but what about Vice City?! I’ve been looking forward to that game for awhile, and it got skipped! Any news about it!?

  • what would be a really super xmas gift from sony and konami would be for the classic game release of Suikoden 2.

  • @ #7

    I have given up hope. I asked Jeff Rubenstein on twitter and he made it sound like its up to Konami to make it compatible. But I’m puzzled why Konami would allow it be be Vita compatible in EU but not NA.

  • Apologies if it is the wrong place to post this, will we see some sales for the holidays? I would really like to purchase some games, especially if some go on sale.

  • Where is GTA Vice City?

  • OMG i must be dreaming!!!! gta san andreas!!! finally rockstar used the brain!!!!!!!!! day 1 buy of course, thanks for listening and bringing this classic to the store!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It really sucks to see Europe getting Sleeping Dogs for $20 with their great 12 days of Christmas Sale and we are getting shafted.

  • Like evey week:
    FFV PS Vita compatibility.
    ALL PSOne Crash Games compatible on PS Vita, they are already compatible in EU, are you guys really seriously supporting the Vita!?
    When will I get my PlayStation All-Stars Pre-Order DLC to work on my Vita this is completely ridiculous, 3 weeks and still not fixed!
    I don’t care if it’s up to Square Enix, Sony can convince and assist SE in releasing Crisis Core, Birth by Sleep, FFI and FFII PSP on PSN as well as convince them to release Type-0, since they are just waiting for a opportunity.
    Honestly looks like Sony doesn’t care for PS Vita in NA seriously smh, I’ve only wanted to play Crash on Vita but I guess Ill never get to smh.

  • BTW when are you guys going to ask Konami to make some of PSPs most important games available to buy on PS Vita…
    and isn’t Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed releasing Tuesday on Vita.

  • I’ll take what I can get however, I could really do with more ps one and ps2 games. I would also love it if Sony could start allowing us to preload day 1 digital games like steam does it. Sony can really take charge of digital distribution much like how steam dominates the pc realm. I wouldn’t even mind it if it was an added perk for plus members only. I can say that I eagerly wait to see when portable ops gets released on psn if ever. A man can certainly hope right?

  • Woohoo! another game to annoy the gf with! lol I know what I’ll be getting tuesday. GTA SA best GTA eveeeeeeeeeerrr! thanks sony. i hope they skipped vice city for a reason. VC 10th anniversary edition release maybe? i hope! so happy about this!

  • 99.9 % of the times we do not see games on here that is at other places it most likely has to do with money issues instead of game companies. And don’t think that they would say it is because it makes it sound bad on there part if they would. Both sony and the game companies need each other enough to where if they wanted it to happen someone would pull the strings to make it happen.

  • Does Judge Dee: The City of God Case have ANYTHING AT ALL to do with Detective Dee?

  • Awesome. Can’t wait for San Andreas. I love the GTA series. But I’m wondering, when is Vice City coming out? LOL

  • Well… no RPGs and nothing for the Vita. This week I’m going to save money.

  • another great drop playstation. I will be getting some things on tuesday frome the store. Keep up the good work playstation.

  • San Andreas!… YES! ^_^

  • San Andreas is cool, but I prefer my violence with an 80s vibe.

  • How much GB for San Andreas?

  • Will we be able to play GTA SAN ANDREAS on our 5 inch OLED screen on our PSVita with the dual analogue funtionality?

    Also, on Xbox 360 the controls have been updated. You brake/accel with LT/RT and it’s pressure sensitive. Do we get updated controls or is it just as it was?

    You can’t expect to put San Andreas on the PSN Store and not get any questions :)

  • Digital Reality did such a wonderful job with the Vita version of Sine Mora. Any chance that they would also bring Black Knight Sword to that console? Digital Reality worked with Suda 51 on this game.

  • I wonder if GTA Vice City is being hurt by the same problem GTA III was. That game was delayed because of getting approval to use one of the songs. Look at the music used in Vice City. That could be a nightmare to get licensed if their licenses ran out. Hopefully it ends up coming out but I wanted San Andreas more anyway.


  • When Gran Turismo PSP enter on Vita store ?

    I want to buy, but dont have a PS3 or PSP at moment for transfer from them.

  • GTA:SA on PS Vita?

  • Interesting, Big Sky Infinity possible for PS+ would be GREAT! I also have a snealy suspision (as per Ouija Board/Zozo) that the other title could be, oh I don’t know, Papo & Yo!

  • and what games are on the plus drop?
    let me guess bioshock 1? some psn tittle that nobody want’s like dungeon defenders? another mont of music unlimited discounts that y will never use? uncharted 1 and resistance 1, games that most of us already playeed?
    pitfall for atari 2600? better yet pong original version?

  • why sony dont make a global store with the same content for the same price in every region and fix the problem?

  • I wish the PS Blog and or the PSN store would ALWAYS have preview clips of all their games for sale to see what the games look like in action. More people would be more inclined to buy games this way if this were the case. At least it would be for me. I know I can look it up on Youtube or something, which I usually do on my laptop anyways, but it would just be more convenient for the consumer to have it right next to the game on screen when you can purchase it.

  • PSN need to separate the wallet fromthe billing account. And not take away fund from wallet and then credit card.

  • Any new psone classics? Where is Wrestlefest?


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