5 Ways Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Delivers for Fans

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5 Ways Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Delivers for Fans
Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse on PS3

Penned by the show’s writers and brought to life by its original cast of talented voice actors, Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse is a Family Guy game made for true Family Guy fans. The result is a title that stays authentic to the feel of the series. It’s bursting with characters, references, in-jokes, absurdities, and obscurities made specifically for Family Guy’s most ardent followers. Here are some favorites:

1. The Best of Quahog’s Worst

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse’s antagonists may come from parallel dimensions, but many hail directly from Quahog and the show’s rich history. In addition to Bertram, whose universe-jumping scheme sets the game in motion, Brian and Stewie will have to battle with Crippletron, Evil Stewie, Mayor Adam West (and his cats), Long John Peter, and many more. And there are dozens of notable appearances from other Family Guy figures throughout the story along the way.

2. Unique Character Abilities

Each character in Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse brings their own unique set of tools to the battlefield, specific to their in-show personalities. Stewie wields a golf club and a flamethrower (reminder: never borrow money from Stewie), Peter dazes enemies in a cloud of noxious gas, and Quagmire uses an inflatable ‘lonely man companion doll’ to shield himself from incoming attacks.

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse on PS3

True fans should appreciate this classic running staple from the show just from looking at it. Meg, widely considered to be the most, uh, beautiful Family Guy character, can flash her opponents in-game, causing them to vomit in adoration, presumably, at the sight of something so majestic and lovely. Classic.

3. Obscure References to the Rescue!

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse aids players by putting to good use some of the show’s most inane and tangential moments. Ipecac grenades. A Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Man that taunts enemies away from you. In a pinch, you can even summon the Giant Chicken to fight by your side… that is, if you can stand to hear another second of “Surfin’ Bird,” which ceremoniously plays when he appears.

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse on PS3

Stewie’s ursine companion Rupert is around, too. And he’s seen some things, man.

4. Costumes! Costumes! Costumes!

There are dozens of unlockable goodies available to endeavoring players across Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse. You can throw Brian in his tux from “Brian Sings and Swings” or dress Stewie up for a Sexy Party. Each character, including those available in Challenge and Multiplayer modes, has a unique set of outfits to choose from.

5. And So Much More…

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse on PS3

That’s just a taste of the fun and surprises awaiting diehard Family Guy fans – the rest you’ll have to find on your own. For instance, keep the game paused for a minute and listen to what happens to the theme song… Also those flagellum-propelled spaceships used by the chickens should be very familiar to anyone who remembers Bertram’s origin story from “Emission Impossible.”

So invite some friends over for a game of late-night Capture the Greased-Up Deaf Guy. Like Peter’s injured knee, there’s just so much to stumble upon (oh yeah, THAT’S in the game, too).

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse is on store shelves now.

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  • 1 way this blog post is not cool: Xbox360 screenshots on a Playstation Blog.

  • WTF, Xbox360 screenshots !?

  • ^ Ha! Good point!

  • Based on the reviews, I wouldn’t play this even if the game was free.

  • Come on now.. I can’t even buy this game if I wanted to.. The store is taking forever to load and when it does, I click a game I want to buy and it says not available at this time. I redeemed a $20 code last night and the $10 cash reward for spending $60 last month…can’t even use them…

  • No thanks. I’ll wait for the Cleveland Show game. I assume it will be the same lame unfunny game but with dark skin textures.

  • lol, look at all the whiny babies acting as if graphics actually matter. Go play your high graphic 12 year old Call of Duty garbage then and leave games like this to those of us who are unbiased.

    some “fans” you guys are

  • @7 are you really that stupid? People who use the ‘go play teh CoD’ as some sort of insult have no credibility whatsoever. Just because people don’t like something you do doesn’t mean that generic idiotic statement can be applied to them.

  • Anyway, i actually rented this game from gamefly when it first released a couple weeks ago. Man, is it terrible. Most of the audio clips during missions are rehashed from the show, sometimes completely out of context. Any of the new material this game offers isn’t very funny at all (though in all fairness, i haven’t found the show funny in years).

    The gameplay is the typical fps controls modeled after call of duty, that Activision feels compelled to put into all their other games (007 Legends). The game itself is very short, beat it in around 6 hours. Some of the boss fights are annoying as heck, like the final one.

    The game should not have been sold for $60. $15 at max, maybe. Its a lame tv show license game with no soul whatsoever. The only compliment i can give it is that its at least better than the dredful ps2 family guy game.

  • This stinking pile of rubbish should’ve been taken out with the rest of the trash and fed into a garbage compactor instead of being made available for sale at retail.

  • This stinking pile of rubbish should’ve been taken out with the rest of the trash and fed into a garbage compactor instead of being made available for sale at retail.

  • It’s rare that I hate a game enough to post negative things about it here in the blog, but this is one of only a few exceptions.

    While I appreciate that an attempt was made to create a Family Guy game, this game is bad and asking $60 for it is laughable.

    Even if this game was free on PS+, I still wouldn’t download it.

    Please, just make it go away.

  • It is funny how people who have obviously never touched it and comment about it.

    The game is genuinely funny, something many games of this generation lack. It’s graphics are poor but the amount of gameplay and goodies easily make up for it.

    @ 9: Lol what a troll, It’s not an FPS, Way to pretend bro ;)

  • People get off of band wagons. And actually play games please.

  • Go read the giantbomb review.
    It’s horrible.

  • So instead of trying a demo, or renting it (what’s it got to be 3$ for a day?) You let yourself be shepherded like a sheep.

  • Not everyone is dumb enough to waste $3 on this game. If we rented everything that looked remotely interesting even if it got bad reviews, we’d be broke.

  • another crappy game

  • I bought this game day one. I played through the game with my son and we both enjoyed it. Been going back for the collectables. I can’t wait for more challenges what ever else you have up your sleeve. Maybe MP support or at least bot support.

  • @16 so spending $60 on a terrible licensed game isn’t being a sheep? You’re right, you’re not a sheep just really stupid.

    also, you are right. i mispoke on fps. i meant the shooting mechanics felt like a CoD clone in third person. Either way, the rest of the game is still completely terrible so you can try defending them like a fanboy but the game will still be terrible.

  • I cannot believe this is going to exist.

    People need to start telling Seth McFarlane “No.”

  • i can bet this will be one of those game that either gets a sale sometime in the coming weeks, or will soon be free on PS+. im not going to be rude in this, but i have never found this show to be funny, maybe back in high school, but that is long gone. Plus the other Family Guy game was pretty bad, i doubt this would be any better.

    But im guessing this was made for fans of the series, if thats the case i hope they enjoy it.

  • I always loved family guy and I could not even buy this game, but next year I will buy for sure. Family guy for another that has a heavy mood, there is anyone who understands your jokes.

  • This game has potential, but based on the reviews I put it on the list with “Lollipop Chainsaw”….waiting for the bargain bin to quickly romp through.

  • If it was 1 or 2 bad reviews, I might still give the game a chance but I’ve have yet to hear a good review from a reputable site or podcast. I don’t think it’s really worth the download of a demo. It seems it was hoping that name alone could make it money on a full price game from it’s fanbase.

  • @24 Lollipop Chainsaw is an good game. It was funny and fun to play. I haven’t played Family Guy but from the sound of it, its much worse than L.C. When you get around to playing it I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • Yikes. Tough crowd.

  • ^^ awesome post

  • It’s not a bad game but it is short. Also online for all the co-op and multiplayer modes would have been abit more fun. I don’t see the point of adding this stuff when it’s not online. Show may be called Family Guy but it isn’t exactly something many people are going to watch with their families.

  • wow and you people call yourselves fans. yes ibought this game on the store but i dont regret doing it. i played the hole game and it was fun and very funny. id be happy if they brought out a few add ons and made an other family guy game and for people who dont know this or forgot this wasnt the only family guy game, there was one on the ps2 and by the way if i listened to any review or what any had something bad to say about a game then i wouldn’t be calling myself a gamer like some of you should do because i could care like about what people have to say about a game because good or bad , i dont care. if i like a game then ill play that game. i wont listen or read what some review has to say.

  • PS3 screenshots… Xbox screenshots… Same diff. Who cares? With Xbox Neighborhood and SDK, it’s just easier to take Xbox screenshots, but it doesn’t matter.

    And no, this isn’t going to win any sort of Game of the Year awards. It’s for fans of the show. Brand new dialogue, expansion of an existing storyline and references galore. I just picked up the game, because I’m a huge fan. If you’re not, why would you bother crapping on this game that you don’t plan on playing anyway?

  • Love when people talk about games they’ve never personally played.

    “I heard from someone it sucks, therefore it sucks.” I hope you weren’t people that complained about that woman who talked about Mass Effect sex scenes based on what she HEARD about them. Because you’re the exact same as she is.

    If you have no interest in the game, fine, move on with life. Don’t adopt an opinion based on someone else’s opinion. That’s ridiculous.

  • Just because your a fan doesn’t mean you have to play or like the game. A fan expects a good quality of a game and won’t just pay $$ because it looks familiar. Also for those saying “you didn’t even play the game….”, that is the reason for video game reviews and podcasts. They allow those who can’t spend all their money or time (free DL demo) playing every game that comes out. Even if we did play the game and didn’t like it, there would be those saying “how long did you play it….you didn’t play it long enough, it gets good after X.” Chances are the game is flawed to a point that the majority of those who have played it don’t like it or think it’s being overpriced for what it offers. I’m not saying people should comment here blasting four letter words but to dismiss someone’s opinion because you think they didn’t spend enough time on the game itself (even if zero time) is absurd. A gamer (to me) plays games that they enjoy and uses resources (websites, friends, word of mouth, past experiences) to make a decision which games to buy and play.

  • @33: No. That’s not. That’s someone ELSE’S opinion.

    I think Morrowind is the most boring game ever and is terrible. Does that mean it sucks for everyone? And anyone that likes it is wrong? No. That means we have different tastes in games.

    Anyone using someone else’s opinion, to form an opinion, is a foolish sheep.

    You either take the risk and play it, or not. That’s up to a person, but don’t judge the quality of something you’ve never played. I’m not taking the risk on this game, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be a brainless dolt who’s going to adopt negative views on a game I decided isn’t worth the risk in playing. I just won’t talk about it’s quality at all.

  • @34 oh please. I’m sure you’ve bad mouthed plenty of games here on psn you haven’t played. In fact i think Declassified was one of them. So get off your high horse, you hypocrite.

    This game sucks, end of story.

  • Mixed reviews about the game. I think if someone made the effort to make the game that it’s worth checking out. I love Family Guy. Granted because of that my opinion is biased but I’m still going buy it eventually because the creators of Family Guy worked on it too.

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