PlayStation Mobile: Lemmings is Back!

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PlayStation Mobile: Lemmings is Back!

When d3t was approached to make Lemmings for PlayStation Mobile, the initial feeling of excitement was quickly superseded by the realisation that a lot of people would have their eyes on our results.

At d3t, we always go the extra mile to deliver the best possible games, so we knew we were the right people for the job. But it’s not every day you get asked to work on a title with a name that resonates with multiple generations of gamers who have enjoyed playing existing versions of the game on numerous gaming systems since it was first published by Psygnosis for the Commodore Amiga in 1991.


We are delighted that Lemmings for PlayStation Mobile looks great, performs really well on all of the certified devices and most importantly, faithfully brings the Lemmings experience to a whole new platform for a new generation of gamers, who can enjoy the classic game for the first time ever with intuitive touch screen control. It really feels like this game was made for it!

Take a look for yourself in this short movie!

Working on a title with such history and nostalgia attached to it did make us deliver on our promise to go the extra mile to produce a top-quality game and we always felt we were working with the SDK rather than fighting against it. I recommend that anyone interested in developing games or apps for mobile devices go and check out PlayStation Mobile!

Lemmings for PS Mobile is available today, and you get to play the first 30 levels for free. Go visit the store from your certified phone, tablet or PS Vita to give it a go! Oh no!


Need more information on PlayStation Mobile? Want to know more about supported tablets and phones? Head here.

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  • Bought the $0.99 DLC, will getthe rest after I bezat the levels I have

    Is there a way to speed up the game? After you’ve got everything set, it sucks to have to wait for every Lemming to getto the end. I know theres the faster spawn, but that isnt as useful.

  • I see it’s free and I just want to play the free version for now. It’s not on a timer or anything is it?

    Also, when is Sony releasing an API for trophies and psn integration for PSM? Get on the ball Sony….

  • Will the Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 7 get PlayStation Mobile certify?

  • This game is great on Vita. I thought it would be a glorified demo because it’s free but there are 30 levels which will keep me busy. Wish I could have used touch controls when I played this on PC 15 years ago. I feel like I am stealing if I don’t buy the DLC but it will take me a while before I need it.

    @2 – No timer. 30 levels. DLC is for more levels.

  • First PSM game that I am actually excited about. LOVE THE LEMMINGS SERIES!!!

  • “Working on a title with such history and nostalgia attached to it did make us deliver on our promise to go the extra mile to produce a top-quality game and we always felt we were working with the SDK rather than fighting against it”
    I tried a little bit of 0.98 and find myself fighting but I heard that Sony made some significant progress on the SDK recently so I might give it another try

  • I bought the game as soon as it appeared on the store, and really like the touch controls! I’d love to see some of my other favorite puzzle/arcade games given the same quality treatment: Elefunk, Piyotama, Geon, Echochrome, Cuboid, PixelJunk Monsters, etc.

    I still can’t purchase the DLC, though. I keep getting this error, even when connected to wifi, restarting the Vita, and confirming I can access the Store: “Could not connect to PlayStation Network within the time limit. (NP-2245-3)”

    If I had one complaint, it’s that the 3D backgrounds don’t have any bump/glow maps or shaders, which makes the presentation look pretty dated like early iPhone games. The higher native resolution and improved sound quality mostly compensate, though :)

    PS: Since so many PSP games ate getting PSM versios, it would be nice if people who just bought the originals got a discount.

  • @1 For the time speed up, hold your finger on the bottom-left corner, where it shows the remaining lemmings and the target.

  • @8: ah, that’s how you do it. It would’ve been nice for R1 to do it as well like in the PS3 version.

  • Will check out once I get my Xperia Play back. ;)

  • I LOVE this game – it’s a classic in my book! So glad we can now use a touch screen for this! I was waiting for a Vita version, but on PS Mobile will do fine!

    Thank you!!

  • I can’t update the PlayStation Mobile app.

  • Any chance playstation mobile will ever come to iOS? I can play on my vita right now but it’d be nice to have it on multiple platforms.

  • I stopped buying mobile games when trophies kept getting the “coming soon” treatment with no date in sight.
    If a particularly interesting one comes along though I’ll still get it.
    Will this and past mobile titles get trophy support?

  • Ofiicial Nexus 7 support? =D


  • @14 its sad when people wont play games without trophy support

  • @morningdrive yeah it is and I’m so sick of it and I blame M$ because there are the ones that started that bs

    trophies are nothing but a bonus if that I for one don’t care if a game have trophies or not I have been playing games for over 20 years and I didn’t care about that stuff back then and I don’t care about now

  • Why aren’t there any Lemmings in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

  • I would love to see Trophy support on PS Mobile games!

  • I was happy to see Lemmings come out for the Vita, I was even happier when I saw it was free, then I opened it up. I don’t mind paying the 99 cents for the special levels since I have never played any of those. However, there is no way they are getting me to pay $2.49 each for Tricky, Taxing, and Mayhem, especially since I have beaten all of those levels multiple times before, and I have Lemmings for PSP and PS3, not to mention the PC. If I really want to play those levels again, I’ll simply play them there. A note to PlayStation Mobile: please come out with more of those special levels. The best (and only) way to get me to pay more money for Lemmings is by giving me more levels which I have never played before; and the more challenging, the better! I’m sure other Lemmings veterans will agree with me!

  • Woah! Awesome! Loved the original as a kid and lemmings for PSN was actually my first purchase on the system! Question, though, how long before move support is enabled on the Ps3 version? Mine hasn’t updated yet.

  • @8: THANK YOU. <3

  • Woot!
    I was just playing SunSoft’s port of Lemmings on the SNES yesterday. Still the best version to date (music fixes, pause with start button, multiplayer competition). Huge fan of Lemmings. Surprised Team 17 didn’t pick up the torch again. Looking forward to seeing how you guys handle the IP.

  • I’m sorry to report that this version of lemmings doesn’t hold a candle to the original. The music is bland and not level specific. The animation effects (fire, traps, etc) are better animated on the Amiga than this. There are glitches in the tools (specifically bash and mining). Lemming selection and task assignment is a big hassle since the game often mistakes a zoom in/out gesture over a task (This could have been resolved by mapping it to a button). No buttons are used other than Start for pausing. The pause screen obscures a portion of the screen which prevents critical timing tasks in the later levels. The end gates are not height specific like the original so building bridges over them is much more difficult. There is NO NUKE button. The level auto ends with remaining blockers denying the player a chance to see them explode. To fast forward, you press the bottom left corner even though there is NO ON SCREEN BUTTON to indicate that the player can do this.


    Give it back to Team 17 or get the remnants of Sony Liverpool (once Psygnosis) to fix this. You can’t remake a classic in a sloppy fashion and not expect blow back.

    The SNES version of Lemmings is still king.

  • I’m so sick of this GREEDY, RIPPING OFF THE CONSUMER, ANTI CONSUMER CRAP! So the first 30 levels of the PlayStation Mobile version are free but that’s not the case for the PlayStation Portable or PlayStation 3. Not only that but the PSP version received a full retail price of $30-$40 and the PS3 version was and is still overpriced. But it doesn’t stop there, then you want to release levels as paid DLC for the PSM version. But wait, it gets even worse, the DLC are SUPER overpriced. Can there be more? in video games today, there always is. Even though you own the PSP or PS3 version you still don’t get the game for PSM.

  • (cont.) Sony has a chance to be the biggest and best in the business but they refuse to and insist on making stupid decisions. You have to stop this purchase multiple times GREEDY, RIPPING OFF THE CONSUMER, ANTI CONSUMER STUPIDITY! It’s purchase once play on ALL your devices. It’s purchase a game, I get to play it on my PlayStation home console, which is the PS3, my PlayStation portable consoles, which are the PSP and PlayStation Vita and my PlayStation certified devices. And this includes physical version of games. If a game is compatible on multiple PlayStation platforms, I should get a free digital version of that game since I already PAYED and OWN the game, no one should have to REBUY the game.

    Only a complete idiot would suppor those practices and they’re the reason why all this CRAP is in video games today and things are only getting worse.

  • Cry more 25/26.

  • looks really good on the vita, can’t beat the free price

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