LittleBigPlanet Karting: Demo Out Now, Watch the New Trailer

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LittleBigPlanet Karting: Demo Out Now, Watch the New Trailer

Still haven’t gotten behind the wheel of LittleBigPlanet Karting? You’re in luck: the official LBP Karting Demo is available now! Containing a Tutorial track, two Story tracks, a minigame, and a solid selection of costumes, karts, stickers, and more to customize your experience with, the Karting demo is a fantastic way to try our game before you buy.

Give it a go and if you enjoy it, remember that the full game contains over 10 times more tracks, costumes, and other content than the demo. And that’s just what’s on the disc! Add to that all of the content made in Create mode and the list becomes nearly endless. LittleBigPlanet Karting has only been in the community’s hands for a few weeks now, and there is already a ton of content to download and start exploring. So if you’re not feeling especially creative and would rather jump right into some pre-made levels, there’s plenty to choose from.

We’re also releasing a new trailer for Karting today, which showcases the massive potential of the game’s Creative toolset. We could say more, but let’s let the trailer speak for itself.

Like what you see? Then click here or head over to your favorite video game retailer to get your copy today!

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  • If this game comes to the vita i will be all over it.

  • yay!

  • We need an update! My game freezes everytime I click on settings. It’s broken as can be! And there’s 0 players online to play with. Please give us information on what you guys are doing.. I love this game, but don’t want my PS3 to be destroyed from all the freezing….

  • Also, engine sounds cut in and out all the time. It’s such a silent game because the engine sounds don’t actually work ingame.

  • Also, a statement on when our payed DLC will be transferred over would be nice as well. You guys need to supply your customers with information, Media Molecule was always ontop of this…

  • I am really glad that there is a demo for this game. I enjoyed the ModNations Racers games.

    Hopefully the demo will get more people into this game. I feel like Sony dropped the ball on the kart racers with ModNation Racers and how LBP was advertised, or lack there of.

    Def. will check this out when I get home.

  • This game would have definitely worked better on the vita. Same with Tokyo Jungle, it seems like PS3 had a surplus supply of games that went by unnoticed that easily would have picked up much more steam and attention on the vita, and seems as if they were made for it.

  • Mod Nation Racers 2 Please

  • PlayStation All Stars Karting?

  • I hope some patch addresses the problems with weapon balance. Nearly every reviewer and everyone I know who plays this game agrees that it has way too many cheapshots that often leaves you vulnerable even for a kart racer where cheapshots and getting screwed over to last place is common. This game has way too much of it and the actual karting mechanics should be improved.

    Like weird physics causing my kart to almost stop when just slightly bumped from another person even from behind or the side. That just makes no sense.

  • This game was like a Black Friday special in a lot of stores, so maybe there will be a rush of new players. As for me, I had numerous issues with the game’s create mode during the beta, so I didn’t buy it. Not as user friendly as LBP1 and 2.

    I’ve heard since how my LBP purchased costumes won’t import yet. Bummer!

  • There are WAY to many bugs in this game. I gave up on this game after a level I spent 15+ hours creating just started tripping out glitching all kinds of ways. When I fix an issue suddenly a new one would just pop up in its place. Suddenly I had a full level size meter and can’t put anything else in. It was a HUGE level and I was putting a lot into it so I knew it would get to this point. So I started deleting lots of stuff problem was the meter would not go back down and my save is past the point of no return. :C

  • weapons was my biggest issue in the beta. They didn’t have enough balance or effectiveness like other kart racers such as Mario Kart 7.

  • PS Vita folders please, with all the awesome games rolling out there are too many screens to roll through now!

  • Sigh, once again, when are the DLC costumes coming to LBP Karting? I’m having a blast with the game, but the lack of my beloved Aerith Sackgirl which I have used since I got LBP 2 is sad, hope you can say something about this.

  • I’m still waiting patiently for the 1.03 patch for Karting. i know you guys are adding on the material, models and coding for the costumes….just….just take yer time… and keep on truckin.

  • Yay…thanks for the demo I’m more than glad….I missed the Beta because I didn’t checked my e-mail and I was so sad…but its LBP and everything that has LBP in it its pure fun and awesomeness…I don’t have the money to buy the game right now but I can’t wait to play.I’ll be downloading and playing the demo right noow.

  • I’d like to talk about LittleBIGPlanet 2.

    Please release a patch to DISABLE the damn SIXAXIS in the game. My Sackboy always look to the sky because of this. To make him look forward I need to play in a uncomfortable position.

    Please Media Molecule, you’re a high profile studio, you can do it!

  • Great demo.

  • glad to see the demo drop … hopefully it will get folks interested in the game …. we love it ! guess I got lucky, b/c others posting mention a number of issues, but we haven’t had any difficulties …. really looking fwd. to importing my other costumes & will stay tuned for an announcement …. UFG did a great job with this – IMO.

  • @18

    Haha i do agree its slightly strange-looking but its definitely not that big of a deal

  • @18: Fix his head, then hit r3 or l3, forget which, and it will switc sixaxis to your body’s dancing instead of head bobbin.

  • I was really trying to support you guys and give you the benefit of the doubt about the game. But after picking it up me and my kids were thoroughly disappointed. I bought the game so I’m not just a blind hater, but had some serious issues.
    Our main gripe is we have 3 sons and this is not a true 4 player game. We all were excited then everything was 2 player through story, and we had too many players to even play stages online together without penalties. We couldn’t really even just get to the battle stages and duke it out.
    I understand this isn’t MR or LBP, but something that both of them offered were 4player local fun. They were all disappointed including our 9yo.

  • @12

    i know what you mean i had about 21hours on a level i had almost finished then i saved the game came back the next day everything was moved out of place and my heat bar was all the way up tried to delete stuff but that dont work it wont even let me save the objects and the road is all gone ive stopped building stuff untill a patch comes

  • Did you guys abandon PS.Blog.Share?
    Since I have not seem my last three submissions nor any updates for a while, here are some new ones.

    Please look into supporting more than 100 icons on the PS Vita, unless you want people to just stop buying more PS Vita games, since backing up takes time and battery away when you could be playing that shiny new game.

    Can the people that bought the retail version of a game be allowed to rate, I don’t see how someone can honestly get a good look at a review of a decent game if there is missing tally.

    LBP:K should be a cross buy, like R&C will be once the PS VIta version is out.

    Also, this is for the PR team in America:
    People love updates, keep them updated by implementing a status page that tracks things like game bug fixes, DLC releases, System Updates, etc.
    You get the idea. The more informed your customers are, the more they will come back for.
    Sony, you have loyal customer, don’t turn them away.

  • I too would appreciate more information on when we’ll see our old DLC come to this game as well as information about patches and updates. I miss my dog costumes soooo much!
    I’d also like to see stickers get fixed so they works more like previous games. You can’t sticker your hair or hat without also stickering your body. I liked how in LBP1+2 you could put a sticker on a costume piece and it would only effect that piece. I’ve also noticed when you try to apply a sticker to your sackperson the image often turns out rather warped. For instance when I try applying a “black circle” to my eye area, say to make an animal with spots like a dalmatian, the sticker turns into a weird broken wobbly ring around my eye.
    The issue with the power ups could also use some attention. I’ve never been hit by three bullet bills in a row while playing mario kart but this has happened numerous times with LBPk’s boxing glove and those are essentially the same item.

  • ooh ya!!! a hoard costume and sackbot costume would be awesome! I’m surprised they weren’t included as prizes in the game to start with. Does vita have a sackbot costume? One explanation could be that if both of these costumes were DLC it would allow players to play as hoard/sackbot in either of the three games. It would make sense if the sackbot isn’t included in LBPv. Even though it’s already in LBP2 I bet karting and vita fans would jump at the chance to download and play as a sackbot.

  • ya know what else I’d like to see. LBPk could use some decoration/sticker packs. That broccoli from the move pack was my favorite decoration to use as a tree. The seasonal stuff would be useful too.

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