UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune Launches Today On PS Vita

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UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune Launches Today On PS Vita

UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune on PS Vita

Last month I announced UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune, an original PS Vita title building on the UNCHARTED universe, was going to launch exclusively on the PlayStation Store in December. I’m here now to let everyone know that you can download it today!

UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune is an action-adventure turn based card game featuring all the heroes and villains that you have met throughout the UNCHARTED games, including UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss on PS Vita, which directly ties into your experience in Fight For Fortune.

The learning curve for card games can be steep, but rest assured we spent a considerable amount of time in the early design of UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune to make sure it was going to be easy to learn, engaging and a whole lot of fun to play. You will be playing within minutes of booting up the game.

UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune on PS VitaUNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune on PS Vita

The first thing you will probably want to do once you launch UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune is kick off the Fortune Hunter single player campaign. This campaign features more than eight hours of gameplay that will be spent playing against various characters from UNCHARTED, and the first couple games will teach you everything you need to know — with a gentle learning curve.

Games you win in the campaign will unlock not only Trophies, but also new items including characters, weapons and armor, artifact cards, and player avatars and backgrounds. Use them to customize the game to suit your personality, and use the items to create powerful combos to devastate your opponent.

Speaking of unlocks, everyone who’s played UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss, in the last month can start powering up and collecting cards for use immediately in UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune! You’ll just need to make sure that Fight For Fortune is installed on the same memory card as your Golden Abyss save, and you will be good to go. Already collected everything? No worries, just launch UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss to receive your cards and they will all be available automatically in UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune.

UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune on PS Vita

If that wasn’t enough to keep you busy, UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune also includes competitive asynchronous multiplayer. Play against your friends in the same room with a Pass & Play option, or over a WiFi / 3G connection via matchmaking competitions. Impress your friends and start making a name for yourself on the leaderboards (which reset monthly) today.

UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune is available today on PlayStation Store for $4.99. It includes all your favorite heroes, villains, weapons, and artifacts from UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune, UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss, and the motion comic UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra.

Although you’ll have more than 100 cards to unlock and Trophies to collect, we didn’t stop there. Available immediately are expansion packs for $1.99 $2.99 each that bring both UNCHARTED: Among Thieves and UNCHARTED: Drake’s Deception to the table, bringing along with it expansions to the single player campaign, more unlockables, and of course even more Trophies to earn.

Download the trial today and find out for yourself what this new UNCHARTED experience is all about. I look forward to putting your new-found strategies to the test online!

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  • Please update the store it’s killing us! Well not really, it’s just a great update day and I am eager to give Sony money! :)

  • I’m happy to see it doesn’t cost a…fortune.

  • Now that Uncarded exists, how soon will Unkarted be announced? The circle needs to be completed

  • Looking forward to trying this out.
    So far, Sony Bend has not let me down. I don’t expect you to start now ;).

  • I know you guys received a lot of flack when you announced this, which was silly – but that’s not new for people around here. I know personally I’m not all that into card games but I do remember when there was a metal gear teased for the PSP and then it turned out to be a card game and the internet went into a crazy rage… and then – surprise-surprise – Metal Gear Acid turned out to be completely awesome.

    So here’s to hoping that this is completely awesome.

    Also… LOL @ wario :)

  • 5 bucks for this sounds interesting enough, what about trophies? Can we expect a Platinum trophy for this? :D

  • @2

    What you did there…. It see it.

  • This looks awesome – can’t wait – love card games.

  • sounds intriguing …. I’m wanting to get this, any word on the file size ? my Vita memory 8 gb card is pretty maxed out ….

  • Day 1 DLC that costs almost as much as the game is kind of lame but I’ve been looking forward to this and will be anxiously waiting for the store to update.

  • @8 Thank you I appreciate it, I worked hard on it.

  • Please update the store! :D
    Must… Have.. Mass Effect 1!!
    Please.. Take My Money ^_^

  • @6

    I keep saying the same thing, lets also not forget how awesome Triple Triad was in FF8

  • @Wario64
    Unkarted, lol. That would be something to see.

    Perhaps a game of Elena and Chloe fighting with bikinis on while Drake and Sally sit back with a few beers and watch the show. Need a name for this.

    After that how about Uncharted 4?

  • Got a question about Golden Abyss digital. My livearea doesn’t have the uncharted background, it’s what with multicolor with x,triangle,square and circle on it. Is there any way to fix this and why did this happen?

  • @3

    Uncarded and Unkarted.

    ohhhhhh i see what you did there

  • @3

    Don’t forget da party mini-game game thingys! ^_^

    Uncharted: Drakes Hullabaloo

  • For $5, I think this game is a steal. While its not my type of tea, I don’t think its a bad game. I feel bad about how you will more than likely get some immature comments about this game. I hope it sells well. :)

  • Will this be available on the Japanese store and if so, how soon? I have a friend I’d like to play against, but he uses the Japanese store.

  • This is awesome and I will totally be spending $9 on Uncarded today.

    Am I going to have to collect the rest of the fetishes? I really don’t want to do that Dx

  • Does this game actually have a plot or is it just a card game?

  • Sony giving the people what they want……an uncharted card game!

  • Hi! I already played U:GA months ago and completed it, my cards will be available in this game using my save or it’s just for the last month cards like the article suggest?

    “Speaking of unlocks, everyone who’s played UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss, in the last month can start powering up and collecting cards for use immediately in UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune!”

  • S Y P H O N F I L T E R B R I N G I T B A C K

  • @5 metal gear acid had a story and animated movements. This is just a simple lazy card game. Please don’t ever compare the two again.

  • that’s hilarious! You guys update GA to incorporate found treasures with this game, but you still charge us for this new game? WHY THE F would we want GA updated to incorporate an additional cost game? Either make this free to coincide with GA or take this out of GA and be a serarate standalone game away from GA.

  • @25: It’s an extra for owners of both. You lack common sense.

  • Buying both DLC is almost as costly as the whole game itself. As I said in the last Fight for Fortune post, this was a stupid idea. I’ll download the demo, maybe buy the game, but I’m not paying that kind of money on two more single-player campaigns (which probably aren’t even that long).

  • Wow I thought this would be a side app for GA. No thanks on the extra cost.

  • Sony Bend has potential to do much better than this.

    Among Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica and Sucker Punch, Sony Bend is my favorite studio. They created the franchise that I love must: SYPHON FILTER!

    Please Sony Bend came back to Syphon Filter. I see manu gamers asking for this, and some of them ask to reboot the franchise on Vita, what I don’t see to be a good thing.

    Syphon Filter doesn’t need a reboot, it needs a sequel on PS3, where the installed base is much bigger than PS Vita.

    The series can’t end that way(yeah, I’m talking about Logan’s Shadow end). Gabe Logan is THE MAN! We need him on PS All-Star Battle Royale as well! John Garvin and Chris Reese, please talk with SuperBot about this!

    We need a break of shooter and a stealth game, and Syphon Filter is saying “Hey, I’m here Sony!”


  • why come out with a game like this for such a amazing franchise.. what the heck is with people these days that makes games like uncharted turn into some watered down card game

  • Am a big fan so am going to give it a try

  • in reference to all this syphon filter reboot talk .. i want another Omega Strain.. the co-op in that game was amazing..

  • Though $5 is cheap, I was hoping this would be free with optional IAPs. I have plenty of free CCGs on my iPad (including Assassin’s Creed), so this seems a bit much. I realize they’re two different platforms, but this isn’t a game that would only work on the PS Vita, so it should be competitively priced against all competition on all platforms.

  • I’ll probably be picking this up at some point lol :p 5 bucks is pretty cheap and that’s a steal :) but please, another full game like Golden Abyss would be AMAZING! PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN lol

  • Sony Bend destined for Bigger things SCEA, quit wasting their time.

    Things we want from Bend:
    Syphon Filter (Reboot, new entry, Klingons?)
    Uncharted : Drake’s/Chloe’s/Former Villan WHATEVER Backstory
    NEW IP

    Also can we get a Heavenly Sword 2…. from someone?…. Anyone?…. Santa Monica?

  • I want a new IP from Bend thats more action/adventure oriented.

  • take all my monies!!!! Hurry up and update the store I’m anxious to buy this.

  • Update The Store!!!!!!!! Please? ; ; ; ;;;; ;; ;;

  • This Is Awesome!! The Ex Gods Of Olympus would have been proud of u mortals. And Sony We need a music visualizer for the music app these eyes grow weary looking at album covers when we have a beautiful OLED 5′ screen that would be cool to use the screen to make your own visuals Kratos out!

  • seriously guys?


    I mean you seriously think anyone who owns a VITA would want to play this card game instead of any other vita game?!

    this is crazy, no one’s gonna buy this LOL

    don’t make crappy games just to make a quick $

  • It’s so shocking that the Vita is struggling. Who wants Etrian Odyssey 4 or Monster Hunter or a new Shin Megami Tensei game when you can have an Uncharted card game? LOL.

  • Haters gonna hate.

    What can I say, I really (REALLY) wish it was another Naughty Dog Uncharted installment or at least another Uncharted game like Golden Abyss, but meh, I’ll take this, too.

    Impatient for that store update, Sony. I have nine bucks to throw your way.

  • I have $20 for you Sony. Update the dang store already! i’m dying here ;(

  • sometimes simple games like this are just what your looking for. for example Treasures of Montezuma blitz is a really fun and simple pick up and play, and sometimes it’s what I want to play.

  • Seriously i’m waiting to play through mass effect 1 so i can remember how dated and horrible it felt compared to 2 dag nabit!

  • ^ This… Update Update UPDATE! ^_~

  • well for you infomation the PSVita store has been updated(havent checked PS3)and for some reason the Uncharted add-ons are $2.99 each not $1.99 just curious if its a typo

  • nope no ps3 update yet.

  • ah ok then well guess Vita is the only one right now

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