PS3 is #1 for Netflix Streaming in the Living Room

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PS3 is #1 for Netflix Streaming in the Living Room

It’s official: More people stream Netflix content to their televisions via PS3 than any other device worldwide. This is a major milestone, and one we’re particularly proud of considering the myriad Netflix-compatible streaming devices on the market, from other gaming consoles to smart TVs and internet-connected set-top boxes.

To demonstrate why our partnership has been so valuable for both PlayStation owners and Netflix users, we asked Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to offer some further insight:

“PS3 is our largest TV-connected platform in terms of Netflix viewing, and this year, at times, even surpassed the PC in hours of Netflix enjoyment to become our number one platform overall. PS3 is a natural fit for Netflix in terms of developing and first deploying our most advanced features. We can transparently update our application with new features on a daily basis, and through the free PlayStation Network, people around the world can sign up for Netflix directly from their PS3.”

PS3 first introduced Netflix in November 2009, and since then it has become a primary development platform for the Netflix streaming experience, giving PS3 owners early access to many new features that come to other platforms later. For example, PS3 was the first computer entertainment system to offer Netflix in full 1080p video resolution with 5.1-channel Dolby Digital Plus™ surround sound and to offer post play, second screen controls, on device sign-up, and alternate audio options including subtitles. PS3 is currently the only platform to experience a new voice user interface called “Max” that’s currently being tested.

PlayStation remains a huge admirer and supporter of Netflix’s focus on quality and customer service, and we’re clearly not alone: with more than 30 million streaming members globally, Netflix has earned an irreplaceable slot in the modern living room. And we’re proud that this innovative service has found its biggest success on PlayStation 3.

We won’t stop here. Our joint development will continue to produce innovations that further demonstrate PS3 as the true home for entertainment in the living room. For example, earlier this year PlayStation and Netflix expanded their partnership by bringing the Netflix experience to PlayStation Vita in the United States. This enables PS3 owners to start watching a movie or TV show on Netflix, pause it, and seamlessly continue watching on PS Vita’s beautiful 5-inch high-def OLED screen.

We look forward to working with Netflix on further innovations that will keep the PlayStation experience the best in the living room. What’s your favorite TV show or film you’ve discovered on Netflix? I’ll be interested in reading your comments.

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  • I love the PS3 app. Definitely my favorite, and I have it on many devices. iOS, Android, Apple TV, Vita, 3DS…

    Being Erica ismy favorite show I found on Netflix Canada.

  • I Love using netflix on my PS3, and use it often.
    That being said, I REALLY think that the IU has something to be desired.

    When it first launched on PS3, I loved the ability to browse all of the various genres and see hundreds of offerings in one category as apposed to seeing only the ‘recommended’ films.

    I just think that there should be an option to browse a HUGE selection of films and TV shows by picking various options (much like the PSN store now offers).

    By limiting the selection to only TV shows, then limiting them to comedy, and so on.
    Just more options in a similar fashion to the PC offerings.

  • It would be nice if you could some how intergrate netflix to use the psn wallet so you didn’t need a credit card to use netflix. I couldn’t even use the gifted version my brother paid for me to use he had to get his money back.

  • I love watching Netflix on my PS3 and I honestly use it for multiple hours a day.

    The user interface is fantastic, and really easy to use. Plus it streams better than my iPod and doesn’t over heat like my laptop!


  • I’m Not Sure if This is Good Or Bad News? Seeing as the Playstation 3 is A Gaming Console

  • I love the Netflix app, and it’s also the only reason my wife knows how to use my PS3. It’s a great service, in spite of everything tool bag CEO Reed Hastings has done to annoy customers.

  • i love netflix, but i dont use it as i dont have a stable internet, and im afriad it would be a waste as it even takes a while to “buffering” youtube videos, but once i move i will be getting it for sure, unless there is a way for me

  • @6 yea its actually kinda messed up in a way.. i use netflix alot but i play games more often than watching netflix on the ps3.. i bought it to play games not for VOD services

  • Hmmm…..Netflix. You have to work hard to find the good stuff. Some good stuff out there includes:

    Indie Game: The Movie
    Cannibal! The Musical
    Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog
    The Walking Dead
    Freaks and Geeks

    Anybody else?

  • lol @ paying for tv and movies

  • Not suprised, half of my online friends are using Netflix at any given time. anyway Yay for PS3 and Netflix!

  • Please allow users to search from a list of movie genres. I don’t like how the service picks 6 or 7 genres for you at random and hopes that it’s what you want to watch.

  • @6 It’s good news, seeing as the PS3 also has great games.

    Every modern “gaming console” has other multimedia features (Netflix, Music, Hulu, DVD/Blu-Ray Player). As long as they can do those while still allowing me to play the games I love then I say bonus. And that has very much been the case.

  • PS3 is number one because only Sony understands proper video, gamma, and HDMI black levels. Netflix on 360 has broken gamma/black level just like the whole console does, while the Wii U has correct gamma for the console, the Wii U’s Netflix app has broken gamma, which can be easily seen by comparing Rango on Wii U streaming Netflix vs streaming Amazon Video. So, the PS3 Netflix app is the only one with correct gamma!

  • Cool beans! Netflix on PS3 is awesome! Right now I’m trying to catch up on some Burn Notice episodes!

  • It’s funny the PS3 is the #1 one device for NETFLIX. The UI is very bad right now. Is just a pain to find new content.

    You guys need to fixt that! I don’t know why you removed the options we had before. Just be able to jump into a category!


  • This doesn’t surprise me at all, When I’m done gaming for the night I always put on Netfilx.

  • i used to have netflix back in the day but their anime selection sucks nowadays so i stick with crackle and crunchyroll.

  • Maybe that should tell you to release more non gaming apps on PS3 and PSV.

    ESPN was shown at E3 2012, where is it?
    Where is my NBA app?
    Where is my UFC app?
    Crackle, Hulu + were promised for PSV at E3 2012, where are they?

  • The streaming quality is great on the PS3, but the search functionality is awful. You might as well browse on your laptop and THEN boot up the PS3. Improve the PS3’s interface and search functionality and we will be set.

  • Congrats!

  • I’m fairly certain I added plenty of hours to this quota.

  • I’ve enjoyed Netflix on PS3 for quite a while now. Lately, I’ve been watching The Office, which is a show that I never watched on broadcast TV, but I’ve really gotten interested in through Netflix. I like the ability to toss on an episode or two on MY schedule. :) That’s one of the great things about Netflix and other video streaming services that have cropped up in recent years.

    The interface could still use some work. Fortunately, I can also use the Netflix application on my Android tablet as a “remote control” for Netflix on PS3. This is a very handy feature. I believe this is supported on the iOS Netflix app, too. I’d love to see the PS Vita Netflix app updated in the same way, to give “remote control” functionality for PS3 Netflix.

  • Congratulations

  • Now we just need to be able to control netflix on the ps3 from the Vita, if I can do it from an iPhone then I should definitely be able to do it through the Vita.

  • Congrats Sony!

  • Whatabout a discount deal for new subscribers that signup through their PS3??

  • please add netflix ps3 chat party!
    same as when we play a game like we go in a lobby, the “host” choose a movie, we all watch it togheter and talk at sametime :)

  • Great, now do a post about how PS3 has been no.1 for Bluray since 2007.

  • This kinda suprises me since Xbox 360 had obtained Netflix a year before and people have never stopped investing time on it via 360. Anyways that’s pretty cool and I love watching Netflix on my Vita and if I’m downloading a game I’ll use my 3DS to resume a movie/show.

  • Yes I love Netflix on the PS3, but I really think thy could do more to take advantage of the powerful PS3.
    For instance, I’d love to be able to suggest shows and movies to friends and family on PSN. My brother always calls me to ask what’s worth watching on it.

    Also, I agree with a previous poster that we should be able to pay for the service through SEN. That way it would help go towards Sony promotions (VISA card rewards, monthly “spend xx get xx deals, etc.)

    I’d also wish Netflix would improve the UI to include all of the features you get on the PC such as sorting your Queue and such. They tend to dumb it down too much. Instead of kids Netflix it should be Standard and Pro modes wih the above mentioned features.

    Lastly, I think Netflix should allow us to better sort our queue or have multiple queues for family members.

  • I wouldn’t be proud of this accomplishment. At least if I were Sony. Noone is playing games on your machine. All of my PSN friends are constantly on Netflix. It’s actually kind of annoying, the PS3 is for playing games, not for watching D-list movies and TV shows. Netflix consists of 99% crap.

    I understand watching Netflix every once in a while but damn, why do you even own a PS3 if that’s all you do? Go buy a standalone Netflix player.

  • Congrats to the PS3 team. I hope that Sony take this as a stepping stone to more features. For example, Skype on PS3. If Skype is not possible yet, then maybe working out a deal with Google to bring Google Chrome and Google Talk or Google Plus to the PS3. With YouTube, bring YouTube Movies or Google Play Movies.

  • @ NeoRaidenX

    because peoples like me own 3 ps3 in the house so while the kids watch netflix in their room and the wife watch tv show on the living room, me im playing ME3 MP. :))

  • and btw Mass Effect 1 today! i cant wait to finally play that game!

  • I recently re-upped my Netflix streaming sub after a year’s lapse (taking advantage of a free 30-day free trial). And the audio and video quality on the Playstation combined with all the content Netflix has added over that year made me a regular sub again.

  • Now integrate Netflix with Sony Home so we can get our friends together to watch a movie!
    Seriously, it doesn’t take a genius to think of how this would benefit both Sony and Netflix’s services.

    I tried this with a friend using Crackle in a movie theater in Home and I have to admit this have me a reason to use Home. Sure it’s not the same as being in the same room, but for people who’s friends don’t live close by anymore this is the next best thing. And for people that say thy dont want others talking while watching a film… Go watch Mystery Science Theater 2000 and tell me that doesn’t look like fun. ;)

  • I love Netflix on my PS3, especially me being somewhat of a movie buff.

    Currently watching Sons of Anarchy and Burn Notice

  • Great! Now bring on ps4!!!

  • Netflix is amazing. You get tons of movies and tv shows at an incredible price ($8 a month) and there are no ads like other streaming apps. Just wish Netflix’s ‘New Arrival’ section was updated better so i could tell whats being added every day.

    Would also love if Funimation would lend Netlfix anime i actually care about like DBZ and Yu Yu Hakusho, instead of the pointless Desert Punk, Gunslinger Girls, or whatever other generic teeny bop anime they have there.

  • It is true that Netflix on PS3 looks and sounds better than any other platforms’.

  • @33 would you rather people only play games on ps3? That would be silly considering almost every device these days, from consoles to smart phones, are capable of doing more than just what they were originally programmed for.

    Are you also upset that people use the Iphone to play games and stream video, instead of just talking to people?

  • Good to hear the ps3 gets all the new features first! Now please bring a queue feature to Canada! Netflix is nigh unusable without it. ?

  • Funny…
    I actually put the netflix millage on my Xbox. Actually it’s the only reason why I use my Xbox.

  • We need a Pandora app!!

  • I use the Netflix button on my Bravia. Is everybody saying that it will look better via my PS3? Ok, I’ll test it out. My satellite sevice is only standard def, so watching tv shows & movies via Netflix makes an enormous difference.

  • I don’t stream on my PS3. Just believe I should game on it. I stream from my Kindle or iPad, I like that i can put on headphones and walk around the house if I need to while watching my show, can’t do that with a TV.

  • I pay for full HD cable, where I’m watching new episodes of The Walking Dead, but when I went back to re-watch the first season on Netflix streaming on the PS3, I couldn’t believe how much better they looked!

  • Yup- Great app, usually works flawlessly.

    One complaint – the “recently added” and “new releases” are a joke. Things from like 2003 are often listed as a new release, and things that have been online since I first signed up with netflix maybe two years ago are still listed as “recently added”.

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