Far Cry 3’s High Tides DLC Sails to PS3 in January

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Far Cry 3’s High Tides DLC Sails to PS3 in January
Far Cry 3’s High Tides DLC Sails to PS3 in January
Update: We’re happy to confirm that the PS3-exclusive High Tides DLC will be free.
Far Cry 3 High Tides

Hey, gamers! The studio that brought you Far Cry 3’s online experience is preparing something big to kick off the new year: the co-op DLC pack, High Tides, exclusively on PS3 for console gamers. This January, we’re releasing two entirely new co-op chapters, Jailbreak and Redemption. These new chapters feature the culmination of all the hard work we’ve put into the main co-op campaign.

High Tides will take place where the original six co-op chapters left off. These are the gang’s final moments, and we’re really challenging ourselves to go all-out. We’ve got new missions, tougher fights, bigger competitions, some great up-close time with your favorite characters, and explosive moments unlike anything you’ve seen before. Can you tell we’re excited?

We want everyone who loves Far Cry 3’s co-op to get even more quality time with the whole gang – Leonard, Tisha, Mikhail and Callum. So pick up your copy of Far Cry 3 for PS3 today, and find out in January what happens when the gang tries to escape the island in these final chapters.

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  • THANK YOU! I really love FC3 i can’t have enough of it and this news just made my day much appreciated your support.

  • Surprise… Ubisoft has F#*$ed over it’s PC users once again… why do I even bother at this point… knew I should’ve gotten this on PS3.

  • New DLC trophies? :)

  • Thanks for the heads up. My copy of FC3 will get picked up after work. I loved FC2, still one of my favorite games so I am very excited for FC3. Of course I’m still enjoying and completing AC3, and finished Liberation too – Ubisoft has my money this fall!

    I really love the fact that you’ve got co-op DLC planned. Can’t wait for single player, coop and multiplayer. Cheers and good luck with the game!

  • @2 Unless it’s free I don’t see what really matters. I mean pc games tend to get mods ect. I just wish companies would focus on games rather then DLC.

  • @5 that seems to be all that ppl care about anymore and trophies and how easy they are to get.. 90% of all this so called “add-on” content is just stuff they remove from the game so they can sell it back to you later and charge more money

    gotta love them 100 KB dlc downloads that just open access to the stuff on the disc

    @2 im suprised they even release games on pc anymore all people do is pirate everything on it

  • Yeessss can’t wait to play the game today and now knowing that there is a new DLC coming, I’m even more anxious… :D

  • I was thinking about giving a copy of FarCry 3 to myself as Christmas gift. If that piece of DLC isn’t free, I will wait for a Game of the Year Edition.

  • @6, John- games will continue to be released on PC because there’s a MARKET for them. Steam, Origin, Ubisoft’s client, MMOs, etc. Come on now… :/

  • Haha, forgot to chime in on FC 3. The critic reviews are overwhelmingly positive & gamers who have procured an early copy love it… I can’t wait to hunt/hang glide on the island! Cheers for the exclusive content Meghan & Co.!

  • Thank you ubisoft team

  • Great! Just picked up my copy, im not a shooter fan but I think I could not pass on this game.

  • I love being a turtle!!! far cry three is awesome

  • Awesome! Cannot wait to download Far Cry 3 today! After I finish the SP campaign I will try out the COOP for sure. It’s great to see such a great game receive unreal support. Looks like this really is a game that received much TLC! Well done!

  • This is such bull. Stop being cheap, Ubisoft, and let all the people who buy your game have the chance to buy this. You’re no better than companies like Activision and EA. I just lost a lot of respect for you and am reconsidering my purchase of Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed 3.

  • Great job on the game, really loving it so far!

  • Totally stoked. Update the store already so I can buy the digital copy. Please and thank you.

  • When is the PS store going to update so that i can get the game

  • @Nick930930

    you did the right thing buying it for the PC, you may have to wait for the DLC but at least you’ll be playing the game the right way

  • Is it free? If it isn’t, I don’t think you could price 2 chapters anymore than $5.00-10.00. Anyway, I’m looking forward to it.

  • Please make it free to make up for the co-op campaign being such a let down and so limited compared to the single player campaign.

  • I was about to bash…you know announcing DLC at the lauch of the game..well until I read exclusively on PS3…yeah way to go Ubi I just hope that you guys keep this DLC exclusively to the PS3…Co-op looks cool and I can’t wait to play with Tisha lol…but I’ll have to wait because I can’t pick Farcry 3 right now.Oh and thanks for split-screen.

  • Well it’s clear people are only playing this for the single player campaign, because the online has no dedicated servers & what 4 game modes really really.

  • Hoping that the DLC is free or at least that was the impression that I got from E3. The singleplayer is very well done so far from what I’ve played… Vaas is awesome!

  • Makes me wonder how many of the people that put up a negative either bought the game NOT on PS3 even though exclusive DLC was common knowledge since E3 and this is a PlayStation blog. The PS3 version is quite good although… if you have a high end PC or are willing to shell out cash for one then that is the way to go.

  • I could care less about the multiplayer, this single player is AMAZING!!!!! Add more to the single player, I’m afraid to even explore more to avoid seeing it all lol

  • @5 and6

    Well seeing as I actually am a PC gamer, I can tell you firsthand I never pirate anything and use steam just like a vast majority of gamers actually do. People can pirate the game all they want, but they almost always run worse, have no online connectivity, or other problems… spending the $50 for the game is worth getting the real experience as opposed to some cut-rate version. My PC deserves only the finest food ;)

    As for the DLC, I agree DLC is overpriced nonsense, but it’s still frustrating they only offer it to certain platforms. It’s extra content that I’ll never get to play. Like the bioshock DLC for PS3… never got to play it even though I had the REAL version of bioshock on the PC with the pretty graphics and everything.

  • “exclusively on PS3 for console gamers”

    Does this mean that it is possible for it to be on PC?
    PC generally isn’t considered a console.
    If it was purely for PS3 only surely it would just say “exclusively on PS3”.

  • the DLC will be FREE, UBISOFT announced it (although they should have put FREE in this blog post to make it CLEAR to people here………………………


  • Brian Irons from Resident Evil 2

  • Ooooohh this is superrr-Mega Sweeeeett… Thank you Ubisoft and also Thank you Playstation.. I already beat the game and I’m on my way to platinum. Can’t wait for the DLC to come out.. T_T

  • Wait is that DLC free for anyone who got FC3 on PS3 or only for those who preordered from a specific store?

  • HEY!!! IF YOU HAVE FAR CRY 3 ON PS3, ADD ME, i have a mic

  • Welll, I have played FC1, FC2, and now FC3. What a mess on FC3! The sp is great, but it’s a loss on the mp/co op and map editor compaired to fc2.
    The in game communication is broken, and if I wanted to play black ops 2 or cod i would, but I wanted to play a game that was like the fc2 and not a a rip off.
    The map editor is a complete loss due to the inability to publish ANY map with vehicles, oe animal / human AI. try fc2 mp then play fc3 and feel the difference..Sad to say that they could have taken 6 more months and beta testing this game.
    Should have realized that when they cancilled tp mp beta from Ghost Recon it was loss in advance…..
    Sony should look into this mess- their bords tell. This game should be the War Z of the PS3!

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