Starhawk MLG Finals Streaming Live Tonight

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Starhawk MLG Finals Streaming Live Tonight

Starhawk MLG

Starhawk fans, we’d like to thank you once again for your support in keeping the battle for Rift Energy thriving online. The team is committed to keeping the servers maintained, and ensuring the war rages on.

If you’ve been following or participating in our Starhawk MLG tournament, you may be aware of the grand final that is going down today at 5:00PM PST. It’ll feature the Top 16 players from the PlayStation Hall of Play leaderboard, going head to head in a fierce “Best of 7” match for their share of the prize pool — a cool $12,000 — just in time for a Holiday gaming shopping spree, no doubt. Second place will walk away with $6,000 — yes, it pays to join these tournaments!

Our good friends at will be hosting the live stream on Twitch at 5:00PM PST here.

This is going to be a battle worth watching. If you’re a Starhawk fan, be sure to check out the stream. Anything can happen…

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  • We are honored to be streaming this for the Starhawk Community, MLG and PlayStation. We will also be giving away a ton of PlayStation Plus codes and even a PS3 to one lucky viewer tonight on Twitch!!!

  • Question, where is the tournament being held?

  • who cares? give us BETTER PS+ content ASAP!

  • I wish i could watch it on my VITA, my poor VITA needs ADOBE FLASH PLAYER support…

    @3 what are you talking about they just gave us close to $150 worth of games, before you say I alrdy own those your gona have to wait for the next batch….sorry

  • Such a great game. I’ll be watching!

  • Who cares all those guys padded to make top 16 this is why this game died sony isnt doing anything

    I WANT1!

  • Hi Aaron from Santa Monica. Please, tell me: will Starhawk die with LIghtbox Interactive?
    I cant believe Sony did this with the most promissing shooter multiplayer game to date.
    Starhawk should be definitive PS3 multiplayer shooter, it cant happen with poor advertising and marketing from Sony, just publish amazing games will not work.

    Here is a video that can help Sony see and wake up for this huge mistake:

    Please, this game need to survive this mistake from Sony.

  • Man… I’m going to need a list of the songs you played during this incredible tournament. PLEASE.

    @ insano_jaco
    8 you are so right… and it’s sad, no one knows what game i’m talking about every time I mention Starhawk.

  • Also, I wish this was more popular than regular sports… THIS is intense, awesome and entertaining.

  • Ah… Ignore my 9th post… Just do it.

  • what does version 2.01 for the vita do? what is it for?

  • Part 1…..

    I agree with #8… been saying the same things that the video has already said for years now.. it’s not just about Starhawk but about all the developers actually… you DO need to take that “risk” and SPEND MONEY to MARKET your games… yes of course you market them a little but BIG games like Starhawk, Resistance 3, Killzone 3, etc… all these games should have gotten WAY more marketing. As much as Uncharted 3 if not more. The more marketing, the more sales… sounds simple but it is ALSO TRUE. How about you try it SONY…. please? Because otherwise you’re shutting down GREAT, GREAT, GREAT developers like Lightbox…..

  • Part 2:

    OH AND HERE IS ANOTHER GAME THAT IS A PERFECT example….. TWISTED METAL…. yes you guys did some events for it and I went to the one in SF, CA actually and it was GREAT, but you need COMMERCIALS, LOTS of commercials and online ADs… for the people that are NOT following the PS BLOG and online every week….. you need INFORMATIVE commercials in mainstream places…. again, the MORE the better. I did see some and I know SONY doesn’t have tons of money right now but I really think you need to put your money in marketing what you produce.. or else what is the point in producing such GREAT games if they’re not selling….

    Don’t let these great franchises die… Socom, Starhawk / Warhawk, Twisted Metal, etc.. these games are NOT on life support because they are not great franchises.. they are on life support because they are not being marketed and sold correctly.

  • @14 also to much unfair play to deal with.

  • @4
    uh, they haven’t unless you have a vita, other then the first month they started “instant game collection” it hasn’t been that amazing for US PSN+ owners, we got a few decent games after that, but for the most part we get one halfway decent arcade game every 2 months. we are getting bioshock 2 tomorrow, and you can probably find it for $5 in the bargain bin. I’m not saying I am not grateful for it, but it seems EU gets the love, and now, vita players get more PSN+ love then ps3? the vast majority of ps3 owners will never own a vita.

    the vita games they gave were excellent and top notch, now if only ps3 PSN+ free titles were like that.

  • @14
    Sony Playstation have a lot of great game series, but have no idea how to deal with it.
    The lack of support is amazing like the games.
    PS3 passed 6 years without games like Sly, Twisted Metal, Syphon Filter.
    Besides this ridiculous support and absolutely no respect with series that helped to define PS plataforms, they killed new series that had great potencial but they did almost nothing to promote it, like Resistance and Starhawk.

    Resistance 3 single player campaign is the most close to the best sci-fi fps already released: Half Life 2.
    And what did Sony make to promote it?
    Put advertising focusing in sharpshooter and not the game.

    And what about wrong moves?
    When they first revealed Modnation Racers, all internet forums went crazy asking: why this is not Littlebigplanet Karting?
    And now, after 3 games for all PS plataforms, they killed the Modnation series with Littlebigplanet Karting.
    And guess what? The game was made by the same guys that did the already competent Modnation Racers.

    I dont know who the guy responsible for this, but he doesnt know nothing about games for sure.

  • Congrats to the Rifters for winning first place and taking up $1500 each. The Outcasts take home 2nd with $750 each.

    Also congrats to the 100 viewers that took home a 30 day PS + code, check your twitch message box to see if you won.

    Finally congrats to Hipposcousin for wining the 160gb Slim PS3.

    Thanks everyone who came out and participated

  • hey DJhaole, is there anyway for me to watch the grand finals still? :S i missed it cus of work!

  • Go to the Twitch channel listed above and then to the videos tab or you can add /videos to the end of the twitch link, I cannot post links here

  • @ #17…. I A G R E E lol, I wish SONY would hear these complaints and WISE SUGGESTIONS though… I posted them here because SONY SANTA MONICA is the closest company to SONY I believe.. and I think WHOEVER READS THIS NEEDS to start communicating with the higher ups if they want to see their games increase in sales instead of decrease. If they want to see DEVELOPERS SURVIVE…. Again, there is a REASON zipper interactive and lightbox interactive have been shut down… and it has WAY more to do with the bosses than the developers… sadly. VERY sadly. Start listening to your FANS sony.. here is HINT NUMBER 1) On your VERY OWN WEBSITE “SHARE” the MOST VOTED FOR GAME TO BE REMADE IN HD IS THE PS2 SOCOM FRANCHISE…. AND YET THIS IS ONE OF THE F E W HD REMAKES YOU HAVE N O T MADE YET. Does this make sense to ANYONE??? Get a clue SONY, before it’s too late.

    HINT #2) SYPHON FILTER… ONE OF THE BEST PS1 SHOOTERS….NOWHERE to be found on the PS3.. and yet you make it for the PSP instead… yes the PSP is important… but you’re FOOLISH at best for not bringing it to the PS3 already.

  • Resistance 3’s low sales is surely one of the reasons why Insomniac Games are now multi platform instead of sticking with SONY…. again, as comment #17 pointed out and I noticed as well.. this was probably due to poor marketing… as well as timing the release of the game correctly…. there was marketing that focused too much on the sharpshooter instead of the very ORIGINAL and EPIC game….

    It’s not only important to do marketing but it’s important to do it RIGHT, especially when you only do so little marketing to begin with…….. Sell the FEATURES of the game FIRST and foremost……. A comedic commercial may catch a person’s attention.. but one that shows amazing features of an amazing game sells more games in the end. Sell the story, show 2 people playing the 2 player coop story, show the UNIQUE + badass weapons….

  • this game sucks warhark was better and more fun
    bottom line

  • What do you guys think? Should I get this game?

  • I stopped playing starhawk since all the stuff u guys put and took out of the game…. i have it there collecting dust until u fix all the crap done to the game.

  • btw loved the game but pls fix it. u guys started crapping the game since u decided to score points on CTF w/o having ur flag…. after that… all went downhill.

  • Looks nice…this game is awesome…one of the best MP ever created…unfortunately Starhawk is so underrated.

    @ 24 MajinDedemaru – You definitely should buy this piece of epicness.

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