Starhawk MLG Finals Streaming Live Tonight

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Starhawk MLG Finals Streaming Live Tonight

Starhawk MLG

Starhawk fans, we’d like to thank you once again for your support in keeping the battle for Rift Energy thriving online. The team is committed to keeping the servers maintained, and ensuring the war rages on.

If you’ve been following or participating in our Starhawk MLG tournament, you may be aware of the grand final that is going down today at 5:00PM PST. It’ll feature the Top 16 players from the PlayStation Hall of Play leaderboard, going head to head in a fierce “Best of 7” match for their share of the prize pool — a cool $12,000 — just in time for a Holiday gaming shopping spree, no doubt. Second place will walk away with $6,000 — yes, it pays to join these tournaments!

Our good friends at will be hosting the live stream on Twitch at 5:00PM PST here.

This is going to be a battle worth watching. If you’re a Starhawk fan, be sure to check out the stream. Anything can happen…

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