PS Vita’s Soul Sacrifice: Leviathan and Ghost Mode Revealed

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PS Vita’s Soul Sacrifice: Leviathan and Ghost Mode Revealed

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

In my last post, I explained that monsters in the world of PS Vita’s Soul Sacrifice are what have become of humans who succumbed to darkness, using magic according to their desire. Today, I’m pleased to reveal a new monster, “Leviathan,” and to share its backstory.

Meet Leviathan

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there were two twin princes. The older twin excelled at everything, and the younger one failed at just as much. The two were so different that it was a wonder that the same blood flowed through their veins. It was like pairing up a giant and a dwarf. The younger brother grew up with a severe inferiority complex and developed an extremely dark personality. He started to enjoy collecting ferocious animals, one in particular being a crocodile from another kingdom. He put the crocodile in a cage, where he tormented it. It was the only time he could ever feel strong.

Years went by, and it was finally time for the heir to take the throne. Of course, the chosen heir was none other than the eldest of the twin brothers. Jealous, the younger prince stormed off to his room. He sat there, staring at his crocodile. “If only I could get the crocodile to kill my brother…” he thought. Just then a strange voice resonated in the room and the prince could feel his body drown in magic…

Soul Sacrifice on PS VitaSoul Sacrifice on PS Vita

Live on in Ghost Mode

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

In addition to revealing this fearsome new monster, I’m excited to share a key new element to the game’s multiplayer experience: Ghost Mode. The co-op multiplayer mode of Soul Sacrifice is not just about playing offense or defense. You will use yourself and allies as a catalyst for magic, and truly battle together.

At times, you’ll use magic to stop time so your allies can attack. Other times, you can choose to help aid your dying friends with your healing power. There are many choices available to you, and your victory depends on your decisions. And it doesn’t end if you fall during a co-op battle. With Ghost Mode, you will become a “ghost” and continue to aid your allies. Players that have become ghosts are able to openly observe the statuses of the enemies and ally members. You can strengthen your team mates or make the enemies vulnerable by touching them on the screen. So even after you die, you can keep aiding your party and continue the co-op battle until the end with your friends.

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  • I want a 9″ vita tablet with detachable pad like wikipad. Make it happen Sony.

  • Collector’s Edition please. Bring over that sexy red Vita announced for Japan while you’re at it.

  • Yay more Soul Sacrifice info! Really can’t wait for this game. And if I’m right Japan’s vita one year anniversary should be coming up in the next couple of weeks. I’d say it’s been a pretty exciting first year. Long live Vita!

  • Interesting. Hope this becomes the vitas killer app.

  • looks interesting but i really hope it isn’t disappointing like Ragnarok Odyssey ended up being. I also hope you price this game reasonably, preferably with a PS Plus discount on the digital version whenever it arrives. :P

  • Keiji Inafune would you mind telling us how many areas this game will have? some hunting games tend to have very few maps.

  • Any word on if we will be getting the demo?

  • Mr Inafune, I had the chance to play the game at Comic Con in New York. This game is awesome and I picked up the controls fairly easy. When can we expect a demo? and I just wanted to say good luck on all your future endeavors. Soul Sacrifice is at the top of the list on a lot of peoples most wanted Vita games. You tha man Inafune.

    • Thank you so much for such a kind message! Glad you enjoyed the demo at NY Comic con. We’ll come back with more info about Soul Sacrifice, so please check back!

  • there is confirmed release date for JAPAN,
    also special edition / demo are scheduled too.

    is this going to be global lunch? or do we have to wait 6-12 months

  • Wow… I’m so buying this game!!! It looks absolutely stunning and amazing!

  • Also, please get Capcom to stop being stubborn and let you work on Mega Man again. I wasn’t the biggest fan of those boring annualised Battle Network GBA/DS games, but i miss not hearing any news about a new MM game.

    I would really like an HD Remake of MM Legends 1 and 2.

  • Pretty much the only reason I’m keeping my vita, as it is the only game that seems to have a Demon’s Souls like feel and approach. However, the more I see the in game screens the more disappointed I become in its appearance, both graphically and it’s lack of darkness (too bright and too much daylight). Seems this should be on the PS3, especially given the Vita’s horrible network connectivity.

    Never the less, next to the Last of Us this is my most hopeful game.

  • @11 He is not at Capcom anymore. He left almost two years ago.

  • @13 i know that he left and started his own company, but i thought maybe he could be contracted by them to work on a game or two for Megaman.

  • Nice! Looking forward to this, in my opinion PS Vita is in lack of good Action-RPGs like this one.

    Speaking of that… Sony could you please, please, please release Diablo 1 for PSOne Classics? It’s a great game a many people would buy it play it on their PS Vitas. Please, just talk about it with Blizzard and/or with EA (Electronic Arts was the publisher of the PSOne version of Diablo).


  • @12 smh nothing you said makes sense. This game IS NOT a Demon Souls or Dark Souls style game, and its better if the game has different environments, I’m personally glad it isn’t just dark like the games first reveal area. It just keeps looking better to me. And Wow you said horrible network connectivity. I don’t know what your talking about, I played plenty of online on my vita while in party chat and jumping to youtube and whatnot with no issues. The only 2 connection issues with Vita are it disconnecting while going to sleep and not having the option to stop it from doing that. and it always disconnecting online games if you jump to the system UI to message someone or join a party etc. And I guess one personal thing I hate is not having a option to turn off Ad-Hoc in the PSP games, cause I can’t use online and Sega Genesis collection at time cause it turns on ad-hoc and shut me out of everything but if I had a option to turn off the ad-hoc without turning off wifi as a whole, then I wouodnt have to worry especially since I don’t use Ad-Hoc much and can turn it on specifically when needed. Also can’t believe sony doesn’t allow the vita to pick up psp game shares.

  • Stop teasing me I want this already.

  • Will this game have several difficulty levels?

    I’m interested in this game but if there are no difficulty levels – that’s a deal-breaker for me.

  • We need a demo, when, Keiji, when?! :)
    Congrats for this amazing game, day1buy for me.

  • All I care about is the release date because I’m already getting it day 1.

  • The Vita game I want most!

  • @16 It makes perfect sense if your not attempting to find conflict where it doesn’t exist. What I say is it seems to cary much of what I like in a game, in the same way that Demon’s Souls did. Has nothing to do with it needing to be more like it, but that I prefer the darker environments on top of it, and being that the main theme of the game is dark, it seems only natural that it would have more of a leaning to it.

  • @16

    Also, I didn’t mention stability, I said network. There are a massive wealth of horrible connection issues with the Vita, primarily being that every application has to reestablish a connection with the PSN, making transitions essentially impossible and making its connectivity to the PSN essentially useless. Friends are hard to access during a game and ultimately isn’t’ stream lined, as are messages. With every application always insisting time to break and reconnect, nothing on the system ever seems to really do anything but give a small window into the network. I would not call that good or even proper connectivity. Further more it lacks proper options for many wi-fi networks, for a mobile gaming device that attempted to claim connectivity to both internet in general and more specifically the PSN, not being able to connect with several wifi spots due to a lack of browser log-in and other wi-fi connections you can find on your travels goes beyond not only a lack of connectivity in the network and device but actually cuts its own internet abilities short of any modern mobile device since 2006.

    Never the less, as I had already said, I am still looking forward to this game.

  • Can’t wait for this game! It looks so damn nice!

  • Can we get some info on precisely how long the game will take.

    How and why is this game replayable?

    How many bosses are there?

    Can we get info on stuff like that.

    I hope this game isn’t like Monster Hunter. That game is too slow and boring. It has no story and the areas are terrible. Not to mention the combat system is horrible.

  • This game looks so awesome.
    I’m still unsure of the gamestyle if it’s RPG or action adventure.

  • can’t wait for this game!

  • I’ve had this game pre-ordered at GameStop for a looong time now, can’t wait till it’s out

  • Will there be a demo soon? Really excited to try this game out.

  • I’m still not entirely sure what kind of game this is, but I’m interested.

  • How bout a ps3 version after you finish the vita version?

  • Please, Please ,Please
    Bring the Limited edition Vita Bundle to US
    that Red/Black Vita Looks Gorgeous.
    import is too expensive
    i don’t mind pay 350$ to 400$
    But Please give it a chance in the US.

  • I’ve had this pre-ordered since the Fall.

    I can’t wait for this!

    Inafune deserves my money.

  • Yes! This is the RPG that I have been waiting for! Vita keeps getting better and better!

  • @11 I actually enjoyed the Megaman Battle Network and Starforce games. I would gladly pay to play those on my vita.

    @26 A lot of people will probably take offense to your monster hunter comment, but I must say I respectfully disagree with your opinion.

  • godly stuff :D

  • Sweet more info! The ultimate sacrifice of all is waiting.

  • It looks so good, I really hope we get demo for this so it would make the wait little more bearable.

  • @ 1: Trust me, your hands would not feel comfortably with a 9 inches.

  • I see they have taken the concept from Demon’s soul & made it even better for this game.This is really getting that much more interesting as I continue reading about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on this game,i guess tihis will be my new addiction instead of monster hunter when it gets released :)

  • Is there any information on how multiplayer servers will work? Please let them be region free. Ragnarok really screwed me over with mutliplayer region locks as I’m an American living in Japan…

  • It’s a buy either way, I just pray I can enjoy multiplayer without having to bounce my data off of America just for choosing the American version.

  • I Hope sony will advertise this game heavily. They choosed a really poor launch window, facing jugernaught games, but i believe this awesome game will prove that originality is key…

    I trust in you Inafune…. this game needs awesomeness

  • Bring us the Soul Sacrifice Premium Edition please. ( ゚▽゚)

  • CANNOT WAIT TIL THIS BABY COMES OUT ! but i have persona 4 G and Ragnarok to keep be company until then ;)

  • This game looks fantastic! Day one for sure!

  • I’m looking forward to this game also. Looks amazing, and the game’s premise looks promising. By the way, I browse the PS Blog only on my Vita, as I am doing now. Do you think Sony could link the videos here directly to the Youtube app if we had it installed? That would definately enhance the Vita’s internet browsing experience. It would be so nice to just click on a video link then be automatically switched to Youtube app to watch it! I love my Vita!

  • I dont want demo or anythng this game its a day one for me. Hopefully we wont wait that much for its release.

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