Bingo! Get Your Dauber Ready in PlayStation Home

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Bingo! Get Your Dauber Ready in PlayStation Home

This Wednesday, December 5th, The Casino introduces Bingo, LOOT’s much-awaited Active Radios will soon fill the air, Granzella and Konami release new fantasy outfits, while Lockwood has several new exciting updates to share. Let’s get to it.

Digital Leisure – Bingo + Old West Saloon Clubhouse

Grab your daubers — it’s time for Bingo! In this contest, players face off against each other in an all out numeric battle royale! Be sure to pay close attention because these numbers come at you fast. If you’re the first to correctly mark the pattern and call bingo, you’ll take home some of the biggest jackpots in Paradise Springís history! Head to The Casino and make your way down to the Bingo Hall located in The Concourse. It’s bingo time!

Take pride as the new owner of The Old West Saloon Clubhouse today! You’ve worked hard moving westward to explore the new frontier, and it’s time to take pride in your latest acquisition. The Saloon is the perfect place to host friends with included games of Blackjack, Liar’s Dice and even Darts. But no new piece of real estate would be complete without a wardrobe so included is Old West attire and furniture to truly give your new home an authentic look and feel. This Saloon is so jammed packed with items and mini-games you’ll be the talk of the town!

The Old West Saloon space is a clubhouse where everyone is invited to join.

Saloon Clubhouse

LOOT – Active Radios

Fill the air with music! A must have item for any private or clubhouse space – invite your friends over and get the party started! Enjoy endless streams featuring Pop, Rock, Dance, and Talk. The LOOT™ Radio delivers real music to the comfort of your PlayStation Home personal space!

NOTE: Due to contractual and rights agreements, some channels are nation-specific. RadioIO is only available in the United States and Canada. In addition, due to rights issues, countries may not receive the same content selections within the channels. Only one radio or television can be active at a time. The LOOT Radio will work in any private space, unless the space comes with a tv or radio you cannot turn off. 16 slots per Radio.


Granzella – Witches, Succubi and Vampires, Oh My!

Granzella introduces the Witch, Vampire, and Succubus series.

The witch includes a hat, dress, gloves (with and without a broom), a 5-piece set of boots, hairstyle, and a 3-piece set of earrings (left and right). The 4-piece Succubus Set includes a hairstyle, suit, long gloves, and boots. The 7-piece Vampire Set includes 2 face types, 2 types of coats, gloves, pants, and boots.

Dressed in these atmospheric costumes you can completely become a Witch, Vampire, or Succubus!

Konami – Ninjas

Known for their acrobatic and fighting skills, the ninjas of the Spider Clan are just as deadly as the Dragon Clan ninjas. Try out the all-new custom animations and fight for ninja supremacy! Available at the Konami store in the Mall.


Lockwood Publishing – Iron Fusion Envoy, Lockwood HQ + Gift Machine Update

Iron Fusion Envoy

Iron Fusion are branching out to bring futuristic fashions to your dimension! Although Iron Fusion’s scientists excel at robotics and engineering, they are also skilled in the creation of microweaves and nanofibres. These future tech fabrics have been utilised to create the Envoy clothing range.

Ideal for representatives of Earth, these smart uniforms will ensure a professional yet chic appearance no matter how big the galactic diplomatic event you’re attending. The Hammies and the Homelings will no doubt welcome you with open arms when they recognise your Iron Fusion approved diplomatic status!

Lockwood HQ

The Showcase is gone, but in its place there’s the chic new interior of LKWD HQ bringing you all the most exciting content from Lockwood’s latest releases. Not made up your mind about the lion mounts yet? Go and take a look at the huge animated display model on show – it’s sure to win you over. Haven’t got your gang on in Uproar already? Take a look at some of the taunts and clothing on offer in game by visiting the Uproar display room.

The Gift Machine is gone for now, but with a new Gift Shop coming soon, it’s definitely not been forgotten. There’s a new Machine in its place right now, which will soon be the center of a unique event – another Lockwood first for PlayStation Home!

Gift Machine

Visit the Gift Machine for some exclusive variants of Lockwood’s Wings. There’s also a bunch of new seasonal items available, so go ahead and spread some cheer!

PlayStation Home Mall Update

Magnus is back in his 69th volume of the Virtual Item Showcase. This week he showcases the new Spider Clan Ninja outfits, new Sci-Punk hairstyles, Wrangler clothing items, rewards from the new game Emo Ray, the freebie in x7 this week and more! Check out the video below for all the details.

See you Wednesday in PlayStation Home!

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