What’s New in RocketBirds for PS Vita

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What’s New in RocketBirds for PS Vita


It’s my pleasure to tell you that Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is coming to the PS Vita in the first quarter of 2013!

Rocketbirds, our cinematic platform adventure game, has come a long way from its three IGF finalist nominations back in 2010. Since then, we listened to people’s feedback and vastly improved the game for its PS3 release in October 2011. That version had more technical improvements than we could shake a stick at; we made it fast and included stereoscopic 3D, added a new Jet Pack mode, a two-player couch co-op campaign and polished the heck out of it. We received more great feedback, so when it came down to the PS Vita version, we jumped at the opportunity to iterate on the game once more. We added things like new chapters, puzzles and humor; a unique new Hardboiled difficulty setting; improvements to the controls to utilize the PS Vita’s unique features; and improved connectivity for the cooperative campaign.


From the beginning, I’ve really wanted to include these large Orwellian video panels where a boss character would be able to literally talk down at his underlings. For the PS Vita release, we created a couple of huge new chapters from scratch to house these animated panels. I think there’s something funny about such overcompensation. Now that we’ve managed to get them in the game I’m trying to figure out how to install some here at the office.

Inspired by Mega64’s take on “IndieFilms: Rocketbirds”, we took the idea of stabbing a Penguin grunt and incorporated it into a new Hardboiled difficulty setting. In this mode, you’ll be expected to take down the Penguin regime with just a pea shooter and a very large knife.

The game supports the PS Vita’s front touch screen and rear touch panel and you’ll be playing at full native resolution without the ‘jaggies’. Like a proper cinematic platform adventure game, Rocketbirds does away with scrolling to give you big detailed screens. In interviews we jokingly referred to our PS3 game as a “non-scrolling-TILT-er” since the screens tilt a bit as you moved from left to right. For the PS Vita version we turned it up a notch and wired the tilting to the built-in motion sensors. Now you can counter-tilt at will and it looks great.

The final feature we’d like to highlight is improved connectivity for the game’s co-op campaign. To better fit with the portable nature of the game, you’ll be able to easily connect with a friend via online or ad-hoc mode for co-op play. We’ve also added two new playable co-op characters (Sniper Guy and Agent-H), exclusive to the PS Vita.

We’re really looking forward to the release and hope you’ll enjoy this ultimate version of Rocketbirds on PS Vita when it comes out in Q1 2013!

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  • Nice I always wanted to give this a go on PS3…..just never really had the chance

  • Really nice, i can´t wait 2013 D:

  • my best friend loves the ps3 version of this game. I can’t wait to let him know theres a Vita version coming out. :D

  • I tried out the demo for this game, was pretty fun but I have too many other games just like it

  • Nice, I loved Rocketbirds, and it was a blast. Pretty cool to see it has online co-op now for the Vita, but are you guys offering this game for free if we bought it before? Just wondering.

  • Neat! I’ll definitely check it out depending on file size and price.

  • Ah come on! Not only does Vita get an upgraded version but they get online co-op too??!!

    That was the only fault the PS3 version had was local co-op only. Nobody plays local co-op these days, pretty much everyone plays online.

    I’d love you guys forever if you patched in online co-op for the PS3 version. The online trophy is one of my last for the plat too :D

    • We had considered this for a long time, but there were too many other factors that prevented this. For one, we really want to finally get crackin’ on Rocketbirds 2! There is still so much story left for us to tell!

  • Nice to see it’s native resolution. Does that mean we’ll also get some AA thrown on top too?

  • Rocket birds was fun on the PS3..but it would feel alot better on a PSVITA.The game has very small scenery therefore it seemsed like it was a waste of space on a big screen..52″ big to be exact. So i shall be waiting looking forward to this on the VITA..

    • Every screen received another polishing pass and we’ve zoomed them all in a wee bit, so the characters appear bigger. Can’t quite explain the tilting, but other games now seem to be missing something. It really is a great fit i reckon.

  • I am really hoping the people that bought this for the PS3 get some sort of discount when the game releases. I loved the game, but it also makes sense to have a discount for a least Plus users.

  • Let’s add this one to the PS+ instant game collection since it’s something no one has on Vita yet :D

  • This game was awesome on PS3, so I’ll get it day-one for Vita. I hope there is some sort of unique feature or bonus for people who have both versions.

    Sony take note, this is the type of game I love to play on Vita: great looking, polished, unique platform/puzzlers.

  • I’d love to see the old game added to the instant game collection (or deep discount PS+ sale), to help promote the Vita game… I didn’t have a PS3 when this first came out, but going back and buying it now, seems like a bit of a waste to go back and buy the PS3 version at full price now.

    Glad to see the Vita version sounds like a substantial improvement over the PS3 one. Are the new characters for Co-Op just skins, or do they have unique gameplay, too?

    It would be cool, too, if having a PS3 save unlocks somthing in the Vita version, or having it on your trophy list somehow… might not be cross-buy, but SOME way to support those who have both versions would be very nice, and encourage people to buy / play / download the PS3 version…

  • Great blog post tons of info and right to the point on the things added to this version. I played the PS3 demo and I remember the music was really cool in it. I will indeed buy the full version on Vita.

  • Hah! Thanks everyone – yes it’s me, the poster… never could get the in-line Reply stuff to work! I’ll get this sorted and post some replies :-)

  • Hmm… will this be a Cross-Buy title?

  • Very nice. Something new for Vita is always welcome.

  • @13: I’d be down for this game being free on Plus for PS3, before this version comes out. Or a least a hefty sale.

  • Looks good

  • I’m glad to see this is coming to PS Vita, but unique experiences are really what’s needed not alot of Ps3 ports & psp ports.What is needed is that 3rd party support for PS Vita,now that would be the best news. Make that happen Sony asap.

  • Will this be compatible with cross buy?

  • Sign me up! Sounds awesome. Cannot wait for this.

  • Really Cool. I’m dying to play. xD

  • Any news on phantacy star online 2 for psvita realse in NA

  • when Rocketbirds comes out for ps vita? any demo for ps vita? or it just only for ps3

  • hooray for more native rez Vita games :)

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