New Trailer for PS Vita Fishing Game Let’s Fish! Hooked On

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New Trailer for PS Vita Fishing Game Let’s Fish! Hooked On

Let's Fish on PS Vita

We are excited to be able to share the first official trailer for Let’s Fish! Hooked On with you today. With this video we hope to demonstrate how well-suited this game’s fun, arcade style is to PS Vita, whilst giving you more of a look at the variety of game play experiences you can expect from the first ever anime-styled fishing game.

We hope the video gives you a little insight to how Let’s Fish! Hooked On is different from other fishing games you may have seen. Fast, intuitive gameplay, a unique anime art style, and four challenging game modes (including a compelling story mode) are some of the reasons we believe this game can make fishing fun for everyone! We hope you agree.

Let's Fish on PS Vita

As publishers, the team at Wired Productions are very proud to be bringing Let’s Fish! Hooked On to US gamers, via PlayStation Network – We’ll be announcing the release date and pricing details shortly – In the meantime, follow us on Facebook and on Twitter for all the latest game announcements, competitions and videos.

We hope you’ll be hooked! Thanks for your time. *Flips tail*

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  • *sigh* thats too much content to be cheap right?

  • I was a big fan of SEGA Bass Fishing on the Dreamcast. It’s good to know that some of the same people who worked on that game also worked on this. I definitely see similarities. I’m not crazy about the anime characters; but then again, I never really liked the generic characters in SEGA Bass Fishing, either.

  • You guys really need a different cover art.

  • This really looks like two different games, the actual catching of the fish looks like a normal bass fishing game and then the rest of the game from the menus to the cut scenes look like they are out of a JRPG . In regards to this what makes this game merge those two successfully?

    • Good question – we agree the game has variety. The game combines realistic fishing with fast arcade style game play, using the PS Vita touchscreen, and beautifully illustrated anime-style characters. The story mode is what brings these elements together. The ability to play as 4 different characters each with their own story line, unique skills and abilities, whilst competing to become world champion, is what we hope will make fishing fun for everyone.

  • Actually interested in this since I’ve played a ton of Sega Bass Fishing on the DC back in the day. I wonder what the price point will be.

  • Looks like fun. Trophies. Lures. Crazy anime. Fake fishing.

  • Looks fun. A lot of Trophies.
    I wonder what the price point will be too.

  • I am not a fan of either genre, but this game looks so bizarre that I simply must own it, Kawaii Loli Fishing, what a strange time to be alive.

  • This is what the Vita needs to save it. boring japanese fishing games. :/

  • any AVATARS coming of Let’s Fish! Hooked On ?!

  • I love fishing games, Hope this is around 15 bucks.

  • @#10

    I think having the avatar of the blonde loli instantly places you on a watchlist.

  • having wrote what i did earlier, if this was a free Vita game for PS Plus members i’d at least try it for the trophies.

  • I will never understand why characters created in Japan have larger eyes than Europeans….

    Do they secretly have massive glowing cute eyes and all the girls have massive breasts with really skimpy outfits in Tokyo? If so, plane ticket is already purchased lol

    As for this game.. that’s a big pass for me. Wake me up when they put GTAV on the vita lol

  • I hope this ends up as a free PS+ game someday. I’d really like to try it but am hesitant to pay money for it.

  • I hope there’s gonna be a demo for this game, I’d like to try before I buy. Funny how people are hoping this will be a future ps plus game but then when it does they’ll be the first to complain about how ps plus isn’t giving us “real games”….

  • @16 well Plus hasn’t given us a real game in months. At least with this it’ll be a new game we get. Europe is getting Mortal Kombat next month, so this is probably the best we’ll ever get on Vita knowing how lame Sony America is compared to Europe.

  • thats different never played a fishing game, wonder if there going to be a demo

  • well, its only got like 6 or 7 characters, 12 different fish and 11 different scenes, prob get a month outta it for game play before it gets boring unless they add dlc’s for more characters/fish/places, id prob pay about 20.00 for it, maybe 25.00. But if this is it for the game with no add-ons ever, prob about 20.00 would be a fair price.

  • This game has been out in Japan since March/April. Imported it back then, love the game, and glad it’s going to get a US release. It’s a lot of fun. Sort of like…. Hot Shots goes fishing.

  • I been waiting for this game can’t wait to play.

  • The Vitas killer app is here.

    (in all seriousness, it probably will be better than the mess Call of Duty was and the mediocre Assassins Creed)

  • This is not the first ever anime style fishing game. Believe there was another game called River King. Just saying.

  • @17 umm……I didn’t know gravity rush, uncharted, and wipeout didn’t count as “real” games, and they came out for plus last week.

    @20 I was thinking the same thing, it does kinda look like a hot shots game

  • Awesome I’m always down for a quirky take on fishing games! I’ll def be picking this up

  • Why not have more AAA sci-fi shooters & non-Japanese RPGs (similar to Skyrim or Diablo 3) for the PS Vita rather than games like this?

  • not for me but thanks anyways…. im just waiting for Bioshock vita, KZ:M, soul sacrifice and Phantasy star online 2. :) (obviously unannounced titles such as FF and Monster Hunter…)

  • Not seeing how “Let’s Fish! Hooked On” is a better title than the original “Let’s try bass fishing, Fish On!”

    Thanks for bringing it over, but, not physical release equals no sale. Not everyone has the access for PSN only games.

  • @ BlueBl1zzard

    Don’t let Goofus bug you, he’s just not very bright.

    Also, I actually laughed out loud when you mentioned that people who want this free with Plus will be the first to complain that it’s not a “real” game. You’re 100% right about that!

  • Looks like an early PS2 game — where are the lighting and shaders?

  • @30 yeah it does kinda look more like a mid ps2 era game than a game developed specifically for the Vita.

  • This appears to be a quirky yet unique title & for the PS Vita cool beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looks like a good game. Need more titles coming to Vita!

  • Lookd really fun haha just dont charge more than 10 bucks for it or it’ll suffer the same fate as the other hilariously-priced vita games..

  • since this is a japanese fishing game will we be fishing for whales and dolphins.

  • I actually never thought that this would come to NA. Glad to see I’ll be able to pick it up.

  • Demo required

  • LOL I was going to import this. Glad I waited.

  • @26 non-Japanese RPGs suck though.

  • @39

    Also that screenshot just looks wrong to me.

  • Isn’t it ironic that the one who is most scantily clad has the special skill of “Hooking?”

  • I can’t believe there is a market for this…

  • Awesome I was hoping this game would get a NA release and it has already, well that was fast. Thank you.

    I don’t get why many are saying it has girls in skimpy outfits. I seriously don’t see it, most the girls are dressed appropriately for fishing. The most revealing one is not even that revealing at all.

    I don’t consider a tank top and some shorts scantily clad, sorry. Her shorts are even quite long for what you would usually see in the Japanese world.

  • Fishing?! Anime Style?! TROPHIES?! MUST BUY!

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