1-Year Music Unlimited Premium Subscription Only $1 a Month for PS Plus Members

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1-Year Music Unlimited Premium Subscription Only $1 a Month for PS Plus Members


Hi all – we have exciting news for PlayStation Plus subscribers. For a limited time, our premium Music Unlimited One Year Subscription is available to PlayStation Plus members at an insanely low price of $12….that’s $1 a month and savings of over $100 a year based off the normal price of $9.99 a month. As a Premium subscriber, you’ll have access to every feature of our cloud-based music service and our entire catalog of more than 18 million songs that can be streamed ad-free across multiple devices, including: PS3, PSP, PS Vita, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, Android smartphone and tablets, and more.

Here’s a reminder of some of the benefits you’ll get with a One Year Premium Subscription:

Music Search

The Music Unlimited service boasts a great catalog of more than 18 million tunes, from classic tracks to the hottest new jams – all with no ads and unlimited skips.

Offline Mode

No Wi-Fi or cellular data signal necessary when you use your Android smartphone and tablet or PS Vita to enjoy playlists.


Explore channels by genre, era and mood. Create channels inspired by your favorite artists.


Add any song or album to your library. Create playlists and listen anytime.

Tons of Devices to Access and Customize Your Music Experience

Your Music Unlimited service subscription goes beyond just your PS3 and PS Vita and includes devices for the home (Mac, PC, Blu-ray Disc players, and BRAVIA HDTVs), and on the go (Xperia smartphones and tablets, other Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPod touch, and Walkman players). In addition, your Playlists, preferences and offline music* will follow you from device to device.

If you’re a Plus member, there’s no better time than now to sign up for Music Unlimited! If you’re not a PlayStation Plus member, the One Year Premium Subscription is still available at 50% off (the regular price of $119.88) at only $59.99. But remember — these offers are only available for a limited time.

Memberships for PlayStation Plus and the Music Unlimited service can be purchased through the PlayStation Store on the PlayStation 3 system. Users can also subscribe and find out more about the Music Unlimited service here.

*Only on select devices

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  • meh…i’d rather have had the Video unlimited service offered instead. I’m not that interested in streamed music.

  • Youtube: Livetime Unlimited Music

  • It doen’t work in my country :/

  • I’ve already grabbed it, I’ve had MU for a while. I just wish the Android app was faster and would work over 4G (I have unlimited data).

  • Wish you guys would update the app for Android 4.2 devices. My Nexus 7 isn’t compatible with the app. Still bought it last week, just would make it better.

  • Music Unlimited is totally worth the $12 if you have a vita as you can listen to music when you are playing a game that is not volume intensive like Wipeout 2048. It is really nice to have a customized soundtrack when playing a racer.

  • PS PLUS is $119.88 regularly. I did not know that.

    • Hi – That’s the total cost for of paying for the Music Unlimited Premium Subscription for One Year at the normal rate of $9.99 a month. The cost of a PS PLUS membership is still –> 3 months for $17.99 and 1 Year for $49.99.

  • I picked mine up. I like the service. I hope you guys do this every year. Would keep me paying the $12.

  • I would have bought this if it wasnt because it needs a credit card to work, stupid sony!!

  • Honestly, this has already been stated… So why repost this? anyone that was going to buy it already did by now! Or at least seen it posted up on the store…

  • the service doesn´t work in Mexico, i would gladly suscribe -__-

  • + bany_rock on November 30th, 2012 at 8:36 am said:
    the service doesn´t work in Mexico, i would gladly suscribe -__-

    I would also suscribe if it work in Mexico, it´s a shame tho.

  • Yeah, I subcribed to this last week and so far I’m loving it. Awesome deal for $12!

    Two questions:

    1) Is there any way we can stack this up? Say, buy three years of it for $36? Probably not, but it would be great.

    2) Saw in a previous post that it doesn’t work on Android 4.2 and I’m getting the wife a Nexus 7 for Christmas and would like her to be able to use the service on it. When will the app be updated to run on 4.2?

  • Love the savings. Wish the Vita app had lockscreen controls though.

  • so i pay $12 as a plus member and i got to stream all i want for an entire year?

  • I like the selection of music in Music Unlimited and the interface is pretty nice on both the PS3 and Vita. I am definitely thinking about getting the year subscription at $12. I don’t like that downloading the Vita app auto signed me up for a 15 day trial. Because of that I wasn’t able to sign up for the 60 day trial that was in the store. That’s a month and a half of Music Unlimited I don’t get because of the app. I contacted support and they wouldn’t help me.

  • i took advantage of this offer and it is a solid service. The app for my sony s tablet is very weak, but on the PS3 is awesome.
    I have some questions
    Is there a way to shuffle channels? (like pandora does)

    also, every time i hit one of the premium channels (like top 100 global) the playlist is in the same order and i end up listening to the same sings every time i select the channek. Any way to shuffle within this channel?

  • How long will the sell be I cant do anything till Monday please answer and thanks.

  • @2 Sometimes. But I’ll meet you halfway youtube teaming up with the middle men (CD Baby,etc) now allows artists to get paid through them (I make some royalties off of it) so if anyone ever gives you **** tell hem that

    But I bought it for 12 bucks I LOVE IT. But if there’s no sale (even if it isn’t 12 dollars) I’m not renewing it

  • @2 Sometimes. But I’ll meet you halfway youtube teaming up with the middle men (CD Baby,etc) now allows artists to get paid through them (I make some royalties off of it) so if anyone ever gives you crap tell them that

    But I bought it for 12 bucks I LOVE IT. But if there’s no sale (even if it isn’t 12 dollars) I’m not renewing it

  • hey sony team my 19 comment has a curse word there but while it wasn’t used offensively there’s no need to post it

  • @ #9 – Megadrixfire_24

    You don’t need a credit card to take advantage of this…or at least I didn’t. You just need to have at least $12 in your PSN wallet. Then buy and download from the PSN store. You can buy a $20 or $50 PSN card at a retailer. Or you can even add funds to your wallet by buying a debit gift card that will act as a credit card.

    @ #15 Dante989

    YES! with you being a Plus member you get the whole catalog of Music Unlimited (18 Million songs) for 1 full year, for only $12.

    Great deal that I also took advantage of. I mean really, $12 for a whole year of free music from thousands of artists that can be played over almost every device? That is an easy decision.

  • Bought in last week, at $12 how could I not? It’s a fantastic service at that price, and I have enjoyed it immensely thus far. I’ll even pad my own ego a bit and suggest that this post is a direct result of my suggestion to make one from a week or so ago (Morgan?).

  • Already bought it! :) But something needs to be done about the Android app, it tends to crash a lot. Other than that, great deal.

  • my sub to plus ran out 2wks ago. if i get the 3month plus plan would i still be able to get this music unlimited deal? would be nice to save on music since i’ve had music unlimited since the start

    • Yes if you rejoin PLUS you can still buy the One Year of Music Unlimited for $12. Just make sure to resubscribe to PLUS quick so you don’t miss the offer for Music Unlimited.

  • + Zerbog on November 30th, 2012 at 8:26 am said:
    Music Unlimited is totally worth the $12 if you have a vita as you can listen to music when you are playing a game that is not volume intensive like Wipeout 2048. It is really nice to have a customized soundtrack when playing a racer.

    Does it work streaming or does the music have to be downloaded? The ability to stream the music on PS3 would be awesome. Would make GT5 even better.

  • Hello Kristi Fernandez,

    Can you please answer if this deal will stack? I am pretty sure the answer is no, but would like confirmation.

    could I buy 2 years today for $24?

  • the app for the iphone need to be up dated for the iphone 5

  • And please let us dowload music in to the app on the iphone as it is on android phones

  • I am on the 60 day trial. If I buy the $12 for a year will it stack on the trial or will the trial go away and i’ll have it for a year from the day I purchase. Please answer because I want to purchase but am waiting until the last minute so I can maximize my trial. Also what date will this deal be going away?

  • Signed up for this last week and if you’re a plus subscriber and listen to music this is such a great deal!

  • yeah, I figured so. :( oh well, still an amazing deal!!

    Thanks for responding Kristi, appreciate it!

  • NICE :) This saves me over $100 a year on my Music Unlimited service.

  • For some of the people asking about stacking this service, I also wondered.

    I saw a post on the Europe blog and I’m sure it is valid in North America as well.

    They mentioned that the Music Unlimited $12 a year service CANNOT be stacked.

    As well, they mentioned it will carry on until Dec 31/12 or the first 100,000 users sign up.

    Hope that helps….(this was posted on the EU blog last week)

  • I’m constantly having problems with the Music Unlimited app over 3G on my Galaxy S3. It only loads the app correctly about 5% of the time and makes me never want to use the thing again.

  • Please release an app for Windows Phone 7! Then I won’t have to use Zune Pass, you #1 competitior!!!

  • Here’s the EU post about time limit of Dec 31/12 or first 100,000 users:

    Posted on 21 November, 2012 at 2:24 pm by Matt Webster

    Couple of questions I can answer…What happens after a year? There’s no automatic renewal at the end and the price will be less heavily discounted once the offer comes to an end (31st December or when 100k have been sold globally – whichever comes first). What if you’re already a subscriber to both? If you have a PS+ and a Music Unlimited subscription then you just need to purchase the 1 Year Pass from the store and it will begin at the end of the month you have paid for. More Video Game music? Definitely in the post as well as lot’s more exclusives.. We want to work towards linking up with more games on the service generally – watch this space!

  • Here’s EU post on the Music Unlimited service not being a ‘stackable’ service:

    Posted on 21 November, 2012 at 2:50 pm by Carrie Surtees

    Unfortunately due to local promotional laws we couldn’t make this offer available in Italy. We are really sorry, but this one really isn’t our fault! Same apologies to the Netherlands as this is also the case there unfortunately. The 1 year pass product isn’t stackable in itself, but if you’re already a subscriber you can purchase to stack onto the end of your current month.

  • i see DMX logo, my fav Rapper. pretty nice deal but my mp3 player is all i need.

  • I signed up for this last week when it was first announced and have been touting it in various forums ever since. I never realized I needed a music service until now. lol This alone pays for my Plus membership, even at the 50% discount rate for non-Plus members.

    My only wish that would make this service even better would be a Roku app and a Kindle Fire app. (I don’t use any other mobile devices or tablets).

    One quick question: when does the offer expire? Originally I thought I saw it listed (in a PS Blog post?) as expiring 11/27.

  • @zappajustin (#30)
    I first signed up for the 60-day trial and then a couple days later (when I thought this deal was expiring 11/27), I grabbed the $12 deal in the PS Store. After which the expiration date in my MU account settings jumped from two months out to 14 months out (expiring in January 2014 instead of January 2013).

  • Purchased, can’t beat premium music for 1buck a month, run this special next year as well plz.

  • How long is this offer valid for?

    I have my doubts if I’ll get this though, Xbox Music has 30 million songs available for streaming (vs 18 million songs on MU) . Plus, Xbox Music offers you the ability to buy the MP3 from a MP3/Music app store if you really like that song. I think you can also buy music videos if the song has it available. Much better service IMO.

  • I normally would not have signed up for Music Unlimited because I don’t listen to music often enough to justify the regular $10 monthly fee. But because the price was lowered to $12 for 1 year for PS Plus members – I signed up for it immediately.

    Please continue to offer great deals like this to PS Plus members!!!!!!


  • Actually, this is a great offer. I wish PS+ expand this type of offer to their video store. PSN cannot compete against Netflix or Amazon if they charge the same amount money. But if they set, say $10 per month for universal unlimited access to games, music, and movies, that would be a killer deal. PS+ already accomplished the unlimited access to the game collection at $5 per month, and plus $1/month for the music library. Give us unlimited access plan for a movie collection at $4/month. There is only one company in the world having power to all entertainment services. You know who.

  • @Satnamji: That’s great! Thanks for the response. Maybe I’ll go ahead and get it then.

  • Does anyone know this would work on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2? That what I be getting for christmas :) I allready sign up. One would like to know how do you get to play offline if you can’t sign in Do you have your playlist to your computer?

  • I ment save playlist to the PC then to tablet?

  • Is it going to be updated for Android 4.2? Won’t buy it if it isn’t.

  • Just paid for my $12 subscription to Music Unlimited. For 12 bucks it’s a complete steel! Keep it coming, Sony. :)

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