New PS Vita + PS Plus Bundle Available Next Week

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New PS Vita + PS Plus Bundle Available Next Week

PS Vita Plus Bundle

PlayStation Plus 1-Year Membership

To celebrate the release of PlayStation Plus on PS Vita, we are bringing you an all new PS Vita bundle just in time for the holidays. The PS Plus Instant Game Collection PS Vita Bundle is a terrific value for those of you who want to take full advantage of all the benefits and features you get with a PS Plus membership. This bundle contains everything you need to get started, including a PS Vita 3G Wi-Fi system, 1-year membership to PS Plus, a Unit 13 game voucher and a 4 GB Memory Card for only $299.99 (MSRP), a combined savings of over $99.

PlayStation Plus is the ultimate service for any PlayStation fan! Your active membership in PS Plus gives you unlimited access to the PS Plus Instant Game Collection, a regularly refreshed selection of hit games to play on your PS Vita and PS3. The Instant Game Collection currently features six PS Vita favorites, such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, WipEout 2048 and more, with new games arriving every month throughout the year. If you already own a PS3, you’ll also automatically unlock 12 hit PS3 titles including inFAMOUS 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One and many others at no additional cost. In addition, PS Plus offers huge discounts of up to 75% on games and add-ons in the PlayStation Store, up to 2 GB of online storage for game saves (1 GB on your PS3 and 1GB on your PS Vita), early access to betas, automatic updates and trophy sync.

Current PS Plus members can still take advantage of this amazing bundle, since the included 1-year membership can be added onto your current subscription. With so many games and bonuses that you’ll receive with your PS Plus membership, this is the perfect time for you to become a PS Vita owner.

Which title in the Instant Game Collection are you most excited about?

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  • Come on people you need to support this amazing handheld! I’ve had mine since day one and do not regret one bit

  • I want a Bigger memory card, the 32 GB one just isnt enough.

  • Where is the wake up club?

  • How about a 32gb memory card for $49.99?

  • I think bundling a 4GB memory card in a IGC bundle is kind of small given the fact that you can only get about 2 full games and maybe squeeze in a couple PSN games on that much space.

  • yeah that 4GB is a joke with that bundle!

  • well thats nice, i wonder what the other games are you unlock…

  • For God’s sake people buy this bundle! I bought the thing at launch and have loved it ever since and this bundle is way better than the launch offerings.

  • PLease prcie drop the 32gb CARD! I want to buy games but you are making me not buying games because my 16GB is full. No way i’m going to buy the expensive 32GB.

  • The 32 GB would have made perfect sense with this bundle, even if it meant replacing Unit 13. All PS Plus incentives involve downloading games off the network, more space is logical. I guess I’ll avoid the vita yet another year.

  • Should be an 8GB card so it can fit all the PS+ games.

  • same here @1 dont regret my purchase either if i didnt own one(which personally no one shouldnt have one) i would buy this in a heartbeat very good deal even if it has a small memory card that doesnt mean you should pass this up

  • Just got my Vita over Black Friday and it is an amazing system. A quality device that I think has a bright future.

    My biggest complaint with the Vita and the main reason I didn’t get one at launch is the memory card prices. They are absurdly overpriced. Thats like beat you down and steal your wallet, underwear, and shoes robbery.

    Regardless, the Vita is awesome!!

  • Not a bad deal but…….I bought the AC3: Liberation bundle from Amazon on the black friday deal for $179.99.
    I think we all know all of the bonuses they were giving out with it which made it an amazing deal! I realize that it was a black friday special but Sony really needs to get more in line with this pricing. There is so much negativity surrounding Vita right now and so many people in the industry talking doom and gloom for the system. I am very impressed with my vita, I love it! They need to do something to get it into more peoples hands.

  • Hard to be excited about this bundle when I already own PS Vita 3G Hatsune Miku limited edition. My pride and joy.

  • Needs more Lumines, as in plus needs more Lumines.

    Got my bundle on Black Friday, picked the Black Opps Bundle cause it was the only one widely available in Canada.
    Loving Mutant Blobs Attack, excellent use of the tilt controls. Really loving Lumines Vita(caught it new for about $15 a day after getting the system). Might try to budget for a bigger card so I can play a few more of the Plus titles I got for the system. Sorta looking forward to playing Gravity Rush when I can finally wedge it onto my system.

    Seriously though, Lumines seems to be really underrated. Festival of lights is up in the next week or two.
    Take advantage of it please.

  • The fact that Uncharted, Gravity Rush, and Wipeout are pictured on the bundle is not a good sign. Either we’re going to be stuck with those full games for a long time, or Sony’s false advertising to future bundles sold.

  • Price drop the 32 gig cards to 40 dollars. This is 2012, no one should be paying 80+ for a 32gig storage device. Micro SD cards go for half of what I’m asking for the 32 Gig Vita card. I can buy thumb drives for less with far more storage.

    Vita’s at 200 with 4 gigs, a game, and 3 months of Plus will help get your system out the door. Want to move your accessories, then stop pricing them like microsoft with a 100% mark up. Part of the reason we’re on PlayStation products to begin with is due to fair pricing. you know, bang for your buck, that thing you keep telling us as to why things don’t get a price drop. Time to consider a price drop on a 32 gig card unless you start offering games with the cards. Physical limitations are a concern for this next request, but a 64 gig card at 70 dollars would be nice.

    We are at a point with technology where less than a dollar per gig is the status quo. Please catch up.

  • 17# Does 3 games will be for ps+ for a year. Then they have 3 games that will rotate. Just like PS3 +

  • there is a typo in the first paragraph “1-uyear membership”

    and I would diffidently get this bundle if I had the money to buy it

  • The biggest problem is pricing, secondly and close behind is software. I was going to buy it at launch but the pricinf.didn’t convince me that it was reasonable. My little bro happened to run into some cash and bought it, I bought him Uncharted. we played it and beat it and now even he regrets the money spent. Every other game can be enjoyed as good or better (close enough in the case of lbp) on the ps3. Just about every psvita only offering scored horribly.

  • What? What?! WHAT?!?! Sony, seriously? You can’t fit the instant game collection on a 4GB card, much less Unit 13 as well! Who was stupid enough to approve this decision? You will IMMEDIATELY have upset and disgruntled new purchasers!

    Why would you want to frustrate and possibly lose new Vita owners?

    Who approved this poor decision? Even an 8GB card would have been too small to be worthwhile. This doesn’t even make any sense. Why is Sony trying to do so poorly at what should be an amazing hand held?!

  • The PS Vita would greatly benefit from having several AAA sci-fi shooters and non-Japanese RPGs (similar to Diablo 3 and Skyrim).

  • That 4GB card is a joke. Just having uncharted will take up most of that.

  • At least Sony is trying just about everything. But I think one of the biggest move they can make is to drop the price and give potential customers a break. People who wants a vita and they see 249, or 299 price point and that’s a lot for portable gaming machine. Granted it is a fantastic device, and getting one during this past Black Friday made owning a vita an easier choice. But people shouldn’t be always be waiting on a deal to buy a vita, make it so buying a vita is worth it anything during the yr. with the bundle pack, I guess Sony is doing that, but not at $299 price point.

  • @17 Diggler

    I’m sure those three titles will stay in the IGC for awhile. Why should you worry? I don’t see a Plus next to your name.

    Even if those 3 titles stayed up for a long time, there are still 3 other ‘slots’ to arrange with content. You shouldn’t be expecting a full Vita game release every month also.

  • the memory card is useless at 4gb
    but daaammmmnnnn!!!!! that is a great value

    Hope it helps sales, i want to play my vita for years to come with hot titles every year

  • This is a great deal, except that memory card needs to be bigger. Why give someone a year of PS Plus with a 4GB memory card? Download Uncharted and you’d be out of space. You may as well not include a memory card at all and just offer a coupon for a % off one.

  • Guys and gals. I love the Playstation brand, and I don’t use that term loosely. You guys are doing almost everything right so far with the Vita. But one point that I can’t argue on because I truly believe it myself, is that the memory is overpriced. Keep the system at $249, throw in a 16-32gb memory card, and 3 months of plus. By having this sort of memory strategy, you are hurting not only the direct sell through of the product, but also the services (games!) available on that product, as the consumer has this barrier.


  • @26 “Why should you worry? I don’t see a Plus next to your name. ”

    I am a Plus member, this is a dummy account because my real account has been censored (comments need to be approved before posted).

  • Hey Sony! I have some tips on how to fix the Vita.

    1. Get rid of the 3G model. AT&T sucks and I suspect most are getting the Wi-Fi model anyway. This will reduce unnecessary manufacturing costs. I thought you guys learned that multiple SKUs are no good in a gaming industry. I mean look at the PS1, PS2, and PSP. Why not apply similar practices as those 3 were quite successful.

    2. Lower the price of the system and the proprietary memory cards. Also, offer a 64 GB and 128 GB model of the memory cards as the current 32 GB is big, but it won’t last too long unless you expect people not to get many Vita games.

    3. Release a firmware that offers an option to switch to XMB style UI. The current UI is cool and all, but it can get very messy with lots and lots of icons.

  • Bundling PS+ with the system is a good deal, but including a 4GB memory card does nothing but remind people that they’re going to run out of space quickly, and upgrading the proprietary memory is ridiculously expensive.

    I don’t regret buying my WiFi Vita + 32GB memory card at launch, because I’m a PlayStation fanboy. But for other less enthusiastic potential customers, the expensive proprietary memory is a major reason not to buy it.

  • 4. Release a new model the Vita.
    — longer battery life
    — faster charge
    — better analogs
    — matte finish (glossy sucks)
    — lower msrp
    — option to use SDHC or the Vita memory cards
    — apply a screen protecting coating on it

    5. Get games.
    — Assassin’s Creed III Liberation was a good game, but a not so good Assassin’s Creed title
    — Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified was horrible. Felt unfinished.
    — Resistance Burning Skies also felt unfinished.
    — Uncharted Golden Abyss is the only game that’s really worth it on the Vita. That upcoming card based “game” is just a stupid idea. Why not just do a full fledged sequel to Golden Abyss?

    In general, I hope you guys realize you are competing in a market where many people are going to like iOS devices for their tablet and handheld gaming needs, right? There’s also that “tiny” competition with the 3DS which already received a price cut to something more reasonable and has lots more games on it that are actually fun or well done.

    Come on Sony! Step your game up!
    Do you want to put the Vita into a DreamCast revisited situation?!

  • @30 Diggler

    lol, so does that mean you are a troll?

  • Amazing bundle. I think the price even tho the value is there & worth it, still a hard press to get people to purchase.
    299.99 is still quite a bit.

    Amazon ran the best deal for the Vita this black friday, i’m sure you saw the bundle. This should be a clear indication of the price people are looking to spend.

    Prices of the memory card(s) needs to come down as well as this is a factor in people purchasing the vita as well, 99.00 for the 32gb is pretty expensive, even at discounted prices from e-retailers for 80ish, still a tough pill to swallow.

    400.00(included 32gb memory) for a portable console that has great games, is still a lot. With lack of publisher / developer backing, people are still on the fence.

    The library of titles is great for the vita so far, but not for everyone.

  • I’m sorry, but who in their right mind thought a 4GB card should be included? If I’m dreaming, please, poke me. When I did the math, all of the IGC games take up 7 GIGABYTES, so not even the 8GB would suffice. It should be a 16GB card, MINIMUM.

    And while we’re on the subject of Plus, there is a cloud storage issue you guys need to fix. After I enable it in Settings, whenever I tap the “i” next to a save in Online Storage, check “Upload Automatically”, go back, and scroll down (or go back) or something, it somehow CLEARS the check box and acts like I didn’t even enable it, and therefore, doesn’t upload automatically. This isn’t a one-time issue or game-specific, because it happens with EVERY game, EVERY time!!

  • I do own a vita, I am a first day buyer of the 3g model, but I can also see how other people view as expensive, and it is. I personally traded in almost all of my games to pick one of these up, yet I did not buy a 32gb stick till the price was acceptable for me, got it for 81.00.

    The price needs to change period, increased adoption rate from consumers will give better pub / dev backing that in all will give more revenue.

    Again, I love my PSVita & I hope other will get to enjoy as well. Amazing system.

  • Wow, that is an incredible deal! Wish I could have gotten 7 free Vita games when I bought mine! Way to go Sony this is a no brainer for potential Vita owners still on the fence. Anyone that calls themselves a Playstation brand fan and doesn’t own a Vita by now should really look in the mirror!

    I have owned my Vita since day 1 and it’s the best purchase I have made since I bought my PS3. This system is a god send to me. I have a 32GB card that was maxed out. PS+ Vita comes along and all the games that I have a Platinum in I just copied the save data up to the cloud and deleted. I now have over 4GB available with Gravity Rush still installed with the Platinum. I am able to juggle the 15 or so digital games I own now. Stop talking about memory card prices and just support Sony. That is how I looked at the price of the 32GB card. There is no way the PS Vita Wifi should sell so cheaply for $249.99 with the tech you get under the hood. Sony is taking a loss and making up for it in memory card sales. This is not a bad thing as the Vita itself is extraordinary. Resistance and CoD kind of failed but the Vita hasn’t even had it’s first BDay yet!

  • my bundle is still in the mail from black friday as i am in Canada and ordered from states have to wait for it to pass customs, but this is a great deal even with the small card as you can always redownload the titles

  • Sony, i love you guys, but you have got to start making better marketing decisions. If you offer only a 4gb card, then if that new vita owner wants to play uncharted through ps+ they will have no room for any other games on that stick. You need to offer this with an 8 GB stick minimum for this to make sense to most consumers.

    Even then, the price is likely out of reach for many consumers, and you may want to seriously consider a price drop before Christmas, and consider keeping your previous vita promotion bundles going for a longer period in order to spur sales further. I know a $200 vita bundle would look good to me if i didn’t already have 2 Vitas.

  • 4G Memory Card really not enough for PS+.

  • @34 How does that imply I’m a troll? I make comments that criticize certain aspects of Sony, but nothing offensive.

  • For those saying the 4gb is too small, I agree. I have a 16 and I’m ready for a 32. Although, this is good because this in turn helps sony sell more expensive cards, like the 16 or 32, which in turn is more money they may invest into the vita. I love mine but I need more games. A lot more. And if this is the way to do it then I’m on board.

  • I think there’s a critical mistake with this bundle :-/ four gigs of memory just does not cut it especially with all those great games being downloadable. you will not be able to download two games and that’s kind of sad especially for this promotion and I’m just saying this because I want more people like myself to own the Vita! Thanks

  • 4GB!? Sony what are you doing? I had the launch 3G that came with a 8GB and withing 2 weeks I found myself buying a 32GB thanks to all the games I DL’d. At least put the 8GB or 16GB in the package seeing how you’ve got PS+ and a DL voucher for a Unit 13.

  • really? a 4gb memory card

  • @33 it doesn’t need a upgraded battery, stop wasting your battery life on your vita.

    a 4gb memory card on this bundle can’t be life. the 1 year ps+ is great, but if the consumer is ps vita only, that won’t benefit them in the long run. but i understand the short term goal.

    8gb would of been a decent starting point.

    i own a 16gb and i still feel like it’s not enough!

    thanks to the data transfer i put all my applications on my pc then transfer when necessary, so that is a perk and a viable option to everyone.

    you can also store your ps vita games on the ps3, i tend to forget that as well

  • i do wanna say, i’ve owned my vita a month after release. i do love it :) haha. for anyone on the fence ill leave you with this

    lbp vita
    madden 13 vita
    mk vita
    unit 13
    ps all stars vita
    i like burning skies because i like resistance
    gravity rush is epic
    uncharted golden abyss is the gold standard.
    mlb 12 play with your ps3 buddies!
    wipeout 2048 identical to ps3 version of wipeout fury, cross-play support as well!
    ps one support! i got all the original resident evils on my vita!
    mega man 3 on mah vita!
    final fantasy VII on mah vita!

    give it a chance, it’s worthy of your time, whether it’s 10 minutes or 2 hours, you can really put some serious time on vita and forget your even on a handheld. again, i love my vita :)

  • It’s not the price of the vita itself that has kept me from buying the system. It’s the price of those stupid proprietary memory cards. Absolutely NOT worth it.

  • I kind of feel like i get punished for being a day one buyer. I paid over $300 day one and didnt get any games or service with it. Hope this helps sales and boosts support though. Really love the Vita.

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