DUST 514 Dev Diary: A Closer Look at the Free-to-Play FPS’ Vehicles

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DUST 514 Dev Diary: A Closer Look at the Free-to-Play FPS’ Vehicles

Enter the EVE Universe, where intergalactic conflict among immortal spaceship pilots has spilled from the vast, empty expanse of space onto the surfaces of the planets themselves. These ground conflicts are waged in the battle zones of DUST 514, where you, the boots on the ground, are empowered to take the war effort to a whole new level. As a mercenary in DUST 514, you are the frontline against other intrepid soldiers of fortune. At your disposal you have a large arsenal of weaponry and a range of vehicle classes, from ground-based light attack vehicles and heavy attack vehicles, to imposing aerial-based dropships.

In this video, you’ll see how vehicle classes provide a rock-solid foundation for exploring specialized roles. As your persona in DUST 514 progresses, you have the choice of unlocking advanced vehicle variants that fill unique roles on the battlefield. Some of these include Logistical Dropships to provide a support presence on the battlefield, and Marauder HAVs, which are well-rounded armored units that pack a punch while maintaining a fair amount of damage protection.

These vehicle roles all have benefits that favor a particular fashion of gameplay. However, each vehicle, regardless of its level of advancement, has its own strengths and weaknesses. Even with the most standard vehicle models, you can tip the balance of power by utilizing the customization options available to you through fitting unique weapons and modules to your vehicle’s chassis. This level of customization allows you to carve out your own personalized contribution as part of any vehicle fleet.

The great thing about all of this is that DUST 514 is an ongoing, ever-evolving, free-to-play battleground where we’re continually expanding and improving upon your experience. Armed with feedback from our awesome online community during our ongoing closed beta, we’re able to identify and act upon what matters most to your experience as part of this great cross-platform massive multiplayer online adventure. Come join us and be part of something that’s never been done before by signing up for the beta at http://www.dust514.com/beta.

And take part in our Server Swarm Saturday event this Saturday (December 1st) — we’d love for you to be in on the action. We’re excited to be a PS3 exclusive, and we hope you’ll come play Dust 514 and give some of our vehicles a try!

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