Under Defeat HD Launches on PS3 Today, PSN Next Week

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Under Defeat HD Launches on PS3 Today, PSN Next Week
Under Defeat on PS3

Following my last post in October regarding Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition’s development, I was excited to see all the community feedback and anticipation towards the title’s launch. Shoot ‘em up games are definitely part of a unique, niche genre and to be able to see such a great demand for Under Defeat HD only makes the development part easier for the team.

With that said, I’m so excited to announce that Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition is available today exclusively through Amazon for PlayStation 3! A digital version will also be available December 4th via PlayStation Network.

Under Defeat HD is an arcade shooter that lets players take on the role of a helicopter pilot as they are caught in a struggle between the Empire and the Union. The game features destructive realism and dual stick compatibility, making it a must have for any shmup fan. Under Defeat HD also features a deluxe package that is hard to miss out on, including a digital art book, all current DLC and patches and a soundtrack featuring tracks from one of the game’s new modes.

In case you missed it, check out our most recent trailer (above) unveiling the exclusive ‘VKL6.02(A)P Chopper’. The chopper features a unique design and a stockpile of powerful weapons.

With the demands of the holiday season, Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition will help you blow off some steam!

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  • Can we expect a Vita version at any point?

  • I am so happy that this game is coming out between this and Sine Mora out recently its a good season for fans of Shoot em’ ups.

  • Schmups. Yea!!!!!!

  • Shmup! One of the all time greatest video game terms. First one I think of is Defender.

  • Will the digital version also have the cool soundtrack? And the other HD features?

  • Does this really need a full blu-ray disc?

  • @ WorcesterRaider-Sine Mora is fantastic! So glad I picked that one up. Too bad it’s not CrossBuy.

  • SHOOTERS.. NOT SHMUPS!.. Don’t be a SHMCK :P

    But seriously, this looks great. I just bought Sine Mora and love Soldner X (1 & 2 + DLC).
    Now let’s get some Cave shooters on the PS3.

  • “+ Curtisio on November 27th, 2012 at 1:02 pm said:
    Does this really need a full blu-ray disc?”

    Probably not, but would you rather they released it on 10 Floppy Diskettes?

    It has to be either Blu-Ray or PSN and I for one welcome physical media.
    I like to know I am buying to own rather than leasing these games.

  • I’ll be buying this as soon as I can.


  • Cool…I might get the hard copy….

  • Never heard of this game until now. Shoot em ups are definitely of my favorite genres, so that means I am automatically interested in this game. A VITA version would be nice, but looking forward to the game anyways.

  • My copy is about to shipped from Amazon. Looking forward to playing this game again.

  • A good way to go for Playstation its need this to get back on top

  • I’ll play this.

  • I’m liking the shooters emerging this would have been another great cross buy for PS Vita. But I hope the Ps store will sale the deluxe version as well fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This does seem more like a digital download style game..
    I don’t even think the Dreamcast version was more than 100MB.

  • I want the retail version but Amazon Canada decided to increase the price from $29.99 to $39.99!!! No way am I paying MORE than the MSRP even though I really want it!! Unless the price goes back down, I’ll be forced to buy it on PSN but I won’t get the extra goodies. Canada sucks!!! You people in the US are so lucky as Amazon USA didn’t up the price for you.


  • why not on Vita?

  • I’m so glad to see another shooter. Sine Mora is amazing and now this… I’m also glad to see a physical blu ray release. Perhaps it will coax Konami into porting Otomedius Excellent over to the ps3. I will go by the physical copy the day that it comes out.

  • A full retail shoot em up? Don’t see that often/or at all this gen. I’m a fan of Raiden and R-Type games. Hopefully there’s a demo for this.

  • @22: Quite a few on 360. For some reason Japanese developers of schumps put tons of them on the 360, but not PS3. Especially Cave. I don’t know what’s wrong with Sony, but they should work that kind of thing out. Because it’s lame not to have any Cave support. They cancelled their Vita support a long time ago. Bums me out.

  • I’m always surprised when developers make a “deal” to only release their game via an online retailer; seems like it’s a surefire way of ensuring that the game doesn’t get noticed by people who still rely on traditional physical stores to purchase their items. Why make your game difficult to buy?

    Oh, and I also echo the comments by a few posters as well – would love to see this come to the Vita! Sine Mora was fantastic on the Vita; so anytime more games of this genre come out for that system, it will always be a must buy!

    And if Cave people are lurking – Vita users want your games!

  • @TripG

    How is it “difficult to buy”?

    Obviously this game is in a niche genre, and Rising Star knows full well ahead of time that they won’t be selling millions, so to take a deal from a major online retailer like Amazon gives them an initial boost financially which can be poured into future projects. Smart.

    Plus, almost every gamer gets their video game news online these days. Rising Star has done their job in advertising their product and they’ve let their customers know where to go to buy it. Anyone who wants this has read about it online, so obviously they have an internet connection, and can now hop over to Amazon and make that purchase.

    Difficult to purchase? I guess… if you’re broke, yeah.

  • @25

    When your trying to bring a product to market, the goal is to make it available in as many places as possible and make it easy to purchase – not to limit to one particular retailer let alone an online retailer. Believe it or not there are still some people uncomfortable of purchasing material online. And while I agree with you that the majority of gamers are aware of what is going to be released – that is a generalization that doesn’t hold true to everyone.

    For example, I went into two video game stores today in Vancouver; no one working in the store was aware of this game even existing. Granted that’s not a representative sample, but it does speak to the fact that limiting a product to one retailer ultimately limits the amount of people who will be aware of said product.

    I’m not being critical of the game or of the developers – I ordered mine from Amazon Canada some time ago – I just hope that enough people are aware of it and purchase it so, as you rightly said, the developers can continue on bringing products such as this out. I hope their decision ultimately was the right one.

  • @TripG

    “When your trying to bring a product to market, the goal is to make it available in as many places as possible”

    Naturally, but Rising Star is a smaller company. They had to do what they had to do. And they did the next best thing by partnering with the most popular e-retailer in Amazon, and advertising online where the majority of gamers are anyway.

    It’s also not worth the resources or money it would cost to mass produce enough physical copies to ship to every retail store in the country for such a niche product in a niche genre. Double niche. There would be piles of unsold copies collecting dust, and that’s bad for the developer, the retailer, the consumer and just about everyone else involved. (Although it eventually may be mass produced, depending on it’s success, they may even have plans to branch out that way already.) The deluxe edition is a special product, limited in number for the most hardcore of fans while casuals can try the game as a downloadable if they’re interested.

  • And I’m also willing to bet that Amazon allows Rising Star to take a larger percentage of the profits than the big electronics stores would… and remember that this is just for the Deluxe Edition…

    Don’t forget, this game is also being released on PSN this Tuesday, so another avenue is available for those who somehow don’t like or know about Amazon. It will reach plenty of people.

    “Believe it or not there are still some people uncomfortable of purchasing material online.”

    I know. But people really need to get past that. If one is so paranoid about their info being stolen online, why shop at a store either? What’s stopping an unscrupulous retailer from copying their customers credit card numbers, or fixing a card reader with a bug to capture personal information? Can’t live in fear. Deal with crap if it happens.

  • “I went into two video game stores today in Vancouver; no one working in the store was aware of this game even existing.”

    That’s because most people who work at game stores actually aren’t gamers, or they’re very casual gamers, unfortunately. They also usually just go by their own lists of upcoming releases to stay informed about what’s on the horizon, and don’t necessarily have their finger on the pulse of the industry or gamers’ interests. There are some game store managers who truly love gaming, but most are folks who just specialize in retail, with video games just being a lucrative and appealing avenue for them to venture down, given the popularity of video games.

    Just going by my own personal experience with game stores, of course. It’s amazing how many times I’ve dealt with a cashier or manager who didn’t know a damn thing about the industry and just gave scripted responses to every question a customer asked. Yes, I pay attention to those things, heh heh…

  • OK, sorry for the novel. I’m done. Peace.

  • And I assume there is no online multiplayer..?

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