Navigate Labyrinth Legends on PSN December 18th

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Navigate Labyrinth Legends on PSN December 18th

Labyrinth Legends on PSN

Hello again, PlayStation devotees. Scott here from Creat Studios with the next addition to our ever-growing PlayStation Network catalog, coming to PSN on December 18th. If you’re daring enough, we’ll take you deep underground into the mysterious catacombs of Labyrinth Legends!

Quirky and addictive, this arcade action-adventure dungeon crawler rewards those crafty and powerful enough to become a legend. Brave mysterious tunnels and mystical crypts. Explore ancient tombs of lost civilizations. Evade concealed traps. Solve intuitive puzzles. Collect stars and gold, and discover hidden treasure, weapons, artifacts and more. But stay alert to battle foreboding mummies, zombies, ghouls and other monsters hidden in the shadows.

Labyrinth Legends on PSN

Labyrinth Legends on PSNLabyrinth Legends on PSN

Lone adventure not enough? Prove yourself as the greatest fortune hunter amongst your friends. Labyrinth Legends features leaderboards, full Trophy support and three different local multiplayer modes for up to four players. With crisp graphics, inviting exploration, tricky puzzles, and monster-slashing arcade action, Labyrinth Legends is sure to be one of the most thrilling new games on PlayStation Network this holiday season!

Labyrinth Legends on PSN

As always, thank you to everyone who has been enjoying our games. It’s because of you that we get to do what we love, and we couldn’t do it without you. Please keep the ideas and suggestions coming. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @CreatStudios and like Creat Studios on Facebook to watch for fun contests and giveaways. From every gamer at Creat Studios to all the PlayStation gamers out there, have a joyous and safe holiday!

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  • Looks fun!

    And you knew this question was coming: Any possibilities of a Vita version coming?

    • Thanks, G-Force08. We hope you like it. We’ve been discussing a Vita version. Be sure to let the folks at Sony know if you would like to see it.

  • Please tell me that this will be available to play on the PS Vita.. it’d be so awesome :)

  • Psvita version?No? Well no buy from me then :(

  • Yeah, was hoping to get it for my Vita for when I’m away. Oh well – there are plenty of over games I’ve got.

  • This looks great! Can’t wait to play it :)

  • It looks very fun!

  • The trailer was really good and the game looks like something right up my alley. But, as the other have said, I’d love to see a Vita version.

    • And another check mark in the Vita box! We’re thrilled that you like what you see, Reluctant-Hero. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Ok, three things.

    #1: Creat Studios makes some hella good games, Mushroom Wars is awesome (I recommend anyone who has not played it, try it to give it a go). And Magic Orbz is solid fun for all ages (my son plays that at least once a week even after having it for a long time)

    #2: This looks like another game to add to your studios great selection of content, I will be buying for sure.

    #3: A Vita version is really needed, I see from the replies above that its something being looked into, which would further pry my wallet open. Really hope to see it happen. (Cross-Buy would be even better, but if not, thats ok too, but a Vita version, pretty plz with a Hamster Ball on top)

    • Why thank you, Psikorps!

      1. The check is in the mail. Kidding… but we really appreciate the compliment. It really means a lot around here when folks recommend our games.

      2. Sweet! Please let us know how you like it.

      3. If we do end up making a Vita version, it’s very likely that it would be Cross-Buy. Seems only fair.

  • This game looks like a blast! Thanks for sharing Scott, can’t wait to try it out. Of course, you can add another notch to the Vita side. I would love to play this on the go, and I think that the colorful animation would really pop on the Vita’s OLED screen. If it can happen, awesome. If not, thats okay too, will be a great addition to PSN regardless!

  • Wow it reminds me old dungeon crawler game, it’s so cool, particuraly with his multiplayer features. But, the game looks more appropiate to the Vita handheld nope ?

    • Thanks for the feedback, KiiillRoy. We like to think that this type of game is fun everywhere on any size screen. Like you, we just love dungeon crawlers. Personally, I’m a big fan of the old-school Gauntlet.

  • I’ll buy this, BUT we really need a vita version of the game. This loss like lots of fun!

  • D..Dungeon Crawling!

    Youve hit my weak point for massive damage!
    How much G do i need to spend?

    Dont worry i have lots of experience and im sure ill have a sword swinging blast playing this game!
    I just need to break some pots and treasure chests!

    • We’re right there with you,Silent_Gig. It’s what drove us to make the game.

      Price isn’t set yet, but I *promise* it won’t be high.

  • looks interesting. Hope its as fun and affordable as Dungeon Defenders was. :)

  • #1. Will this have online coop? I only read Local, really hoping it has online as this looks very fun!

    #2. I will support the Vita movement, this looks like a game that will work great on handheld as well!

    • 1. Sorry, Dangisuckatgamin. No plans right now for online coop. But if there’s enough demand we’ll do it. That’s what we did for Mushroom Wars.

      2. Another vote for Vita. I’m noticing a trend here…

  • i noticed it said 3 local multiplayer modes? any chance of patching in online friend multiplayer later on?

  • game looks great… will certainly add to collection

  • Looks sweet! And put me on the “hoping for a vita version” list!

    • Vita? Did someone mention Vita? ;-)

      Thanks, PiotrRasputinBR. And I love the screen name, BTW. I’m a seriously old-school X-Men fan.

  • Wow. So many Vita comments… Add me to that list! I’ll be buying this on release day, and would again for Vita (if that happens). A *number* of Creat titles would go nicely with my Vita…

    • Oh boy… now it’s a vote for Vita for our catalog!?!?!? Our team does need to sleep at some point. They work really hard around here.

      Thanks, Jaylaf!

  • Needs come to vita too. PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  • I know you’ve heard it enough already, but I’ll throw my voice in the “I want this for Vita” pool. I doubt I’d be able to find the time to dedicate to it on the PS3, even if it isn’t all that time intensive, but on the Vita it would be perfect. You just can’t say enough about being able to play the game in bed next to the wife when she’s fallen asleep. :)

  • One more vote for PS Vita version. Bring it to the PS Vita and will be day 1 buy for me.

    • That’s 15 out of 21 posts asking for Vita. It’s gonna be a real interesting team meeting in our office.

      Thank you, JeffsonP_US.

  • Looks like I know what I’ll be spending my $10 PSN voucher in December on. Add another vote for the Vita. Can’t wait to pick this game up.

    • How cool is that?!?! Thank you, easterlily41482! Those responses mean everything to us.

      Please drop us a line and tell us how you like it.

  • Everyone vote for Online! :P!!!!

  • And yet another request for Vita (and +1 for cross-buy). As other parents would surely agree, firing up the PS3 with a 3-year-old running around isn’t always an option, so portability is key to getting our gaming fix and those cartoony kiddy games just don’t cut it, if you know what I mean .

    • As someone with young gamers, I know how that ghoes, lajaro. My son has been playing test build of Labyrinth Legends for weeks and loving it.

  • I’m going to mix it up and request this and a sequel to Mushroom Wars on the Vita. :)

    • Oooh… there’s a cool one. Request duly noted. Keep your eye out for Mushroom Wars announcements soon, avdavidw!

  • A little off topic but,

    Are we ever going to get the rest of the add-ons for “Test Yourself”?

  • Looks like a lot of fun, unsure why there arent more dungeon trawling lootfests on PSN. Gauranteed buy if it is Vita compatable.

  • I loved Mushroom Wars so I will definitely give this a shot (any word on a demo?). I have a Vita and would play this game on it, but I’m also happy just to be getting the PS3 version now. This looks like it will be a lot of fun doing local multiplayer which is where PS3 makes sense. Can you confirm that the multiplayer is co-operative rather than competitive? Can you give us more details on the MP modes? Thanks

  • For fear of beating a dead horse…VITA version please!

    The fact that you mentioned it would be cross-buy (if you do one) is enough for me to buy this game. I absolutely love the value of cross-buy games, and this looks to be a very unique and fun title to begin with. If you do make a Vita version (PLEASE), it’ll be like a super awesome present with double the win.

    • We’re big on Cross-Buy, too, Lemondish. We strive for Value at Creat, because we’re gamers too.

      Thank you for the input.

  • Vita version for sure! Looks great either way though!

    • I’m starting to get tired carrying around all these Vita requests. Do you guys mind if I just put them down carefully on the shelf over there?

      Thanks so much, Chaoz. We hope you like it.

  • know what they need is a car charger for your ps vita that would be useful

  • @31

    Most modern stereos in cars have USB ports, I charge my vita using that.

  • Oh, I didn’t even think about co-op, this would be perfect to play with my 6 year old. Maybe I’ll have to get both the PS3 and the sure-to-be-announced-soon Vita version (*wink*wink*).

    • My son is 6, and he keeps asking to come to work to play it. It’s a bit bloody, hence the T rating, but all cartoonish and nothing extreme. We like to make all-ages games.

  • Chalk one more for demand for a Vita version. and this game looks awesome!

    I really enjoyed many of your Studios games, though some are hit-and-miss, my favorites are Magic orbz, HamsterBall , Cuboid?(not 100% if that’s yours, lol) and smash cars (which I really enjoyed but haven’t gotten around to playing properly yet)

    you guys have a talent for fun, original PSN games, and its glad to see you’re not stopping in delivering those after some less successful ones.

    • LeeroV, thank you so much. We’re thrilled that you’ve played so many of our games. Yes, Cuboid is ours. Have you tried Mushroom Wars or TerRover yet? How about our upcoming Germinator?

      Sorry… it’s hard not to plug when given the chance. It lets us do what we do!

  • Would love to see this and Mushroom Wars on my Vita.

  • Whoa…while waiting for the video to load (slow school internet, gah!) I noticed the Snake game was playable on the loading screen. Did anybody else notice this?

    You know, the game where you have this snake on a 2d plane and you have to eat these dots to make your tail longer? You lose when you touch your body or the sides of the arena.

    Is this a youtube thing, a playstation blog thing, or some little nugget of awesome from Creat? Also, thanks for being so active in the comments section, its always cool to know our stuff is being read :)

    • I’m unsure what you’re referring to, Lemondish, so it’s likely not a Creat thing.

      We always try to read and respond to comments. There’s no better way to know what our customers want and like than to chat with you directly.

      Of course, you can Like us on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter (@CreatStudios) for more.

      (Yeah, I know… another shameless plug!)

  • I own both Mushroom Wars and terrover. I got the former from PS+ and bought the latter when it was on sale for 10$ (which was what I thought should’ve been its original price).

    Mushroom Wars is a bit of a project, since it’s a very heavy strategy game with a steep learning curve. I felt it was well balanced, but hard to learn, and this caused me to put it aside for future plays.

    I tried Terrover and played about 50% of it before giving in to the controls. I feel that the attempt to innovate in controls was taken too far and not enough QA input was given to the team to get them to realize it. it could’ve been awesome, but ended up mediocre because of this design choice.

    i haven’t heard or read any marketing or previews on Germinator, care to elaborate the plug? :-)

    i’ve also played the dog fight arcadish game you made (forgot the name) on a friend’s console and enjoyed it, though I felt it’s too repetitive and not robust enough, so I didn’t get it myself. I also have Wakeboarding HD which I intend to give a try to at some point.

    So yeah, I’ve played most of your games :-) the only one I have never even tried is the interpol detective game, and the mini (I think, forgot its name)

  • Wow, this looks really fun! Dungeon crawlers are always welcome in my book.

    @8 I agree, I had a blast playing Mushroom Wars with my friend at his house.

    This studio definitely deserves more recognition for their games.

    • More recognition!?!?! Heck yeah! I wanna be a star!!!

      Seriously, the best recognition we can get is when you all buy our games and enjoy them. It’s why we do what we do.

      Thank you, Go_Buddie_Go.

  • @31

    There are cheap USB adaptors that plug into your car’s cigarette lighter that you might want to look into.

  • wait this isn’t a PS Vita title? I thought it was :p. This would fit perfect for it. Add me to the Add to PS Vita Cult :). TBH I accidently clicked on this, since I tend to hate everything with the word Labyrinth, but gotta say glad I did this game looks awesome!!

    • So glad you made the click, Teflon02. We never wanted to scare you off with the word Labyrinth, but… the game has labyrinths! :-)

      Thanks for another Vita vote. Hope you like it.


    “We’re receiving a lot of requests for a Vita version of Labyrinth Legends. The more support we get, the more likely we’ll make it. (We did this with Mushroom Wars.) If you would like us to bring Labyrinth Legends to Vita, show your support here. All tell your friends to Like us and do the same.

    Even better, if we can get to 3500 likes, I will send free download codes of the game to five of you who post!”

  • Scott, the trailer looked like frantic fun. Since the screenshots are pretty much the exact same size as a Vita screen (at least on my iPadd), it’s obvious this would translate well to the Vita. Thanks for being open to this. Since there were so many Vitas sold on Black Friday, expect the “bring it to Vita” chorus to become even more redundant in all your future posts.

  • What the hey, might as well add another vote for a Vita version, lol.

  • @40

    But…..that would include the movie “Labyrinth” starring David Bowie and his swag…..

  • game looks neat. Just wanna see the price.

  • Wow!!! I can’t believe no on has mentioned a possible PS Vita port…Bring this to PS Vita with Cross Buy, and I think I will buy it…

  • LOVE the art of this game, and it looks very fun too! Please make a Vita version of it! It will look beautiful in that sexy OLED screen….

    P.D. And please, no multiplayer trophies, let us people that like to play alone the possibility to get 100% by ourselves.

    • Ah, the old multiplayer trophy debate… thanks for chiming in on that one along with the kind words and the Vita, Erza_Scarlet.

  • Hey guys, let’s ask on Facebook and Twitter too! Creat Studio will give away some vouchers for the game too!

  • I’ll add a vote for a Vita version, too.

  • @Scott Hyman, I’m definitely not on your payroll, though I’ll remember that remark when I move to the US in a couple of years from now (I’m Israeli and am in the middle of a B.S.C in computer sciences)

    I took a look at the link for Germinator (though not at the trailer yet), and it seem like a classic Creat studio twist on a new genre (match-3), any release date or pricing info? if it’s 10$ or less, I’d definitely consider it, a 20% PS+ discount will pretty much guarantee my purchase *wink wink*

    • You’re an engineering student? There’s always demand for good programmers in this industry.

      Germinator will definitely be under $10. No launch date yet, but it’s soon. Stay tuned.

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