Save PlayStation Home From… Teddy Bears?

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Save PlayStation Home From… Teddy Bears?

This Wednesday, November 28th, a new episodic, story-driven game launches, new supermodel animations prep you for the catwalk, the Teahouse personal space arrives, FUEL TV brings UFC sports entertainment to PlayStation Home via LOOT’s EOD TVs, and more!

Heavy Water – Emo Ray Vs. The Intergalactic Teddy Bears

Emo Ray Vs. The Intergalactic Teddy Bears is the first full-fledged, story driven game to reach PlayStation Home. Take on the role of the unlikely hero, Raymond Radd, and rescue friends while stopping the evil teddy bears from taking over the city. Learn how to handle driving the E-Mobile and using its weaponry against the teddy bear threat through free-to-play tutorials and Action Mode. Purchasing the game will offer you hours of unique gameplay, uniquely themed rewards and Emo’s Garage Loft personal apartment.

Emo Ray is an episodic game. The story will unfold over multiple Volumes and Mission Packs. Every couple weeks or so, new content will release to progress the story.

Visit the Radd&Son Garage Rooftop to gain access to Emo Ray Vs. The Intergalactic Teddy Bears, or take the teleporter to the Garage Rooftop via Mr. Radd in the D2O District.

JAM Games – BeeBee Bots

This week JAM Games brings you the BeeBee Bots! The BeeBee Bot suits and heads will add that little something special to your wardrobe! These costumes are made from the old scrap metal that nobody wants. Just watch them dance, you can’t help but smile!


nDreams – Xi: Continuum Teaser, Sci Punk Clothing + Aurora 1.65 Update

Some of you have already seen some strange anomalies in and around the Home core spaces and Aurora. Speculation has been rife that this was the beginning of something. It looks like you may be right.

nDreams presents Xi: Continuum, coming soon to PlayStation Home.

Sci-Punk Clothing: Some great new clothing this week from nDreams with a Sci-Punk theme. With a lot of leather and some interesting new hairstyles these are some gorgeous looking clothing items for male and females.


Aurora 1.65: Aurora sees a new update this week with the trap-o-matic receiving some attention as well as the inclusion of The Gateway. The trap-o-matic has two new prizes included for you to catch and if you are unsuccessful in catching an item that day you will receive Aurora XP.

nDreams brings you two new companions this week. nDreams take on interns every now and again and these fantastic new companions are the first creation from their most recent intern Dan and is his first items that will be released. It’s going to be interesting to see what he comes up with next!


HellFire Games – Cyber Monday $ale in Home Tycoon


Home Tycoon is having a Cyber Monday sale! For a very limited time, save 50% on all additional cities, and get 35% off the population-boosting Luxury Life Tower. There’s never been a better time to stake your claim in Home Tycoon!


Don’t forget to check out the Synergy Tower in Home Tycoon, new this week from Hellfire Games! This ultra-efficient high-rise designed by GloboSyn will have you raking in the profits in no time. The Synergy Tower is now available in your Build menu under the GloboSyn category.

Lockwood Publishing – Supermodel Animations, Maliki Lion Mount + New Wings

If you’re a fashion fanatic, the Supermodel animation pack from Lockwood will really help to spice up those photo shoots. The pack contains a selection of poses for both males and females.


After wowing your friends with the sheer size of Maliki the Lion companion earlier this year, take things that one step further by riding him around PlayStation Home. As well as his usual relaxed stroll you can press square to give Maliki a speed boost.


Lockwood Wings are now available in the store. Look out for the particularly special Fairy Wings with either a blue or gold glittering effect!


This week, members of x7 can get early access to the Iron Fusion Envoy – sleek space wear with ice blue glowing details.

Granzella – The Teahouse + New Clothing

The Granzella Teahouse is arriving this week. On this secluded wilderness mountainside, through the gate and down the stone walkway lies a small teahouse. Host a tea party and welcome your guests. Forget the hustle and bustle of the city for a little while and enjoy a peaceful moment. The Tea Ceremony Tool Set includes a Japanese Teacup, a Japanese Teakettle, and a Dango.

To accompany this personal space, the Tea Ceremony Kimono, Japanese Sweets, and Flower Arrangements have arrived in the Japanese Teahouse personal space from Granzella. Also, there are sweets that go well with the green tea, and colorful flower arrangements decorate the teahouse.

If preparations are in order, it’s time to welcome the guests.

Next, for women, there’s the Dress, Clutch Bag, Stiletto Heels, Earrings, etc. All available in fully coordinated red and black 7 piece sets. For men, the 4-piece set includes both the top and bottom of a magnificent Black Suit, matching Black Shoes, and a Hairstyle. Why not choose the Chic look and stand out from others?

Overflowing with energy and casual fashion, the Overall Series has arrived. For men, there is the standard design, and for women the half overalls make for a skinny silhouette. A variation combined with a tube top is also available. Also released simultaneously are Low-cut Sneakers and Multi-strap Mules.

Why not explore the outdoors dressed in overalls?

LOOT – FUEL TV Now Available on the LOOT EOD TVs

Starting Wednesday, FUEL TV brings UFC sports entertainment to PlayStation Home, delivering a whole new dynamic of social sports entertainment to the LOOT EOD system. With not just one, but three new channels available on both the portable TV and in the public space, users can enjoy everything from fights and weigh-ins to official UFC news and behind-the-fights footage. This channel lineup will satisfy even the most fanatic UFC fans. Channels include:

  • The UFC On FUEL TV: UFC On FUEL TV is home to more UFC programming than any other source has ever offered, including fights, weigh-ins, preliminary bouts, pre- and post-fight shows, and specials.
  • UFC Tonight: UFC Tonight is the official source for the latest news and information of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
  • UFC Ultimate Insider on PlayStation: Go beyond the Octagon, as “UFC Ultimate Insider” delivers an all-access pass with unparalleled coverage of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Tune in for unprecedented access, including in-depth profiles of the UFC’s biggest stars, tell-all features, and compelling backstage footage.

PlayStation Home Mall Update

Magnus is back in his 68th volume of the Virtual Item Showcase. This week he showcases new BeeBee robotic outfits, some new anime-inspired outfits, new Wings from Lockwood, some slick new formalwear from Granzella, and more. Check out the video below for all the details.

Where will your week begin? Jump into the first episode of Emo Ray Vs. The Intergalactic Teddy Bears or invite some friends over to check out some UFC on your LOOT EOD TV? There’s so much to do. See you Wednesday in PlayStation Home!

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15 Author Replies

  • Finally getting the teahouse after 5 arduous weeks..I’ll still be buying everything, but that sure was painful.

    Sci punk clothing is a nice surprise, glad it’s not a teaser! Those clothes seem like my style so I’ll definitely be checking them out.

    Emo Ray seems kind of silly, but I’m just glad for something new to do in home that’s not “gang warfare” related. so I’ll be trying this as well.

    And yay, the squid from space finally…I don’t buy many pets anymore because I’m always using LMO’s, but these are a must have for cute!

  • Also…I forgot to mention how glad I am to see the Granzella party dresses and overalls releasing simultaneously with EU! I’m not buying either of them (dresses will be too popular, overalls not my style) but let’s hope these synchronized releases continue!

  • Do we get cowboy dance like UK? -_-

    • They are coming and will publish once they get through our QA. Then you can cowboy bebop to your heart’s content.

  • How much for Sci-Punk female tops?

  • Finally XI 2 YAY!!

    • It’s been many years since the Xi manhole cover mysteriously appeared in Central Plaza, and it’s nearly time to go back!

  • Xi news is amazing. This is going to regenerate the Home Community with a level of excitement that we were longing for again. Can’t wait to see what the story line is going to be all about.

    And I love the new GZ content coming as well along with many of the other new items. So much content. Hopefully we’ll see some improvements to wardrobe because buying things is one thing but organizing and finding what you’ve purchased needs to be made easier.

    I also hope we’d get to see some new public space content from Granzella especially their Neon Downtown. Wish some news or hints relative to that release could be forthcoming.


    • Some weeks are more generous than others, and this is one spectacular week. Between Emo Ray and Xi, it’s a great deal of news.

      As for hints from Granzella, you know how they are, but I would bet that more content of theirs will come, including public spaces.

  • How about giving us the option to buy Central Plaza as our own personal space I no I no why don’t I suggest it look how many people have asked for it back and it get’s ignored……..

  • Emo Ray Vs. The Intergalactic Teddy Bears
    A game I’ll probably pass on due to having to be an Emo instead of a cat. Also makes me wish Sony bought Rare.

    nDreams – Xi: Continuum Teaser
    Looks neat….

    Lockwood Publishing – Maliki Lion Mount
    I already own it thanks to x7. Now if they could find a way to make a Dragon Mount I’d think that would really embarrass the one already out from someone else.

  • Any chance on getting this EU promo in NA?
    “To celebrate the release of the brilliant Hitman: Absolution, all the Agent 47 items are now in a value bundle for a few weeks only.”

  • Emo Ray Vs. The Intergalactic Teddy Bears:
    Looks great!! The NPC interactions is something I hope to see more of in future, and more story-driven games and events. This is something I’ve always wanted for Home, so I’ll have to check it out.

    Question — If we purchase the Emo Ray game, will we gain access to everything including future Volumes and Episodes for free to play or buy separately?

  • what happen to the “Cowboy Dances” (Gangnam Style Dances) that were suppose to come out this month?

  • Nice update! Tea House coming and new clothing party dress and black suit nice! New wings and rideable lion cool! Evil Teddy Bears * shakes with fear* to take on in D2O. But, (sigh) no VVEERRROOOMM< VVVEERROOOMM motorbikes like in eu update last week * sits on floor and pouts* . Maybe next week.

  • How much will the Teahouse cost, and will integrations with Edo be available for it right away?

    • The Teahouse comes in a bundle with a tea ceremony tool set for $6.99. There are other items available to complete your serene new experience including kimonos in various colors, and more.

  • Awesome update! I really like the sci-punk set will there be a bundle? And also how much for Grandzella’s pretty dress?

  • I also would like to know when we are getting the “Cowboy Dances” (Gangnam Style Dances) in USA Playstation Home. The cowboy dances have been in Europe for over a month. Does Europe have the copyright for “Cowboys”? Are we going to have to wait until Gangnam Style is no longer relavent before we get the cowbody dances? Like we got the Charlie Sheen “WINNING” T-shirts after nobody cared about it anymore.

  • Emo Ray is going to be epic. Lots of rewards, lots of side quests and chapters to complete. Has a lot of great things in it never seen in Home before, going to be a lot of fun to play.
    Like the look of those dresses from Granzella, may need to check those out.
    I also like the they are adding new stuff regularly to Tycoon, but where are the restaurants and grocery stores and the like? I guess these people all eat donuts and veggies to survive, lol.

    • Our digital selves may only need polygonal food in the shape of the basics (donuts and veggies). Who knows? Perhaps they will surprise us with some more types of commercial buildings.

  • is there any free stuff for plus tommorew

  • Hey Cade, thanks for getting x7 back under the recommended tab last week. Myself and many others appreciate it, a lot.

    Not much for me this week. The party dress looks nice though. Also, like a few others who posted above……. Cowboy Dances update please?! :D

  • Now this is a first, an episodic story-driven game for Playstation Home! I didn’t know that could happen. I bet it’s going to be fun! How much with the volumes cost when available?

    Also, was that Jess I saw?! Is she returning? I bet I know what’s happening! Xi 2! I enjoyed and beaten that adventure, and now, there’s going to be more of it!? Amazing! More Jess, more mystery, more adventure, more puzzles, more Xi! I don’t know how to say this, but, I will say this out of excitement… the mystery continues!

    Oh! Any new missions and adventures from Novus Prime yet? Home Tycoon, I like, but who could forget the greatest space battles for Earth in Novus Prime yet? I want to see more new missions, battle new bosses and enemies, and gain new rewards to boost the cause of defense against the enemy! Maybe I would like to travel to a strange world not seen before! How’s that for a mission suggestion?

    Thanks for keeping Home amazing by adding a lot of new stuff and more!

    P.S, Midway 4 soon? I would like to see more new Midway carny games and win more new prizes! Keep the fun going! Bring Midway 4 on!

    • Emo Ray’s Volume One will be $9.99 and additional mission packs will be available for $2.99. There will also be various bundles of ModPoints available to personalize your vehicle to be the most bad ass possible.

  • “Save” PlayStation Home From…

    PlayStation Home needs saving since it’s was introduced years ago.

    I cannot understand why Sony keeps injecting money on something so…useless.

    The money Sony give to Home, could be going to make new IP’s, AAA games.

  • So how much for the Emo Ray apartment/game unlock? And will there be any other Emo Ray content releasing this week besides the apartment/game unlock?

  • Tea House Great!! will the EDO be updating? how will unlock things in the Tea House space if no update to the Edo Lounge?

  • Xi 2 is coming? I sure missed PS Home since my PS3 is dead (yellow light of death) :(

  • I love that grey sci-punk hair. It’s so darn poofy. It reminds me of a mad scientist. I WANT IT.

  • Ooooh, I will be definitely be getting the party dresses and the sci-fi punk clothing from Ndreams. Also excited for the overalls, Xi2 , and most of all, the emo ray game! I can’t wait to fight evil teddy bears, HAHAHA!!! >:)

  • @20

    Congrats. I was wondering when a clever guy like yourself would come alone with a comment like that. Took a little longer then I expected though.

  • I guess Cade Peterson isn’t answering people this week awesome customer service (sarcasm)

  • @ 27 he is at a job interview with Microsoft. lol

  • @28 Lol good one

  • *waits for response about cowboy dance* ………………..

  • Ugh…. So not this week.. K thanks for response.

  • @Cade Peterson Lol good to have you back, So any price info for Emo Ray yet? the game looks epic

  • woo yea XI 2 yay claps and high fives all around guys….So when is plaza coming back? I mean yeah X2 but i really think if were going to bring XI is coming back why not central honestly a lot of my friends dislike hub its to small.Other wise great update guys.

  • hey cade how much is the party dress outfit? the bundle comes with a hairstyle right? and as for the other stuff awesomesauce! :)

  • Great update, especially a new hairstyle however it would be nice to have more options for black people who frequent Ps Home. Not all black people have afro’s or straight iron our hair. A little research on popular hairstlyes for black women and applying them in Home would be appreciated by not just me, I’m sure.

  • Cool game PS home man never seems to stop amazing me!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Does anyone know where to get the formal floor length red dress featured on the ps home screen when you first load into home and see the daily message? Currently it shows a male avatar wearing a suit and a female avatar wearing a beautiful dress. Both avatars have on the turkey heads. The outfits have been featured on the home screen since last week’s update but they are not available in stores or in the gift machine.

  • i think the last ps home challenge i did was the Chinese new year challenge for a dragon companion. and im sure that was back in January last year. so for all-most a full year i have been biting my finger nails wishing my life away for. I HOPE THE CHRISTMAS EVENT CHALLENGE THIS YEAR. last years challenge sent home users in a mad frenzy trying to get the rewards. and it would be nice to see more challenges that motivate users rather than some new home space that as absolutely no reason to visit.

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