New on Music and Video Unlimited

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New on Music and Video Unlimited

This week, the Music Unlimited service features new releases from Pitbull and Kid Rock, as well as Coldplay, Kelly Clarkson, 3 Doors Down, O.A.R., and Massive Attack. Also, as a tribute to The King of Pop and the 25th anniversary of the iconic album Bad, we are excited to unleash the Artist Rewind: Michael Jackson Premium Channel, featuring songs across his catalog spanning over 30 years of groundbreaking material. Find it now in the premium channels section.

In video this week, check out The Expendables 2, now available for purchase in New Releases. Also, In Discounts skip the lines and enjoy an extended Black Friday Sale at home as we bring you phenomenal discounts on the best of the best in movies and TV shows – The Campaign, Rock of Ages, Magic Mike, just to name a few. Get all the details here.

New on Music and Video Unlimited

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  • i hate to be off-topic, but i think u guys should discuss the Assassin’s Creed 3 “patch” that crashed my playstation after i installed it. I read about it happening to other people too. I might just buy a new playstation, but seeing as how i’ve already had 2 ps3′s now, im seriously considering giving up gaming. In an effort to save myself and any others with the same problem im having, i encourage you to at least mention it in next weeks blogcast. Im totally hating playstion right now. you guys are great though. love the blogcasts. keep it up.

  • Got my year of Music Unlimited for 12 bucks. =D So worth it haha that’s the price of an album on iTunes

  • I recently bought the music unlimited pass for the year… but the app does not work after you update on the ps3… it never connects to the server……i tried a different system and its the same story….. #plizfix

  • When do we get Video Unlimited in Norway?

  • was thinking about getting music unlimited since that deal is one, but what is it you just download music? or music videos? and when my music pass runs out do i still have axcess to the music i downloaded, or is it like playstation plus with the games?

  • I posted this yesterday (the servers have gotten better, but still need improvement as I have dropped out of songs twice today).

    Hopefully the service will improve very quickly, as I mention below…I have never experienced this previously until this week and the great deal.

    Yesterday’s post:

    Well….hate to say this, but I’m a little disappointed in Music Unlimited the last 3 days.

    I’ve been a subscriber for a while now and there haven’t been any problems.

    However, since the $12 Premium for a full year for Plus members started on Tuesday this week….the service has been very unstable.

    Many times you can’t get in as the servers are busy, or if you’re on, it crashes and then tells you it can’t connect.

    I understand there is a huge volume of people using it now, but I think Sony needs to monitor the servers a lot more now if they want to keep customers using this service.

    I’ve been promoting this service to several friends who now are coming back saying they wish they didn’t purchase it, even at the low price as they can’t even get on.

    Just my own 2 cents rant here.

  • lower the 1 day rental prices on psn store for videos. $2.99 for standard definition is crazy considering you can get a Blu ray disk for cheaper at Red Box for the same amount of rental time.

  • I started Music Unlimited and it’s pretty good. There is one request though. I know you have channels like the 80s, and it’s great, but it would be better if you added something like, ‘Top songs of the 80s’. So I don’t have to fast forward every two seconds whenever a Side B song from Shaka Khan’s third album comes up.

  • @8 – gus_xl.

    A suggestion for you.

    You can create your own playlists, so I would suggest creating one as per your request.

    That way you won’t have to fast forward every few songs.

  • I got Music Unlimited Wednesday cause of the deal and It errors out on me all the time, tells me I can’t connect to the servers, skips songs on me and it’s frozen on me twice. I understand the problem is probably lots of new users like me but didn’t you anticipate this when you were coming up with the deal? I gotta say though when it has worked its pretty darn good with an amazing selection of music.

    @KrisButtar If you have ever used Hulu Plus or Netflix, it’s exactly like that, you stream and listen to the music in the app, you can’t download the music and you lose access to the music when your sub runs out.

  • I just wanna echo what everybody else is saying here…I can only connect half the time and it’s really frustrating…also your android app has some serious issues.

  • I wanted to give a special THANK YOU to Jeff Safran, Grace Chen and all those that work so hard to give us content on the PlayStation Store and Video Unlimited. I have been on this blog a few times to comment on certain content I would like to see on the video side of the PS Store to own in HD & SD. To give and example, movies like: Old School, Hav Plenty, ATL, She’s Out of My League, just to name a few. Everyone of my request (with the exception of The Original Kings of Comedy) have made it onto the PS Store!! I did not think I was being heard and boy was I wrong, so THANK YOU very much and I hope you were all able to enjoy your families this Thanksgiving.


  • I’d be more interested in the service if it had music videos similar to what the UK has, or add a vevo app. Pandora through tje browser or playlists on youtube currently serve me better. Hell a Pandora app, while competing with this would be awesome. Yall got a lot of competing video services, do the same with radio/music.

  • Does anyone know what happens when the music unlimited sub runs out? are you auto billed for another year? I’d give it a go for 12 bucks but certainly won’t want to pay the full asking price for this service when the subscription runs out.

  • @5: You stream it, but you can make songs playable offline as well.

  • @14:You can turn off auto renew just like PS+

  • @16: Thank you, appreciate the response.

  • @17: You’re welcome. :3

    @13: I’d love a Vevo app. I’d love a app too, but seems like MS shells out money for tons of apps to hide behind the “value” of a Gold membership.

  • I’d also like to echo the issues with the servers on music unlimited. I’m sure it has to do with the extra customers. Hope it’s resolved soon.

    And just another general complaint that I hope finds the right people: the stations choice of music can be absolutely absurd sometimes. Like someone else was saying, the stations based on eras are absolutely absurd. Obviously what people want to hear is only good/popular music from that era. And, even worse, what’s the deal with the Holiday station? Are there no classics on music unlimited’s library? Why does it have to be Hanson’s Christmas or Backstreet Boys Christmas instead of Bing Crosby? And similar complaints about stations based on artists you like.

    I know you can pick and choose what songs to listen to and build your own playlists, but it seems that Music Unlimited has a long way to go to catch up with Pandora on smartly choosing for you what you might like. Any thoughts?

  • What Ryumoau said and might I add most of the movies I’ve rented lately have shown up Netflix instant streaming. So now I’m hesitant to rent a HD movie for $4 or 5.99. But Sony you don’t hear us.

  • I was supposed to get a free 60-day trial premium subscription with the purchase of my Sony Xperia T smartphone. Yet when I sign up for it, there is no such option. WTF?

  • I wish you guys would release a stereo or something I could buy in playstation home to use this service within it :/

  • I too have had too many issues with the servers of late. I switched to Pandora on my phone twice in as many days. At this rate I am considering dropping this service and asking for a refund.

    If I can’t use it then what is the point? An official statement acknowledging the issue could go a long way. Reminds me when PSN has had unexpected issues and it went unacknowledged for far too long.

  • Music Unlimited is absolutely horrible. I signed up for special like others and since then the service has only worked 2 out of the 5 days. Utterly pathetic. Shame of it is that it would be really cool if it worked on a somewhat consistent basis.

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