Elminage Original Brings Deep RPG Customization to PSP Today

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Elminage Original Brings Deep RPG Customization to PSP Today

I think RPG gamers need no introduction to the concept of customization. In Elminage Original, the customization options are… abundant, to say the least. There are 12 character races and 16 classes to choose from, so players will be able to tailor their party to suit their specific play styles.

Elminage Original is a dungeon-crawling RPG, and it doesn’t try to hide it. It doesn’t waste time hand-holding, and it lets you jump into the action very quickly if you so choose. Parties are formed in groups of six, so whether you think you’ll do better with Humans, Fairies, Werebeasts, or Magic Dolls, you can rest assured that there are plenty of combinations to try!

Customization is a big reason why I love RPG’s. When I start to play a new RPG, I tend to get caught up when I’m allowed an unlimited amount of time to grind and discover new tactics, and I spend way too many hours doing so. I’m sure that some of you reading this know exactly what I am talking about. In the case of Elminage Original, I even spent time customizing my entire party to make sure that they all had matching themed portraits. You can actually make your own party icons, and then upload them directly into the game!

Elminage Original on PSPElminage Original on PSP

Elminage Original brings players into the world of Halodra Ille, and tasks with finding six missing “God Rings” — made by the gods to create a barrier keeping demonic forces out of Halodra Ille. When a group of evil priestesses damaged the shield and attempted to destroy one of the rings, the remaining five scattered themselves to prevent further damage done to the shield and the world. However, the now-weakened shield is unable to repel demonic forces pouring into the world, resulting in a much more dangerous Halodra Ille…

Elminage Original on PSP

After working on several titles with Starfish in the past, some people realized that UFO and Starfish have a good working relationship. I was asked if Elminage, the series made popular in Japan by Starfish, was ever going to come over to the US, and I am very happy to say that yes, it’s here.

We hope you enjoy Elminage Original. And when you decide to surface for air and take a break from dungeon crawling and monster slaying, navigate your custom party over to our official site, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook. Should you choose to accept this quest, we can’t guarantee your safety from any random encounters that you may run into along the way. ;)

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