PlayStation Home Update: Take a Swim, Race New Cars

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PlayStation Home Update: Take a Swim, Race New Cars

This Wednesday, November 21st, Thanksgiving festivities continue to warm hearts while Juggernaut introduces their Nautilus Adventure Packs, Granzella releases their unique burger shop, x7 has exclusive early-access to several cool Lockwood items, and more.

Juggernaut — Nautilus Adventure Packs

Juggernaut Games is pleased to announce the arrival of the Nautilus Adventure Pack! With 30 items including clothing, profiled active furnishings (1-6 slots) and companions, this bundle is perfect for anyone who loves the life aquatic. Join the Adventure!

Juggernaut is also releasing the Essence of the Tides active item. This unique item creates an undersea paradise in any apartment. Also includes optional swimming animations!

HellFire Games — Home Tycoon Update

Own the streets of Home Tycoon with four new premium car colors this week from Hellfire Games! These new paint jobs are available in the Vehicles section of the Home Tycoon in-game store, including:

  • GS 828 – Black
  • El Valiente – Yellow
  • Nexus LX – Silver
  • Cilantro – Pink


Granzella — GZ Burger

Introducing the new GZ Burger Personal Space from Granzella. The space features two floors with a spacious interior and a wood terrace that juts out to the big lake. The set comes with three types of tables and chairs as well as eight types of character panels, that enliven your store. In addition, you can change the color scheme and lighting, BGM, ambient sound, and time of day, creating a shop the way you want. Also available in the store, free of charge, is the GZ Burger uniform for men and women. Become a GZ Burger clerk and welcome your friends as customers!

Make your very own original burger! Buns, meat, fries, lettuce, tomato, egg, bacon… With these various ingredients, you can make your favorite burger. Try making a delicious sandwich or just stuff it full to the limits. Feel free to enjoy it however you like. In your shop you can offer you own original burger. This item is only sold in the GZ Burger personal space’s store.


Lockwood — November Hairstyles

Got a few Lockwood tokens left in your pocket? Make the most of the two week Gift Machine sale, with 50% off a selection of items including Animated Neon Furniture! After the sale these items will be gone, even more reason to get in there while you can.


The Attitude Hairstyle for Male is now available from the store choose from the classic look or from a selection of three vibrant coloured streaks.


Coming up over the next few weeks in the store and Gift Machine – Wings by Lockwood. Take a look at this video preview!

x7 Update

This week in exclusive nightclub x7, there’s a new freebie and another bundle just for members, as well as first access to Lockwood’s new Wings collection, Maliki the Lion mountable companion and Drey Supermodel Animation Pack for both men and women. Check them all out, in x7, starting Wednesday.

Konami — New Hairstyles

Konami releases their latest updates to hair this week. Check out their latest additions such as the flowhawk at the Konami Store!


Mall Update

Magnus is back in his 67th volume of the Virtual Item Showcase. This week he showcases hairstyles from Lockwood, new underwater themed clothing and items from Juggernaut and more! Check out the video below for all the details.

You might even discover a whole new public space from Heavy Water. I’ll just tease you with that for now (aren’t I horrible?). See you in PlayStation Home!

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