PlayStation Home Update: Take a Swim, Race New Cars

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PlayStation Home Update: Take a Swim, Race New Cars

This Wednesday, November 21st, Thanksgiving festivities continue to warm hearts while Juggernaut introduces their Nautilus Adventure Packs, Granzella releases their unique burger shop, x7 has exclusive early-access to several cool Lockwood items, and more.

Juggernaut — Nautilus Adventure Packs

Juggernaut Games is pleased to announce the arrival of the Nautilus Adventure Pack! With 30 items including clothing, profiled active furnishings (1-6 slots) and companions, this bundle is perfect for anyone who loves the life aquatic. Join the Adventure!

Juggernaut is also releasing the Essence of the Tides active item. This unique item creates an undersea paradise in any apartment. Also includes optional swimming animations!

HellFire Games — Home Tycoon Update

Own the streets of Home Tycoon with four new premium car colors this week from Hellfire Games! These new paint jobs are available in the Vehicles section of the Home Tycoon in-game store, including:

  • GS 828 – Black
  • El Valiente – Yellow
  • Nexus LX – Silver
  • Cilantro – Pink


Granzella — GZ Burger

Introducing the new GZ Burger Personal Space from Granzella. The space features two floors with a spacious interior and a wood terrace that juts out to the big lake. The set comes with three types of tables and chairs as well as eight types of character panels, that enliven your store. In addition, you can change the color scheme and lighting, BGM, ambient sound, and time of day, creating a shop the way you want. Also available in the store, free of charge, is the GZ Burger uniform for men and women. Become a GZ Burger clerk and welcome your friends as customers!

Make your very own original burger! Buns, meat, fries, lettuce, tomato, egg, bacon… With these various ingredients, you can make your favorite burger. Try making a delicious sandwich or just stuff it full to the limits. Feel free to enjoy it however you like. In your shop you can offer you own original burger. This item is only sold in the GZ Burger personal space’s store.


Lockwood — November Hairstyles

Got a few Lockwood tokens left in your pocket? Make the most of the two week Gift Machine sale, with 50% off a selection of items including Animated Neon Furniture! After the sale these items will be gone, even more reason to get in there while you can.


The Attitude Hairstyle for Male is now available from the store choose from the classic look or from a selection of three vibrant coloured streaks.


Coming up over the next few weeks in the store and Gift Machine – Wings by Lockwood. Take a look at this video preview!

x7 Update

This week in exclusive nightclub x7, there’s a new freebie and another bundle just for members, as well as first access to Lockwood’s new Wings collection, Maliki the Lion mountable companion and Drey Supermodel Animation Pack for both men and women. Check them all out, in x7, starting Wednesday.

Konami — New Hairstyles

Konami releases their latest updates to hair this week. Check out their latest additions such as the flowhawk at the Konami Store!


Mall Update

Magnus is back in his 67th volume of the Virtual Item Showcase. This week he showcases hairstyles from Lockwood, new underwater themed clothing and items from Juggernaut and more! Check out the video below for all the details.

You might even discover a whole new public space from Heavy Water. I’ll just tease you with that for now (aren’t I horrible?). See you in PlayStation Home!

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12 Author Replies

  • As happy as I am that we are getting the GZ burger shop, our first synchronized GZ release with EU since the flight attendant bundle, I’m still annoyed at the lack of the Tea’s been a months now since EU got it -_-

    Nautilus stuff is meh, once again males get the cool outfit while girls get something scantily clad. I will be passing on the bundle for that reason, but I will be picking up Essence of the Tides for sure.

    • The Teahouse is coming, but it’s still in QA for North America at the moment. But as of now, it’s scheduled to land as soon as it passes.

  • Flowhawk hairstyle is a must buy for me!

  • New public space? Hmm…

    I am considering the Drey Animations. The Essence of the Tides active item is intriguing too.

    By the way Cade, is there any chance we can move the x7 entrance back under the Recommended tab? Right now it is buried at the bottom of the very last tab under all of the other spaces. I wouldn’t want you all to miss out on new traffic there with impulse rope purchases :)

    Or at least let us add it to our favorites!

    • Moving the placement of x7 in the Navigator, sounds like a good idea. I sent off the request. (no promises, but I did send off this request)

  • How much will the Burger Shop and its associated items cost?

    • The GZ Burger Shop and associated items will be available in a few bundles, ranging in price from $0.99 to $6.99.

  • I’m looking forward to the Granzella Burger Space and of course the Nautilius Adventure Pack! This is one update that I know I’ll be running to the store.

  • No mention of the Playstation All-Stars beatdown minigame? This doesn’t look good…

  • Nice update I’ll definitely get the Burger shop xD. How much for the Drey animation set?

    • The Drey Supermodel Animation Pack will go for $3.99, and available as an exclusive early-access bundle for members of x7 this week.

  • Before I start I want to wish all a great ThanksGiving !
    The update is nice , even though no Tea house yet. The Nautilus Adventure Packs are nice especially the Essence of the Tides active item. (thats a must get). Home Tycoon cars in new colors an ok. Now the Granzella GZ Bruger personal space will go over very well on home. Alot you can do with this space. X7 bundles and items arriving are great. The hair well. been here on home before but, not for the men.
    The lion, OMG! it’s going togo fast on home. And Konami hairstyles lok nice.
    See You guys on home and again HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone! be thankful for what we have and remeber thpose that have had it so rough this past year.

    • We would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving too! Enjoy your time with friends, family and other loved ones.

  • Very poor update this week :/ Was hoping for an All Stars event or something cool. I have a question though. Will x7 ever get an update or have better benefits in the future? One week early access and a few average at best discounts really is not impressive.

  • oh forgot the one thing I know is going to go over hot on home. The Drey super model animations. Theres a big want for these on home. I’ve been involved alot with the modeling on home and they are going togo nuts over this. Great for new poses for photos too. Remeber that acters abd nodels on home this willbe a must have to your items ! hugs

  • How many furniture slots does Essence of the Tides require. Perhaps I missed that. Sounds neat.

    • I just checked, and it will take 14 slots. I think it is neat—it’s a one-of-a-kind item, and a new Home first.

  • How much will the Nautilus Adventure Packs and the Flowhawk be ?

    • Juggernaut’s Nautilus Adventure Pack will be available in bundles ranging from $4.49 to $14.99.
      The Flowhawk from Konami will be $0.99.

  • hmmmm….interesting.

  • I stopped at that pic with the Quadruple Whopper…….aaaaaand I’m hungry.

  • I was really looking forward to the LOOT portable radios this week, since LOOT said they would be available “Soon”. Any idea when the portable EOD radios will be available in HOME?

    • They are not currently scheduled for release, meaning that they’re still in QA. QA time depends from item to item, based on whether they pass first time through or require some additional engineering from LOOT.

  • We need an Essence of the snow item, and fog. Maybe mist?

  • as far as the x7, it would be great to have a teleporter or transporter that we can place at our personal space so members can just transport to the x7 instead of going through the navigator. we cant add it to the favorites ,,

  • How mamy computer/devices can I have activated to my music unlimited account (or psn)?

    I would like to have 5 different computer devices connected flawlessly.

  • Thanks for the info Cade :D

  • Wow this is another great update!
    Thank you Cade as well for the post on what’s coming for this update.

  • HOME TYCOON – how about some new premium CARS? motorcycles? helicopters?

  • Yo Cade nice work we love ps home

  • Yo cade we need a park on home it will be fun and quests on home to ty : )

  • And new rewards

  • And 4 chrismas a fireplace plz 4 the us

  • And a new park

    • LOL! I feel like Santa, making a list. I’m so glad you enjoy Home. There’s lots to come, and you can bet we have some special plans coming for a winter holiday. I won’t share anything more quite yet, but stick around—it’ll be amazing.

  • How much will the Lockwood wings in x7 cost?

  • Oooh, looks like a great update this week, I’m superstoked for the Granzella Burger, the Lockwood wings and the Nautilus pack! Can’t wait to get them!! :P

  • Ty 4 the info

  • I still would really like to see games incorporate home avatars (like on disc or Digital not in home games). I suppose that isn’t really within the Home developers control though :(

    But how about some Doctor Who content now that there is a Doctor Who game on PSN? (Or Final Fantasy VII content? [Dreaming, I know])

    But I LOVE Home Tycoon btw, I left Home for a long time and came back recently just for that, so great job guys!

    P.S. Any thought being put into making our avatars more interactive? Make a jump or run button, actions you could do with friends( ie, hug, handshake), etc?

  • Cade and a silver christine tree 4 the us

  • Cade plz a fireplace with stockings santa sleigh and all the reigndeer us

  • Is PlayStation Home really worth supporting? if it is, why not bring it to PlayStation Vita?

  • it wont look right bra on vita

  • Good update but I’m getting a little upset at the choice of outfits for women. That RaceOn stuff was insulting to say the least and from what I understand the nautilus stuff is no better. What is it with devs thinking we’re all just a bunch of tarts smh. Pass….

  • hey Cade, just letting u know the GZ burger place store isnt letting me get the free uniform, i barely click on the store and it says download failed. wtf? i better get my free outfit.

  • hi any1 having the same issue? the GZ burger space store wont let me get the uniform that was said to be free with the space

  • with all the good games we have now on the playstation home , why today we don’t have some trophies ?

  • yea thanks for the reply Cade or whoever does the replies. i hate when ppl false advertise things . and yes i think you guys at granzella did, because iv yet to find this “Also available in the store, free of charge, is the GZ Burger uniform for men and women. Become a GZ Burger clerk and welcome your friends as customers!” so where is this uniform? please respond soon. i bought the space for the space and uniform so i could have fun . dont disappoint a loyal customer.

  • Yo cade I was wonder if we could get a long wide red carpet plz ty

  • dont bother JNC, hes obviously not replying anymore today. im still waiting on him to explain why i havent got my burger place uniform, so get in line to wait i guess.

  • i have looked all over where to ask this question but i cannot find any where to post it so i give up and here it is.
    little big planet has hit the eu. with its own home space and looking on the web the space gifts you a little big planet kart as a driveable interactive item. now i have seen 2 people driving this kart around the u.s playstation home. and i have the little big planet karting game but on the back of the case it says no home rewards.
    so where as the 2 users that i have seen in us playstation home
    got the kart to drive round u.s home from ……?

  • when are the hover bikes coming to US home

  • bought the Essence of the Tides active item yesterday and my PS3 freeze whenever i select the item… :(
    force to shutdown my PS3 and did the system corrupted file restoring for several times already, worry will this spoil my PS3 system if it happen too often??
    anybody had same exprience or know what could be the reason can help me? :(

  • In December are you going to have feed backs about Christmas. I would enjoy New Years as well. Please be hoped if we have a quest on Christmas and New Years with full of fun and free items and lots of discounts :).

  • Hey anyone know what happened to the “Sexy Chain” Granzella swimsuits that were exclusively sold in the glittering sands personal retreat apt? They were removed over a month ago after only a few days didnt even last a week are they even returning ever?

  • @ Sapphire_Wings You may have trouble downloading the GZ Burger outfit but I dont EVEN see the outfit anywhere in the store in the apt or in public Im sick of the false advertisements QUIT FALSELY ADVERTING EVERYTHING including god of war saga as a download the Granzella bikinis the gz burger outfit Test your items before release so there are no problems or upset customers getting our hopes up for nothing!

  • hey cade i would like a reply. i want the outfits from the GZ burger place. dont ignore please

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