The PlayStation Recap — New Guy Edition

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The PlayStation Recap — New Guy Edition

Greetings, friends. The name’s Justin — I’ve been skulking behind the scenes here at PlayStation.Blog for a few months now, helping to get posts put together and looking extra-slick before they reach your fatigued eyeballs. See how game thumbnails are tucked neatly in with the text in recent PlayStation Store Updates, for example? Yep, that was me.

You may have heard me on a PlayStation Blogcast or two, but otherwise I’ve kept a pretty low profile since I started here. That changes today! Well, sort of. I’m taking over the weekend Recap post, where I’ll recount the week’s most-read PlayStation.Blog posts (read below for the full list). Taking this post over from Sid, I know I have a lot to live up to — I’ll try not to disappoint.

Last week, we proposed we roll the “What We Read” recap into this one, to form one giant, unstoppable, Voltron-esque Recap. You all seemed to agree that this was a good plan, so we’re going to do that starting next week. We’ve got an idea of how we want to implement it, and we think it’s going to fit perfectly in here.

With the formalities out of the way, let’s talk videogames.

I grabbed a copy of Lollipop Chainsaw on sale recently, and I’m surprised I didn’t get to it sooner! Exploding with style (and zombie bits), a fun, upgradeable combat system, and one of the most ridiculous stories I’ve seen in gaming. I loved every minute! I’m also gearing up for my fourth playthrough of Journey in honor of its multiple nominations in this year’s VGA’s. Toss in a bit of Persona 4 Golden love on my PS Vita, and my week has been pretty well set.

What are you playing this week?

Most-Watched Video of the Week: Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified PlayStation Vita Commercial

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3 Author Replies

  • welcome!
    im playing: Lego Lord of the Rings and Borderlands 2
    watching: once upon a time

  • I’m playing: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (got it off of for $30)
    Will be playing once it comes in the mail, Kirby: Mass Attack (got it $9.99 total off of as well)
    -also regret not pre-ordering a Wii U

    Don’t mean to go all Nintendo on a Sony PS blog but that’s what’s on my mind.

    I have been playing more of Dead or Alive 5 on my ps3.

  • im playing quantum conondrum and black ops 2..
    im watching a tomcat spraying something on a car tire
    im reading playstation blog
    im listening to the president throwing his staff under the bus at some news conference, and my neighbors arguing and the police lady chasing people …i love saturdays.

  • I’m playing: ACIII, Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys (in English, no doubt!)
    I’m watching: College and NFL football
    I’m reading: The Walking Dead, The Hobbit
    I’m listening to: Not much at the moment

  • Welcome Justin :)

    I’m playing: Okami HD, Quantum Conundrum, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
    I’m watching: Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead
    I’m reading: PS Blog, NeoGAF

  • •I’m playing: Saints Row 2, Motorstorm RC, Journey (Awesome Game!)
    •I’m watching: The Walking Dead: Season 3, The Warriors (Blu Ray), GTA V Trailer #2
    •I’m reading: Playstation Blog
    •I’m listening to: The PlayStation Blogcast’s One-Year Extravaganza

  • hey justin . Lmao your last name is masongill.. lmaoooo to funny. look it up for those who want o get waht funny abouT it..:)

    But enough of the jokes also welcome ps blog.:). welcme to the family

    vp psn legioniarre grup

  • Welcome aboard Justin. I enjoyed your time on the blogcast, I hope that we hear more from you in the future.

    I’m playing: AC III, NFS MW, Portal 2, AC III Liberation, Hot Shots Golf, When Vikings Attack
    I’m watching: My Clemson Tigers
    I’m reading: PS Blog, PSXExtreme
    I’m listening to: PS Blogcast
    I’m missing: Jeff Rubenstein

    • Thanks very much for the kind words! I miss Jeff too, but the Blog persists! We’ll make him (and you guys) proud.

  • I’m Playing: Street Fighter X Tekken PS Vita, Little Big Planet Karting
    I’m Watching: Little Big Plannet Karting Tutorials…….all of them
    I’m Reading: I swear this makes me laugh every time.
    I’m listening to: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Soundtrack
    I’m Desperatly Waiting for: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, The Walking Dead: The Game: Episode 5, PS Vita 2.00 update, Pizza.

  • Welcome Justin.

    Now make yourself useful and get us Suikoden II here.

    Currently playing Persona. Working through them in order. Up to 4.

  • Since Sony doesn’t want to do what they have to and should with PlayStation Vita I’m playing PlayStation Portable and won’t PlayStation Vita because they didn’t do and still haven’t done something they should have like let consumers play their UMD content on their PSVita for free or a very small fee.

  • I’m playing: Spec Ops: the line , BF3 MP and Guild Wars 2
    I’m Watching: Dexter
    I’m reading: nothing at the moment, but thee are some books to read here
    I’m listening: a very noisy ceiling fan

  • Playing: Blops 2, Civ, UMvC3
    Watching: Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead.. waiting for Breaking Bad.
    Reading: the bible
    Listening: The Weeknd: Trilogy, Rihanna: unapologetic.

  • Playing: Call of Duty: Declassified, Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation, Need For Speed Most Wanted and Dishonored.

    Watching: The Mentalist and Law and Order: SVU

    Reading: A Game of Thrones, waiting for season 3 next year.

    Listening: Nothing. Just have my Earbuds in my ears, so my family won’t bother me.

  • Welcome aboard!

    I’m playing: R&C 2 HD, Costume Quest, Singstar, Band Hero
    I’m watching: Boardwalk Empire, GameGrumps
    I’m reading: PS Blog, Outliers
    I’m listening to: JJ Go, MBMBaM, PS Blogcast, Podcast Beyond

  • Hey justine can you please help me. I recently updated zen pinball and now i cann play it or access my trophy collection from my vita . I get an error code c1-6427-9 and i already contracted playstation customer care oj the phone and they say there no such error please help.

  • I’m playing: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    I’m watching: College football, Skyfall(SO GOOD)
    I’m reading: Political stuff(have an essay due Monday I need to do. Bleh)
    I’m listening to: Beethoven

  • I’m playing ACIII AC liberation CODBOD LBP ps vita getting BO2 soon
    I’m watching ID channel
    Reading game informer for GTA5 news
    I’m listening to Rihanna,Adele,Ke$ha

  • I’m Playing: Assassin’s Creed 3, Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation, inFamous Collection, and Killzone Trilogy.
    I’m Watching: Once Upon a Time, Tosh.O
    I’m Reading: Playstation Blog (Derp)
    I’m Listening: Skullgirls OST! :D

  • I’m playing: Need For Speed: Most Wanted PSVita, The Unfinished Swan
    I’m watching: Weregonnalose Nascar 2011 Trolling videos, so hilarious.
    I’m reading: Dead Space: Catalyst
    I’m listening to: This Will Destroy You: Tunnel Blanket

  • congratulations on making it to update us on our gaming, how would I get in with Sony for an job, it’d be awesome haha

  • I still want my PSN store fixed/updated/patched. Whatever. It is to slow on the first load. Takes to many screens to download anything. And most of all. I want A SEARCH FOR MY DOWNLOAD HISTORY. The store is fine otherwise. But every time i go to download a new demo/tv episode movie/game i will be coming on here to grief. Carry on playstation. I still love my ps3, and im still paying for plus and happy to do so. I just want the store to be a little tweaked still.

  • But. To stay in sync with the blog.

    Im playing: awesomenauts,
    Im watching: nikita.
    Im reading: infernal devices.
    Im listening: rent.

  • I’m playing: Assassin’s creed 3, Borderlands 2 and Gravity Rush
    I’m watching: Dexter season 7, Walking Dead season 3, Skyfall
    I’m Reading: A Dance With Dragons (incredible)
    I’m listening: Kid Meets Cougar, Playstation Blogcast, Jim and Them Podcast

    Can’t wait for my vita plus to kick in this week. Anxiously waiting for some Jet Set Radio

  • Hey Justin

    I’m playing: Nothing right now, to busy making 3D models in MAYA for my game dev classes
    I’m watching: Dexter, the walking dead,
    I’m reading: anything to do with game dev
    I’m listening: QotSA, Band of Horses

    I look forward to reading more of your post

  • I also grabbed Lollipop Chainsaw recently and it has been pretty good for the first few hours. There is a lot more style than substance, but it is pretty funny and I’ve had a good time with it.

    I’ve put that on hold for the moment for the most part though and currently

    I’m Playing: God of War HD (remote play on my vita mostly, I wanted to try out remote play and it’s working great). Also playing a lot of NFS: Most Wanted. Anxiously awaiting Persona 4 Golden this week, the original is my favorite game of all time.

    I’m listening to: The Killers, Gaslight Anthem, Giant Bombcast, PS Blogcast

  • Im sure if “what we read” was up it would mention a little dark souls glitch? You may have heard about it??

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