PlayStation All-Stars Trivia Tweet-up Starts Now

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PlayStation All-Stars Trivia Tweet-up Starts Now

Hey PlayStation Nation! A couple of weeks ago we released “The All-Star” for all of the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale fans out there. From the more than five million views it got in two days, we’re guessing that you liked it. For the hardcore PlayStation fans, we layered in more than 30 Easter eggs referencing the playable characters, levels, and some classic PlayStation heritage.

People have been decoding Easter eggs in the comments, and our friends over at IGN recently filmed a Rewind Theater of “The All-Star” the same day it came out. IGN did a great job finding a handful of our Easter eggs — but they didn’t find all of them! So we’re turning to our fans to help uncover more, as well as relive some key moments in PlayStation history, with a Trivia tweet up.

Here are the deets: Starting today and progressing through the next few days, we’ll be tweeting trivia questions from @PlayStation to find out who can answer tough questions about the game, the film, the characters, and general PlayStation history. Along the way, we’ll be flagging random US participants to score one of 500 digital copies of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on both PS3 and PS Vita. Just be sure to mark your response tweets with #PlayStationAllStars!

We’ll pick 20 50 random winners in the US region for each trivia question, two per day. When the contest is complete, we’ll Direct Message out the codes to the winners on or before November 20th — launch day!

Time to put your PlayStation cred to the test. Are you in?

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