Journey Into the World of Wonderbook: Book of Spells, Out Today

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Journey Into the World of Wonderbook: Book of Spells, Out Today

At long last, the very first title for the new Wonderbook peripheral, Wonderbook: Book of Spells, officially launches today in North America! The team at SCE London Studios worked hard to conjure up a truly amazing experience using the latest in augmented reality technology that combines Wonderbook with the PlayStation Eye camera. Starting today, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter and begin learning the art of spell-casting while using your PlayStation Move motion controller as your magic wand. The book features new and original writing from J.K. Rowling, and will allow you to learn about the histories of some of the well-known spells from the Harry Potter series, as well as other interesting insights.

Over the past few months, we’ve shared that Wonderbook: Book of Spells unlocks the secrets of casting your favorite spells like Incendio, Wingardium Leviosa and Expelliarmus. Today, I’m excited to share that the book will also teach you a very powerful spell – Expecto Patronum! With this incantation, you’ll have the chance to discover the animal form of your very own Patronus, the manifestation of your positive thoughts and your best weapon to drive away attacks from Dementors. That’s just a small taste of the magic that we have in store for you!

To help celebrate the launch of Wonderbook: Book of Spells, we’re excited to give you a glimpse of the spellbinding experience in action in the new TV commercial (seen at the top of this post). Thanks for watching, and we hope that you enjoy checking out Wonderbook: Book of Spells with your families this festive season!

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  • You need to get this on Oprah and Ellen. ADVERTISE heavy Sony. Not just one week.

  • sports champions 2…playstation all stars…man I want this but thanksgiving is next week

  • Does anyone really care about this? It already has a limited audience (PS Move owners) and it looks way too much like a Wii game. Having a throwaway story from the Harry Potter author doesn’t help things either.

  • I think this will be great for the younger gamers….I look forward to playing it. it has so much potential with other games too

  • #1 is right, if they would show this on some daytime talk shows that hit a lot of stay at home mom and dads, they would get all the Moms and Dads excited for the holidays to give this as the must have video game for Xmas for kids. They should make a PS3, Move, Camera Wonderbook bundle too for the holidays and this might actually move PS3s for the younger crowd. Throw in some ratchet and clanks with it too.

  • i agree get on “the view” or “the talk ” day time shows, maybe even “let make a deal”. hsn or one of those networks.. You can make alot money like that, you might have take a few risk for Hsn but in end making
    75-120 million or more in 1hr is worth it, maybe more than that.

    vp psn legionarrie group

  • I pre-ordered & will pick up my copy @ GameStop today. I love all things Harry Potter.

  • This is cute… Any news on Black Ops 2 digital download on PSN? Sony, Talk to Treyarch everyone is looking for info on this! >w<

  • I’m super excited to play this with my little girl tonight. She’s 5 and just learning how to read and go to school. I mostly bought this for what’s coming next for the Wonderbook platform, Walking With the Dinosaurs. She watches me play games sometimes and it’s nice to see a way for me to integrate her into some of my hobbies. My question is will the subsequent games be available digitally or will all of them be physical and include a book peripheral?

  • @8 its not coming to psn store

  • Don’t be so pessimistic, Most COD’s are already up on the PSN store its almost a guarantee that BO2 will also be up, just not anytime soon… :[

  • I will probably pick this up to mess with, but not today, Had no clue it was out today, probably should have advertised a little more.

  • Tell everyone you know to support Wonderbook! It’s really amazing, definitely something you have to try for yourself!!

  • Lol I know this isn’t for us real gamers, but nobody but us knows this is even out. The only people that knows that this exist is people who hate it for taking up 20 minutes of E3. What’s the point of making games like Wonderbook and Dancestar Party Hits if the audience who likes these games don’t even know it exist.

    London Studio, please go back to working on real games like The Getaway 3.

  • Hi, I intern with and would like to know who can I contact to get hi-res images for the Wonderbook game. Please let me know ASAP! Thanks!

  • When you say Hi-res.. do you mean 1080p? Because I sincerely doubt you’ll find those. Most games on PS3 run at 720p.

  • Also I agree with you #14. This was a disaster at E3. And that’s the last anyone’s heard of it. It’s not even featured in ANY of the Harry Potter bluray discs (Deathly Hollows Part 2)

    Good luck grabbing dosh with this one JK Rowling…. I think you’ve got enough anyway -_-

  • I need a high-resolution image to incorporate in an online flipbook we’re working on

  • This should have Harry Potter branding. And that commercial is awful, it makes it seem lame with the male voice over warning, which misleads you into thinking there is no PS Move / PS Eye / Wonderbook / Book of Spells bundle, when there is. Casuals will deem it to complicated and move on.

    Will pick it up next week, but I can’t see Sony marketing it well. Like all their things. I look forward to a company doing the same thing later, with good marketing and having success. Like with EyeToy.

  • Hmm I hope this sells well because I had no idea it was coming out today.

  • +Nick930930 on November 13th, 2012 at 3:05 pm said:

    When you say Hi-res.. do you mean 1080p? Because I sincerely doubt you’ll find those. Most games on PS3 run at 720p.
    Most games this gen on consoles don’t even run at 720p. Most are below and are unscaled to 720p by the hardware.

    + mqj5041_0 on November 13th, 2012 at 3:24 pm said:

    I need a high-resolution image to incorporate in an online flipbook we’re working on.
    You are better to email Sony than to ask on here.

  • It looks fun, i might pick it up but the detective one looks to be even greater!

  • I picked this up for my girls 14 & 16 last night and while they are not Harry Potter fans, They loved Wonderbook. I hope they add to this really unique game…!

  • I don’t normally post comments, but I agree with some that this game could’ve used some more advertising. I was shown this by a shopping website on the day it released and was surprised, too. I was actually impressed by the E3 showing of this; I could just imagine the possibilities. Now that i’ve played through two chapters of Book of Spells, I have to admit I’m pleasantly surpised at how entertaining it can be for a 37 year old man with no kids (I have a 10 year old nephew who has yet to experience this). I love Harry Potter novel and really enjoyed Beedle the Bard, which is what this game reminds me of with its cute, and often sinister, stories. I will definitely have to finish this to see the finale, which I hope is as impressive as the chapter two test I just took (only 10 house points grrrrrr). Lovie it! Make more please!

  • any news on when the next game for wonderbook is getting released like diggs nightcrawler plan on buying book of spells but hoping to get some release dat on diggs nightcrawler release date

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