F1 Race Stars Gives the F1 Experience a Karting Makeover

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F1 Race Stars Gives the F1 Experience a Karting Makeover

Codemasters are well known for creating racing games with lots of depth, and in many ways our brief for F1 Race Stars (out on PS3 November 20th today) was no different. When designing the game’s structure we intended to provide ongoing variety as crucially as the instant appeal you’d expect from a “karting” game.

Firstly, along with the typical race event, we have introduced a host of other modes of racing. There are eight in total, each requiring unique skills and strategy — some will feel instantly familiar to gamers, and some will feel entirely fresh and unique.

F1 Race Stars on PS3F1 Race Stars on PS3

For example, we’ve introduced Refuel mode – based on the principles of fuel strategy in F1, where fuel re-stocks are placed around the track, but carrying less fuel means more speed. Or Trophy Chase mode, a smash and grab event where players collect trophies, found both on the track and stolen from other drivers. Gamers should feel instantly at home with other modes such as Sector Snatch mode, where players can own sectors of each track by setting the fastest split time though it, or racing in a classic Elimination mode.

Modifiers can be applied onto any of these eight race modes to really mix things up. For instance, Flip Flop handicaps whoever is currently leading the pack by reversing their controls, Project Orion gives drivers unlimited boost from boost pads until they let go of the accelerator, and then there’s the classic Mirror Mode which flips the track left-to-right.

F1 Race Stars on PS3

And even on top of that, events are wholly configurable. You can set the cars’ damage mechanics, which power-ups are included in the event’s roster, and even whether you wish to play in teams.

From these simple tools, events can be generated to suit all moods and scenarios. For example, sliding around a wet Brazil trying to smash and grab trophies with the Monsoon modifier applied is great party gaming. Or choosing Fragile cars that take damage from all collisions, with No Power-Ups on Monaco presents the ultimate pure driving skill challenge. Various combinations are available in the game’s Career mode, but it only gives a taste of what’s on offer. Putting all of these options in the players’ hands, they can experiment and tailor the gaming experience to suit them – and maybe even show us designers up for creativity.

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  • will this be available on psn as well? And how much?

  • sounds good to me

  • Hi everyone! Claire here from the Codemasters Community team. If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


  • wow im excited cant wait for the plus update for vita yummy goodies on the go now how aboute adding ps home and avater like the ps3 on the vita then no one need a old ps3 they will just buy a vita and in this update will it change the vita formate so i can receive pics from the ps3 eye cam

  • Hey guy’s. This looks interesting, I will def be checking it out as I love me racing!!

    On a different note, I couldn’t log in to the blog using Mozilla Firefox – it took me to the system login and not the blog login page (someone there will know what I mean). I can however login via IE…Which I don’t normally use but hey ho, just thought I’d mention it.

    Much love

  • Claire, I’ll cut to the chase- what on earth is going on with this game’s release?

    Amazon – says release 11/13, out of stock
    Gamestop – says release 11/13, in stock online
    Best Buy – says release 11/13, in stock online, none in stores
    This blog post – says release 11/20?

    Is this game out or not? And why does hardly anyone have it in stock if it is out?

    This brings up a bigger question of how a company like Codemasters has problems with their games on US release every time. It seems CM games usually ship on release date or nobody ever has any in stock. It’s actually kinda pathetic that CM has let themselves be strangled by such a terrible stateside publisher.

    @El Pollo I could not log in with chrome but could with Firefox. Weird.

    • Hi there DwightSchrute12,

      I can confirm that F1 Race Stars is shipping to stores in the USA today. I can’t comment on the stock of stores at this point, but I’ll try to get an answer for you when I get into the office tomorrow. Hope that helps!

  • WOW…this is what Codemasters is making now..looks great, what game engine is that?

  • Your engine look’s pretty good. I see alot of real sponsorships in the games will the player be able choose or create to their liking??

    vp – psn legioniaree group

  • this would have been a great PS Plus free full game. Might buy this payday after I check out some videos of the action. Also as long as it differs from the majority of racers out there.

  • Oh and I never let go of the accelerator.

  • Now I’ve had chance to see the video and read up on this, I’m looking forward to the store update to try it out :) I love a good competitive but fun racer..

  • Nice video!

    It wasn’t mentioned in the video, but can you custom make tracks? You have stiff some competition with ModNation Racers and LBP Karting, at least on on the PS3 end of things.

    Thanks! Good luck with your game!

  • is there gonna be a demo on the store? looks pretty fun!

  • @12 Curtisio

    Being able to make tracks is all well and fine in the respective games you mentioned, but regardless, this is Codemasters…. they’re responsible for so many grade A game mechanics I’m not worried one bit for them,
    Remember a long long time ago, before most of the ‘fanboys’ were born, They made an awesome game with huge replayability called Micro Machines on NES and later it was ported either officially or unofficially to other platforms, and several grade A stuff since, all the way up until the Dirt series I believe, and that’s leaving a lot out, so yea… just saying, They’re no strangers to karting competition, they’re usually the ones to ‘be worried about'(in a friendly way of course) if you’re a game dev.

  • Even though F1 has nothing to do with drifting, but every kart racing game does. Does this game have drifting?

  • @14 Watch the video…take a look at the 1:12 mark. It’s not called “Drifting” but the mechanic is definitely in place as an opportunity to gain a boost much like ModNationRacers, LittleBigPlanet Karting, and pretty much every other Kart racer worth its salt.

  • “based on the principles of fuel strategy in F1”

    Only problem is that F1 doesn’t have refueling since 2010. Therefore, there’s no such thing as “fuel strategy in F1”.

    But nice game, anyway. Lots of fun.

  • Can you buy this in the playstation store? I live in Canada and I can’t find it in any store but it looks like I can only buy the DLC in the playstation store. cheers

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