5 Tips to Make the Most of the Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo, Out Today on PSN

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5 Tips to Make the Most of the Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo, Out Today on PSN

Need for Speed Most Wanted is now out, and today we’re celebrating 1 million Autolog users with the release of the PlayStation 3 demo. We’re bringing PlayStation.Blog the inside track on what new players should look for, and how to dominate the Most Wanted demo.

Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS3

Making a demo for a large-scale open world game is a major challenge. We wanted to put together a snapshot of Most Wanted’s blend of exploration, connected competition and explosive, over-the-top police chase action to give you a taste of what to expect from the main game.

The action takes place in a locked down version of the city – you get to play in Fairhaven’s Downtown and Four Bridges districts. These areas are loaded with billboards, jumps, speed cameras and hidden cars.

The game kicks you off in Aston Martin’s beautiful V12 Vantage. Race to the first location, and we’ll bust out the classic Porsche 911 Carrera S.

Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS3Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS3

Explore the city further, and you’ll find a “Jack Spot” with Audi’s flagship R8 Spyder. Park and hit triangle to instantly switch. It’s as easy as that. In the main game, it’s the same deal but on a grand scale. There are over a hundred Jack Spots to locate and discover cars.

Add a friend to Autolog, and we’ll bust out the final car of the demo, the fan-favorite Ford Focus RS500. And you definitely want to do this. Not only because the RS500 is a truly pimp car, but because just like the full game, our demo is all about Autolog.

Most Wanted is all about Speed Points. Everything you do in the game earns them — from online multiplayer, to escaping the cops, to cruising the city looking for cars and records to beat. Earn more than your friends to reach the top of your Most Wanted List.

Need for Speed Most Wanted on PS3

Here are five easy tips for you guys to make racking up the maximum 50,000 demo Speed Points a breeze.

  • Most Wanted is an open world game. When racing, keep an eye on the mini map in the bottom left of the screen to avoid missing crucial turns.
  • Look out for gas stations. Drive through these to clean, repair and respray your car. If you’re taking a beating during a race or cop pursuit, these can make all the difference between first and last place, or escape and arrest.
  • Win the “Keys to the City” event to unlock the Burn Nitrous modification. Equip it and then fill your nitrous gauge by driving against the flow, hitting jumps or taking down your opponents.
  • The end of the second event finishes at a gas station. Behind it, you’ll find the R8 Spyder. It’s all-wheel-drive with a strong rear-wheel bias. Its planted, manageable handling combines beautifully with the AWD to give a little extra off road performance. Perfect for shaking the cops or hitting those billboards with a dirt run-up.
  • With the cops on your tail, get out of sight and hit L3 to switch off the engine. You’ll enter Cool Down and reduce your Wanted gauge fast.

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  • Dont like it, i prefer a hundred times more the gameplay and style of 2005 most wanted, not this burnout need for speed mw wannabe.

  • Will there be a Vita demo available too?

  • I agree with #2, would really like to try it out on the PS Vita.

  • not bad, not nad at all.. But can steering wheel be used inthe demo.??

  • Agree with 2 and 3: would really like a Vista demo.

  • PS3 demo only or there will be one for PSVita too?

  • Vita…dang auto correct

  • Thankfully the demo is here and people can decide for themselves if this is a great game or not. I bought at $53.99 from pre-ordering on PSN and have been playing it every day since.

    Great game, feel, speed, look, city, drifting….All things great.

    I have noticed though that for the “main stream” audience, these games/products need to be advertised, advertised, and advertised. If most people don’t see 20 commercials for it everyday for a week, they don’t think it’s worth bothering with…IMO anyway…lol

    Go play the demo then go buy the game,,,It’s great :)

  • This is something I can get excited about.

  • I love this game. I would highly recommend checking out the demo if you’re on the fence.

  • Hey Criterion: please make more Burnout (real Burnout, not Crash).

  • I have the Vita version and it’s amazing. it’s so good that I’d consider buying it again for my PS3. There should be some discount for that.

  • Tip #6 – Skip the demo and just buy the game already! It is that good!

  • So when will you guys be charging for user controlled cop chase modes and physical car mods? Really anxious to pay extra for something that should have been in the game.

  • @14,
    Wow you’re a loser.

  • Just buy the game if you own a vita! It’s really an amazing feat!

  • @15, it’s called sarcasm, and he’ll be right soon enough (it’s EA!).

  • I have the Vita version and love it – so easy to go from campaign to multi player – transition is seamless – can’t say enough about this game I’m tempted to get
    PS3 version as well.

  • this game is like burnout with licensed cars..LAME..Im pretty sure we all WANTED ..an NFS game that felt more like NEED FOR SPEED..and alittle bit of UNDERGROUND..my favorite NFS game BTW.

  • Love this game on Vita. Well done.

  • if u like burnout paradise, u’ll like this but if u like need 4 speed u won’t like this.

    Cops only bug you(like ur racing by urself), no customization, u can get any car just by looking in the city ( no sense of accomplishment when you have to have beaten a racer # and getting the required $ to buy the car that u want, like in the original need 4 speed most wanted), it has no story (i only had 1 hour to play it and i didn’t encoutner one bit of a story.

    i figured this out by playing the 1 hr trial. so yea…..so disappointed, but otherwise it is a good racing game but its just not need 4 speed.

    My opinion.

  • idc what anyone here says, this is the best need for speed yet…. i got the ps3 and the vita version, i beat all the blacklist racers and all the cars races and got all the billboards and all the jackspots and all the security gates. i got the platinum trophy for this game and locked in a total of 4,042,230 speed points which has brought me up to a total of 60 hours of gameplay and yet all i wanna do is play play play play play… criterion and ea best game you have ever made keep up the good work dont listen to these kids because a story doesnt make a good game this does.

  • best game ever, got 60 hours of gameplay into got the platinum trophy and still cant stop playing and probably never will.

  • Does anyone know how the online works in this game its very confusing and nothing like the past 2 need for speeds. Which were very easy to access the online.

    Now its like we all meet up in the city and try to race but I still dont understand whats going on any hints ????

  • I thought this was for the Vita demo, there is already a full game trial on the PS3.

  • #14 is right………… I told my PSN friends the SAME EXACT THING…. because it’s true. Criterion, we know this is burnout paradise 1.1 …and maybe the one player is like Hot Pursuit… but what #14 said is correct…. maybe you guys should at LEAST have the same modes your last 2 games had, and have some RESPECT for your fans, and maybe they’ll respect you. I LOVED burnout paradise AND hot pursuit, but I’m not going to pay $60 for a game with less features. There is NO reason cops shouldn’t be in the online mode, and there is NO reason you guys couldn’t have made any new online modes…. this game just SCREAMS “burnout paradise 1.1” ……….actually, burnout paradise 0.5 ………. less features = pathetic. Get you stuff together boys. Here’s a tip… how about a mode where you can play tag??? Hey, look… it took me FIVE SECONDS to think of another mode to add to the game… why can’t Criterion THINK of something??? There is NO excuse. SOME of us do NOT like buying the same game every year. Sorry Activision and EA’s Need For Speed / Medal of Honor, but no thanks. Hire more creative people, and get your stuff together.

  • And at least in burnout you could do barrel rolls…….. thanks for taking that out of this game……… LOL. Also, don’t even bother trying to tell anyone this isn’t burnout paradise… you’re not fooling anyone. Yes, it’s a fun game, but no, it’s not an improved game, ..as I said, it’s actually less than the last games.. which is very sad. Seriously, I’m trying to help… you guys need to get your stuff together… how hard is it to make some NEW online modes and NOT have the only “new” stuff be DLC?????

  • One more thing, yes I might sound like a jerk but this is coming from a hardcore NFS and burnout fan who wants to help, so maybe the developers might listen here and maybe the fans will agree with this…….. stop with the rubber band AI… it’s not how a racing game should work and again it makes the game less than it should be. I don’t remember the old NFS games being like this. The computer cars should NOT slow down when you slow down.. and they should NOT catch up to you when you’re going blisteringly fast.

    Bring back the racers of the old days where it wasn’t just about boosting 24/7…. where it was actually about the UNIQUE cars and their unique strengths and weaknesses. Boost makes all these cars too similar. I can’t tell the difference between the porsche and the lambo… I used to be able to do so in the playstation ONE need for speed games…. what does that tell you? Boost is dumbing the game down. Go look at the oldschool NFS Hot Pursuit games on PS1 and PS2, and even high stakes and a beautiful little game called NFS PORSCHE UNLEASHED if you want to see how much better racing games used to be. They still can be… if developers stop making the same thing every year that is……………

  • You know what would REALLY excite me again for a Need For Speed? A remake, NOTE: i said REMAKE not REMAGINATION, of NFS Porsche Unleashed! Just upgrade graphics sound and add all the new Porsches that released after 2001 and you’ll have a winner! I still have the original for PS1 and it’s still a blast to play, such an awesome soundtrack and selection of Porsches! Take cues from Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends, except don’t make it suck lol. Oh, and thanks for adding the ///M3 GTR /SARCASM

  • update the dame store now

  • Now excuse me as i go play the REAL MOST WANTED on my 360 rofl…

  • the store updates seem to be getting later and later into the evening now, is there a reason for this?

  • no the best need for speed is underground for ps2

  • 32, the store updates later because they’re probably organizing all the new graphics/backgrounds to fit with the new store design which SUCKS anyway, just another way to push advertising and make it worse. These late updates only started happening once the new store launched, it was extremely rare for the store to update late before, now it’s like this EVERY WEEK!

  • “update the dame store now”

    The dame store? So, there’s a place where we can buy girls? Awesome. I hope there’s some cute ones still left in stock.

  • “Here’s a tip… how about a mode where you can play tag??? Hey, look… it took me FIVE SECONDS to think of another mode to add to the game… why can’t Criterion THINK of something???”

    But you didn’t think of that. You just took that idea from all the other games that have a tag mode.

  • No blog post yet but the store is updated for me.

  • CAll of duty declassified demo and need for speed demo ?

  • Welp, I’ve a Vita and you could probably guess what I did when I saw this… (wait for it). Yup! Swiped on over to the PSN and whatdoyaknow no NFS demo for the Vita :p

  • This is along the line of what I mentioned in a previous post. The game has been out for TWO weeks, and we’re only now getting the demo? Demos should be presented to the store a MINIMUM of two weeks BEFORE the street release date. That way, if I happen to like the game, I can pre-order it and still enjoy the pre-order bonuses that come with it. I don’t typically make critical comments on the blog, but I’m putting my foot down on this one.

  • @25 Yes, but that can only be played once. This is a stand alone demo for non PS+ users.

  • #36… stop trying to be cute.. it’s not MY job to think of new game modes, it’s THEIR job. And like I said, I thought of one in 5 seconds. I could think of plenty more, but I’m not going to waste my time. Developers that make the same thing every year and add NO new modes are usually not the kinds of developers that will listen to great fan feedback anyway… they’re too busy lookin in their wallets rather than in their “creative” minds. Doing 1000 yards of drift was okay fun in burnout, but doing the exact same challenges in another game is not worth $60 in my book…. and I think it’s about time we start calling developers out on it. Deliver something new or don’t waste our time, some of us are smarter than that.

  • Nice can’t wait to check….I would buy anyway because Criterion are the best Developers for Racing games….and this NFS looks just like Burnout…couldn’t be better….its always nice to have a demo.

  • @ 35 – I can’t stop laughing.Good point LOL

  • @ 40 JROD0823 – Couldn’t agree more…well said….I think the same as you…developers are really lazy launching their demos after release….I mean they could get a lot of more sales if they cast a demo before launch,just like you said at least 2 weeks before….and also ALL games should have demos.Some games are bad when you watch other people playing on videos but we playing is a completely different thing.

  • it’d be great if you guys could make a demo for the Vita version too!

  • @45 Welmosca,

    Glad to hear that someone feels the same way I do. If we don’t speak up when things are being done in a non-beneficial way to us, the consumers, then they’ll never change their ways for the better.

  • This game is unplayable. And why can’t I just race in racing game? Why do i need to drive through the city from one race to another? What kind of logic is behind that? I miss good old games where you can jump in the action from the start. And why do i need exploring(broken one if you ask me) in racing game? Developers in our days have become really stupid and uncreative.

  • Damn i love this game.. I know it looks like Burnout Paradise but still wow. The graphics are amazing and the cars, with their own real sounds, are just better then I could ever expect. The only downside of the game is the story line that’s not in the game, and that is a big disappointment. The online game play is something you need to get used to but every game is different so that’s not a problem for me. So If your not sure if you want to buy this game I would advice you to buy it

  • there really needs to be an update or maybe even dlc for nfs mw that lets you customize your car like previous great Need for speeds. Everyone loves customizing their cars. And by customizing I mean body kits, and roof scoops, vinyl all that great stuff. Like nfs pro street or the old nfs mw.

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