PlayStation Home Update: What Are You Thankful For?

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PlayStation Home Update: What Are You Thankful For?

This Wednesday, November 14th, the Thanksgiving festivities begin, Home Tycoon gets new sustainable building options, PanthaBots make their entrance, Konami releases new raver items, and more!

Thanksgiving Holiday Celebration

Autumn is here, there’s a crisp zing to the air, the leaves are changing colors and Thanksgiving is nearly here! In Pier Park, we have a fall theme coming, complete with a full decor take-over, a Witch Hunt game and more.


No, there are no turkeys to chase this year, but there are rewards-a-plenty to earn.


In the spirit of community working together, there’s a banquet to make that requires a group effort. Can your team race to collect the ingredients in time to make the table as plentiful as this?


HellFire Games — Home Tycoon Update

Expand your dream city with the new Garden District and Sustainable Apartments this week in Home Tycoon from Hellfire Games! These new commercial and residential buildings from TransUtopia are now available in Home Tycoon’s Planner Mode under the TransUtopia categories. Get a sneak preview in the City Showcase over at the Home Tycoon Train Station today!


Lockwood — Uproar Update, PanthaBots Update

Uproar Collection 1: Oh Snap!

The first Uproar collection storms into PlayStation Home this week! Oh Snap! Look forward to:

  • Level cap increase to 35
  • New rewards
  • 4 new weapons
  • Punk clothing for the Swyfts and the Outlaws
  • 3 new Taunts
  • Double Jump Serum
  • And more! Visit for full details


Iron Fusion Panthabots

With help from their growing family of Mechs, Iron Fusion’s scientists studied the esoteric design of the Samurai and Geisha Bots and used their findings to create the next generation of transforming robots. Unlike their predecessors the Mechjets, Panthabots Falchion, Makhaira, Shamshir, Atrox, Azandica and Tulliana are able to alter their form at will.


The Panthas have exceptional visual and olfactory scanning capabilities. They have begun training in physical combat, apparently in preparation of a coming enemy, but are reticent when it comes to specific details. Initial data implies that the past disappearance of several Solar Fusilier and Abyss Trooper units, plus the appearance of a mysterious ‘Shadow Portal’ are all somehow connected to the Panthabots high alert status.

Introductory offer bundles are available for 2 weeks with a 33% discount!

Time for Turkey!

Your friend is getting ready for thanksgiving dinner, but something about their chosen outfit just isn’t working, they need to accessorise! Look no further as Lockwood provides the perfect gift – a Turkey Headdress! Available now from the Gift Machine. If you think they would prefer eating turkey to wearing it, you can pick them up a delicious plated roast turkey instead, Lockwood caters for all tastes…


Attitude in x7

This one goes out to all the guys in PlayStation Home, if you think you can pull it off pick up the Attitude Hairstyle a week early from x7.

Konami — Raver Line Update

Konami updates their popular Raver line which will make you the focus of any party! Update your wardrobe with new shirts, pants, shoes and hats! Don’t forget to try out the glowing halos, horns, claws and wings as well!


Granzella — Shoulder Suits + Autumn Dress + Winter Yukata

Granzella introduces the Shoulder Draped Suit Jacket and Hunting Cap set. Wearing this jacket over your shoulders is a wild fashion statement. In addition to the top and bottoms of the suit, the content of the set includes a Hunting Cap, Leather shoes for men, High Heels for women. Coordinate your whole body in style. For both men and women, this set is available in black, white, and red.

Wander the streets aimlessly at night with your suit flowing from your shoulders. You’ll look cool all night.

20121107_SCEA_Shoulder Suit_blog

With pale colored cosmos patterns, the impressive Floral Dress is available in three colors, red, blue, and purple. Enjoy an outfit coordinated for autumn with the High Heeled Boots and Cute Beret. In addition a new hairstyle, Fluffy Pigtails, is included in the set.

Experience the faint scent of autumn. Head out on the town dressed for the season!

Granzella introduces a couple new Yukatas. Against an impressive vivid blue, this pattern features willows and frogs. From this pattern, one can imagine swaying willows and a frog leaping into a pond. Of course, it’s available for both men and women.


When the full moon climbs in the night sky, people will look at the night sky with deep feelings.
Decorated with the moon in the night sky and grass swaying in the wind, this yukata is perfect for a night with a full moon.

20121107_SCEA_Autumn Yukata_blog

nDreams — BoxBeats: Rock

First there was dance, now there is rock. BoxBeats: Rock is coming with 12 rock tracks from independent artists and the quality of the music is simply fantastic. With a new style of speakers which will look great in your personal apartment it is fantastic for those looking to invite some people round and get dancing (maybe with the Street Moves Dance Packs!).


Mall Update

Magnus is back in his 66th volume of the Virtual Item Showcase. This week he showcases new Iron Fusion PanthaBots, new Raver clothing (and claws!) from Konami, new Yukata dress from Granzella and more! Check out the video below for all the details.

See you in PlayStation Home!

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15 Author Replies

  • No turkeys to chase this year?! That’s a PlayStation Home Thanksgiving tradition!

    • Lord Pumpkinhead did not make his annual appearance either. Sometimes it’s worth shaking things up a bit, especially when the community asks for a change, we listen!

  • I’m “thankful” the Granzella suits and rollerskates are coming out this week after last week’s false blog update, but why are we still not getting the teahouse?

    The skeletal knight armor for women looks good, I’m glad we are finally getting something like that, it’s usually only males that get the cool armor. So I guess I’ll be picking that up as well.

    Also the Thanksgiving Pier looks very nice visually, but I’m not looking forward to forced multiplayer again :/

  • The new Uproar outfits are looking better than the original. Something more for the mature gang banger.

    And Granzella’s been coming out with some very colorful clothes. Something to wear at home when not out battling demons.

    Thank you for the news!

  • I see there’s a 33% off introductory bundle sale for the next 2 weeks on the PanthaBots.. Can you tell us what is included with the bundle, how much regular price of the bundle is, and how much a standalone PanthaBot is?

    • The Panthabots will be $9.99 each with male and female bundles available, each coming with 3 Panthabots, for $19.99. Snap the sales up while you can!

    • Clarification: The limited-time bundles, available only for 2 weeks, are the sale. You get 3 Panthabots for the regular price of 2, saving 33%.

  • Granzella announced the release of their roller skates in North America? I don’t see them listed in the Blog update. Are they coming Wednesday?

  • The Pier Park looks very nice for Thanksgiving, and the game with the ingriediants looks good to! I did not enjoy the Halloween event this year, none of the games seemed Halloween related.
    What would be cool if there was a Turkey Chase Active Item for your Personal Space with its unique rewards. I would have fun chasing turkeys all day! I also love that music when the game starts up.

    • There are no plans to make Turkey Chase or related items at the moment, but if there’s enough of a demand, who knows?

  • can you give us an example of what kind of rewards are being given out during the event

    • There are Pilgrim hats, banquet food items, a couple other Thanksgiving-inspired ornaments, and couple furniture items. It’s hard to describe without giving them all away!

  • Is anybody else having trouble signing on to PSN with there system?

  • Jo: They announced the skates on their twitter, yeah.

    Anyway, it is gonna be strange not seeing the turkeys this year. Do those Home Tycoon buildings cost coins, or will they be ingame dollar buildings?

  • Nice event orange, yellow, red. Is the best picture I’ve ever seen. I’m thankful for the love of god of playstation home greatest public game and the great brand that I’ve bought. I can’t wait until I be there in playstation home. :)

  • The Turkey game was a tradition. I’ll miss it.

  • Any support coming to Home for the Vita? Remote Play would be a good place to start. Hopefully Vita will get a full Home application in the future.

  • The community can dress as turkeys and we can wear roller skates and chase each other – assuming the skates are coming. :)

  • any word on the granzella tea house and what will the price be on the new Panthabots from lockwood…

    • Teahouse is still in QA. As soon as it’s done, it’ll be released here. For Panthabot prices, see my reply to comment #4.

  • Most looking forward to the uproar update, hopefully they keep updating it over time. Thanksgiving event looks cool as well. Granzella is always bringing stuff here it seems but nothing that is really impressive so hopefully thatll change soon. Still curious about when the Intellivision arcades will release. I hope we get some cool surprises in the next 2 months of updates because other than Christmas and the acades, there really is not anything big that is known to be coming out yet.

  • Sooooooo….

    When was the last Hub quest? MANY MONTHS AGO

    When was the last time the ‘sale’ section of the Home store was updated? MANY MONTHS AGO

    Why is it that all the sweet new locomotions and companions have animations that only the owner can see?!?!?! This is a HORRIBLE new trend that should be ceased immediately…Do the Home vendors actually think they are enticing sales of such items when owners friends can’t even see or enjoy it properly?!/!

    Why can’t Home EVER have an updated message of the day on the day of the update rather than always reflecting last weeks data (i.e. halloween tiki mask ornament hopes for a false message about the adventure district joke hanging around when it was really gone…)

    Venting finished for now…Thanks for hopefully listening!!

  • I’m in a generally good mood now that the US presidential election is over. And thankful that mitt romney Lost. Even better since I got $20 from last month from my spending a lot. Hopefully I don’t get dramatic over PS Home Blog for another 3-4 years.

    Meh, onto what has got me excited to buy this week!

    Iron Fusion Panthabots
    Combining my 2 favorite things while reminding me of Voltron, Beast Wars, & Beast Machines…. Just….. Epic….Awesomeness! Plus it’ll be the first time I buy the Female Versions too!

  • I really admire how PS Home has come so far with so much content.This is why I dig PS Home!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We have the most talented developers who are very creative and carefully craft new content that the community will love. Sorry for the alliteration, it just fit!

  • @tusunami…i totally agree.

    can’t believe it’s almost 4 yrs since i’ve been on Home and to see it evolve is pretty cool….just wish they fix these bugs like the item prices that say “ERROR”…like the Avalon Dungeon and in the RaceOn Garage personal space, it says “ERROR” for the BeeBeeBots.

    I love Home, but man do they need to nail down these technical issues that continue to plague Home.

    the Panthabots remind me of the Voltron Lions and Ravage from the 80’s Transformer cartoons.

    anyway, hopefully they will fix those price Errors this week.

  • I really hope that the Thanksgiving Rewards are not crappy as the Halloween Rewards were, a whole bunch of nails you cant even see and noone can see you have them on .
    I like the Lockwood Panthabots, However , that turkey headdress , …………dissapointing .

  • Rewards a plenty ? I bet it’s going to be the stupid food rewards they recycled from last year . How many fake roast turkeys do we need ? Lol

  • I am thankful that God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. So even as the world falls apart and millions die of dieses and hunger and ww3 seems right around the corner I know I well survive and life in paradise forever and ever.

  • Thankful I’m smart enough not to celebrate this bs holiday….its a smack in the face of the natives.

  • so since the huge turkey statue is gone too, what is in replace to take a group/solo picture with???

  • Hello Cade,
    I enjoy these updates on Home, great seeing more variety but I do hope to see some old rewards back, I am missing out so much but loving new changes as well.
    Thank you!

    • We have a general policy to shy away from recycling rewards because those who already have them don’t feel special when a new holiday rolls around, and also because they’re not *new.* On the other hand, it’s not always easy to come up with fresh designs from year to year when the subconscious expectation all ties to very traditional concepts. But we try and keep it fresh, try new things as the community wishes. There is no Lord Pumpkinhead and no Turkey Chase this year due to strong community request. So we’re mixing it up a bit! I hope you like it.

  • i want those Iron Fusion Panthabots :P, how much are they each price and bundle, oh will they be bundle as male bundle and female bundle not just all together for those who or like myself i perfer Iron Fusion Panthabots male bundle thnks for anwsering cade if u could ?

  • is the patch for the Avalon Keep dungeon still coming out this week?

  • Is Playstation Home still in beta? If so, that’s disgusting and amounts to consumer fraud.

  • I wish the new street Moves could be permanently attached to your character, both sets considering they are add-ons. they should automatically show up in the dance moves list and shouldn’t have to be “Put On”. also can you move the dance moves and auto text menu to the right side of the screen, I would like to be able to see my avi dance. thanks.

  • Guilty Gear

  • Hello I stared at like you get up shop Sony’s first games such as Batken 3, Dragon Ball Z Last burst, soul edge

  • Hey just was wondering how long PSH be closed for all these updates? Like approximately 4-5 hrs or more?

  • very nice ^^

  • I wish I could be thankful for the old PSN design but the new update is awful. Why can’t we just get a list of all games via the first letter of the game without using the terrible search function? Sheesh. Looks like someone decided to make a change to justify their paycheck and make it look like they’re working.

  • I’m thankful 4 all kick ass video games

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