A Beginner’s Guide to Persona 4: Golden (Out Next Week!)

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A Beginner’s Guide to Persona 4: Golden (Out Next Week!)

Persona 4 Golden on PS Vita

Greetings, PlayStation.Blog readers and ATLUS fans! I’m aware that some PlayStation RPG fans still haven’t heard of Persona 4 Golden, the latest in ATLUS’ best-selling Persona series, which hits North American store shelves and PlayStation Network on November 20th.

So what is Persona? Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 is Metacritic’s PlayStation 2 Game of the Year for 2008. Persona 4 places you in the shoes of a high school student who needs to strike a balance between school, a social life, learning more about his family, and, as it happens, investigating a series of gruesome murders that may or may not involve a psychedelic world that lies behind the screen of every television in town. Whether beating up Shadows or tackling schoolwork, the choices you make will come to affect how others see you, and how you see yourself.

Persona 4 Golden on PS VitaPersona 4 Golden on PS Vita

In both Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden, you play as transfer student (insert name here) who moves to the sleepy country burg of Inaba. When you arrive, things quickly take a turn for the weird when you learn of a series of murders taking place in the town. You decide to do some investigating on your own, journeying into a mysterious world that you never knew existed, facing off against creatures from the very depths of humanity’s collective psyche.

Luckily, you’re not completely powerless. Each and every one of your party eventually gets access to a Persona, the inner self, and it is through these forces that you’ll learn to cast devastating spells and powerful physical attacks. The main character has a special ability, as well: the ability to change Personas among dozens of different spirits, with corresponding skills, strengths, and weaknesses. It is this ability to change Personas — improving and discovering new ones — that will make up the bulk of your efforts.

Persona 4 Golden on PS Vita

That’s not to say that the game finely cleaves the “RPG” part from the “social sim” part, oh, no. The bonds that form between you and other characters are known as Social Links, and each one takes on one of the Arcana that your Personas fall under. Basically, the better a friend you are to a person, the easier it will be to make and use the Personas that he or she represents within your mind.

These conversations aren’t just a chore to help you build better monsters — they’re full-on side stories. I’ve seen battle-hardened warriors cry manfully into their plaited beards when playing some of these scenes. What hope do you have? None, probably, but that’s okay. When you relate your tear-soaked tales to other Persona 4 veterans, we’ll all know what you’re talking about.

Persona 4 Golden on PS VitaPersona 4 Golden on PS Vita

If you’ve played Persona 4, you might have noticed that there were a few points in the year where time skipped ahead, meaning you didn’t get to play out those days. This time, the story’s been reconfigured to give you back all that lost time, as well as giving you new fun things to do during these periods. Will you and Yosuke ever get your scooter licenses? What will happen in the main character’s love life now that Valentine’s Day is a playable event? Will Teddie learn the true meaning of Christmas? If you’ve never played Persona 4, then all this new stuff will be gravy on the mashed potatoes of fantasticness we’re already giving you.

There’s also an entirely new dungeon and a brand new Social Link for you to connect with. This character is seamlessly integrated into the narrative to provide context to the entire story. Additional details include all-new animated sequences for several major events and holidays, new costumes and weapons, and a metric ton of new voiced dialogue covering almost every event sequence. What more could you ask for?

Persona 4 Golden PS Vita Skin

Don’t forget: we’re offering a free PS Vita skin and accompanying wallpapers with pre-orders of Persona 4 Golden. Quantities are limited, so be sure you pre-order soon (and make sure the retailer you pre-order from is participating in this offer) or risk missing out. Of course, if you manage to get your hands on the sold out Solid Gold Premium Edition, you’ll get that PS Vita skin, along with a hard pouch, face protector, and stickers! We know they’re hard to come by, but keep an eye out on PS.Blog and the @PlayStation Twitter page, as we’re cooking something up to take care of a lucky fan. Otherwise, all versions physical and digital will be available for sale on November 20th, which is… coming up quickly! In any case, I do hope that you’re looking forward to this title, and that if you weren’t before, you are now. Thanks for reading!

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  • Wow, I didn’t realize this was so close. I’ve had my preorder in for a few weeks now, I can’t wait.

  • Man, the wait for this game has been killer. I didn’t realize how much stuff was added until I watched all of the videos and posts everywhere about P4G, which actually made the wait even worse! I can’t wait to finally get my hands on it! ^_^

  • I’m hoping this becomes available for the PS3 at some point since I had a lot of fun with Persona 3 FES.


  • Is it necessary to have played the other Persona games to get into this series? Would I be lost?

    • It has some thematic callbacks to Persona 3 (Shadows, the nature of Personas, the Velvet Room), but the story isn’t tied to previous games. P4G’s a good way to get into it, in fact.

      Hint, hint, wink, wink, elbow nudge.

  • Ah, at last, I’ll finally be able to play my belated birthday present from July :) Of course, I still need to finish Persona 3 Portable, which I downloaded onto my Vita back in May. I’m 75 hours in, and there are two more full moon bosses left, so I’m getting close. Surt is my new favorite persona, he absolutely dominates! I can’t wait for Persona 4 Golden!

  • Sounds like fun! I’ve never been an RPG fan – never enjoyed the grinding aspect to them. Is this game more story arch driven than running around to find things to kill?

    • Once you get a pattern down, you’ll find yourself spending much less time in the “dungeons,” instead using your valuable time to strengthen your friendships.

  • @3 Dood just buy a PS Vita already. Persona is a lot more fun on a handheld anyways.

    I can’t wait for the 20th. I’ll be buying this off PSN. I got two of my friends to buy persona 4 golden who had ever played a persona game before. They are going to love it.

  • This game is how I justified purchasing a Vita! I can’t wait for my solid gold edition to come in :)

    Now I just need to find the time to play it!

  • Upgraded my shipping to overnight for my solid gold editions. Cant wait to play this game.

  • Man, I’ve had this game preordered since July or August. It’s finally happening!

  • Any news on a psn version discount? i read on the Plus update today that Vita Plus was coming very soon, like maybe next tuesday. A discount on Persona 4 would be a great way to kick start that. Though knowing Sony, they’ll just give us a crappy old psp game instead. :(

  • Also, who in their right mind would spend the extra money on the premium edition that adds nothing extra to the actual game and only has crappy stickers? I’m a big fan of the ps2 Persona games but not enough to waste money on frivolous collectors packages.

    I’m kinda disappointed Atlus couldn’t come up with something better.

  • @ 13
    The “crappy sticker” is a PRE-ORDER bonus. The collectors edition includes many items in addition to that.
    Do your research before you rant. Makes you seem like an idiot otherwise.

  • Is there Japanese text or audio support for this? Probably not.
    I’m thinking about importing this, but the account on my Vita is for North America. I’d import the retail version, but wasn’t the last persona game region locked? So tired of this runaround.

  • Thanks for the timely response Mike.

  • @15 PS Vita games are not region locked, but if they release dlc content you probably wont be able to download it. :|
    Arena was region locked though…
    Here are some Q&As
    Q: Does Persona 4 Golden have a Japanese language option?
    A: No, only English text and an English dub are available. We are VERY aware of many fans’ interest in dual language audio, but it is not possible in every project.
    Q: Why can’t I find the Solid Gold Premium Edition for pre-order anywhere?
    A: Because the entire production run of 10,000 is just about entirely spoken for via pre-order. There may be a minimal number of units made available by retailers near or at launch (held aside in order to avoid oversell situations), but for the most part, it’s sold out.
    Q: Is Persona 4 Golden region locked?
    A: No.
    Q: Perhaps windmills can cool all this P4G demand?

  • I had the regular edition of the game per-orders since the beginning of August on Amazon and was dying for a copy of the solid gold edition, but sadlyAmazon wasn’t one of the retailers who were supplying them. Can’t wait for this game, though. Super excited!

  • I do have a question though…any chance we might see the Persona 4 Arena and P4G avatars released over PSN soon here in North America?

  • This game is gonna be great, I hope it outsells everything else the Vita has offered so far, it certainly is good enough to.

    Shame Canada got shafted on the special version (my local EBs never even got it in the system online or in store, before it was sold out, even though the USA EB site listed it for 3-4 days at least before selling out…)

    So I’m stuck being one of the many hoping for an Ebay listing that isn’t too insanely priced before I can play it.

    Still, I want you to sell tons and bring more games like this over, Atlus is one of my favourite companies.

  • I need this in my Vita right now… but I can wait a week.

  • I can wait pick up Solid Gold Edition, along with PS All stars.

  • @18 Amazon did sell the solid gold edition, twice. That’s how I’m getting it as an early birthday present for my self. Lol. It just sold out in a few hours of it going on sell each time. I would try checking everyday up till launch if you want it from there, or if your GameStop is in a rural area like mine they might get some in and nobody will grab them. Good Luck!

  • amazon sold it twice? In US or Canada?

    The US Amazon had it in stock but wouldn’t ship to Canada, the Canada Amazon never got it (at least in the first two weeks I was checking, even signed up for the ‘tell me if it becomes available’ alert).

  • GET HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @20: Every retailer had their own stock to sell. I missed it when amazon.ca sold their copies, but got it at ebgames.ca. it was limited, whether Canada got a fair share of the total is beyond me, but we did get it.

  • I got my copy pre-ordered and I cant wait for it to ship.

    and thanks Atlus for letting NewEgg be one of the retailers that gets the Skin and wallpapers. A lot of companies forget about them but you guys didn’t and I appreciate that.

    I also have Dragon’s Crown pre-ordered and can’t wait for more info on that.

    Really looking forward to more Vita support from you guys.

  • Thanks so much for the rpgs Atlus! Since Square Enix seems to have forgotten what a good game is, so many of us look to you!

  • Great job!!! I preordered the solid gold edition the morning it was announced (thanks by the way for the heads up on atlus faithful newsletter).

    Im very excited to get to play the enhanced version of P4. If you guys keep putting games on the vita I’ll keep buying them.

  • Yes another PS Vita game coming out, keep it rolling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So , the game isnt region locked right? Because i really dont want to wait another 3 months to play x3 Really hope my local gameshop is importing the game when it comes out , havent played persona 4 in 2 years now..ever since my ps2 broke ;-;

  • The game sounds great… I have never played a Persona game but I have gained interested after seeing Giantbomb doing the endurance run videos. So it is great to hear that P4G is a great place to start and I will be surely picking it up.

    1) Will there be any Near functionality?

    2) Will there be Persona 4 Golden panels?

    3) Any multiplayer? Just curious since I know some of my friends might pick it up.

    • 1) There isn’t Near functionality, though it does take advantage of Wi-Fi for the Vox Populi and the Rescue Request functions.

      2) I’m not sure what you mean by that.

      3) Nope, P4G is a single-player experience.

  • I have a question. Will the ps2 version of Persona 4 be realised as a PS2 classic? Cause i wanna play it again but i don’t have a Vita and since the third was realised i was kinda hoping for 4 to be realised soon

  • Always had been a fan of ATLUS and the Persona series. Pre-ordered mine off of Amazon since August. You guys are lucky you’re going to get your copies soon. My Amazon Pre-order status says that mine will be delivered sometime between the 27th and the 29th! I keep telling myself to be patient and just replay P3P again while waiting b-b-but I just can’t wait much longer!! (o_0) I was staring yesterday at my old and battered PS2 wondering if I should replay P4 just to forget how long I had to wait still.

    Anyways, thank you for giving me a reason to buy the Vita way back when you announced P4G for it, ATLUS! I shall forever be one of your faithful. Now…when’s Persona 5 coming out? XD

  • @Mike The PS Vita has panels for the background of your PSN profile “card” such as a Gravity Rush themed panel for example and I was wondering if there would be some Persona 4 Golden themed panels.

    Thanks for the answers and if I decided to get it over the PS Store will it have the 10% off or will it be the full $39.99?

  • @Mike, LMAO! So, does that mean there’s also going to be a Persona 6?!?! AWESOME!!! :D
    Btw, I also second #19’s request for Persona 4/Arena avatars and also a P4/A gamer-card-thingy (the one in Vita) background! :D

  • I can not wait for this any longer. I don’t care much of the PS Vita skin and all that little stuff. I just want the game and play it right now. I’m currently playing Persona 3 FES as a PS2 classic while I just recently got Persona 1 PSP version for my PS Vita since the Persona games on the PSN went on sale and I was glad to have the chance to get the first one. I’m starting to like the Persona series. Slowly but surely.

  • I wish there were a digital preorder option, because I don’t want a physical copy. I prefer digital distribution. But I feel bad because I try to preorder every Atlus game because I know those numbers help you guys. I usually don’t count myself as a “fanboy”, but I can’t help it when it comes to Atlus and Valve.

  • Now that PS Plus is confirmed to come to Vita next tuesday, please tell me Persona 4 psn version will get a discount? Surely Sony isn’t stupid enough to not approach Atlus about this, considering this is one of the most anticipated games for Vita (which isn’t hard to do considering the lack of games).

    • I’m not aware of any such discount for Plus members, but they keep me in the dark on a lot of things. Perhaps it’s because I love to share good news.

  • okay. lol. I’ll maintain hope for it at least.

  • I’m such a huge fan of the series. And to think I’d be able to play it anywhere now…
    How could I not pre-order this? Thank you and keep up the good work guys!

  • How big is the download because Atlus games dont get shipped to my province and there’s no Ebgames around me to pick it up so I have to download.

  • @Mike Tip #6 of this article will help you find the panels unless you meant that you cant find any Persona 4 panels… if so I hope that you may decide to add some in the future. blog.us.playstation.com/2012/02/24/ps-vita-our-9-favorite-tips/

  • 1 more weeek!

  • I literaly can’t wait to get this game, stupid me, I missed Persona 3 and 4 in PS2, so, one afternoon I was bored and well since we all know the PS vita doesn’t have that many great titles I was i the need of one good title to play in the go, so I did some research and I found out that a lot of people recomend Persona 3 Portable, well I had nothing to lose since I loved most of JRPG’s so I dowonloaded, and you know what? it was the best desision I’ve made in the year, I’ve been playing it non-stop since then 120 hours of gameplay, , main character lvl 99, and a lot of sidequest and stories to explore, and after that? well I can pick the female character to see how things change!, naturally I went out running to the store and pre-order Persona 4, and also got Persona 4 Arena… it is a shame that I haven’t play story mode of Persona 4 Arena but I don’t want it to spoil me some parts of persona 3 and persona 4, man I could never imagine that I would like these games so much,. These 2 should be a total pick up for RPG lovers.

    • Well, Atlus is having a sale for all the PSP Persona games right now if you still need something to fill that aching hole in your heart where Golden will be one week from now. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the series so much!

  • Will we be able to play music while playing our favourite game? And if so, my body is ready.

  • well fellow gamers, im about to go get persona 4 golden. it wil be my 1st real JRPG like ever and im a little intimidated but im slowly getting into the genre. ive played parasite eve, couldnt beat the last boss, eternal sonata, paper mario sticker star was amazing. persona 4 is the best rpg ever made apparently and im looking forward to it. RPG’s can be overwhelming and im only used to action rpg’s so this is my real 1st turn based old school. wish me luck!!! and yes im selecting easy lol.
    ive never played any persona but here its the best. thanks guys and wish me luck im sure ill reach out on wifi for dungeon help like every time i fight. the fact they have that feature is crazy, that means the game is complex rpg thats what intimidates me.
    AriesSiren on Vita!!!

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