The PlayStation Recap – Changing Hands Edition

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The PlayStation Recap – Changing Hands Edition

What a week, huh? As if Tuesday’s US presidential election wasn’t enough excitement for you, Friday we learned that our friend and comrade Jeff Rubenstein is moving on to a new adventure outside the walls of PlayStation. If the news made your heart skip a beat, I don’t blame you — Jeff’s leadership, passion, and dedication to gamers is the stuff of legend, both inside the games industry and out. On a personal level, I will miss the guy terribly every time I sit down to record a new episode of PlayStation Blogcast or eat a bowl of steaming stewed pork from Santa Ramen (best in the South Bay!). We’re hugely proud of Jeff and we wish him the absolute best as he embarks on his new journey.

But life will go on, as it always does. In the midst of any significant transition, it’s natural to feel a little anxiety, a little trepidation. If you’re like me, you’re probably chewing on some questions, starting with that big scary one: how is PlayStation.Blog going to change? The answer to that question is simple: it won’t. Over the past five years, Jeff’s leadership helped forge a stronger, better-informed community of passionate PlayStation gamers through the insider information published on PlayStation.Blog, and that good work will continue here as strong or stronger than ever. Sure, we might make a few minor nips and tucks in the name of better user experience — we’re considering combining the weekend Recap and What We Read posts into one more comprehensive post, for instance. What do you think?

But when it comes to the PlayStation.Blog content you know and (hopefully!) love, it will be business as usual. We will continue to debut exclusive developer diaries written by today’s most talented game designers, whether it’s the brilliant minds behind God of War: Ascension or the indie auteurs behind PSN innovators such as Sportsfriends. We’ll continue to debut new game announcements, new gameplay trailers, new interviews, and new podcasts with some of the biggest names in videogames. And most important of all, we’ll continue to listen and pass on your feedback, whether it’s from the comments sections on Blog posts like this, the massive user feedback database that is PlayStation.Blog Share, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, you name it.

I am so excited for what’s to come. If you have any questions for me, please leave them in the comments and I will provide an answer before the end of the weekend.

Most-Watched Video of the Week: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Attract Trailer

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    • Good job making this blog the best it can get. I have one question though, what happened to Eric Lampel?

      • Glad you’re digging it, and please don’t be shy if you’ve got some pointers for us. Eric Lempel is still around, working on Sony Entertainment Network team. You’ll hear from him again!

    • Thanks Sid! I like the idea of The Recap merged with the What We Read posts. Combined with what you’ve already done with the PlayStation Store/Plus/Blogcast it feels like I could miss an ENTIRE week of news and all I would have to do is click the PlayStation Recap and boom; I just got learned. Please consider going through with it.

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    • @Sid
      What I should be playing: “Journey”

      Courtesy of Jeff

    • I am for merging What We Read with the recaps.

    • @sid.

      Hey sid, when someone asked jeff about applying for his job he screamed “DO IT” and it was funny but at the same time it left me thinking about it…. Since i live in Puerto Rico Its impossible for me to apply but i just want to ask… why wont sony do a PS Blog P.R.? We cant never participate in any promotion or contest here and well…. having a PRBlog where we can all participate it would be cool… plus u will be creating jobs and must of all get more attention of Sony products here on the island since we can go to radio stations and even create a tv/internet program about this! (I know im dreaming but o well) anyways… just let me know what u think.. if u like he idea well… pls talk to the big guys there :)

      • I think it’s a great idea and an important one to consider, though logistically challenging. As we’ve been gradually building up the international Blog network, starting with Europe, moving through Latin America and Brazil, and most recently including parts of Southeast Asia, we’re going to start running out of major regions and have to begin narrowing our scope. So thanks for the reminder here! Much like Canada, I know it’s tough to get region-specific info for Puerto Rico.

    • @Sid @5

      Heck, I checked that out to and it looks like most of the job opportunities are in Western America. There’s practically nothing for us in Eastern America. Theres a general lack of opportunity here. Its no wonder people like Colin move to all the way to IGN in the west. The east is empty. Lack of game companies, lack of schools for gaming dev, lack of big events (comic con NY is still inferior to the LA one).

      • It’s interesting. The American East is densely packed population-wise, and is a dominant player for a ton of industries — news, a lot of manufacturing, telecoms to some extent. But yes, tech and entertainment seem to still be largely based in CA. I do think this will slowly change, but it’s why you see a ton of folks who want to break in to gaming moving to CA.

    • Okay I just tried the new store for the first time.

      Who tested this crap? Why does it take like two minutes to boot up? Why am I relegated to a 1″ tall rectangle at the bottom of my TV to scroll through plus content while the playstation plus logo gets 95% of the screen real estate?

      I know I’m embellishing but seriously. The store should boot up instantly, not take forever to load. And why am I still unable to access the XMB while in the store?

      And why is the item grid only two squares tall at the bottom of the screen? I should be able to see more 6 items on screen at a time instead of a giant logo taking up half my screen.

      How does this stuff not get pointed out in testing?

      • Thanks for the feedback and I know that the Store team is listening. I’ve noticed that the Store performance perks up following the initial load, but we’re going to be passing along user feedback regularly – I encourage you to leave it.

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    • Sid, could you help me out here? The Gran Turismo 5 DLC packs “Twin Ring Motegi Pack (2 tracks, 3 layouts)” and “Speed Test Course Pack” are not available on the PlayStation Store, it seems to be a glitch because of the store redesign. Can you please let the team know that the DLC is missing?

      • Interesting – thanks for the tip, and I’ll pass this on. Could take a week or more to address, but I’ll get the gears turning.

    • hey SID! greetings hoe you doing! i guess your my new friend now that JEFF! has gone and to better things!
      i hope you can give us the inside tip about this weeks games! for ps+?
      need to know thanks!

    • i have question,, its alway been a 4 man/person blog staff who’s the 4th.. I know ist grace. yourself. ray.. but who the fourth person

      vp psn legioniaree group

      • It started with Jeff, Chris Morell joined for a couple of years, then I joined, then Rey joined and now Justin. At the moment, it’s myself, Justin, and Rey helping out with videos.

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    • I don’t live in the US so don’t read the News so is Jeff Rubenstein going to be the new President of the United States then??? Is that why he is leaving??? :D
      + Playing ‘LBP:Karting’ & it is BRILLIANT!!! :P

      • I heard that Obama wanted him for Secretary of Gaming Excellence – guess we’ll have to wait for the full announcement to learn the truth

    • Im playing NFS:MW Vita, LBP Vita, SFxTekken, Flowers….

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    • hey Sid, looking forward to you at the helm.

      my question is when the Vita Plus features will be announced

      • Thanks for the kind words. For Plus on PS Vita, you should know more very, very soon if all goes according to plan. Think first half of the week soon.

    • thanks rey.. So justins the rooks nows. lol…

      vp psn legioniaree group

    • Thanks a bunch, Sid. I’ll try and be patient for the DLC to be re-added but good thing Gran Turismo 5 has a ton of content to hold me over haha

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    • Hey Sid,

      It’s really Jeff is not with Sony, and the blog anymore. I hope and your team are as passionate as he was. I hope we get opportunities to go to E3, and plan events like Jeff did. I hope you guys listen like he did, and make changes when needed. I faith it will happen, since Jeff did say he left us in good hands.

      1 question though….who is taking over Jeff’s position?

    • I’m hopeing the future is going tobe awsome . Because the past has been. Hi this is Rob from Gamerindepthclub ( host). All of you have made understanding and the amount of info so great. Keep up the good work and like you said life does go on. And yeah jeff willbe missed alot.

    • Honestly from a gamer who owns and plays pretty much every console and portable system I have to say the PS Blog is by far and away the best gaming-related blog site on the web. And I do visit most of them periodically.

      I mean the PS3’s main competitor’s blog is not even on their official website, instead it’s done by a guy named “Major Nelson” and you have to basically know who that is if you want an official news feed.

      Then there’s the “Mario Factory”, they’ve basically closed down any direct communication methods for their fans to be able to converse with them.

      So thank you Jeff for making the PS Blog site the standard for the industry. I know it may sound kinda strange, but it’s this website that was a major factor in my transition from being more of an Xbox guy to a PlayStation guy. A ton of great exclusive games and PS+ don’t hurt either, but this site has been very instrumental in this generation of consoles.

    • Oh and I forgot to say good luck to you Sid, I’m pretty confident you’ll keep things “Farm Fresh” for us ;)

    • Sid,

      I believe a fitting tribute to your friend Jeff would be to complete the game “Journey.” You owe it to your friend, and to your new minions on the Blog. How can anybody believe in their leader if he hasn’t finished a 2 hour game?

    • I hope Sony can continue to improve the PSN Store, because it needs a bit of work!

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