PlayStation All-Stars Goes Gold, Opening Cinematic and Final Boss Unveiled

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PlayStation All-Stars Goes Gold, Opening Cinematic and Final Boss Unveiled

Stretching back from my roots as a tournament player to my current gig as lead game designer for Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, I’ve spent over two decades in fighting games, and have been thrilled to revisit so many great memories from my own PlayStation history with the characters and stages of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

I’m here today on behalf of SuperBot Entertainment, Bluepoint Games, and Santa Monica Studio to announce that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has gone gold on PS3 and PS Vita! All of us are extremely grateful for the help from our beta players in testing our networking, and thrilled to see the amazing response from all of you that played the beta, which is just a small slice of the full game.

In celebration of this milestone, we wanted to share something special as a small “thank you!” to all the amazing PlayStation fans who have helped us come so far. Today we’re officially unveiling the opening cinematic sequence to the game. We’ve been pretty tight-lipped about our final boss, but if you hang in until the end you’ll get a glimpse of the villainous mastermind that’s returned from the depths of PlayStation history to pull the strings in All-Stars.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and if your interest is piqued, remember to pre-order All-Stars today! Pre-ordering scores you an exclusive costume for every character in the game, and with Cross-Buy, every PS3 copy comes with a download code for the PS Vita version at the low, low cost of zero!

Thanks again to PlayStation fans around the world for your incredible support, and come November 20th, I’ll see you online — just look for the unbeatable Drake player at the top of the leaderboards. :P

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  • Umm…S-Kill isn’t Capcom’s Senior Manager anymore… :P

  • Polygon Man :O

  • I like the theme song, but I’m still bummed you didn’t stick with Justice – “Genesis.”

  • you guys have done an amazing job on this game ! we played the Beta almost everyday on both platforms & it was a great co-op & MP experience …. my son is on pins & needles for release day, & our PS3 copy is already preordered …. we are in eager anticipation …. would be great if by some miracle it released early – like LBP V …. you have fans waiting to get going with it. will there be ranking for online matches ? my fav. character from the 6 available was Sly – I could whip 3 Kratos with little Sly …. thrilled to hear that there will be DLC characters & stages …. any idea of the price point per character ? thanks guys – this alongside LBP Karting will make our winter MP experience . :-)

  • Well, that was pretty much the coolest video I’ve ever seen.
    Superbot has really outdone themselves this time.
    That video is what PlayStation is all about. And this game is a PlayStation fan’s number 1 dream.

    November 20th can’t come soon enough, I’ll tell you what.

  • i see your drake and raise you a Sweet tooth…cant wait to play

  • The polygon head, that’s great.

  • Yes I was wishing and Superbot delivered. POLYGON MAN!!!!!

  • Hi. Could you please confirm if there will be a day-1 digital version for the PS3? If so, will it still provide a Vita digital version and the pre-order bonus? Furthermore, do you know if a pre-order (w/ discount?) on PSN would be available shortly, so those with retail pre-orders could plan accordingly. Thanks!

    • Yes! All-Stars will be available as day-1 digital on PS3. You will get the costume pre-order bonus AND the complimentary Vita version whether you buy a physical disc or the digital version of All-Stars on PS3.

  • This video is the perfect representation of how amazing playstation has been over the years. Thanks for the hard work and commitment to doing the brand right. This is going to be very fun. Thanks again Sony, Superbot, Bluepoint, and Santa Monica.

  • Wow, awesome intro!

    Do you know if any Canadian retailers are offering the pre-order costumes?

  • loved the beta, sure im gunna buy this :D

  • could someone explain “going gold” for video games. like how many copies that sold or what, and if its sold, well how many sales does it take to get gold

  • Well after much resistance from me to get this game, I’ve decided to opt in (partly thanks to the Cross Buy Program and the Beta). You have assembled a cast of characters from games I like and enjoy. Some how you’ve managed to get my interest when Smash Brothers continues to fail to do.

    I just hope PSAS2 manages to expand the excitement and energy further with more features and new gameplay elements.

  • Buying for Nariko!

  • Coldplay???

  • nevermind google is my friend…”When a game is said to have “gone gold,” it means that the code has been finalized and is ready to be duplicated for distribution.”

  • WOW, one of the most epic gaming videos ever. Cant wait to get this game either.

  • The openic cinematic is great! The thing Im disappointed tho like a lot of people is the number of characters. I was still hoping for more. I know there will be DLCs but that sucks.

  • Too bad the beta never was on my store, nor was it even displayed in the “What’s New” function on the XMB. Sony will never learn….

    This means I won’t be buying the game unless a demo is released…

    • Sorry to hear that it didn’t show up for you, but we did have many hundreds of thousands of beta players. I hope you get a chance to try it soon–playing with friends is believing.

  • You guys should really fix Seth’s Author title in the Blog system, he hasn’t been at capcom for a while now!

  • Yeah, it was a cool video. I still maintain that Jennifer Tate from Primal and Kat from Gravity Rush would have been good choices for this game.

    @Sethkill how about that trophy pack (and better loading) patch for Heavenly Sword? :)

  • #19 I’m agree with you, DLCs sucks. If we pay $59.99 sony has to make a complete game.

  • Hey Seth, Quick question?

    Will the imminent DLC characters have their own story too? Or just straight roster characters and nothing else ? (which is fine too)

  • nice intro video. I’m still disappointed by the limited roster and lack of representation of jrpg characters that helped make playstation relevant during the ps1 era. The beta didn’t blow me away either.

    I need to hear more about the single player content. Smash Bros. Brawl had a long story mode and lots of collectables. I need to know if this game has stuff to do for people who don’t want to fight online all the time.

    Depending on what i find out in the next two weeks, I’ll either rent this or get it on psn if it has a good PS Plus discount.

    • Beyond arcade mode with intros, endings, and rival cut-scenes for every character and all the multiplayer stuff, All-Stars has tons of interesting challenges and trials (both overall trials and character-specific stuff). Certainly it’s hundreds of hours of content there, and a very extensive set of unlocks, from titles, to taunts, to character-specific intro and outro moves, musical themes, badges, etc. Hope this helps.

  • Fat Princess is an awesome character. This game could have used a character from Dark Cloud or Wild Arms 3.

  • Already had the game pro-ordered. Loved the beta. I see long hours playing this with the wife (along with Starhawk :) wish you had marked that game more, Sony, cause it’s EPIC!!), and hopefully, with my first born due in february. Don’t know how long the life cycle will last for the ps3, but hopefully long enough so I can play it with him.

  • Does Best Buy have the pre order costumes or is it just Game Stop?

  • Is there anything related to Demon’s Souls or Folklore at all in the game??


  • Most epic trailer I have seen all year. You guys did it perfectly. I am all hyped up even more then before. Ignore the usual killjoys you have to listen to on this site. That was perfect. Kudos to you. Can I ask a favor if when you bring DLC later on in the course of the game? Make the same glowing blazing neon colors that you used in this trailer a skin for each character. That would be epic.

  • Can we get This Day 1 Digital PLEASEEEE..

  • That was a super hype video! Can’t wait for this game!

  • No cloud from FF7, no Kat from Gravirt Rush, no Asura from Asura’s wrath, no crash from crash bandicoot…


    You better release em as dlc!!!
    Also you can tell they involved that S-kill dude in the game the moment we got two of the same char but one is good and the other is evil…

    Waste of slot really.

  • Why si there not a pre-order for Day 1 Digital on PSN? It has been confirmed for Day 1 Digital, makes no sense not to put a pre-order up.

  • Amazing intro

  • Oh God, Polygon Man.

  • Beautifully done intro, Superbot! You have outdone yourselves!
    I knew once I saw Jak running in the beginning, that I was going to enjoy this, and I did.
    I… Can’t… Stop… WATCHING! o___o

  • This game does look awesome. Seems like what Brawl should have been! My only beef is that there’s only 20 characters but I can look past it I’ll probably pick this up.

    Another thing that annoy me is why isn’t there a preorder bonus for psn? That I don’t get.

  • Ive already watched it 4 times! Thank you guys so much for making this game…. I LOVE YOU

  • Ok……that was pretty kickass…..well done Superbot….pretty hyped…..still waiting for the damm release date……

  • You really dug deep for Polygon Man. I mean it’s a fitting boss I guess. Now where’s Crash, Lara, Cloud and Snake?

  • Awesome intro! Can not wait for the game. Please give us free/cheap DLC seeing as DLC is planned already.

  • I need this now!

    Recently it was confirmed that this game will have downloadable content including characters and stages. Any plans to do a season pass? I’d be all over that!

  • Also guys in an interview, Omar said that they would never make US pay for Crash Bandicoot if he was to be DLC.

  • Superbot, thanks so much for all of your hardwork. This trailer is epic and can’t wait to play this later this month!

  • Cool, cool-cool-cool

    Looking forward to playing with the full roster.

    The beta was mad fun!

  • Too bad there’s not a single RPG character, despite PlayStation having a huge history in the genre.

  • I want!

  • Seth, you should have made yourself the final boss again… ;)

  • I’m still not sold on the game. I spent a lot of time on the Vita version, and some on the PS3 version. I am convinced there’s some balance issues and network issues as far as hit detection and lag. Radec’s sniper attack (not the super) is too fast and knocks back too far. Kratos’ chain blades shouldn’t auto-home on targets attempting to jump over the attack. Sweet Tooth, his molotov toss should at least stop an opponent for a few milliseconds. Blocking in general should have a block break meter or something of that nature, as it stands only a super or a throw can defeat a block. Hit detection…this could have been related to the network work that was being done, but I experienced many times where an attack (regular or super) that is linear still hit successfully while the victim was half a screen above in mid jump.

    Having said that, this is great fun and I enjoyed the beta immensely. I’m not completely sold on the game, maybe a demo of the single player or tutorial for all characters would convince me.

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