Help Fund PSN’s Sportsfriends (featuring Johann Sebastian Joust)

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Help Fund PSN’s Sportsfriends (featuring Johann Sebastian Joust)

SPORTSFRIENDS featuring Johann Sebastian Joust from Die Gute Fabrik on Vimeo.

Greetings PlayStation peoples! I’m Doug Wilson, producer of Sportsfriends, a compendium of indie multiplayer games that we’re bringing to PSN in 2013.

And you can pre-order it on Kickstarter right now!

Sportsfriends is more than just a game – it’s four games! The games have already been prototyped, and we’ve exhibited them at parties, arcades, and special events around the world. A lot of people have been clamoring for us to bring these games to market, and now we can finally announce our lineup:

Sportsfriends on PSN: Johann Sebastian Joust

First up is my own no-graphics physical game, Johann Sebastian Joust. The game is basically a face-to-face sword fight, set to music. It uses the PlayStation Move controller, and supports up to seven players!

J.S. Joust is so much more than your average motion control game. It’s more like some kind of crazy 21st century martial art, illuminated by those beautiful LED lights on the PS Move controller.

Sportsfriends on PSN: Johann Sebastian Joust

At this year’s Game Developer Choice Awards, J.S. Joust even won the Innovation Award, beating out heavy hitters like L.A. Noire and Portal 2. We promise you’ve never tried another console game like it!

Sportsfriends on PSN: BaraBariBall

BaraBariBall, by Noah Sasso, is a colorful mix of fighting game and sports game. Players try to dunk the ball in the water on their opponent’s side. It’s like a more accessible, more stylized take on Super Smash Brothers, honed down to its essentials and set to charming tabla drums.

BaraBariBall has been shown at events like EVO, IndieCade, and Wild Rumpus, and it never fails to draw a crowd. You fighting game junkies out there are especially going to dig it!

Sportsfriends on PSN: Super Pole Riders

Super Pole Riders is the four-player sequel to Bennett Foddy’s pole-vaulting polo game Pole Riders.


Bennett is the same guy who developed the ridiculous web game QWOP, so you know Super Pole Riders is going to bring that same formula of absurd, physics-based fun.

Hokra is a 2-vs-2 minimalistic sports game made by Ramiro Corbetta. It’s a deeply replayable game that’s all about competition, teamwork, and skill. It recently won the Audience Award at IndieCade 2012.

Sportsfriends on PSN: Hokra

The thing that unites all four games is that they’ve been designed to be played with a bunch of friends, together in the same room, talking trash, sharing laughs, and kicking some butt. The four games are super easy to pick up and play, yet deep enough to support skill and high-level play.

And don’t worry, you don’t even have to be a fan of sports or sports games to enjoy Sportsfriends! Think back to those games you used to play at the arcade, or on the playground, or on your friend’s couch. That’s the kind of gaming experience that we’re proud to offer with Sportsfriends.

Sportsfriends on PSN: Johann Sebastian Joust

Why PlayStation 3, you ask? J.S. Joust has been specifically designed with the PS Move controller in mind, and the other three games fit great into a console setting, so we knew PlayStation 3 would be a perfect match. PlayStation has been very supportive of the whole Sportsfriends concept, and we’re happy to announce that we’ll be part of their forward-thinking Pub Fund program – the same program that helped bring you indie hits like Joe Danger, Papo & Yo, and Dyad.

But even with PlayStation’s Pub Fund support, we could still use some up-front funding to expand on the games and get them ported. That’s where you come in! You can preorder the game right now on Kickstarter. At the higher donor levels, you can also nab some sweet rewards.

Check it out, and let us know what you think!

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4 Author Replies

  • Woot

  • hey DOUG any word on price?
    release date?
    coming to PSN network?
    ps+ discount? for us members?

    • Hey there!

      No exact release date yet, but it will be sometime Summer/Fall 2013.

      We haven’t talked about PS+ yet – first we want to make sure this thing gets funded!

      Oh, and t-shirt is one of the donor rewards! Check it out.

  • Done. Backed. Can’t wait to play some Joust!

  • When I saw Joust a couple of months ago, I really hoped that one day we would be able to get our hands on it. Now it is really going to be in our hands!

  • Looks interesting! How does the joust game work if someone walks in front of the camera? Is the camera not necessary? This isn’t even a “video” game! Awesome use of the controller.

    • Yeah, no camera is involved! Just the lights, rumble, and accelerometer on the controllers. The hope is to get people moving around a whole space, instead of having them focus on a screen.

  • I have a feeling JS joust is going to evolve into a bloodbath against my Roomates

  • Why are there more pictures of hipsters than screenshots for the games?

  • @5 It looks like it doesn’t use the camera at all. I’m sure I’m stating the obvious when I say J.S. Joust could be one heck of a drinking game.

  • Dude yes.
    I played two of these at XOXO arcade. Consider it funded.

  • not really sure if there is any other game on PC if not congratulations for being the first :P
    but yeah seems to be a good collection as long as it’s priced right

  • I’m really happy with this, thank you for bringing the games to PSN, specially Johann Sebastian Joust, the game is awesome, if there’s anyone that doesn’t know how to play it, look for videos of it on YouTube.

  • Trophies?

  • the fourth picture shows Xbox controllers…. why is this being shown on the Playstation Blog? and i agree, all pics of people and none of the games…

  • Not that I really care about trophies, but “very possibly”? I’m pretty sure that it’s a Sony requirement to get your game on PSN to include trophies unless it’s a mini (since they can not do trophies).

  • thanks for the viking game for ps vita its fun i got my discount for plus but i still think they sould add avaters to the ps vita and a plus member tab like the ps3 and change the vedio store like the ps3 update for vita

  • Can we donate through PSN? That’s the only platform i use for monetary transactions online.

  • Why is a game that Sony is clearly behind going to Kickstarter for help? Why isn’t Sony giving these guys the appropriate resources?

  • @13
    Good luck trying to get DS3’s to get real, official support on PC.
    360 pads are just simple to get working, with no weird driver emulation.

  • There needs to be a new Dualshock/PlayStation controller. Release it for PS3 and PS4. I’m not saying go from current Dualshock 3 to the N64 controller, I’m talking about just making it perfect. The triggers need to be improved ASAP, the shell, how the controller feels and fits in your hand needs to be improved ASAP, no matter what size hand and no matter what button combinations you want to press/use the controller feels and fits perfectly, that’s not the case with current controller. Those are musts but there’s also the concave/convex tops of the analog sticks, dead end and looseness of the sticks, I’ve never done the research to see which way is perfect so you guys see which way is perfect and do it. Lastly, the overall look and “sexyness” of the controller, on current controller, the logos and LED lights are in horrible places and are ugly and the PS button has no light. Fix all that.
    And have at least eight controllers at once instead of seven, that was one of the dumbest design choices ever, the more the merrier but an even number.

    • Hey just a quick factoid – it’s seven because that’s the Bluetooth hardware spec limit (pretty weirdly). Not actually Sony’s decision. The world of hardware if strange!

  • The current Dualshock is my favorite controller of all time. *shrugs*

  • It seems disingenuous to call the kickstarter a “pre-order”. It’s against the spirit of Kickstarter, and I think it’s against their TOS too.

  • I would love to see how the shirt looks like before I start help funding. Any image link?

  • All the games look like some cheap flash games…
    If this get funded i really will start to wonder what’s wrong with our world nowaday.

  • Man, I am actually a bit worried about these games…its basically like the most epic indie game that I have seen as far as the ideas…..Its like getting all the power ranger together and attempting to make a ULTRAMEGASUPREME DROID. I think the only thing here really is the ideas are great just flooded with a lot of them. I’ll admit I am afraid of this guy and getting it…… WE will just have to see how it all falls down on tape!

  • @ 17 good point …also did anyone notice the 360 controllers LOL! I think that was the first for this blog ever!

  • they using the move to play outside, just get a bandana you re tard lol and they use xbox 360 controller to play the game
    seem like a fuc**ng joke to me.

  • @25 @26 They are using a 360 controller because they are playing on a PC version of the games, because that’s were the games had been developed, go to their kickstarter page for more information.

    The games would be released on PSN first and then on Linux and PC, they do not mention 360 anywhere, it would be weird since 360 doesn’t support move right?

  • @ Sephir007

    they could use logitech controllers
    or they can use motionjoy driver and use the ps3 controllers on the PC wired or connected with blutooth adaptor. i mean they are dev for sony using xbox360 controller, and the games look disgusting.
    worst shhiit i ever see in my life!

  • already funded. cant wait. my wife and i are stoked for this one

  • Dang I’m gonna have to keep this on my radar.

  • Looks like soooo much funnnnn! How much will it cost? Next year is so far man, this has potential to be huge with some fun viral marketting.

  • Yea why do i see xbox controllers

  • Please consider SIXAXIS controls for JS Joust, as well as any other game possible! Games rarely take advantage of this conrol method nowadays, especially since the release of the Move. It’s still fun for games that don’t require extremely precise motion controls to be effective.

    Sportsfriends looks fun!

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