When Vikings Attack! Ten Tips to Conquer Your Foes

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When Vikings Attack! Ten Tips to Conquer Your Foes

Hey folks, I’m very pleased to announce that When Vikings Attack! is finally out on PSN today! It’s been a long road for the team getting their first game out on both PS3 and PS Vita at the same time but they’ve done it without a hitch!

We’d like to take the opportunity now to thank everyone who’s taken the time to support us during development, played the game at local events and tweeted nice things about us. We hope you all love the finished product and continue to feed back to us any comments you might have.


Now that it’s out, we expect to see many brave citizens battling online, so we’ve put together our top 10 tips for playing the game. Read them well – they may give you the edge online!

  • X to dash and catch
    Pressing the X button will make your team perform a speedy dash — essential for avoiding incoming projectiles. If you’re a bit more confident, you can dash into an incoming object and snatch it out of the air to quickly return it your opponent! This is a very useful move in heated battles.
  • Dash and Bash
    As well as being a defensive move, dash can also be used offensively. See an oncoming car? Dash into your opponent to knock them in its path!
  • Remember to spin!
    By pressing L1 or R1 (L or R on PS Vita) repeatedly you will spin the object you’re holding. When it builds up enough speed, it becomes an unstoppable missile that cannot be caught by your opponent.
  • Your team is your health
    The more people you have on your team, the more likely you are to survive an attack. Collect as many people as you can to stay alive longer.
  • Bigger is not always better
    Having a larger team means you have more health but it also means you are a little slower; a team of one has far more speed and can run rings around a huge team of 10.
  • Look out for bombs
    There are three types of bombs in the game, some explode on impact, some bounce on walls until they hit a player and some steal members of the opposing teams, use these to your advantage when they appear, they can turn the tide of a game in seconds.
  • Buff characters
    Every-so-often you will see a character run on screen with an icon above their head, be the first to grab them and your whole team will gain a stat boost in either movement speed, strength or throw speed. Hold onto these guys as long as you can.
  • Pay attention to your environment
    Each level of the game (Vs. and Quest) features some kind of environmental hazard to either avoid or use to your advantage. See a pipe? Throw something down there and it will probably come out somewhere else. Don’t be afraid to get close and shunt your opponent off a cliff edge either if you see one.
  • Hidden characters
    Keep an eye out for some level puzzles; by solving these you will unlock one of the hidden characters in the game. Some are harder than others but all reveal a reward. There’s a trophy for collecting them all so pay attention!
  • New enemies
    In Quest mode the enemies change as you progress, not all can be defeated by tossing a giant pork chop at them though, use your brain and your surroundings to come up with new ways of defeating tough foes.

So there you have it. We hope these tips will help you on your way to online supremacy — or allow you to reign supreme on the couch. When Vikings Attack! is out now on PSN for PS3 and PS Vita as a Cross-Buy game – buy it once, get it on both systems!

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  • Hi, I know the store has been alittle messy but 1 thing that bothed me was in on the Vita it says this game is Cross buy but in the PS3 store it say may cost extra, there needs to be a clear description on what is Cross buy and what is cross play.

    Thank you

  • I had fun with this game after the election coverage last night. Good job, it’s a fun game! I can see myself spending equal time on both the PS3 and the Vita, so I’m glad it’s available for both.

  • I’m LOVING this game, guys. Great job. Was glad to see that there’s more depth than I had originally thought.

  • Good tips, but I wish the game itself did a better job of explaining these things. It is not like the gameplay is overly complicated but you have to run through several missions before it explains anything other than throwing an item. And I still haven’t hit the point where the game mentions the spinning, so that’s new to me…

    It’s a fun game, it just seems silly to have to come to the PS.Blog to find out how to actually play it. ;)

    • Yeah there’s a gradual tutorial as you play the game, we didn’t want to bore people with lots of exposition at the start and favored just letting people discover as they play.

      Hope it doesn’t impact your enjoyment too much.

  • I Want this game on the IGC for vita.

  • @5 It just came out… with a decent discount. It won’t be in the IGC for a long time.

  • Im trying to play on my vita and ps3 account simultaneously and its all dependent on luck. I thought this game was both crossplay as well as crossbuy but that is not the case. I dont know if im playing against ps3 or vita devices. In wipeout 2048 you could do this, so for a game made specifically for cross platform play why isn’t this one?Its still a great, fun game but I am very disappointed in this interface.

  • I hope I get my voucher soon from winning the contest! I really want to play this game and try out these tips!

  • This game is loads of fun. Pure simple fun.

  • I have yet to play online with or against anyone on the PS3, as I’ve only done the campaign alone. However, I have with the Vita, and would like to request a way to check the profile of those I encounter. They might appear in the Players Met list on the PS3, I don’t know, but I’d like to send a message or add to my friend list those that provide a good challenge or are up for playing through the campaign.

    This is minor, though. Those with a PS3 and Vita: get this game!

  • I played Last Man Standing and began Vikings vs. Vigilantes, and found them very similar. Is there a difference?

    I also kept thinking x was throw. I wanted to get player 2, who was winning, but I thought he was yellow. Player 2 is actually green.

  • I bought this day one (like I said I would,) but there is hardly anyone to play with online.
    …and this is a game that is only enjoyable when playing against other players… cross-play please
    (nice game otherwise)

  • I want this game, but first I would like to know a few things that aren’t clear to me:

    1. Is this game Cross-Buy? (Do I get it for PS3 and PSVita the moment I buy any one of the versions?)

    2. In the Cross-Play, can I “play against myself” using my PS3 as player one and my PSVita as player two (or vice-versa)?

    3. How many local players on PS3 does this game support? Up to 4 players on the same PS3?

    4. Can I play with 3 other friends using my PS3 (three controllers) and my PSVita?

    These are a few questions that I have that are actually pretty much the same for every Cross-Play game out there. I think these should be well explained in the game’s store entry.

  • The above was written by my 10 year old son.

    My thoughts: Going thru the first world one player seemed a little lacking (my kids were very happy to see Quest co-op though) but 3 player Last Man Standing was the most fun we’ve had in a looong time playing video games. My 7 year old beat us 7 to 5 to 3, it took about an hour but it went by quick. Seeing all the different worlds does make me want to play 1 player more.

    Did you guys try programming the right stick to throw? It would seem a natural fit to have the directional ability but at the same time I can see it being a pain to implement.

    Did you consider bronze – silver – gold levels for the 3 trophies? I’m thinking of Boom Blox. I can’t see myself ever trying to get the 3 challenges as they now stand – no casualties and that 70,000 score seem impossible – but maybe 50k, 60k, 70k and only 10, 5, 0 casualties.

    Great game, well worth the $7 PS+ price even though we’ll never play online or on a Vita. Add in all the options you’ld find in say SSBB – time limits, rounds, item selection, button layout, more challenges – make it playable with Mii’s and sell it for $20 on the WiiU and I’ll buy it again.

  • Great game! I can’t seem to invite friends using one console when I’m using the other, though. I must be doing something wrong.

  • Just wanna suggest an open mic time for the winner of the round when they won the round to trashtalk or celebrate his victory, please put it in the next patch for the vita :D
    It would be great and good fun if we can show our excitement for winning the round..

  • I’d get it just to play on my vita like i am now..
    …If i had the monies.

  • does it have a platinum?

  • Awesome multiplayer game guys. Makes me want to invest in a couple extra cheap controllers because it’s arcade GOLD during 4 player bouts! For the money the best game I bought all year. Thanks for bringing it

  • What’s up ladies & gents,
    I think my only gripe on the gameplay is that you cannot invite players from PS3 by a vita invite. They have to luck up and just join that way. It also does this on hustle kings. Even though you send an invite it basically just shows up as a message on the PS3 users message list but no way to actually accept it. On another note can we please get chat capability with the near setup? PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Just wanted to give a big shout out to the developers and everyone involved in this game, congratulations, it is amazing both on the Vita and the PS3.

    You managed to make a fun, enjoyable and not simple at all game. Some levels are pretty defying, and online there are some people nailing it already.

  • freaking awesome game for 6.99 on release! SUPER ON MY NEW VITA

  • Great game! I played it with my 6 yr. & 4 yr. old and we had a blast. Appreciate a fun game with simple mechanics that we can enjoy together.

  • I got my Vita last week and I couldn’t resist this offer. The discount for Plus members (and the fact that it’s a Cross-Play title) made it a no-brainer. I’m downloading it now, can’t wait until I’m off work so I can try it :P

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