New Puzzler Pid Out Today on PSN

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New Puzzler Pid Out Today on PSN

Hi everyone – Kian here from Might and Delight! I’m hugely proud to tell you that tomorrow we’re releasing our first game, our darling Pid!

Pid is a platforming adventure with a strong retro flavor, a unique puzzle-oriented core mechanic, creatively challenging level design, a cast of charming characters, larger than life boss encounters and tons of secrets – all set in a peculiar alien world to a deliciously jazzy soundtrack.

How does all this mix together? Our release trailer will explain how:

Don’t let the smooth graphics fool you! Having taken a lot of inspiration from classic platformers such as Mega Man, Donkey Kong and Metroid, we hope that your platforming fu is strong. This is a game that will challenge you and charm you at the same time.

Simultaneous with the PSN launch is the release of the game’s soundtrack, created by Retro Family. Pid’s soundtrack is a huge part of the game, so let me hand over to Walle Wahlgren, drummer in Retro Family, for the inspiration behind it:

What’s really different about the soundtrack is that it’s all played live in our studio. Using live instruments and playing the parts on the spot had a huge impact on the game itself. If you listen closely you can hear small mishaps in the playing, metal and wood scratching and heavy breathing. All of these natural analog sounds together with the tailor-made songs really makes the music of Pid one of the most creative and unique soundtracks out there.

When we started composing the music for Pid there weren’t any finished levels or gameplay to speak of, so we worked with what you would feel while playing the game. For example, when the player enters the Factory the setting was a big dark hole – immense areas and huge machines that work in perfect rhythm together in the background, a red and dark color scheme and the feeling of being lost in a huge factory.

If it was puzzle-oriented gameplay, if it was a slow or fast moving level – things like this helped us create the right mood for every song on the soundtrack.

We worked intensively with sound director Josef Tuulse and art director Jakob Tuchten. They really helped us tune in to each setting and gave us a clear view of what was supposed to be going on in every level. I feel as if they were a part of the band as well.

Pid is available on PSN today.

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  • This looks good. I probably would be more interested if I haven’t had my fill of indie puzzle platformers. You would think with all the creative minds in the indie community there would be much more than a lot of puzzle platformers.

  • This looks really cool, I love the music in the trailer. Definitely going to be picking this up!

  • will DBZ Budokai HD be on store 2 day?

  • I like the art style. Looks interesting!

  • Ask things related to the post, and the one posting people. He does not knows what content the store update will offer.

    On topic: The game looks interesting, I would like to try a demo if there is one :D

  • This is the trailer you guys should have shown initially. The beginning moments sold me on the game although you guys should have released this during a different time of the year.

  • Looks like a great game. I hope there’s a demo, too. Seems a little too slow paced for my style but that may just be the video. I really dig the jazz undertones in some of the soundtrack.

  • Looks like a fantastic game. Would it be too much to ask, though, to specify the platform the PSN games are being released for? Or does PSN always mean PS3?

  • PSN = Playstation Network, it can be Vita or PS3 as far as I know.

    And yes, it would be great if you guys were very specific, like “In US PSN for Vita and PS3” etc.

    This looks great :D I love 2d platformers, though I prefer action to pure puzzle games, still Playstation needs a lot more of them! I wish Shadow Complex was on PSN though :(

    Anyway, I hope this hits the UK stores too… but I would prefer to have it on-disc, I don’t suppose it’s a retail game though, guess I’ll have to settle for digital copy and hope I can back them up properly!

  • @9 Thanks for confirming, Tekn0tize. That’s what I thought as well. I like the idea of also specifying the region (and country where necessary) – especially since Canada isn’t always entitled to NA Store updates (i.e. October release of Dokuro).

  • @3 DBZ Budokai HD Collection is retail only as far as i know.

    @9 your avatar is so adorable!!! is it on the NA psn store? :3

  • it depends on the price of the game as to whether or not i’ll get it. I suck at puzzle platformers so i’d be hesitate spending more than $9.99 on a game i might not finish. But i love the soundtrack and art design.

  • This might be the first time I play a game on hard before I try it in normal.

  • @9 & 10
    “PSN” doesn’t automatically = Vita compatibility. For example, the new Joe Danger would be great on Vita, but it’s not. I don’t think Pid is either :(

  • I am not normally a fan of platformers, but I really like how you drastically changed the obstacles between the normal and hard difficulties. I may just have to give this a go.

  • After watching the video, this is another stellar game for the PSN. I’ll definitely have to purchase this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Count me in….because I’m already buying this one…I’ve been following Pid since its announcement and I know its a great game…I’ve been looking forward to play this game its been a while…so I can’t wait.

  • Soundtrack sounds like someone’s been listening to a bit of Robin Trower! The whole thing looks beautifully executed, and a lot of fun. I’m in!

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