Midway Arcade Origins: Play 31 Arcade Classics Today on PS3

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Midway Arcade Origins: Play 31 Arcade Classics Today on PS3

Today, Backbone is excited to give PS3 owners a chance to truly test their old-school arcade skills. For those of you who can actually remember having to put tokens or quarters into an actual Joust or Robotron machine, you may know this isn’t the first Midway collection Backbone has developed. But Midway Arcade Origins is the first of this generation, and it’s definitely the best ever with 31 Midway arcade games assembled on one disc.


First off, we really wanted to make sure we paid proper homage to the collection’s arcade roots, so right from the main menu we included a model of the original arcade cabinet and the marquee (arcade term for the light-up game logo) for each game. In terms of emulation quality, each game looks and plays exactly the same as its arcade counterpart. In fact, the PS3’s capabilities has made it possible for many of the games to feature true sound emulation for the first time on a console, resulting in a better sound response than in any previous collection. In a further attempt to capture the arcade spirit, each game features its own unique wallpaper background based on the game’s original bezel artwork or cabinet side art.

As many of the games in this collection were also responsible for feeding what would become the high score craze of the 80’s, it was a no-brainer to include online leaderboards. In the game’s Score Attack mode, players are only given one game (or credit) to get as far as they can with the default settings. This is the true test of the high score king, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results posted on the scoreboards for everyone to see. This is also the only mode where Trophies can be unlocked, so you’re going to have show some skill to earn them — keep reading to see the full Trophy list below.

We also included a Free Play mode for more casual players, where you can adjust the same original arcade settings the arcade operators did. This enables you to tweak how the game plays, such as changing the difficulty setting, adding more lives per credit, or increasing the gameplay timer. The endless credits of Free Play mode enables you to sit down with a friend and finally get to see the end of games such as Smash TV and Total Carnage, or get a marathon four-player session of Gauntlet going.


Beyond that, we also added a couple options in terms of visuals. There’s a filter that gamers can apply to the graphics in order to give them a smoother, more modern look. If players don’t like the way this looks, they can stick with the pixel perfect, non-filtered version, which still looks great on a high definition television.

We even added a bit of trivia to the game. If the game is paused for any reason, a scroll bar will appear and detail some facts and interesting odds and ends about each game’s development and release. So don’t say we didn’t warn you in the event you learn something… and see you on the leaderboards!


Trophy List

720 Gold Medalist In Score Attack Mode, earn a Gold Medal on any event.
APB Get Freaky In Score Attack Mode, take down Freddy Freak.
Arch Rivals All-Star In Score Attack Mode, score at least 6 consecutive points.
Bubbles Clean-Up In Score Attack Mode, sweep up a big bug.
Championship Sprint True Champion In Score Attack Mode, get first place in 3 consecutive races
Tournament Cyberball 2072 Great Coaching In Score Attack Mode, score at least 12 consecutive points
Defender They Need a Hero In Score Attack Mode, save 3 civilians
Gauntlet Doesn’t Need Food Badly In Score Attack Mode, reach Level 8
Gauntlet 2 Survivor In Score Attack Mode, reach Level 7
Joust Dinosaur Slayer In Score Attack Mode, defeat a Pterodactyl
Joust 2 Long Live the Bird In Score Attack Mode, reach Wave 5
Marble Madness High Roller In Score Attack Mode, defeat the beginner race within 15 seconds
Pit Fighter Ultimate Fighter In Score Attack Mode, defeat 3 consecutive opponents
Rampage Monstrous In Score Attack Mode, defeat 3 consecutive cities
Rampart Target Practice In Score Attack Mode, defeat the first 3 ships in the first level in one battle
Robotron: 2084 Family Man In Score Attack Mode, rescue 7 family members without losing a life
Rootbeer Tapper Tap that Glass In Score Attack Mode, serve 25 customers without dropping a glass
Satan’s Hollow Savior In Score Attack Mode, defeat Satan
Sinistar You Hunger In Score Attack Mode, defeat Sinistar
Smash TV Reality Show-Off In Score Attack Mode, defeat the first level
Spy Hunter Score Hunter In Score Attack Mode, break 10,000 points
Spy Hunter 2 Saint In Score Attack Mode, play the game for 15 consecutive minutes
Stargate Civvie Saver In Score Attack Mode, rescue 3 civilians
Super Off-Road X-Treme Off-Road In Score Attack Mode, get first place in 3 consecutive races
Super Sprint Burning Rubber In Score Attack Mode, get first place in 3 consecutive races
Toobin’ Ride the Wave In Score Attack Mode, complete Colorado without sinking
Total Carnage Total Warpage In Score Attack Mode, use a shortcut
Vindicators Part II On Base In Score Attack Mode, defeat your first base
Wizard of Wor Worrior In Score Attack Mode, have at least 10,000 points and 3 times your opponent’s score at the same time
Xenophobe Not Afraid In Score Attack Mode, survive the first level
Xybots Third-Person Shooter In Score Attack Mode, survive 3 levels without dying

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4 Author Replies

  • When are they gonna update the store? The update should be more like an event, it should go live at a specific time every Tuesday.

  • I really dig these collections. I remember the SEGA collection and I ate that up especially for the trophies. Gives more of a reason to go back and really experience some of these classic gems. Needless to say I am excited.

  • Unlike the first comment I will actually talk about the subject in the blog post. :P

    This looks like a nice collection of games, but it still misses the true arcade feeling without the steering wheels and trackball controllers. I look forward to checking it out all the same.

  • SATAN’S HOLLOW?!?!?!?!?!!!?!

    Sold. After Galaga, Satan’s Hollow was my favorite cabinet game.

  • @suicide_surfer, this isn’t a PSN release. This is a retail disc.

    I hope there is a second Midway collection with other games like S.T.U.N. Racer, T-Mek, Hydro Thunder, San Fransisco Rush, Rush 2049 (Dreamcast version), Off Road Thunder and other mid-90 games.

    And I’m surprised that Defender II is back to the “Stargate” name.

  • Man I used to play marble madness a lot. I’m excited just to play this game!

  • This would really be at home on the Vita, please tell a Vita version is being worked on.

  • Smash TV!!
    “Big Money, Big Prizes, I Love It!”
    This collection will sell nicely.
    Online Gauntlet…Niiice!!

  • So can someone please tell me whats going on with PS+ on Vita. I just checked plus content update but plus on Vita is missing. I remember u guys (sony) say it would roll out in november, guess what sony its november and no news on PS+ for vita. I hope its gonna be today and not next week. This is the sole reason i renewed my plus membership. I only use plus on PS3 for the discounts since every free game so far on the instant game collection i already own. So plus on my vita is what i really want.

  • This should be a PSN release! It looks like a great compilation, but one I’d prefer have on my hard drive. Besides, it cannot take up too much space, right?
    I like the borders for Rampage! I remember getting blisters on my thumbs playing this game from beginning to end with a friend.

    Also, I’m with comment 1, please arrange a set time pacific – eastern to update the store, and make it an event.

  • Are there plans to release it as a digital purchase on PSN?

  • Any chance for a PS Vita version? I’ve been waiting for Midway Arcade Treasures for PSP to be compatible with Vita, but it hasn’t happened.

  • @9 Main reason I bought a Vita this month! Plus the fact there’s finally a bundle with a memory card and a half decent game included.

    Kind of frustrating they always just say more info soon and never specify if soon means today, tomorrow or next week.

  • It has been so long since Super Off Road, one of my favorite games ever, has been available on the console. I believe this will be the first time it has made an appearance in this generation.

    There are a lot of other games I’m excited about too and I can’t buy this collection of awesome games fast enough.

  • Ah crap. It’s got Robotron 2084. Now I have to get it. I wasn’t looking to buy anything this week.

  • This collection contains 3 of my favorite arcade games …. Wizard of War, Robotron, and Satan’s Hollow! If anyone has not played these games, you are in for a real treat …..

  • Any word on a digital release? Would be great to play these on a whim without having to fiddle with a disc.

  • Have this ordered!

    @ Jeremy Mahler

    I hope you have the time to reply now that someone from Backbone, has posted something?

    I just wanted to know if there is any chance at all that you could release an EA compilation similar to the PSP title that included Desert Strike, Jungle Strike, Road Rash etc with trophy support etc?

    Also a CAPCOM Classics collection that includes all the titles that were released within Volumes 1 & 2.

    Taito Legends collection including all the titles that were released within 1 & 2.

    Lastly a Megaman Anniversary & Megaman X Collection on one disc?

    I hope there is something in the pipeline for any of those titles?

    Kind Regards

    • First off, MorningGlory2011, thank you very much for your support; we really hope you get a ton of enjoyment out of Midway Arcade Origins.

      Secondly, I wish we could answer your questions directly but everything we develop is always announced by the publisher first. Your questions really need to be addressed to EA, Capcom, and/or Taito. :(

      Having said that, we are big fans of all the collections and games you mentioned, and would be happy to work on them. If you are really happy with Midway Arcade Origins, please feel free to recommend us to those publishers should you decide to query them directly. :)

  • defender, BEOTCH!!!

  • OH! LORD!!! :P ‘Wizard of Wor’ :P & ‘Defender’ :P GOD i LOVE those games back in the day;)

    + I wish someone would bring out all the brilliant classic games from ‘Taito’ to PSN :( (like all the classics that were on ‘Taito Legends 1 & 2’) :P Sadly i can’t play them on my PS3 because they are on PS2 discs :-/

  • It’s like being in an ’80s arcade! But without the smell of ashtrays and rotten cheese or the presence of creepy dudes lurking in the corner. Ah, memories… Vita version?

  • I am glad there is a score attack mode. Having infinite free play kinda kills some of these old arcade games. The trophies look super easy. I might have to complain that it doesn’t seem like much of a challenge which I was looking forward to for this collection. I guess it will be good for the games I am not too fond of like Pit Fighter. Will purchase on PSN so I have these games on the ready for a quick play.

  • Will there be online multiplayer in games like Gauntlet and Smash TV?
    Will there be a PSN digital release, and if so, how soon?

  • I’ll def pick this up, love the classic games!

  • No Paperboy? Pass…

  • Price?

  • Another vote here for a Vita version!

  • @MEK1ner

    I know you want it, and that’s the reason for impatience. But you had to have known that it wouldn’t be November 1st. I’m not sure why, but Sony seems intent on Making an announcement a week in advance. If I was guessing, I’d say announcement next week on Monday with the usual Plus posts, and release the next day (maybe) or the following Tuesday (likely). I’m with everybody, even though I have zero desire for a Vita that They need to announce at least a day that the information will be posted and at least communicate one thing about Vita+.

  • If this was on PSN, which I thought would be an obvious choice to make, you would have my money yesterday. Oh well.

  • I remember playing Marble Madness on the NES. Game was lots of fun but ridiculously hard.

  • I hope you guys aren’t charging more than $4.99 for these old games.

  • Disc only? Too bad.

  • I love 80’s arcade games!!!! This arcade collection for PS3 will be awesome even with trophy support.

  • Sorry, but MAME on my Xbox1 also did fully emulated audio — 8 years ago. Maybe the audio emulation here is 24-bit/48khz?

    Does it include the HQ4x or other popular filters? I’m really tired of emulated games just doing a bilinear filter :(

    Scan line emulation? Palette enhancement options?

    Is there a platinum trophy?

  • Awesome, I’m glad these old Midway, Williams, and Atari arcade games have found another home, I was getting worried that the compilation era was totally over when Midway folded. There’s still a number of games made by them that were never released in any home port, or classics like Omega Race and Gorf which haven’t been around since the Colecovision and C64 days, so I hope you Backbone guys can get another compilation going after this one with more games.

    Oh, one nitpick about a trophy name, pterodactyls were not actually dinosaurs, just flying reptiles that lived at the same time as the dinosaurs.

  • Fantastic compilation, and at $1 a game, a no-brainer.

    One more vote for putting this collection on PSN, ASAP!

  • What the Hell????

    No, Moon Patrol?,Paperboy?, Tron? Zaxxon?, Terminator 2: Judgement Day? , Aerosmith: Revolution X? Or any of the Willams/Bally pinball games?

    Booooooooo, You Suck!!!

  • Can’t beleive I had forgot this one. Star Wars by Atari.


  • Awesome collection, but why on disc? I was so excited until I read that part.

    It’s a waste of a disc. It just seems silly to spend money manufacturing discs that only have 1% of their capacity filled.

    But, if I see it on the shelf next time I’m at Target and it’s not too expensive, I’ll most likely buy it. I just wish this was downloadable.

    Great games though. I played a lot of these as a kid. Can’t wait to re-visit the memories again.

  • I just checked for this on Amazon. I like the cover art, so that helps a little with the decision to purchase the disc.

    But $29.99 seems a bit high. It shouldn’t be more than $19.99, in my opinion. Weren’t all the Midway Arcade Treasures collections on PS2 $19.99 when they were released? I think they were. So, I’ll probably wait for the price to drop. But thanks for releasing this collecting of golden age goodies anyway!

  • @ WKQQRocker (37)

    You do realize that this is a Midway Collection, right? MP, Paperboy and Zaxxon are from Irem (Williams), Atari, and Sega.

    The trademark for Tron has always been owned by Disney and is likely why that game was not included. The other games are likely not included because of similar trademark issues or were not even made by Midway.

  • Seeing the names of these games brings me back. I wish Crystal Castles was included in this compilation. I used to love that game as a kid and haven’t seen since then.

  • I would love to see digital

  • I love most most of these games, but my three favorite MIDWAY games…
    Moon Patrol, Hard Drivin’ or S.T.U.N. Runner not being on here is a big letdown though. :(

  • Vita version please

  • wheres the updateeeeeeeeeee??????

  • I don’t get it, I preordered this from Amazon but they say this is being released NEXT week and that I won’t have it until the 13th. It sure wasn’t shipped today, I’d be playing it right now!

  • I just bought this game today and I enjoyed the compilation! Dear Backbone, I think you should contact all the publishers for more compilations for this generation. Contact Disney for the Tron and Discs Of Tron arcade games. I still have the PS2 Compilations by Midway,Taito, Atari & SEGA. I even got Konami Arcade Classics on my PSOne.

  • This is also the sort of thing that should be on PSN.. I bet these 30 games would take up less
    space than a few Sack Boy outfits.

    Speaking of which Sony should really set up a virtual arcade area and have all publishers put their classics on it.
    They are really missing the boat here IMO.

  • “Sony should really set up a virtual arcade area and have all publishers put their classics on it.”

    I agree. Awesome idea.

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