Tales of Voice Recording: A Tales of Xillia Update

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Tales of Voice Recording: A Tales of Xillia Update

Tales of Xillia on PS3

Hello everyone, my name is Ted Tsung and I am the North American Producer for Tales of Xillia for NAMCO BANDAI Games America. I’m happy to announce that we recently completed our voice recording session for the game, an extremely important part of the localization process. It’s a huge milestone for us to pass and it means that Tales of Xillia is that much closer to its 2013 release.

Tales of Xillia on PS3Tales of Xillia on PS3

Tales of Xillia on PS3

Eight hours of voice recording across an eight week span, filled with late nights catching up on emails, proofing, and preparation for the following day. It’s a grueling process that’s both physically and mentally taxing. Despite this, it was a fantastic experience, thanks to the support from Cup of Tea, 8-4, and the voice actors. I might be looking through rose-tinted glasses, but you won’t find a better group of people.

It’s always impressive to see how well voice actors can improvise on the spot. They have very little interaction with each other. The most exposure they’ll get with one another is hearing a voice that may be played back for reference. Otherwise, they’re stuck in a booth alone, quickly scanning a script they’ve never seen before, dishing out multiple takes for us to grab. It’s a draining process that requires a lot of attention from all parties.

After it’s all said and done, I believe people will be satisfied with the voices we chose for each character. When localizing games like those in the Tales of franchise, there’s always added pressure since the Japanese version typically comes out first.

Tales of Xillia on PS3

I’m very much aware that it can be very jarring to someone hearing the English voices when they’re used to hearing the Japanese voices. However, I think our English cast matches the original intention of their character’s persona.

For example, we went with a much deeper voice for Milla. We needed her to maintain a very powerful and authoritative demeanor, so we didn’t find it appropriate maintaining the same pitch as her Japanese voice.

Similarly, we pitched down Jude a little bit as well. He maintains the same adolescent qualities as the Japanese version, but we figured the North American audience would prefer a lower, stronger voice.

As long-winded as the recording was, it was a gratifying one, and I really owe it to all the people I worked with. Everyone has done an outstanding job, and I hope the fans enjoy it.

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  • Keep us up to date on the sequel too Namco, and thanks for this.

  • Sounds great, still need to play Tales of Graces. Please release a tales game for the vita here in NA. If you saw how well Ragnarok is doing (according to rate number and rating score on the PSN) Namco could turn a profit. Localize it digital only maybe?

  • I was surprised back when this was announced to be localized. Looking forward to playing the game and I really hope you localize the sequel too. That would be plain mean if you didn’t :P

  • thanks for the update, i cant wait to play this game sometime next year.keep us informed,namco!

  • Appreciate the update. I’ll try playing with the English voice cast but will we have the option to choose the Japanese voice overs too? Would love the option choose myself.

    If it doesn’t fit on disc, maybe an optional download for Japanese voice overs on psn?

  • This game will have dual audio?

  • If it doesn’t fit on disc, maybe an optional download for Japanese voice overs on psn?
    it’s not about size, it’s a process of paying the rights for’em.

  • It better have jp audio, I’m not buying it otherwise.

  • Just as long as this is a damned good localization, I’ll be happy.
    –“However, I think our English cast matches the original intention of their character’s persona.”


  • 1st Put the game
    2nd Go to options and set audio to GODLIKE Japanese Voice Actors *___* Gaius is played by the same voice actor of Byakuya from Bleach… @___@

    3rd BE HAPPY \o/

    Namco USA pay the rights for this japanese gods of dubbing make us your customers happy e buying more and more :)

  • I already played the Japanese version, and indeed it will be jarring to hear somebody else other then Ms. Miyuki Sawashiro doing the role of Milla Maxwell. But I’m glad to hear you went with a deeper voice for Milla — I wouldn’t have it any other way after what Ms. Sawashiro did with the role. Although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still worried, considering I don’t know “who” is vocing her for the North American version.

    Any luck we could get some names? Likely not, but I have to ask anyways.

  • PLEASE put the option to choose the Japanese voice, I’m not buying it otherwise.

  • I bought the Japanese version 14 months ago. I don’t know why BanNam don’t do global releases for their games like other big publishers. It’s a tossup between them and Sega for worst company to be a fan of in the west. Post production localization and year long delays really make your company look like a dinosaur in the current market.

  • So.. you have the disc space, you have the japanese audio, you have the english subtitles.. but you still won’t give fans what they ask for? I mean it’s not like sales are going to be astronomical, you’ll need all the sales you can get to make this release worth it, this is why we haven’t been seeing some Tales releases right? Seems that something so trivial as including audio that already exists would be a given to satisfy all of your fans.

  • Will you be revealing the voice actors anytime soon?

    Thanks again for bringing this game to the states!

  • Nice. Didn’t think the localization (meaning, both text and voice) would be done so fast! That said, what’s next in terms of things to do before release?

    Also, as I’m sure you’re aware, Tales of Xillia 2 was just released in Japan. I know Hideo Baba has said the sequel’s release in the west depends on the performance of its predecessor, however, can you offer up any hints as to whether or not it’s coming?

    And adding on to what Rotsujin (@13) said, I’d like it if Namco Bandai could put as much effort into timely localizations with the Tales series as it does with its Dragon Ball Z and Naruto games. Understandably, Tales is an RPG and thus contains books more text, but it’s not like it’s something you haven’t done before! (I’m referencing Tales of Vesperia’s North American and Japanese August 2008 launch – which were 21 days apart in comparison to the current situation’s at least 1 year and 3 months difference).

    Looking forward to Xillia, Xillia 2 (hopefully), and whatever else Team Tales is planning!


  • Thank You so much for this update, continue to do such an amazing job. And finish this one as soon as possible and hope right on to Part 2 afterwards! Dont give those actors a rest lol

  • I bought 3 copies of Tales of Graces f day 1. Damn sure I’m gonna buy at least two copies of Xillia day 1

  • oh yeah and lets get that Tales of Innocence R game for Vita over here too ill buy it even if it has no voice overs i dont care :)

  • This game would be PERFECT for the Vita! The Tales games are exhaustingly long at times and perfect for when on the go!

  • awesome, hope to hear the English voice and keep up the good work.

  • Not to belittle all the efforts, but I’m just curious, will the original Japanese voices be available as an option in the NA release? I know some people who prefer original Japanese audio with English subtitles as it kind of brings out more of the “anime experience”. Personally, I’m not sure which one I’d prefer, but I would sure like to have my options. :)

  • Thanks for the update, really looking forward to this.

  • Please put in the Japanese VO and the default and give the English option to people that want it…Not only is the English VO terrible in 99% of localize games, but the audio and video (lip movements) are always off. I can’t stand any movie, anime, games, etc that are localize and get the VO wrong and out of sync…..

  • To the people whining about not buying the game if it doesn’t have dual-audio. Go import it.

  • So when can we expect a Trailer of this game along with an Official release date for NA.
    I really wanna play this game.

  • Namco Bandai, please start listening to your fanbase.

    I enjoy playing games and watching movies in their original languages. I wouldn’t watch a French film with an English dub, and I feel the same way about Japanese games dubbed into English. With the extra storage available on Blu-ray, there is no excuse not to include the original audio, especially when much smaller publishers with lower budgets consistently manage to include it in their games for the fans.

  • can we just get a confirmation if it’s dual audio or not?

    that’s all i ask.

    and i agree with WICKOtheSTAMPEDE

    they already have the audio there, your just delaying the game for including the english va.

    so to satisfy both sides just put dual audio.

  • I’m glad to hear that the game is closer to being finish and can’t wait for the release!

  • Vesperia :'(

  • Nice Update, I’m really looking forward to this…. Tales of Xillia is all I need to hear….. take my money lol.

  • Innocence R and Hearts R please.

  • Fantastic news, keep up the good work and please include dual audio.

    It would mean the world to me and so many others that don’t have the luxury to learn japanese.
    Some of us simply don’t have the luxury to learn japanese and fully enjoy the imported version.

  • Any chance of a collectors edition?

  • what can we do to get namco to localize both Innocence R and Hearts R here in the U.S. please.

  • i would like to see a trailer with english dub, also who are the voice actors for this game? and finally, will we get both japanese and english audio? namco could you please release this game sooner!!!! please.

  • sigh…i get depressed seeing people so pathetic they need to hear japanese in a game or they won’t buy it. Completely idiotic.

    Anyway, really enjoyed Graces F so i’ll definetly get this. Its nice to see some quality Jrpgs hit the ps3 for once.

    Btw, i would really love if you guys could do an hd remake of Tales of Symphonia. I know its probably not possible with it being released only on gamecube in NA, but it was released on ps2 as well in japan. After hearing Bioware is finally able to bring Mass Effect 1 to ps3, i’m starting to believe anything is possible.

  • optional jp voice will be a 100% buy for me or else forget it…

  • It’s nice to see that a lot of attention is being put into the translation. I know in tales of graces my biggest complaint was the tone of the main character Azbels voice during anything. He was always so monotone and emotionless.

  • By the by have they named the voices of the english voice cast yet? <3 Laura Bailey <3

  • I can understand if a dub is absolutely terrible, but you japanophiles are seriously ridiculous. You are the reason a lot of games stay in your beloved Japan. “No dual audio no buy” you say? Be glad you even get the damn games at all picky little brats. They could do an absolutely flawless dub and you’d cry about it. There is no please you obsessive bastards. Here’s an idea; If you love it so much then learn the language and buy the JP version of the game. I take dual audio as a bonus, not a requirement because I want the GAMES; You know…the part that actually matters.

  • @41 agree completely. :)

  • Can’t wait to hear the English dub for this. The only games I want in Japanese are the games that take place in Japan.

    I wish a lot of the otaku here would understand that they can just import the original if they’re obsessed with the voices. Of course, it’d be nice to give them dual audio, just so they’d shut up, but if not there and it’s English-only, this is still a first day buy for me.

  • Thank you for the hard work. I’m looking forward to playing Tales of Xillia the day it release.

  • @Sevyne

    I agree that it’s stupid to miss out on this amazing game just because the japanese voices aren’t in it. IMO they did a great job with the graces dub and i’m sure xillia’s will be even better (definitely getting it day 1). But I don’t like it when people say “if you want the japanese voices, import it”, its a terrible solution because you won’t be able to understand the story, read the menu, etc. Personally I want dual audio so I could play through one side of the story with the original voices and the other with english. I’m fine with not being able to understand everything they say because i’m used to it with anime and most of my favorite jrpgs don’t even have voices.

  • @LilBig47: Look I understand wanting dual audio. I’m not saying that if you like those voices to learn the language and import. What I mean is that if it’s so obsessively critical to them to get the jp voices that they would actually NOT buy the game over it then yes, they SHOULD go learn the language and import. Not every game they want is going to have dual audio and to demand it, kicking and screaming in protest is sickening.

  • I completely understand why people want dual audio. I always try and watch everything in it’s original language as it was meant to be seen. That being said, “threatening” them with not buying the game because it doesn’t have japanese is ridiculous. The licenses for those voices are extremely expensive and it isn’t a viable option to include them. Perhaps they could include the option for no voice overs at all? I think I’d choose that option over any, haha.

  • Looking forward to any and every “Tales of…” games to come! Can’t wait! Keep up the good work! Please localize Tales of Vesperia for the PS3!

  • @Sevyne
    The issue is that of ease and sales. It’s easy to get the Japanese rights, easier and cheaper than hiring an English dub. Voice actors in Japan aren’t paid crap, nor are actors. Only the US pays ridiculous amounts of money to famous people. Now I am not so arrogant to say I won’t play a game because it doesn’t have what makes it whole, but it’s really lazy when other games by Namco-Bandai have dual audio and another doesn’t. Especially when Tales games have never had dual audio for no reason other than vague answers that tell us nothing.
    Secondly all dual audio does is increase the sales of a game, it never hurts it. The % of people that say no dual audio, no buy are a large percentage of consumers, and possibly even reduce sales by as much as 40%. Namco is publishing Ni No Kuni–it has Dual Audio and was mentioned in the same post that mentioned it being localized.
    I realize that Tales doesn’t have as big a following in the US as Japan, but they would only be helping themselves.

  • Dual audio, lol. You guys are the minority, the -very- vocal minority. But don’t let your massive ego get in the way of clamoring for Japanese voice acting in a high profile game (dual language is the oddity, not the norm in the United States). Not even Square-Enix does it, just to give you an idea of how niche this request is.

    To the rest of us the Tales voice acting experience has ranged from generally good and exceptionally well. And I for one am readying my body for Xillia and Ni No Kuni next year. Maybe a special edition for Xillia, eh Namco?

    Either way, all aboard the hype train!

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