PlayStation Home Update: New Game from the Creator of Dyad

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PlayStation Home Update: New Game from the Creator of Dyad

This Wednesday, November 7th, a new game bounces into Home from the maker of DYAD, Home Tycoon has new colors for your cars, Heavy Water’s Dungeon arrives with some new royal outfits, and new Home developer JAM Games races into our hearts. Oh yeah, and new Hoverdiscs from Juggernaut arrive in full Nyan style!

Check out all this and more, starting this Wednesday:

Studio ][ and Codename Games — A Game About Bouncing

Indie studio ][ and Codename proudly present a new arcade cabinet for PlayStation Home: A Game About Bouncing.

][ (pronounced “right square bracket left square bracket” or “RSBLSB”) is perhaps best known for this year’s trippy PSN exclusive DYAD – and if “A Game About Bouncing” looks familiar, there’s a good reason. Creator Shawn McGrath originally designed “A Game About Bouncing” as a quick game jam that ended up becoming one of the early sketches for DYAD.

In “A Game About Bouncing,” the goal is simple, to propel yourself using the thumbsticks, bouncing from one body to the next, while avoiding the dark comets that increasingly seek you out. The controls are simple to learn, but it takes some definite skill to master and earn the high scores and rewards.


Speaking of rewards, there are some great ones packed in the game for cabinet owners. First up is a pair of custom Bouncing-inspired bow-less specs, featuring animated art from the game.

Next up, your very own version of Shawn McGrath’s signature hat and beard (with a less fuzzy version for the ladies) awarded to players who show Shawn-like skills at the game.


And finally, a complete avatar replacement, built entirely from the artsy game’s unique assets, seen here with the attractive custom cabinet.


Friends can play on this cabinet, and there’s a leader board to track who in the Home community can bounce the longest.

Heavy Water – Avalon Keep Update

The exterminators have taken care of your little pest problem and now you can enter your Dungeon. This addition to the popular Avalon Keep opens up the entire Dungeon area while you and your friends all remain in the same personal estate – no loading between scenes! Purchasing the Dungeon also adds new items to earn in Crystal Hunter, the free update to the Avalon Keep. Oh, and did we mention there are two dungeon styles? Switch freely between Mystical and Spooky dungeon scenes dynamically. Each version has an interactive feature in the center of the dungeon, and one of them earns you a few more rewards as an owner, so make the upgrade and explore your Dungeon!

There’s another free update to Avalon Keep. This game is open to owners and guests alike. Crystals have started appearing on the grounds and in the sky around your Keep! Luckily Barlow, the merchant, trades in crystals. Collect as many crystals as you can to buy new items for your Gift Machine or donate to the Noble Houses of Avalon, or the Avalonian Kingdom itself.

“Why should I donate to the different Houses or the Kingdom of Avalon?” you might ask. There is a good reason – Community rewards! When each of the coffers reaches a certain amount, all who enter Avalon Keep from then on are gifted a full-sized guard companion to honor your generosity. The community can earn all five guards in each of their uniforms.


The Avalon Kingdom has manufactured some more Royal Clothing for its denizens. Try out the line of Royal Dresses and Slippers for the ladies, or the Royal Tunics, Pantaloons and Ren shoes for the gentlemen.

And don’t miss out on the Animated Royal Crystal Mohawks – the next item in the line of Royal Crystal wear from Avalon. If you missed out on the Royal Crystal Crowns early adopter bonuses from Avalon Keep, these are the next best thing. Heck they might even be better!

JAM Games – RaceOn!


At Jam Games we’d like to say a huge hello to PlayStation Home members in the USA and beyond! We’re racing onto the scene with our first collection that includes a range of male and female clothing inspired by the world of motor sport. We also have a small range of furniture to complement our Garage Apartment and we can’t wait to see how you guys use it — whether you convert it into an urban apartment, turn it into an underground nightclub or use it for something completely different! We’d love to see your pictures! Visit us at

Now get to the starting grid…. JAM Games are ready to race!

Juggernaut Games – Hoverdiscs and MiniBot Training Facility Update

Juggernaut Games introduces their new Hoverdisc locomotion items that boost your avatar’s speed to 150%. Available in five unique designs, or grab the bundle to ride the rainbow on the exclusive “Nyan” style Hoverdisc!


Juggernaut is also pleased to announce another update to the MiniBots Training Facility personal space: you can now take to the air with your MiniBot in-game with the Hoverdisc Gadget! Ownership of any Juggernaut Hoverdisc will unlock the Hoverdisc Gadget for use in MiniBots Multiplayer. There’s also a lot of new content available in Alvin’s Armory – including the fan-requested “Tozt-9” flamethrower, new decos, companions and more. Be sure to check out the first ever MiniBots content designed by Home users!


HellFire Games – New SpeedWings and New Vehicle Colors in Home Tycoon


Boost your avatar’s speed up to 150% with six new SpeedWings locomotion items from Hellfire Games, available this Wednesday. Blaze through PlayStation Home with the Macabre Skeletal Wings, Brilliant Lightning Wings, Dark Raven Wings, Enchanted Fairy Wings, Sky Monarch Wings, and Stellar Phoenix Wings. Each set of SpeedWings features upgraded flying and floating animations and doesn’t require any clothing slots, so you can wear them with any outfit!


Cruise through your dream city in style with eight new car colors in Home Tycoon from Hellfire Games! These new paintjobs are available in the Vehicles section of the Home Tycoon in-game store, including:

  • Cilantro – Yellow
  • Cilantro – White
  • Nexus LX – Blue
  • Nexus LX – Brown
  • GS 828 – Silver
  • GS 828 – Green
  • El Valiente – Red
  • El Valiente – White

Granzella – Teahouse and Shoulder Suits

Introducing the new Japanese Teahouse personal space from Granzella – peacefully situated on this secluded mountain side you can host a tea party and welcome your guests. The small teahouse is designed to bring guests closer. Forget the hustle and bustle of the city for a little while and enjoy a peaceful moment. The Tea Ceremony Tool Set includes a Japanese Teacup, a Japanese Teakettle, and a Dango. By building this personal space according to wabisabi thinking, the small teahouse is designed to bring guests closer together.

The Tea Ceremony Kimono, Japanese Sweets, and Flower Arrangements have arrived in the Japanese Teahouse personal space from Granzella. Carefully dressed in the Tea Ceremony Kimono, peaceful moments are wrapped in the aroma of tea. There are sweets that go well with the green tea, and colorful flower arrangements decorate the teahouse. If preparations are in order, it’s time to welcome the guests.


Granzella introduces the Shoulder Draped Suit Jacket and Hunting Cap set. Wearing this jacket over your shoulders is a wild fashion statement. In addition to the top and bottoms of the suit, the content of the set includes a Hunting Cap, Leather shoes for men, High Heels for women. Coordinate your whole body in style. For both men and women, this set is available in black, white, and red. In addition, if you wear this jacket in the Neon Downtown lounge, you’ll earn a cool nickname such as “Dragon,” “Wolf,” or “Tiger”. There’s plenty to go around.

Wander the streets aimlessly at night with your suit flowing from your shoulders. You’ll look cool all night.

20121107_SCEA_Shoulder Suit_blog

Game Mechanics – Customizable Chairs

Game Mechanics is introducing themselves with a bunch of cool stuff from their Contender Series. Start with some canvas chairs that you can write on adding your own custom text. Whether it is people’s names creating assigned seats, a title as in a director’s chair, or some fun game you can play with your friends. They come in eight colors plus regular and tall size. There are also tables that seat four but only take up three furniture slots – bar style tables and a picnic bench. These are tables that you can place where you can sit close to the tables and people face each other. Formerly that was only available in furniture that was built into spaces. There are also tables with built in lamps for those intimate dark corners. In addition, a giant tire clock that hangs on the wall that is so big you can read it from across the room and a clock made out of a steering wheel. The clocks only take up three furniture slots, not twenty-two like the old days. Finally they created a desk out of racing car parts: seat, cylinders and all. Cool stuff for sure. A great start. Congratulations and welcome!


PlayStation Home Mall Update

Magnus is back in his 65th volume of the Virtual Item Showcase. This week he showcases new Racing gear from the new developer Jam Games, new SpeedWings, a few cute outfits from Granzella, and more.

Check out the video below for all the details.

Midway – Ca$h Carnival Last Few Days!

This is it! This is the final few days you have a chance to win a fabulous prize at the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes! Go to the Hot Zone to sign up for the Sweepstakes and every green ticket you spend playing any Midway or Hot Zone game earns you an entry into the weekly drawing! And you’ll win a cool $1,000 cash along with the prize! This is also the last time your entries will count toward the Grand Prize drawing for $15,000! Real prizes! Real Money! Real Fun! Don’t miss it! Hurry up and play! For official rules, click here.


Where to begin?! I’d start in the game store in the Mall to start bouncing, then peruse what else your heart desires. There’s always new fun in PlayStation Home! See you there.

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  • Nice update :O So are we getting the Neon downtown lounge too?

  • I’m pretty sure this has been asked before but.. how do you pronounce “][“?

  • Either granzella was keeping it secret or the blog is wrong but can we please get confirmation if the tea house is coming out this week or not. That custom furniture looks intriguing, will definitely be checking it out.

    • Yup! Confirmed. Read above and check out the video from Granzella. Since our release management is the last sign-off for content to be published, I recommend trusting these official Home blog posts (not always perfect, but darn close).

  • Will we be getting anything from the EU developer Atomic Republic

  • Oh god, I might have to get the hover discs and a cat costume. NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN… ahem (price please?). Kinda wish we were getting the Granzella skates, but the Teahouse, if we are indeed getting it, is a nice suprise.

    • I’m kind of hoping to see a flock of Nyan discs zip by me in a sort of unannounced parade/flash mob. You know I love a good flash mob.

      The individual Hoverdiscs will be $0.99 each with a bundle available for $3.99. It looks like the Nyan model will only be available in the bundle.

  • as quoted from above

    “In addition, if you wear this jacket in the Neon Downtown lounge, you’ll earn a cool nickname such as “Dragon,” “Wolf,” or “Tiger”.”

    Does this mean we are finally getting the neon district or was that just part of the advertizment for the clothing style?

  • 2 comment or not 2 comment hmmm yes indeed follow @b_r_i_t_n_e_y__ cool update I get the costumes nodoubt im looking forward to turkey day rewards also any new cames coming soon like maybe a racing game

  • WHAT?! You wouldn’t go around messing with a crazy lady now would you? Are the Granzella suits and teahouse REALLY coming this week? FOR REAL?!

    Omg please tell me this is really happening…I was about ready to quite home again but HOLY MOLY if these things are there wed, I will be refilling my wallet like crazy, buying all the Granzella stuff and a bunch of this other new stuff too like speedwings and hoverdiscs O_O

  • juggernaut Hover Discs…YES, Hellfire Speed Wings….Yes , everything else, not interested.
    Of all the things Jam Games could of come up with , specially making its debut here in Home,and this is the best they come up with ? Racing Gear ? Good luck making a profit .

  • That should read was ready to quit* minor typo due to over excitement O_O

    Seriously I had planned to take a hiatus from home for a long time again, because of EU getting that stuff before us again, but this changes EVERYTHING. Really this will make my entire month if we get all the teahouse stuff and those suits this week…

  • Hello Cade, i almost forgot , is it possible to start making old active items take less furniture slots ? Im starting to decorate my personal space with Christmas stuff and some of the old Chirstmas items i have since 2009 take 22 slots,the little snow man that throws out snow, the santa playing the guitar …etc, etc , etc . It would be great if we get an update to have them go down to , i dont know, 6 slots .

  • Yes, thanks for releasing the Granzella teahouse so quickly.. though it’ll likely be the first GZ apartment I won’t be getting. Teahouses just aren’t my thing. I and many others are getting rather impatient for Granzella’s skate locomotion items however. *hint* *hint* :p

    • Yes, they’re coming very soon. I’ve been monitoring those personally because I know everyone wants them ASAP.

  • Is Europe ever getting Dyad?

  • Not sure if I actually believe that the Granzella Tea house is actually coming out this week. I will be mildly surprised if it actually does. Do we have an idea of what it might cost?

  • Are we getting Neon Downtown this week? Sounds like it from the blog post!

  • Well then all I have to say is…


  • This is exciting news indeed! We get cool stuff from Granzella, JAM games, new speed wings and HOVERDISCS?! Now, I’m REALLY EXCITED!!! I just hope all this comes out as scheduled. I may get another card to celebrate!! YEAH!!!!

  • I can’t wait to read the forum on Wednesday….LOL.
    All the ppl crying because the can’t access the 2nd house in the Tea House apt.
    Pretty weak update, but I’m glad. I like a few slow weeks.

  • It is quite difficult for me to keep up with Home updates lately T^T

  • new street moves was an awesome idea, finally Home gets something completely right the first time out. need more breakin and top rockin and it would be great if they looped endlessly. also needs full songs in x7, maybe you guys could license some skrillex for in there. home tycoon pretty much got that finished, neat lil space but again could use a bar or put x7 in there and have it a real open enter-able building. also when is there going to be a dance off with real prizes, both in home and the real world. think it would be a grand idea(if you use these, please give credit). oh and can we get some superhero costumes from marvel and dc? keep the updates coming, you got me to go back in and enjoy home after a 6 month hiatus.(enjoying it till 3 and 4 am.)

  • oh and when are the Micro R/C cars coming to home that you are to be able to use anywhere? can ya bring back pen mic to.

  • I think that if Home had trophy support more people would be interested :)

  • i wonder if black ops ll outfit would happen, like black ops ll store?? :) i buy it , make it happen Cade , p.s. good see you again cade :P hope u lookin forward to black ops ll cause I AM!! :D

  • Obviously yah can’t have licensed cars. But, did yah have to make the headlights and grill on the 350Z so ugly? Could have just put the G35 lights on without THAT grill, then it would have been different and nice. Could have done without the emblem too. No emblem and no grill would have been cleaner.

  • Any planned Assassin’s Creed 3 content coming for PlayStation Home, i would really love a outfit of Connor my friends would like one also

  • If PlayStation Home is so big and important than why isn’t in on PlayStation Vita yet and how come there hasn’t been a huge overhaul that it desperately needs, one area being the loading.

  • the terminator costumes are AWESOME more movie costume please

  • LOL, I just requested something like the hover boards for this month and they are here already. Thought it might take a few months. (though likely was already in production). I’m getting one of these.Hope my other suggestions get looked at as well.

  • Couldn’t wait. got the hover-board now….and someone needs to update the info in this blog. They do not boost speed up to 150% only 50% as stated in the product description. You don’t want ticked off consumers so please update it.

  • Umm I’m confused, where is the Neon lounge.. Was it only for EU?? And where is drapped jacket?? I know it said Gazella, maybe it was only EU..

  • I love the hover disc it’s awesome ?

  • how to get x7 club

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