More Than Mortal: Behind the Scenes of Injustice: Gods Among Us

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More Than Mortal: Behind the Scenes of Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us for PS3

It’s been a fast-paced summer for us here at Netherrealm Studios as we zoom towards the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us. After strong showings at both the San Diego and New York Comic-Cons where we revealed new characters while also giving fans hands-on time with their favorite heroes and villains, the team is hard at work on finalizing all of the great content we’ve packed into our next fighting game.

And while we’ve released a ton of content so far, you wouldn’t believe what we have in store! Building on the foundation we laid with Mortal Kombat, the team has worked hard to make sure we have more than enough compelling content to keep players entertained for hours on end.

We have HUGE announcements coming up in the next few months concerning the story of the game that will answer the burning question fans have been asking us over and over: Just why are all of these icons fighting each other? We still have yet to reveal all of our characters, and the response that we’ve received on social media outlets on who you all want to see in the game has really inspired the team to no end.

Additionally, our KoreTech team has really pushed the boundaries on our graphics engine forward with industry leading innovations. The utilization of the PS3’s SPUs on Injustice goes way beyond anything we did in Mortal Kombat, enabling us to have roughly three times the amount of objects on screen at a single time. To allow for all the background destruction you see in the game, the number of animatable objects has increased to the point where we have as many on screen as we had total objects in our last game, all possible because of the power of the PS3 SPUs. It doesn’t end there, as we’ve completely revamped our lighting solution between Mortal Kombat and Injustice to drive our lighting through the SPUs which allows us to render more, and also allows a lot more accurate and complex dynamic lighting with an overall increase in the number of lights.

Check out our new video with some more comments from the team on what sets Injustice: Gods Among Us apart from anything we’ve ever done before!

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  • Game looks sick. can’t wait for pre order announcements and collector edition anncouncemtns

  • *announcemtns

  • hmmm…sounds like you’re using the standard arc system works setup.

    I just don’t understand why people want sony to release a new system when these games already look amazing.

  • Joker looks really fugly.

    The game looks interesting, but I would prefer for Nether Realm to develop an action game based in Mortal Kombat, like a remake of MK Subzero: Mythologies.

    I wonder when Wb will stop forcing their studios to make DC based games.

  • i enjoyed what you guys did with the last mortal kombat’s story mode. Hope this games’ story is just as cinematic. I’m going to pick Superman every time. lol

  • @4 of all the MK action games you picked Subzero Mytholigies?! lol. I’d rather have a game more like MK Shoalin Monks. That was a fun game, though kinda short.

  • Vita version please! :-)

  • The PS3 version of this game should have Cole from Infamous as an added character. A DC comic of infamous was made after the first game. It would make alot of sense to have him as an extra or hidden character for the ps3 version.

  • Please add . firestorm. lobo. doomsday. squirrel girl. aquaman as dlc or in the game. btw the game looks nice

  • I can’t wait for this game.

  • A vita version please and a well done one not the ugly one from Mortal Kombat.

  • @9,
    You really wanna add Squirrel Girl to the game? One of the great Marvel characters? I don’t think you can do that…

  • @Ryomoau

    Shoalin Monks is awesome. I still have the game for PS2, but if they did a downloadable HD remake, I would buy that bad boy in a second flat.

  • Love you guys, man!!
    I’ve been a supporter of Ed Boon & Co. since Day 1 of MK1 (first day I ever skipped school was the day MK1 hit my local arcade, don’t know if you should be proud of that or not though), and I’ve been a supporter of ever game you guys have made since, and even though I’m a MARVEL fan and not so much DC, I LOVED MK vs DC and I’ll be getting this as well which looks even better.

    My only heart-break with MK vs DC was you guys were unable to release DLC when there were SO many characters that could have been added that would’ve been perfect fits. I do hope this roster is a bit bigger. (and by a bit, I mean alot), but I suppose in this day of super-detailed character models, the days of 50+ character rosters is long gone. But I yearn for the Armageddon sized rosters.

    DC heroes are “bleh” to me, though I do like quite a few of their villains. PLEASE make sure “THE MAIN MAN”: LOBO is in this time. I can’t believe he wasn’t in MK vs DC. DOOMSDAY as well. My personal requests would be The Spectre and Zatanna.

  • As a side note, for future projects. There is a fighting game Geekdom has been clamoring for since the “old days”, and IMO your studio is the only ones that would do it right. PLEASE, get into talks with DC and also at that conference table needs to be sonmeone from MARVEL, and convince them that the next time they do a Marvel vs DC cross-over, it NEEDS to be in a Fighting Video Game form. I predict it would be the highest selling fighting game of all time……at least in the short term sales.

    I believe Marvel vs DC is the only theorhetical fighting game that people want even more than Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter. I would MUCH rather that theoretical Marvel vs DC be created by you guys, especially now, seeing your latest efforts with this DC fighting game, than it be done by Capcom based on their latest Superhero fighting game effort. Your efforts are moving forward (as they always do), and their efforts seem to be moving backwards.

    Keep in mind though, a theoretical Marvel vs DC fighting game would be completely useless without a 60 character roster, or close to it. The Injustice gameplay with 30 DC character and 30 Marvel characters…..what an amazing dream that would be.

  • PLEASE release this on PSN so I don’t need to even get out of my house to buy it at the first day!

  • love the fact I can block w back now. even though I loved mk I just couldnt stand a block button so i rarely blocked. Game has been a buy for me since it was announced. I just want auaman in the game, been hoping for him to be in. also, is that a mark hamill laugh I hear?

  • Add Lobo and my excitement for the game will go through the roof! Can’t think of any games at all that have Lobo and the potential for his move set is astounding!

  • Its off-topic but maybe someone can help me.

    I’m trying to use remote play (vita – ps3) through a wireless router and so far haven’t been able to.

    My ps3 connects to the internet through the router (same as vita). When I’m close to ps3 it works fine because ps3 creates a second wireless channel with the console name. When I’m in my room, the router signal is strong, but the second wireless channel the ps3 creates is bare minimum. Even when I connected the ps3 through the rj45 instead of wireless, it still persists on using the second wireless channel and not the router.

    Question: How do I make it connect through the router?

  • The game looks like a lot of fun just like MK did.

    I bought Mortal Kombat on day one, but was extremely disappointed in how bad the online multiplayer performed. It was not even playable. I went back a month later, after launch, and it was still broken as all hell. Probably one of the worst cases of buyers remorse I have ever had with a video game.

    I will never buy another Netherrealm Studios game on day one ever again. What a mistake.

    Will be waiting a long time before I decide to pick this game up, if at all.

  • @12 ahaha i tried.. i tried you caught me lol; Ima big dc comic fan. Bought mk vs dc on impulse.. I feel that game roster should have been deeper with all the charactersr in the dc world. This game can do just that

    i do agree with #15 a dc vs marvel game would rock..

  • @19 i thnk it have go to system setting and do it manually (confiqure).. But i recommened just leaving it be if it working . let do it magic< but if your really in need go to knowledge center at the bottom of the page and they will help you.. just click it

  • Reason the vita version of MK was so “ugly” was because the devs wanted it to run a 60fps and not 30fps.
    However, Sony All-Stars does look great and runs smoothly although it’s no where nearly as beautiful as the PS3 version. (Already pre-order the hardcopy of the ps vita version.)

    I doubt we will see a vita version of this game as the system is still finding it’s footing.
    Hopefully sales pick up this holiday season.

  • Game looks pretty sweet… only complaint is that Superman has the best special in the entire game… haven’t seen any other character top that which is a bit lame since perhaps his super should’ve been shown last.

  • Was never into comics but I’m getting into them now with The New 52. So a DC fighting game from the minds of Mortal Kombat is pretty much a day 1 buy for me. Looks great.

  • It looks good but I dont know it is not a blind buy like a MK game would be. Like some said an “action” game with MK characters would be very nice or a brand new MK game with all new fighters.

  • Holyyy…smokes this looks intense. Nice touch with the Joker at the end looks like his classic form.

  • oh great….another Mortal Kombat VS DC *yawn*

    Once again i find myself disapointed. DCVSMK was a fail. very little blood fatalities sucked the fighting was terrible. and here i thought MK9 was bringing it back. oh well sorry Ed boon I wont be picking this one up. let me know when you make a Real MK game.

  • This does look cool, but who has the IP rights to make a sequel to Psi-Ops?

  • Everyone wants Lobo in this game including me!


  • Looking forward to these huge announcements. Can’t wait to hear more about the story and hear more about what we can expect in terms of modes and netplay.

  • They need to put the old or new blue beetle in the game

  • 2 vs 2 Tag?

  • hope theres tag team online or just online in general

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