PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

This week’s list o’links is a bit PS Vita heavy, but that’s probably a good thing. Below, find reviews of titles such as Smart As…, Assassin’s Creed III Liberation, Orgarhythm, Ragnarok Odyssey, and the game that has been owning my Vita as of late, Need for Speed: Most Wanted. With Persona 4: Golden, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and Call of Duty: Declassified dropping over the course of the next couple of weeks, it’s not a bad time to have a commute. For a change.

Enjoy the extra hour today, everyone. You didn’t forget, did you?

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of October 29th, 2012)

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  • when is plus coming to vitaaa???

  • Ditto and more psone classics on PSN?

  • I got Ragnarok Odyssey yesterday via PSN and I really like it so far. Plus, I still have Persona 4 Golden on reserve. And I’m also patiently waiting for PlayStation Plus to come to the Vita. The Vita is really going to shine come Christmas season. I just know it :D

  • Hey Jeff… No mention of the non finalized PS Quattro development kits shown/sent to developers? 8-16 Gigs of RAM on the PS3 successor? I’ll overlook lack of backward compatibility for 14-16 Gigs of ram.

    I hope this is true and sony doesn’t short change the PS3 successor on the RAM department. I want the Next playstation to steam roll the competition like they did with the ps2. My .02

  • Can we get Black Ops 2 day 1 digital???

  • playstation plus on the vita. ?. the last comment i can see about this was on the 18th of september. i see it has a november arival date. and it is november now but nothing spoken of the date of actual arival to the vita.

    Sep 18 2012

    + Posted by Brandon Stander // Director of Marketing, PlayStation Network

    We announced back at Gamescom that PlayStation Plus would be coming to PlayStation Vita (PS Vita), and today we’re pleased to announce that our premium game membership will make its debut on PS Vita in November, providing an Instant Game Collection to PS Vita owners along with the same features that many of you already enjoy for PlayStation 3 (PS3).

  • @6 While they may have said that would be released in November, we can probably expect it at either the end of the month or early next month due to unforseen delays. That is usually how it goes with these things and I do not expect any different with this. The best thing to do is remain patient and keep playing games.

  • I’m eagerly letting my ps plus membership expire at the end of this month, Plus is a joke, I’m not paying a membership fee for games that were released back in 1982, It’s november and no mention of any free games for this month, You bragging about the joke of a game you give for free would be like me giving a homeless guy a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread 9 months old and rotton then telling the community I feed the homeless aren’t I great..I see an xbox in my future

  • @6 i just hope the Vita Instant Game Collection isn’t as disappointing as the recent free games they’ve been giving PS3.
    I’d actually prefer more subtantial discounts over free games. Like getting Little King Story for a reasonable price of $20 or lower. Knowing my luck, they’ll probably give us Gravity Rush free (a game i already own) and decide to discount Ragnarok Odysessy less than a month after it hit psn. :(

  • @8 lol we are getting another free game this tuesday, since games on the IGC are being rotated out. But don’t hold you breath on it being a fun retail game. I’m willing to bet it’ll be another $5 psn game.

  • @2 YES MORE PS1 Classics.

  • @10
    Introducing Instant Game Collection 4 PSVita! First titles will be: MotorStorm RC, Zen Pinball 2, Cliff Diving, Table Soccer, and FireWorks! :)

  • tuesday cant get here fast enough!!! finally ps+ comes to vita!!! and please be early with the update plz

  • @ 12 they can keep that Instant Game Collection to themselves, i want ModNation Racers Road Trip, Resistance Burning Skies, Gravity Rush, Unit 13 and even price drops on Little Big Planet, Ragnarok Odyssey and Need for Speed Most Wanted not thats how you launch playstation plus on the vita.

  • My plus expires this month and i think i won’t renew, after seeing all the good stuff that EU gets, comparing with the US i think i only wasting money with plus, not getting my money worth.

  • @14 was a joke

  • hey jeff? need to know what game are we getting this month?
    need to know ok i love + and also do you know any word about any word on price drop on the vita?
    also any word on any wor do what games we are getting this month? need to know thanks!
    hey skydiddy and j-tight say hi! they are on my list ! they are really great freinds!

  • With two playstations that cloud storage has come in handy. I no longer have to worry about managing flashdrive space, and I’m having a blast with that instant game collection’s space marines, Infamous 2, Just Cause and All 4 One. The collection is what finally made me switch from a 3 month to 1 Year membership…

  • @15 they relaese alot games in eu but they lack alot of other stuff like media and movies, dlc….each region lack something. usa has the perfect balance for now but since ps is expanding i dont think eu or usa is going to stay on top for very long . I think latin america will take over. since playstaion is very popluar there and sell very fast there. Japan is always aswome with there games and etc..

    vp psn legoniarre group

  • @15 whether or not you like what the EU PS+ is getting better than what the US is getter, saying “I’m not getting my moneys worth” is ludicrous. The amount of conent you get with PS+ in the US is well worth the $50 per year it costs. Pay $50, get $400 worth of content, then complain it’s not worth the money. <— this makes absolutely no sense to me.

    People today are so incredibly spoiled. They just want everything for nothing.

  • i want to know when will we get the $20 for spending $100 and whats new for the Ps Plus members and also can we get a change to the XMB i like that you guys change the Psn store but now whats left is the home screen its been the same since 2006

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