Join the DUST 514 Double Skill Point Weekend

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Join the DUST 514 Double Skill Point Weekend

As an immortal mercenary in DUST 514, Skill Points are your dearest friends. They’re your path to better gear, faster movement, deeper customization and even social standing. And on the war-torn planetary battlefields of New Eden, they don’t come cheap.

dbl points weekend Dust 514

For an extended weekend, we’re doubling the number of Skill Points our bullet-scarred beta testers will gain in every battle, from 1 November through 8 November. That means every headshot, NULL Cannon hack, dropship takedown – everything you do on the battlefield – will get you twice as close to your goal of galactic dominance.

Whether you’re working toward building the ultimate tank commander, striving to become a megacorporation CEO or simply trying to piece together your own unique hybrid warrior class, every single Skill Point helps.

Join the DUST 514 Double Skill Point Weekend

If you’re already playing the beta, you won’t want to miss the DUST 514 Double Skill Point Weekend. Our latest build, Codex, introduced new environments, weapons, avatars, equipment and a lot more. And if you haven’t given the beta a shot yet, now is the perfect time to step onto into New Eden.

DUST 514 is a free-to-play first-person shooter set in the persistent, notorious sci-fi universe of EVE Online. It’s only available on the PlayStation 3, and it’s home to one of the best communities in gaming. Our beta testers have been working behind the scenes to help CCP do something that’s never been done on a game console. Together, we’re taking shooters somewhere completely new, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Join the DUST 514 Double Skill Point Weekend

We’ll be giving away thousands of beta codes over the next few days, so keep an eye on your favorite gaming sites for a chance to pick up a beta code. You’ll also want to watch our official Twitter and Facebook feeds – we’ll be giving away codes there as well.

You can find out more at the official DUST 514 site, and sign up for the beta at the link below:

Thanks for playing. See you in New Eden.

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  • Will we ever get an official release date anytime soon? Its already November Im starting to think this game wont be coming out in 2012 (beta doesnt count)

    Also since Dust is an MMO will it every get as big in scope as EVE? In otherwords will you be able to do just about everything in Dust that I player in EVE can do the only difference being one takes place on the ground while the other is in space? Things such as plant spies in another corporation then take them down from the inside.. raid their headquarters and take/destroy all their stuff, craft (maybe someone wants to play as a person who never participates in battles but only makes and sells armor/ammunition and basically get rich playing th e market.

    Or will this game forever remain what it looks to be.. which is just a side game/companion app to EVE which 99.9% consists solely of small ground skirmishes for control of planets for the “higher ups” that take place planet side.. while all the “big fish” on EVE online get to do a LOT more with their “virtual lives”?

  • this game looks cute.

    side note: i guess ps plus for vita will be at the extreme end of november since everthing sony announces is always at the longest like of whatever date is set and latest time of that date.

  • It probably won’t get as big as eve, the purpose of dust is to be on planet shooter for eve, that said, it looks like they will have PVE content as well as the PVP that is in the beta.

    they also said they have a 5 year roadmap of free expansion packs for everyone. I don’t think there will be spies in dust like in eve, but there could be I suppose, I don’t think a dust corp will have all their stuff in an HQ area that can be attacked, even eve isn’t really like that.

    the game will probably always be a companion to eve, why would anyone complain about that? it isn’t designed to be EVE PS3, it is designed to be first and foremost a good sci fi shooter in the same light as eve, you earn skills and money and level up skills. that said, Dust will be able to stand alone as well And as an eve player I am very excited about the game and can’t wait to shoot people in the face while I shoot people in space.

    I am excited to see the PVE content as well, if it is like mass effect 3 multiplayer, or horde from gears 3… we are in for a good game

  • will these points carry over to the FINAL version off the game? I have been in to many BETA’s to know I’m going to loss EVERY thing. This is one reason I have not been playing it. (that much)

  • @3

    why would people expect “EVE PS3” simple.. because of the genre this game is classified as…. when a game calls itself an MMO I expect the deepness, and complexity and scope an MMO has.

    now if this was just advertised as “another multiplayer FPS” or “The EVE online FPS companion app” then my expectations would be set a lot lower. But if youre gonna call it an MMO then an MMO is what I expect to get. Also since CCP will be able to update at will and since the game is digital, when PS4 comes out it can easily upgrade and transfer to that… sure I dont expect much from the game at first, but I would hope in the future things will have opened up a lot more as the years go by.

    If theres gonna be a new MMOFPS in town, at least try to give the current one (planetside) a run for its money (and yes from videos Ive seen of the original planetside that looks to be everything or at least most of the things I expect in an MMO.. so I can imagine that planetside 2 is only that much better)

  • @4 nope everything gets wiped when the beta ends and the official release comes

  • Dust 514 is turning out to be a pretty fun game considering its just a beta right now. (Saying that based on it being better than MAG lol) But where’s the Vita version did it get canceled?

  • @7 vita version is just an app.. itl let you toy with your skill points, equip stuff, setup stuff etc etc but you wouldnt actually get to PLAY the game.. and no its not cancelled.. but since its not an actual game chances are that app wont come out until the PS3 version is officially released

  • The bet wasn’t very fun for me. Though i’m surprised this game hasn’t released yet.

  • I’m in the beta but I’ve still been playing more MAG than DUST. There are a couple things that MAG still does better than DUST, but I’ve been checking back each time the beta version gets updated. Keep up the good work and I hope see to see the non-beta release soon.

  • Joystiq just posted an article about DUST 514 where they interviewed CCP and they said that the closed beta will continue through the end of 2012 and they expect it to become an open beta in early 2013. I just want to know when our stats will not be erased and that is when I will start putting a lot of time and money into it.

  • there shouldn’t be but two more wipes. 1 when they move from the current test server Singularity to the live server Tranquility and then again when the game “releases”

  • been in this “Beta” since May. Good to see they may do 2x anything in final release but as of right now the “beta” is just a waste of time to play. it seems like every “major” patch the game is going backwards as far Balance and Connection issues.

    so far all Dust514 has done is made everyone realize how much MAG was a better game

  • they clearly said on march 6 on EU blog that this game will be free with trophies , but i don’t see any trophies

  • Quick question. Why are they giving away the codes instead of putting the beta in the PSN?

  • @14 of course you dont see trophies… the game isnt out yet… what game have you played that gave you trophies during beta?

  • Come on , release the game already!! ^_^

  • why can’t I erase stuff out of y cart

  • At one point I was looking forward to this game. It all sounds good on paper, but when I got my dirty little fingers on the beta…I-I…was highly upset…it was just awful…awful I tell you…
    Oh wellz, I’ll just be waiting for a REAL MMO like FFXIV WOOP WOOP! (If it’s ever released…)
    But yeah, you guys have fun, playing that awful “MMO”

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