Halftime Update: DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket Now Just $149.95

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Halftime Update: DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket Now Just $149.95

NFL DirectTV

Tired of missing all the amazing comebacks, big plays and not being able to follow your fantasy team players in real time? Don’t worry. Everyone makes halftime adjustments, and you can too. Starting today, DIRECTV’s NFL SUNDAY TICKET streamed in full HD to PS3 owners, is available for just $149.95 (reduced from the season start price of $299.95).

If you’re already an NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX subscriber through DIRECTV and haven’t yet linked your account with your PlayStation 3, you can download the app from the PlayStation Store for free to access all the live streaming out-of-market games and premium content like the NFL Network’s RED ZONE Channel. In addition, you can access on-demand options like game and player stats, highlights, standings, and the full season schedule.

If DIRECTV service is unavailable in your area, you can purchase a subscription to NFL SUNDAY TICKET right through PlayStation Network on your PS3 at the discounted half-season price of $149.95. So if you want to watch NFL SUNDAY TICKET right on the PlayStation Network at an amazing price, this is your chance. Head into the PlayStation Store today to get your $149.95 NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscription before this Sunday’s games, so you don’t miss another minute of action this season.

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  • $149 to watch football?! Glad i’m not a big sports fan. :P

  • @Ryumoau you and me both:)

  • $149 ahow am i suppose to pay for that when im only allowed $110 in my wallet. no more CC for you Sony.

  • Oh just $150…..?? LMAO

  • DirecTV service IS unavailable in my area, making this app one of my favorite things ever, and totally worth every penny. I love it.

  • Considering this was originally $300, it’s QUITE the bargain.

  • @6
    Don’t forget the NFL season is half over… and you are now getting this at half price… I sense a correlation here :P

  • You may have a point… anyhow, it still beats the NHL app from last year which was $160.

  • I would bite DIRECTV & Sony, but my college town finally got a Buffalo Wild Wings GO REBELS

  • Way too expensive. There are bars here in case there’s any game I can’t see live for free. This is only really a good deal if you host Football parties or something. I’m a huge football fan but I cannot afford this. The $150 – $300 would be used better if I saved it for the purchase of a PS4 next year.

  • @8 How do you figure it beats NHL Gamecenter at all? NHL Gamecenter costs you less than $2 bucks a game, NFL Sunday Ticket is almost $20 per game. If NFL Sunday Ticket dropped to about $10 bucks a game in it’s price I’d be jumping all over it, but as it is it’s still a bit too pricey for my liking.

  • My poor Panthers have yet to make this remotely close to being worth buying for me….

  • screw this its Nov, I WANT GAME INTEL. i wouldn’t pay 300 for a full season any team, thats what SPORTS BARS are for, hell they even do sport ppv’s now, n wouldn’t pay 149 for HALF an season. in my opinion, anyone willin to buy this at 300 for an full season already has it, lets focus on the PRIORITY of games sony.

  • i wish psn could pakage all these nfl , nba , nhl. mlb direct tv deals in one package then it be worth it over all regarless of the prices. but still is a good deal none the less it can be better

  • Well I like to see prices drop, so that’s good. However, I still think that is a joke that you have to pay this much money to watch football. Do you guys not realize that you can get most football games over the air? Shoot, I’m watching over the air HD football right now while I type this comment. I do have Dish, but I don’t have HD service on it.

  • I am glad I am getting this free from my buddy who doesn’t have a PS3 but this is no where near worth $150 at even for full season. First off the sound is not in 5.1 only in stereo. Also Picture quality is horrible. I would buy this if it had picture quality like Netflix. Netflix has no problems with sound and picture quality. Don’t believe me check the forums about people complaining. Please fix this.

  • Hey it would be really awesome if you guys had a NBA Game Time App on PS3 I’m more of a fan of basketball and seeing that the season just started I think that it would be an excellent edition to the app offers currently on the PS3.

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