Uncharted 3 Turns One, Enter to Win New Nathan Drake Statue

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Uncharted 3 Turns One, Enter to Win New Nathan Drake Statue

Last November we launched 3.8 million copies of Drake’s third adventure day one. We received amazing critical reception and some remarkable fan response. Fifteen patches later our design ideas and your comments on our forums continue to help us make it even more amazing. Today marks a special day, as Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception turns one year old.

We are still hard at work making Uncharted 3 an even more robust experience by fleshing out our multiplayer, including things like the Tournament System that we recently introduced. We’ll be letting all our next ideas free once they are ready, but today we are celebrating by unveiling a long standing project. It’s a beauty:

UNCHARTED 3 Drake Figure

We teamed up with Sideshow Collectibles to produce this Nathan Drake Premium Format Statue. It won’t be available for pre-order until January 2013 but Sideshow is giving one away starting November 7, 2012 along with four Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition boxes as runner-up prizes. So mark that date on your calendars as you celebrate the one year anniversary of Nathan Drake’s third adventure with us!

If you participate in the giveaway you’ll get an exclusive first look at another Uncharted project we’ve been at work on with Sideshow Collectibles. Make sure you enter the giveaway between November 7th, 2012 and December 7th, 2012 (update: year corrected to 2012) as that’s the duration — then it’s gone. It’s an international giveaway, so everyone can enter!

Thank you for all your support, feedback, and game play hours during Uncharted 3’s first year. We have some great surprises in store for you and look forward to fortune hunting online with you in the coming months. See you online!

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  • Where is the link to the contest?

  • Woufft, that statue looks fricken’ wicked-awesome. Surely they’re giving one to Nolan North as well? Drake wouldn’t be Drake without him! :D

  • The giveaway doesn’t start until November 7th, so I’m thinking the link won’t be posted until then.

  • In the second paragraph, you mean 2012 not 2013, right?

  • Thats one badass looking statue! #Epic

  • You do not understand. I NEED THIS! I want Nathan Drake next to the Sideshow Indiana Jones Premium Format Figure.

  • Will you post again when the giveaway starts?

  • My U3 CE Drake statue is still on display on my tv. Wow, has it been a year? A year ago I got motion sickness from that incredible ship sequence? Thanks to Naughty Dog for great games.

  • If the contest isn’t live until the 7th, this shouldn’t have been posted until then. It’s just going to confuse people. To anyone signing up for their updates–Sideshow Collectables will cling to your email address until the day you die. It’s hard to stop getting updates from them. I’ve unsubbed to them in the past only for them to start sending emails again a couple of months later. I recommend using a throwaway email addy.

  • So, starting in January, will we be able to pre-order one of these at a GameStop?

  • At last this one looks like Drake unlike what came with U3 Collector’s Edition…

  • Thanks for making such an awesome game, and for all the great support!

  • I think I know the answer already, but is this contest open to Canadians?

  • You guys do such an amazing job there at naughty dog! :-)
    you truly take care of your consumers so I’m behalf of myself and everybody else on the community thank you

  • -Reads article

    -Looks at post 13


  • I’d rather have a Wetsuit Elena skin than that statue. Did it cost “time and resources”? I bet it did, so i believe it’s time for you guys at ND to waste some “time and resources” on what the community wants. ;)

  • ND look, I already got a Drake figurine with the Explorer edition of UC3 so what’s new in store for me? Can we please have 50% off the DLC or some special ingame skin like in UC2 please?

  • @ Phsyschock @ 17; Because this statue will be about 17” tall and will be worth about $300 thats why. I also have the CE figure and this will put that to shame believe me.

    I always knew Sideshow would make a Nathan Drake at some point. I’ll be getting this statue if i win it or not. Im a HUGE fan of Sideshow and Uncharted and this statue will look awesome next to my Sideshow Kratos and Isaac Clarke. Great work again ND and Sideshow!

  • Yep the game has one year today and still is a failure….indeed an deception.Shame on ND that didn’t fixed the multiplayer and minority flaws on the single-player.I hope that if they ever create an UC4…please follow the path of Uncharted 2 that is one of the Greatest games of all time.Please bring Bruce Straley back as director.

  • I still Have Uncharted 3 in its plastic wrap. Got it in with a PS3 bundle. I don’t even have 1 or 2, which is keeping me from playing 3. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to playing the Uncharted series simply because I don’t have as much time to play games as I use to. I already have so many other games that I play as it is, so Uncharted has always been on the back burner for me.

  • Will Uncharted 3 be making its way to PSN that would be great if so

  • @ whodoyouthink – You serious about never played Uncharted series?….moreover you never played Uncharted 2?…man thats a sin lol….you’re really missing if you never played them…especially Uncharted 2 that is probably the best game ever created….if you ever play UC2 and get addicted by the awesome multiplayer…add me.I’m a great partner to play that game.Peace.

  • Maybe this is not the best place for this, but I have a suggestion about the way Uncharted 3 is presented in the new PSN Store. It is hard to contact directly responsible people, but maybe somebody from blog crew will carry the torch.

    The problem is – sure, add-ons presented below the PSN Store “page” for Uncharted 3 is a great thing – I was hoping for the consolidation of content (to easy find what else I can buy to my beloved game) for some time, however:

    1. Content is not organized logically – there should be a distinct place for Soundtrack, Videos, Co-Op Missions, Multiplayer Packs, Costumes etc. Now browsing through them is quite hard.

    2. I have just got my “Game Of The Year Edition” and I have many contents on the disk. Now I have to manually check if a particular item in the store I need or not, since they are not marked in any way. A simple solution, like a quick note: “(Part of The Game Of The Year Edition)” would help a lot. Also, there would be a nice touch, if you could somehow better mark, that a particular item is a part of a collection.

    I hope many of you guys agree with me, and support my ideas. Maybe my word will reach a competent person, anyway – I think it is a good place to start.

  • Can I have the statue?
    Yes I can??!!

  • Looks cool. It been 11 months since I last played UC3. Interesting.


    I totally understand the backlog. If you like adventure/shooter games you owe it to yourself to play Uncharted 2. Fun from start to finish.

  • How about some Co-Op love? Would appreciate that a lot more than a plastic statue. Or maybe I could get a bunch of these and my friends and I could play with them together, since that’s the more realistic solution.

  • Happy Birthday Uncharted 3 and congrats to the best developers in the world Naughty Dog. I can’t wait for your next game The Last of US.

  • yeah i’ll definitely try entering the contest :D

  • Yeah I’d rather have a huge discount on the dlc for multiplayer. I thought it was a bad move for them to add those trophies yet to get them all you have to buy the maps at full price mind you. I mean give plus members the maps free or something. All I know is I won’t play uc3 multiplayer until they have a discount. I mean if your gonna add trophies to the game let them be unlockable with out the dlc cause basically I’m just buying maps to get the “free” trophies. I’m sure you guys lost a lot of players because of that move. So to celebrate this year anniversary give a huge discount on the dlc or patch so that you don’t have to have the dlc and keep the statue lol.

  • The first game I played on a PS3 was Uncharted 2. The first PS3 I got was one that came with Uncharted 3. Naughty Dog, if you where a woman, I’d marry you. I’ve always loved Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, and Uncharted.

  • The first game I played on a PS3 was Uncharted 2. The first PS3 I got was one that came with Uncharted 3. Naughty Dog, if you where a woman, I’d marry you. I’ve always loved Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, and Uncharted.

  • For the one year anniversary you should make the game available for download on psn. Please make it available soon.

  • Time flies, no? Congratulations to the dogs and I am looking forward to The Last of Us :)

  • @SONY can we get a new collectors edition with this statue, i really missed out last year. =)

  • i love this game it is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i got it for 20 bucks

  • id rather win the uncharted 3 collectors edition , i still do not own the game

  • Dang!
    I feel like I’ve missed out….I guess I need to get UC 1&2?
    Anyone have 1 for sale?

  • PS, can you please tell me if you guys are gonna release the UNCHARTED TRILOGY? It would be a great idea if it would be released for christmas. I’m so hyped about this series since my friend introduced it to me but I want to save more. #UnchartedTrilogy

  • How do I sign up for the contest?

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