Venture into Hallowee Ville in New Puppeteer Trailer

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Venture into Hallowee Ville in New Puppeteer Trailer

Well, it’s my favorite time of year again – Halloween, when all the ghosts and ghouls come out to scare the pants off of us for a single dark night. It’s also the one night of the year that we can all pig out on candy and sweets and not have to feel guilty. Well, not that guilty.

You all probably know by now my love for Tim Burton and his amazing gothic aesthetic.
This was something that I really had in the back of my mind when creating Puppeteer – dark and creepy but with a great sense of humor. Of course, his work on Nightmare Before Christmas is phenomenal but I also love his short movie Vincent, voiced by Vincent Price. In the same vein, Puppeteer is packed to the rafters with insane situations and creepy fun, all wrapped around gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.

In Puppeteer, our hero escapes from Castle Gristlestein – the dark and gloomy castle of the Moon Bear King – and sets out on his adventure to retrieve his disembodied head. His extraordinary journey will take him to many surprising and diverse locations, one of which is the spooky world of Hallowee Ville. In this land of frights, things have really gone to pot since the Moon Bear King took over the Moon Realm. Who needs to be scared for fun on an outing to Hallowee Ville, when your whole world is full of fear?

So, because it’s Halloween and to give you, the PlayStation fans, something spooky for the holiday, I have put together a special Halloween trailer cut from some of the scary situations to be found in our hero’s adventures in Hallowee Ville. Just remember to watch from behind the sofa and check under the bed before you go to sleep at night.

Have a spooky, crazy Halloween.

Gavin (currently hiding under the duvet).

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  • I saw the Japanese trailer last night, and heard some familiar voices. Are you doing some of the work or both Gavin?


    Looking forward to this game.

    • Hey Gadirok – That’s a pretty good Moon Bear King impression you’ve got going there! Maybe a good Halloween gig for you! We’re super excited for Puppeteer as well! Thanks!

  • This has been on my mind for some time, and since I’ve seen no one bring it up, I will.

    In my opinion, this game drips little big planet minus the creation aspect. Its as if I buy this $60 game, I’m getting a bunch of super professional (little big planet) levels glued together with a story.

    This really has me scratching my head to the same degree that little big carting has; a brand new game?! something that could’ve been a proper (of days of yore) expansion pack for little big planet 2.

    Hope I’m wrong.


    • Hi Falaut, First off, it’s a compliment that you are comparing us to LittleBigPlanet as it’s one of our favorite games! That being said, Puppeteer is very much it’s own game, and actually very different from LBP in many, many ways!
      We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of Kutaro’s adventure and the gameplay you are in store for! Stay tuned, you’ll be glad you did!

  • Yes it does have a similar Little Big Planet feel, but who cares? It’s amazing!
    Ps Vita port please. :)

  • looks stunning ! I’m a huge Tim Burton fan …. this will be on our must buy list. looks really unique & inventive. I hope more of these original IPs get strong support …. keeps things fresh & exciting. I’m another vote for a Vita version … either way, you’ve sold us !

  • Similarities between this and LittleBigPlanet:

    – 2D-ish platforming perspective
    – Highly stylised graphics/themes and vibrant lighting

    Disparities between this and LittleBigPlanet:


    Quite the contrary, lots of people have been ignorantly comparing this to LittleBigPlanet just from its stylish looks. Oh and SCE publish it too!

    How you come to the conclusion that a solid 3D Karting game with behind-the-kart camera and robust game modes could be reproduced in LittleBigPlanet 2 is beyond me too.

    My only conclusion is you haven’t actually played LittleBigPlanet 2.

  • I was already sold after seeing the first trailer!

  • Looks awesome. Wish it were out today. It does look almost exactly like Little Big Planet at first but I guess this is what the game would look like if LBP wasn’t made with the leveling creator they created and instead made only by the devs (instead of by a tool that everyone could use.) It looks good though.

  • As expected, more awesomeness! I just want to know when I can buy this.

  • Looks like a mix between Trine 2 and the Nightmare before Christmas, in otherwords it looks awesome! :D

  • Vita port with cross buy support.If that not possible then atleast added in cross sve and cross play feaure.

  • Most likely buying this.

  • When is this coming out?

  • Is this coming to the Vita?

  • this trailler caught my interest.

    i want more info!

  • @ Falaut . It’s not LBP . How can you be so blind to just simply compare it to LBP without the creation. It’s not LBP.He moves like that because he is a puppet. It’s a stage with puppets on it. Stop repeating the same thing over and over again. It’s NOT LBP. It doesn’t even have the same look as LBP. It is a platformer about a puppet. It NOT the same thing. The only similarities between this and LBP is that it is a 2D platformer. Have some respect for the guy’s creation without acting as if he just lazily taped together the game from left over pieces of LBP. By the look of the videos he obviously worked hard on the game and he doesn’t need you debasing it. I mean I don’t understand the level of disrespect and rudeness on this blog to these developers.

    That being said this game look gorgeous. You have me tearing out my hair that I have to wait until next year to play this. I wish I could have asked for it for my birthday or for Christmas. Kudos for making this game so storybook like. It proves that not every developer has become a soulless robot who just copy paste the same thing every year and imagination isn’t as dead as it seems

  • since the music is so central, will it be HD-quality (24-bit and/or losslessly-compressed) or at least 320kbit/sec Ogg? I didn’t purchase Lights Camera Party or Quantum Conundrum due to the Wii-quality audio.

    are there any GLBT characters or story lines? (even subtle ones, like in Stacking?)

    does it have a Platinum Trophy?

    I do hope it’s different from LBP. I really want to like LBP, and love the visual and audio design, but the physics and Z-order control issues are almost unbearably frustrating to me.

  • Looks fantastic! Wow!

  • PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita release with cross buy and cross save as the bare minimum and you have yourself a purchase.

  • @ 20…. REALLY? REALLY????? Cross buy is asking too much. It should be more of a “buy the ps3 version get the digital psv version for 50% off retail.” Even it it’s just a port- it still costs tons of money to develop it.

  • Loving the awesome work that JAPAN Studio has been rolling out the past couple of years.

    This looks like another must have.

  • The artwork is awesome! Cant wait to hear more about it.

  • Amazing trailer! this game has so much more imagination than I’ve seen in recent games.

  • I so want this game, It reminds me a bit of Banjo Kazooie which is one of my all time favourites!!! I’m in love with the art direction <3

    Can we please get a Vita port??? Because thats the version I would be picking up, day 1 one purchase for me!!

  • Not everything has to be on Vita. Sheesh people.

    Buying this day one. Looks incredible.

    Not that I would turn down the game on Vita. I’d buy it twice… but I’d rather Japan Studio work on a new Patapon or LocoRoco on PS Vita… or Gravity Rush 2. ;3

  • I saw this halloween trailer on YT yesterday (it was the 1st trailer that I watched from this game)…and this game blew me out of water…I was ignoring this game because I thought it was some kind of downloadable multiplatform,I never thought it could be an exclusive…but damn this game is pure epicness,its just FANTASTIC….I don’t know when it will be released but being 2012 or 2013 is already the best platformer of the year….I really cant wait to play…this game have became my most anticipated game along with TLoU.I really have no words to describe this game…great job guys thats beyond excellent Art Direction.Japan studio creativity has no limits.DAY 1 BUY.

  • @21 CatatonicAlex:

    You shouldn’t assume, when you’re going to state something as a fact you should only do so if it’s actually a fact. Besides the simple facts on how ports work (and cost), Sony and other companies themselves have said that it’s very cheap and simple to port home console games to PlayStation Vita. Unless proven that it takes too much money to port a game to PlayStation Vita, all games should be cross buy (with cross save as the bare minimum). This isn’t the case yet because sadly too many gamers are blind, loyalists and lemmings to video games and will purchase the products no matter what, even if it’s ripping them off or it isn’t right or fair, and video game companies know this that’s why they keep doing it.

    @26 Elvick:

    I actually want all games to be for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita with cross buy and save (minimum, cross controller would be even better, but cross buy and save are the bare minimum) and have the games that are only available on PlayStation Vita to be unique experiences that cannot be done on PlayStation 3, for example, Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet PSVita, Escape Plan and Smart As to name a few. That would make me buy a PlayStation Vita right now no questions asked.

  • Please, oh please, include the Japanese audio as well. It’s so good. I want to be able to play through it with both, without needing to import the Japanese version.

    @28: That’s not gonna happen.

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