Until Dawn: Halloween Teaser Trailer

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Until Dawn: Halloween Teaser Trailer

Happy Halloween, everyone! This is an exciting day for all of us on the Until Dawn team with our minds occupied by ghouls, beasts, and other things that go bump in the night. We love teen-horror movies (“DON’T OPEN THAT DOOR,” we cry… but alas, they always do). That’s why we’re so excited about Until Dawn: this game provides a truly interactive teen-horror experience!

Until Dawn puts you in control of eight teenagers, stranded in a remote location, under threat and trying with all their might to survive ’til sunrise. Since today is Halloween, we have a special treat from Supermassive Games hinting at some of the scariest moments in the game. Don’t worry: no spoilers here.

Until Dawn for PS3Until Dawn for PS3

Even though you won’t see any spoilers, eagle-eyed viewers may spot some details that spark lingering questions. Who owns the items on the wall? Are the pictures portraying past victims or those who remain? You’ll have to wait for Until Dawn to arrive on PS3 in 2013 to find out!

Stay safe tonight and have a Happy Halloween!

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  • My psmove needs this game.

  • Is he trying to touch her boobs? :-) She seems to be enjoying that… Am I a perv? :P

  • Not normally my genre, but a Move game with a real story definitely has my attention.

  • This is why I like PlayStation, keep up the good work Sony!

  • This game is going to be AWESOME! This and The Last Of Us has got me ridiculously excited!

  • Still a long wait for this game to come out. :(

  • The teaser trailer reminds me of Saw.

  • Also, I can’t find Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise Chainsaw Massacre Set. Error uploading to the store perhaps?

  • This and Sorcery both need either a “non-Move” standard control patch, or a Vita version (where touch interface isn’t so intrusive or cumbersome). Move is only moderately less annoying to use than Kinect and far more fickle to setup than the Wii. The sales on these games would be far, far better with either of the two options listed above.

  • are there any GLBT characters? are they playable? is who you can be amorous toward an option, like in Bully?

  • What #10 said, I definitely would pick this and sorcery up with non-move controls. Personally I’m not a fan of motion/touch gaming and it would be nice to at least have the option of playing these awesome looking games without move. Definitely agree that sales would do very good.

  • Very excited for this, I would love to see how the game plays (without spoiling anything of course).

  • Hey David, Will we have any new Move Bundles for the coming holidays?

    Been planning to get Move but bundles seem to be sold out in my nearby retailers. Target and Best Buy specifically. All I find is Move controllers and Sharpshooter. Amazon, though doesn’t have a bundle I’d like to get except for maybe the LBP2 Bundle. Looking for the Sharpshooter bundles too and they’re all sold out.

  • Im looking for jade cacoon to b on playstation store

  • I’m really looking forward to this game, we just need a new and improved PlayStation Move and navigation controllers, four player Move and navigation controller combo capabilities, lower prices for the controllers and you have yourself a purchase of a pair of Move and navigation controllers and a bunch of Move games.

  • jAde cacoon

  • ^this guy knows what the good stuff is i miss that game

  • This looks very promising!

  • eight teenagers, stranded in a remote location – this explains that dude trying to touch her boobs!!!

  • Hmm… still looking forward to it.

  • still need help!
    i preorderd AC 3+ liberation bundle but cant download liberation from my vita.
    when i enter the game page at the vita store i dont have any Buy/Download button
    i`am on a trip so i can`t reach my ps3.
    any solution?

  • you try looking at your download list or try to search for the game then download from there

  • I’ll remain cautiously optimistic about this game. There have been many games that looked like they would be the killer PS Move app that is so desperately needed, but so far most have fallen pretty flat. I hope this game changes that, because I for one like my Move controllers, and would like more of this mature themed Move content made available in the future.

  • Is this move only?

  • Ok so I’m pretty interested in this game. Looks awesome. But the problem is that I don’t have Move. Will this game still run ok with a Dualshock 3 controller?

  • OK I have a question, this is a horror game right? Well most people like to play there horror games at night, you know to make it more scary. If this is using the Playstation Move then how will you be able to play, because every time I play a move game at night or something like that, the red light on the camera comes on, and gameplay isn’t as good? How will you get passed this, or do you just have to play in the day time. P.S. the game looks awesome and I can’t wait to play it!!!

  • @ billbo

    Use small pieces of electrical tape to cover the lights on the ps eye..
    They completely block the light and you won’t even notice the tape.

  • @ MTK4355

    Oh no I meant the light from outside coming into your living room. You know how if you play in low light levels the ps eye can’t recognize you any more and since this is a horror game you’ll probably want to play in those low light levels. So i would like to know we’ll be able to do this without the game being unresponsive. That’s the only worry I have with this game. But other then that, looks great! :D

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